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What Deadly Diseases Look Like On Your Body -
Published: 7 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 7 months ago

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50,000 American adults are killed annually by diseases that have vaccines.

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Created by

Lili Kaytmaz
Gabby Grave
Keyera Williams

Sunny Drissia
René Hartel
Justine Acciani

Tal Drevensek
'Tal Drevensek' 5 hours ago
I don't know why people are so afraid of vaccines Only diseas it can cause is flu
'GEORGE MARK' 19 hours ago
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Giulio Rossi
'Giulio Rossi' 22 hours ago
all of those... looks so disgusting.
'mmiiirra' 1 day ago
'mmiiirra' 1 day ago
Ofc the plague is here
'mmiiirra' 1 day ago
Yay good to know I don't have a disease
'mmiiirra' 1 day ago
And I here can't handle colds (I have one rn help)
jaimie deziel
'jaimie deziel' 1 day ago
Vaccinate your kids please😂
'AsianRiceNoodle' 2 days ago
I remembered when I had shingles
Daily Life Of Paige
Also bless these Make up artists.
Daily Life Of Paige
Yet Trump wants to cut funds for scientific research when they can find a cure to deadly and painful diseases.
'squirreltail3' 2 days ago
The thing that made me the most scared was the MUSIC
Lauren McMurray
'Lauren McMurray' 3 days ago
Did anyone else think the music kind of sounded like stranger things music?
Such Commentation
'Such Commentation' 3 days ago
god the diphtheria one looks horrible
Floral n
'Floral n'sweet' 4 days ago
Thank you artists who made all the realistic makeup n stuff :)
Loreta Stefanova
'Loreta Stefanova' 4 days ago
Who else came here just because to see how cancer looks ?
Lucy Bùi
'Lucy Bùi' 4 days ago
Shouldnt w-atch this.... 😷
ImDunWithU X
'ImDunWithU X' 5 days ago
Ewww ew ewwwwww Skin flaps 🤢
'Milkman4279' 6 days ago
Humans weren't around 82 million years ago
DiamondPlays YT
'DiamondPlays YT' 6 days ago
I am shingle... btw Buzzfeed i like your videos PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS
Vlad Serban
'Vlad Serban' 1 week ago
2:18 i tought they spelled "diarrhea"
Cadence Lyons
'Cadence Lyons' 1 week ago
I've had shingles but I took the vaccine it was near my eye so I could have gone blind in one eye
jedimaster jesse
'jedimaster jesse' 1 week ago
I grandpa had shingles but he survived the only wrong with him is that after that he will sometimes get a sharp pain in his back because I guess it damaged a nerve
Be There Or Be Square.
My little sister had shingles once and It was the worst part of my life. Luckily she's still here.
'thetrillnaomi' 2 weeks ago
What is the song?
Amy Ackerman
'Amy Ackerman' 2 weeks ago
Shingles are deadly? I had them on my hip when i was 10 i also have athma there were no complications at all nor wjen i had pnumonia but maybe its just the medical care in the uk
'ArrowMoon' 2 weeks ago
Who else desperately wanted to be the model for this? 😂
Nootmeg AJ
'Nootmeg AJ' 2 weeks ago
Juliette Phillips
'Juliette Phillips' 2 weeks ago
ew but also its sad :|
Mylee Bell
'Mylee Bell' 2 weeks ago
Thats sad
Life by Sophie
'Life by Sophie' 2 weeks ago
I've had shingles
'Tablameister' 2 weeks ago
Vaccines are bs
SpicyChipotleGas :p
'SpicyChipotleGas :p' 2 weeks ago
Can you vaccinate my acne?
'KitsuneGrace' 2 weeks ago
I don't know if I should feel uncomfortable with the make up or amazed by it
'E M' 2 weeks ago
But what do they look like on black peoples? (No racist just asking)
Jessica Walton
'Jessica Walton' 2 weeks ago
"What's your job?" "Oh, I'm a disease model" "..."
Tsunami TheDragonSlayer
Is there something wrong with me? I am not ill but when Im taking vaccines it feels like someone is stabbing my arm with a meat knife... But Im totally fine otherwise and lives a happy life. ;3
Alexandra Smith
'Alexandra Smith' 2 weeks ago
What plague.. there were loads of plagues
'd34dj0k3r' 2 weeks ago
Damn Papa Nurgle you're scary.
'SoulBlox' 3 weeks ago
when they said diphtheria i thought of diarrhea what is wrong with me
Sarah Ayala
'Sarah Ayala' 3 weeks ago
vaccinate ur fucking kids
'ProudHufflepuff' 3 weeks ago
Omg the makeup is sooooo good 😊 and looks so real
Sreeja Sudhakar
'Sreeja Sudhakar' 3 weeks ago
Amazing makeup
Lady sauce
'Lady sauce' 3 weeks ago
idk why i watched this while eating
-Inevitable InkFeatherz!-
Thank you! There are always those people who don't vaccine themselves or their kids because they believe vaccines will cause unwanted side effets and autism (although this has been disproven multiple times), and complain when their kids actually get diseases and/or die.
miss red x
'miss red x' 3 weeks ago
Even tho its been proven That vaccines DO NOT cause autism... Its great to know youd rather a dead child then an autistic one.
Lillithdj1420 chilby
I'm so glad we have vaccination to keep diseases dead, I have very very deep sorrow for those who can't have Vaccination due to the cost..... #Vaccine!!!!!!!
Choco Milk
'Choco Milk' 3 weeks ago
I feel like the people who are still dying of these in America are anti vaccine, which basically means them and they're beliefs are dying off
edit R&M
'edit R&M' 3 weeks ago
Ew ;-;
-maddys planet Planet
I was born with jaundice...
'Jimp' 3 weeks ago
I actually had shingles, and GOD DAMN it was annoying <.<
Saga Lundberg
'Saga Lundberg' 3 weeks ago
I will sooooo regret watching this ugh i already feel sick
'Diekje' 3 weeks ago
Dutch people insult each other by wishing them to get diseases. Yeah, probably need to stop doing that
'reosen' 4 weeks ago
I was eating. I didn't realize I had autoplay on. Thanks YouTube.
Lotte Smit
'Lotte Smit' 4 weeks ago
O lol i have shingles right now and it hurtssssss soooo badddd😓😥😒
Dat Alex
'Dat Alex' 4 weeks ago
I feel so happy that I have nothing wrong.
overwatchgamer 206
'overwatchgamer 206' 4 weeks ago
Who else has had shingles
Pepsi VS Cola!
'Pepsi VS Cola!' 4 weeks ago
SCP 049 where u at
Ivy Loveland
'Ivy Loveland' 4 weeks ago
When I got chickpoxs the thing is that I only had one little tiny one on my hand
Olivia Edwards
'Olivia Edwards' 4 weeks ago
Is it just me or was this video just a bit scary??
Trap Guardian
'Trap Guardian' 4 weeks ago
Diphtheria looked really painful.
Jannehya Hunjan
'Jannehya Hunjan' 4 weeks ago
Black hands 😨😨 now that's awful
Anmol Dhanoa
'Anmol Dhanoa' 4 weeks ago
I feel like throwing up (maybe I shouldn't watch this while eating)
bilal Mujahid
'bilal Mujahid' 4 weeks ago
This made me itchy
no one
'no one' 1 month ago
2:55 looks like a pink avacado
Dont look at my profile picture
Well, I am never going outside again 👌
Addict with a Pen
'Addict with a Pen' 1 month ago
Fellow trypophobics where you at
Nyaziah Lovelace
'Nyaziah Lovelace' 1 month ago
My issue is my older brother gave chicken pox to my father when he was a baby but I never had it and I'm nervous that one of my kids will get it when I'm older and I don't want my cause of death to be chicken pox because my mom didn't expose me to it when I was a child
Athena Cushing
'Athena Cushing' 1 month ago
This makes me feel even more grateful for what I/we have
Aerin Atkins
'Aerin Atkins' 1 month ago
My skin is crawling. Why am i watching this?
Master Burstion
'Master Burstion' 1 month ago
'Teriolos' 1 month ago
These clips can be made to sit down to the debate, broadcast live but will not sit, it testifies of everything Filmiki to se mogą robić niech usiadą do debaty , transmitowanej na żywo ale nie usiąda , to świadczy o wszystkim . . . .
Jamison Frithe
'Jamison Frithe' 1 month ago
R they saying that the 50000 people dying from vaccinated diseases is a bad thing?
Emin Kaya
'Emin Kaya' 1 month ago
Hepatitis B ? Shingles, smallpox , tuberculosis, diphtheria, all vaccine , plague , these is rub on by watch how we defend all illness ill
uncle Ben
'uncle Ben' 1 month ago
Thankyou buzzfeed, I used your positive propaganda to scare my niece into demanding her mother gets her vaccinated. Can't wait for the speech I get from her... :D The truth hurts sometimes.
'ReneH89' 1 month ago
model: @renehartel on instagram & twitter!
Maya Cortez
'Maya Cortez' 1 month ago
Shingles is unilateral meaning it can only be on one side of the spine. It's completely impossible for the rash to be on both sides.
'Codo8' 1 month ago
That woman has one strong immune system
Xxsavage_ SenpiexX
'Xxsavage_ SenpiexX' 1 month ago
Did you know st.katery tekawitha
kiwi gamer
'kiwi gamer' 1 month ago
plague inc. irl
Neo Jasmine
'Neo Jasmine' 1 month ago
The plague was the only that made me puke
Giovanna Diaz
'Giovanna Diaz' 1 month ago
Nattasia Chang
'Nattasia Chang' 1 month ago
Literally gonna throw up like literally
Sherzan Daver
'Sherzan Daver' 1 month ago
*If you wan to loose weight, watch this video. You will loose your appetite*
Prakatita Das
'Prakatita Das' 1 month ago
Why Buzzfeed don't do credits?? I wanted to see Eugene's name on these kinda video.
Amina Sheikh
'Amina Sheikh' 1 month ago
So no one is gonna comment about the 2 red haired and purple haired make artists?
TechUp Facts
'TechUp Facts' 1 month ago
0:33 Kraft Shingles.
Caidyn Avery
'Caidyn Avery' 1 month ago
Omg What did I just watch lol
Quinn Angell
'Quinn Angell' 1 month ago
And suddenly I'm not afraid of shots
'morikahjo' 1 month ago
AWESOME video! You guys did a great job
Veronika Barchánková
I still don't understand why some americans think that vaccines cause autism.
'tangowhiskie' 2 months ago
Doesn't shingles usually affect only one side of your body?
Menti La
'Menti La' 2 months ago
The small pox one, i wanted to scrape the latex off
Alana Riddell
'Alana Riddell' 2 months ago
The plague was the worse IN MY OPINION. Those doctors worked their butts off for those people D:
Sarah van Laurne
'Sarah van Laurne' 2 months ago
And trump wants to take away vaccines?
'爪丨乙ㄩҜ丨' 2 months ago
I was fascinated by these facts.
'Luluhop112' 2 months ago
'Lunawolf44' 2 months ago
Those makeup artists are amazing!
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