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What Deadly Diseases Look Like On Your Body -
Published: 9 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 9 months ago

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50,000 American adults are killed annually by diseases that have vaccines.

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Naruto Gaming
'Naruto Gaming' 4 hours ago
Well now im hoing yo have nightmares...i hate myself
'Isobella' 24 hours ago
I thought I hated getting vaccines but I'm fucking lucky that I'm protected from all this
Pris Bello
'Pris Bello' 2 days ago
I find it sooo offensive Causes autism? Srsly U can't U are born with it It's in your genetics Im born with it And so is my brother and cousin Stop bs around
nur qistina
'nur qistina' 2 days ago
are you goddamn serious right now?????!!! i have trypophobiaaaa
'Do0T .W0LFY' 3 days ago
Ah no ahh I can't watch this
A Hyena
0:21 Simpsonitis.
'MarcoZe' 3 days ago
i had smallpox lol
'XxBlackDoggoxX' 4 days ago
The makeup artists' hair are brighter then my future
'LTA PRODUCTIONS' 4 days ago
She should have walked into a hospital like that... could you imagine the hysteria!
hater opal
'hater opal' 5 days ago
Abigaile Franczek
'Abigaile Franczek' 6 days ago
shingles is deadly? oh no..
Newt Scamander
'Newt Scamander' 6 days ago
TB killed edger Allan Poe’s mom, Adoptive mom, and his Cousin/Wife. TB is a jerk.
'Synchro!!!!' 6 days ago
1:18 that’s what I look like but instead pimples
Julie Fryer
'Julie Fryer' 1 week ago
the make up artists were good because i felt queesy because when i wached this i was eating😨
Julie Fryer
'Julie Fryer' 1 week ago
the make up artists were good because i felt queesy because when i wached this i was eating😨
isabelle Gonzalez •3•
Someone died of Hepatitis B in the US like a week or 2 ago :/
Lucy - chan
'Lucy - chan' 1 week ago
Is be scared to death or they did this in my body I would be so scared even though it’s just makeup
'It's Ya Boy Kiibo' 1 week ago
Man this really triggers my trypophobia why the hell did I watch this
The Maddie Channel
'The Maddie Channel' 2 weeks ago
also u forgot to add measles
Alannah Myburgh
'Alannah Myburgh' 2 weeks ago
idk y I still decide to watch this I know I'm squeemish and I got nauseous by just looking at the thumbnail
Thejfjhbdudhcoihonuy uhcbu
I HAD SHINGLES ON MY FACE THO , I was 14 and my left eye was so swollen I couldn't open it . I had hearing complications and a bit of eye damage >_> . The scars left big craters on my face ;_;
Maria Ivanov
'Maria Ivanov' 2 weeks ago
.... Wait how about leprecy?
Kaitlyn Chang
'Kaitlyn Chang' 2 weeks ago
Where's that Ebola?
Nele der Lurch
'Nele der Lurch' 2 weeks ago
this looks so scary
Super Giraffe
'Super Giraffe' 2 weeks ago
Naughty Hotdog
'Naughty Hotdog' 2 weeks ago
I can't believe there are parents who don't want their kids to be vaccinated against these diseases
Ender Brine
'Ender Brine' 2 weeks ago
In Philippines We worried that we would get Japanese insipilitis Its like Malaria but worse The mosquito came from a pigs
'Miles' 2 weeks ago
Eww omg 😷🤢
Teale Velvet
'Teale Velvet' 2 weeks ago
My Grandma survived shingles, she's 67 and is as fit as a fiddle💪❤️
Son Frogtatic
'Son Frogtatic' 2 weeks ago
Yellow skin? Asians have souls yknow
Nightie Whitie
'Nightie Whitie' 3 weeks ago
MMMMMMMMMMMM *uncomfortable shifting*
Sammie Evans
'Sammie Evans' 3 weeks ago
lmao I had shingles when I was like 10
Mike Hayes
'Mike Hayes' 3 weeks ago
The EpicPieceOfCake
'The EpicPieceOfCake' 3 weeks ago
I was eating and i saw this thumbnail. Thanks
Gabriela Cristina
'Gabriela Cristina' 3 weeks ago
Sorry I can't hang out today I have bubonic plague
Gabriela Cristina
'Gabriela Cristina' 3 weeks ago
This is actually so cool
Anonymous Girl
'Anonymous Girl' 3 weeks ago
Hello It
'Hello It's me!!!' 3 weeks ago
When I was born I had TERRIBLE Jaundice. My mom was called by the doctor and they asked if I was still breathing. Also we were at home and I was released a week from then. So I was stuck in the hospital for another week😕😕
You Know Who
'You Know Who' 3 weeks ago
Cool Fact I just learned today onions absorb germs
Hannah S
'Hannah S' 3 weeks ago
I have holephobia.. don’t watch this if you do..
The girl who
Oh crap..., I have tiny holes on my body that are red CALL A DOCTOR NOW
Warrior Voices
'Warrior Voices' 3 weeks ago
The music doesn't help
Ainsley Risley
'Ainsley Risley' 3 weeks ago
My mom had shingles. SHE SURVIVED THO
Gamingsquad Official
Im her apparently
Jack Bruening
'Jack Bruening' 3 weeks ago
I cant find the damn song!
Yuen May
'Yuen May' 4 weeks ago
Brah ive had shingles before.
Amy Bolger
'Amy Bolger' 4 weeks ago
I has shingles as a teen its horrible
DarshTube NOW
'DarshTube NOW' 4 weeks ago
this is random, but i like how they used the water droplets \/( • --- •)\/ other makeup ART (not like normal makeup) lovers?
Anita Mel
'Anita Mel' 4 weeks ago
the plague one creeped me out the most. i didn’t know your hand could turn black when you got it..
Yung cash register Aka lil broomstick
Plague inc anyone?
Alize Otero
'Alize Otero' 4 weeks ago
This was scary for me to watch
'Doggo' 4 weeks ago
Shingles only infects one side of the body.
'Boiled' 4 weeks ago
so if you get hepatitis B, u become Asian?
'vortexcatt' 4 weeks ago
in japan yellow is normal!
the black death still exists today, killing up to 100 people world-wide each year. it is not an epidemic like it was but it still exists and is still just as deadly.
Joe Average
'Joe Average' 4 weeks ago
I was eating while watching this and I lost my appetite
I Don’t know
'I Don’t know' 4 weeks ago
Mari loves Splatoon 2
Change the Flippin music
Mari loves Splatoon 2
The music is horrifying me
Tord KittyKatz
'Tord KittyKatz' 4 weeks ago
My school actually has a programme where in January - March in we get an injection via vaccine. It was my turn, and before we started I told my friends to pinch their left arm to kind of simulate the pain. It was my turn, the nurse was like, " Chill gurl,". I didnt chill. one of my classmates was damn lucky and didnt have to get an injection because he had it and didnt have to get one in 5 years. damn
Random Commentor
'Random Commentor' 4 weeks ago
buzzfeedblue is litterally disgusting. This is pretty much all they do.
Chaos_ Supernova
'Chaos_ Supernova' 4 weeks ago
Ive had shingles before
Ragini Jha
'Ragini Jha' 4 weeks ago
The music with this video was bit creepy 😕
'TypingOnDarkness' 1 month ago
Cherry Rulz
'Cherry Rulz' 1 month ago
Yes! they did the black plague. The Black Plague is one of my favorite things to learn about
Stephanie Chuka
'Stephanie Chuka' 1 month ago
Acnes,pimples and zits looks good enough to be one...
Gabe Quirino
'Gabe Quirino' 1 month ago
The trypophobia was real on this one 🙃
'Pegausister3000' 1 month ago
Wow that make-up work makes it look totally realistic and freaky
'Pj_vlogsBeauty' 1 month ago
The small pox one really put me off my rice crispies😭
Itz Karina
'Itz Karina' 1 month ago
Also the shingles one is unrealistic the rash is on one side of the body because the shingles runs on one side of the nerves system
Itz Karina
'Itz Karina' 1 month ago
I had shingles it hurts so badly
Msp Flickah
'Msp Flickah' 1 month ago
My ma had turberculosis
'Whatever' 1 month ago
'RAMDOM GRANNY' 1 month ago
Why no “Black Death”?
U wan sum fuk? lemme smash
My boy mordecia and rigby saved everyone from the plague, OHHHHHHHHH
'LunarDragon' 1 month ago
I puked
'LunarDragon' 1 month ago
Keep calm and carry mom (when she look like this)
'shyra' 1 month ago
god bless the girl who allowed herself to get made up countless of times for this.
Your Random Anonymous
Shingles AND smallpox? Geez....
Shreks Spaghetti
'Shreks Spaghetti' 1 month ago
Lucy Schoenberg
'Lucy Schoenberg' 1 month ago
I had shingles when I was 12 and it was mostly on my head so my hair covered it. Not fun.
yari AJ
'yari AJ' 1 month ago
if i saw any of these sicknesses on ANYONE i would move across the state from them
Mr Bleach
'Mr Bleach' 1 month ago
I have yellow skin and its not jaundice
Ash Black
'Ash Black' 1 month ago
Smallpox is bigger than chicken pox
AriLoves Cake
'AriLoves Cake' 1 month ago
i know, I shouldn't be mad, that the Englishmen's coming here formed the country to what it is today. But they brought over bacteria that caused smallpox, which killed millions of Native Americans.
'pastelshark' 1 month ago
I have an anti vaxxer friend who says she's not going to vaccinate her kids when she gets older. How do I convince her that she's wrong?
'MY JOSH IM SO DONE' 1 month ago
Black hand anyone else get the twenty øne piløts vibe
'KeepCalmAndBlush' 1 month ago
Oh look! Buzzfeed hired actual makeup artists!
'VickysCOOL' 1 month ago
I heard that if you had chicken pox once then you'll have shingles later guaranteed. Is that true?
Georgia •
'Georgia •' 1 month ago
Ali Ridha
'Ali Ridha' 1 month ago
Night King
'Night King' 1 month ago
Anyone else think that at 2:12 she looks like Arya stark when she was blind? Like the blood and her expression
Kawaii Cotton
'Kawaii Cotton' 1 month ago
I had tuberculosis before mixed with allergies
Ana Basso
'Ana Basso' 1 month ago
Those are actually very accurate.
The Mini Jojo Show
'The Mini Jojo Show' 1 month ago
Who else couldn’t sleep after thus
'Valksonik' 1 month ago
I just wanna take a knife and scrape off those rashes and blisters.
The Ultimate Reductionist
987 antivaxxars & anti-pharmaceutical idiots thumbed this down.
The Ultimate Reductionist
I had shingles down my leg in 2004 for a month! Also, my dad had jaundice but was cured of it with the Whipple procedure.
Sky George
'Sky George' 1 month ago
Abby Whatever
'Abby Whatever' 1 month ago
Kinda disturbing however the plague one was intriguing to me as in my History class we are currently learning about the Black Plague. Really shocking to see what my ancestors had to go through...
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