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What Deadly Diseases Look Like On Your Body -
Published: 12 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 12 months ago

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50,000 American adults are killed annually by diseases that have vaccines.

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Elizabeth Manion
'Elizabeth Manion' 13 hours ago
Brb gonna go see my doctor and get every vaccination known to man... Side note: I always associated Diptheria with the cold?? Maybe because my child-brain related it to hypothermia? Idk...
Molly kelly
'Molly kelly' 2 days ago
I had shingles when I was 10 on my armpits and brest
Carla Sanders
'Carla Sanders' 3 days ago
Baahahahaha! Fatalistic much? I've had shingles, it doesn't look like that. It's never on both sides of the body and it's in small areas. But you left the shingles on for the small pox demo? Small pox wasn't eradicated. It died out with the invention of indoor plumbing and introduction of clean water. 1 in 2 children in the US have some type of chronic illness. Stop with the total BS.
Chromosome #47
'Chromosome #47' 4 days ago
Simpsons have hepatitis b?
joanna v
'joanna v' 4 days ago
the music was cool lmfao
'It's Emmasaur' 5 days ago
Wow get hepatitis b and you can be marge Simpson for Halloween!
Stranger Things Fanatic
I had shingles when I was 8 😬 !!!
'CREAMGANT' 1 week ago
so real
'EdwardPlayz' 2 weeks ago
Oh no diphteria is coming to my county help me plz 1like : 1 prayer Pls help me My country is Indonesia its coming in two more days maybe Imma tell u what happens later
Life as Herm
'Life as Herm' 2 weeks ago
I now have anxiety.
Bora Biterge
'Bora Biterge' 2 weeks ago
Why did I watch this
Danielle B
'Danielle B' 2 weeks ago
Beth Houston
'Beth Houston' 2 weeks ago
Bro don't u know the lip one that's what my lips literly looks like
Hollie Cathryn
'Hollie Cathryn' 2 weeks ago
Leah Brooks
'Leah Brooks' 2 weeks ago
This was like a mini horror movie
19 My dudes
'19 My dudes' 2 weeks ago
Fire mike
Sirius Bex 394
'Sirius Bex 394' 3 weeks ago
I would hate to be a victim of one of those diseases
'아조' 3 weeks ago
i legit gagged through the whole video. thanks mucho, Buzzfeed.
ウサギ / usagi
'ウサギ / usagi' 3 weeks ago
This video made me scared 😓
A Grave Mistake {Xps}
*Realizes forehead has a lot of pimples* *freaks out*
'Something' 3 weeks ago
Shingles are herpes
Starry Skies
'Starry Skies' 3 weeks ago
My Mamaw had shingles and she didn't die. "God's not ready for me and the Devil is afraid i'm gonna take over" she said
Ella Chen
'Ella Chen' 3 weeks ago
The make-up was AMAZING! It was so good that I'm rather shocked it's not real.
sidb 1.1
'sidb 1.1' 3 weeks ago
I don't believe in any of these cause these are all fake
jkhgbudnn fgucugujvygjdbfigj
B.C.E means before common era
'astridsiregar' 3 weeks ago
sadly, diphtheria is recurring again in Indonesia:,( why tf wont ppl just vaccinate their children
'Charlles' 3 weeks ago
Is all Simpsons family members are having a hepatitis?
Jesi Grande
'Jesi Grande' 3 weeks ago
What amazing makeup artist they are 👏
The Ocean rabbit
'The Ocean rabbit' 3 weeks ago
You forgot about leprosy carried by possums today leprosy people..LEPROSY was so powerful and deadly you had to leave your own town or even state to not infect people
Aubrey Prettyman
'Aubrey Prettyman' 3 weeks ago
To the people who believe vaccines cause autism: they don’t, but if they did, do you honestly think autism is worse than these diseases?
Cara Peterson
'Cara Peterson' 3 weeks ago
Shingles only present themselves on one side of the body or the other.
Johann Santiago
'Johann Santiago' 3 weeks ago
**calls for a doctor appointment**
Useless Colour
'Useless Colour' 3 weeks ago
Fou fou Bro
'Fou fou Bro' 3 weeks ago
Am learning wow 😯
Omega 3370
'Omega 3370' 3 weeks ago
Some of these are still around due to anti Vaxxers....
Lizzeth Araiza
'Lizzeth Araiza' 3 weeks ago
Eeeww i almost threw up i can't believe this was actually a real thing aahhh!!!
Autumn Moon
'Autumn Moon' 4 weeks ago
do this on halloween. the plague and the diterria (sp???). watch ppl get freaked out. Nothing is more scary then smthing that is real and can kill and can happen to ppl unlike vampires and werewolves cause we know them aint real.
Tatsuki Natsume
'Tatsuki Natsume' 4 weeks ago
I should have thought twice before eating while watching this video...
'tndrlytastefully' 4 weeks ago
I can't tell which parts are the models horrible acne or a disease so I'm sure I have a disease now.
Yubiqon _
'Yubiqon _' 4 weeks ago
Shingles really isn't deadly, it kills one percent of the people who catch it. It is very painful though
Niamh Slimez
'Niamh Slimez' 4 weeks ago
I’ve had Shingles and I’m not dead so that’s a lie lol it’s very painful tho
Barbara Long
'Barbara Long' 4 weeks ago
If it were true I would rather let my kids have autism then almost or most certainly kill them
'theCuttlekid' 4 weeks ago
allison ann
'allison ann' 4 weeks ago
Thanks Europe👏
Kylie Corn
'Kylie Corn' 4 weeks ago
It's great but the small pox EWWWWWWWWWW
Nevaeh Davis
'Nevaeh Davis' 4 weeks ago
where are the facts on how smallpox wiped out millions of native americans?
struggling artist
'struggling artist' 4 weeks ago
Like art? Follow dweebkids on Instagram
SIK :3
'SIK :3' 4 weeks ago
Eh... any1 else regret clicking on this video?
'Lynx' 4 weeks ago
I though number three was the black plague
'tanner' 4 weeks ago
sophia coleman
'sophia coleman' 4 weeks ago
Chelsea Hamm
'Chelsea Hamm' 4 weeks ago
I will never watch another buzzfeed video clip or anything.
Ana Valencia
'Ana Valencia' 4 weeks ago
This is why we have vaccines, people 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Romita Biswas
'Romita Biswas' 4 weeks ago
they should have given the reasons behind the diseases everyone should watch this
rae bae
'rae bae' 4 weeks ago
I feel itchy watching this
some girl
'some girl' 4 weeks ago
shingles has a lot of swelling tho
AkiraOfKitsune __
'AkiraOfKitsune __' 4 weeks ago
The whole time I thought: Trypophobia
Rose Chamberlin
'Rose Chamberlin' 4 weeks ago
People that are anti vaccine need to see this
Jan Jan25
'Jan Jan25' 4 weeks ago
This is scary😐
Anna Gady
'Anna Gady' 4 weeks ago
My grandmothers mom died of tuberculosis when she was 3
mew the mew
'mew the mew' 4 weeks ago
This why you don't go with everyboy at least for hepatit B
môönlïtê wôlf
'môönlïtê wôlf' 4 weeks ago
Well im never leaving my house again
Marwa Nazari
'Marwa Nazari' 4 weeks ago
The plague was looking like the worst one glad there gone😥
vaccinate ya damn kids
SassyFancy ClassyMe
'SassyFancy ClassyMe' 4 weeks ago
2:44 and my dad called me to see my pink dyed hair I love abusing babies
KnikaB20 Harambea
'KnikaB20 Harambea' 1 month ago
I would not want to look in the mirror after that
MissäLiirumLaarumPewkele ?
Where is Jake Paul
jack g
'jack g' 1 month ago
I've never heard of diptheria. Cool video
tAEnY Kim
'tAEnY Kim' 1 month ago
This video is great to raise awareness to those people who are afraid of vaccines.
Maggie the unicorn
'Maggie the unicorn' 1 month ago
3:12 oh my gosh I felt like I had those things on my face
hi lol
'hi lol' 1 month ago
What about yellow fever???
i trap trap trap on the road movin that cornflakes
Looking at these skin diseases made my skin itch a little bit
Monica Winters
'Monica Winters' 1 month ago
Someone give these makeup artists a RAISE.
'vxilo' 1 month ago
Omg looks so realistic!
Arima Muhammad Kousei
Guess what?diptheria back again,this time in indonesia
'NADI C' 1 month ago
What a nice pleasant video to remind us of ways we can horribly die
emily s
'emily s' 1 month ago
my face feels itchy now
Jess Ruby xx
'Jess Ruby xx' 1 month ago
Can I just say I had shingles when I was just 10 years old and they did not look like that my spots were big and icky and red not like little yellow pimples. Otherwise very interesting and educational video.
Wow. wasnt that cool?
Scurvy isnt popular at all (a lack of vitamin C) but u should add that
'Tofu' 1 month ago
tuberculosis is bacterial how tf would it have a vaccine
dylan the pokemon trainer
Ew but wow
Ahmad Belhoul
'Ahmad Belhoul' 1 month ago
I had a shingles/herpes mix in my back, I only had one vaccination for herpes so almost spread to my shoulders but then it dried out thanks to the one vaccination with no medicine.
Daniel Williams
'Daniel Williams' 1 month ago
Great work by artists and model too.
Zayden unicorn
'Zayden unicorn' 1 month ago
I had a scabbing disease called impetigo on my nose. Its contagious and deadly
Tutorials For you
'Tutorials For you' 1 month ago
I have jaundice which can cause hepatitis
'Bluepony' 1 month ago
I surely wasn't expecting to see diphtheria there, I was so shocked when the name appeared on the screen because there's actually an epidemic outbreak of this disease happening where I live, Venezuela. Also there's a lot of misinformation around it, e.g. I didn't even know this was a deadly disease. The situation is worrying because Venezuela is going through an economical and political crisis and finding any type of medicine is incredibly difficult, expensive and almost impossible.
Chloe Grande
'Chloe Grande' 1 month ago
I thought 0:14 sound is coming from my nose😂😂
'Megan' 1 month ago
I had a small patch of shingles when I was 10, I'm glad it never got that bad haha 😅
le ah
'le ah' 1 month ago
Nolan Meredith
'Nolan Meredith' 1 month ago
i thought that at the end they were going to do a disease like aids or something and say the person looks completely normal
'lilacisity' 1 month ago
well i just saw stuff i’ll never unsee
'Spectrum98' 1 month ago
Best buzzfeed channel
'TheHelpingTeen' 1 month ago
I think trump has hepatitis B😂
Kim Marie
'Kim Marie' 1 month ago
i did a study on Edward Jenner and small pox at school he took a sample of another disease and put it on the blisters of the small pox cured them
Marie P.
'Marie P.' 1 month ago
I had jaundice syndrome when I was a baby. My skin, when compared to others, is actually less pink and has the tiniest hint of yellow even though I don't have it anymore.
Aarusheee S
'Aarusheee S' 1 month ago
these makeup artists are legit amaazingg 💯😍
'locojess' 1 month ago
*has anxiety attack* although most of these can be treated by a medical professional
αrl ɢrмeѕ
'αrl ɢrмeѕ' 1 month ago
this video made me hellaa itchy
'PocketOfStarz' 1 month ago
im really scared of catching any illnesses and diseases, this certainly didn't help lol
Elizabeth Rose
'Elizabeth Rose' 1 month ago
This is a subtle way of saying GET YOUR BLOODY KIDS VACCINATED!
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