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The glacier that keeps collapsing - BBC News -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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A glacier arch in Argentina has collapsed - but it's not due to climate change.
It's part of a cycle and means tourists can see the spectacle of huge chunks of ice falling off the glacier every few years.
The Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina's Patagonia region is one of very few globally that grows rather than shrinks but scientists say that overall the amount of glacial ice in the Patagonia region is decreasing.

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Thomas Powell
'Thomas Powell' 1 week ago
I honestly can't believe a word the BBC says? There full of shit!!!!!
Heavily Indebted Backwoods Squire
Ho hum more biased fake news propaganda from the fascists who believe in unlimited goverment power. Notice how they’re not reporting the “climate scientists” stuck in the ice? JUST HAPPENED. to omit that story? Disgusting fascist turds. The BBC sould be abolished and the ground salted where it stood.
Dirty Ralph . Dance
Close the BBC ,it’s content has become abysmal ,and the lies and drivel has become laughable, to easy to see straight through the horror show that is the BBC .
Michael Collins
'Michael Collins' 2 weeks ago
Dear BBC - are you keeping quiet about yet another giant muslim grooming gang scandal in Telford for the 'sake of diversity' like MP Naz Shah suggested ?
Jay Ali
'Jay Ali' 2 weeks ago
Humans are the biggest cause of climate change.
'KEVIN HESKETH' 2 weeks ago
The mindrapist who just can't stop raping the mind of a British man.Inflicts szchophrenia for years in a man even Prince Charles visited the town to look at the mindrapist target in his cage to gloate at the target human being with his human rights taken I ways be experimented on.I don't like prince Charles a hated man around the world.Does prince Charles give a blessing to the Mindrapist?He can stop mindraping withsound weapons and psychology attacks.
Éric McPsychic Predictions
Hillary also Collapsed today and fell down a flight of stairs in India, that Brain Tumor is eating her brain alive LOL :) I hope she does a horrible death !
'Funki' 2 weeks ago
Who is to blame?
Red Web
'Red Web' 2 weeks ago
England is sinister place! Treacherous fog! 👎
'Narata' 2 weeks ago
I love how Trump supporters don't understand and hate everything that involves science.
Larry David
'Larry David' 2 weeks ago
The Rich are Destroying our planet for personal gain. You don’t matter. Only making the Rich Richer matters. You are a Slave for Right Wing Conservatives.
cary bary
'cary bary' 2 weeks ago
The cloud that keeps on raining. The sun is hot too
Cenk Uyger
'Cenk Uyger' 2 weeks ago
*The BBC is a leftist propaganda outlet.*
'C J' 2 weeks ago
I can't believe the amount of awake people in the comments section. This is unstoppable progress.
'C J' 2 weeks ago
The BBC will be collapsing very soon and will just keep collapsing.
Novocastrian Winter
'Novocastrian Winter' 2 weeks ago
Enjoyed it, thanks BBC for showing us majesty of huge slabs of ice sliding and sloshing into the sea, then I looked down at the utter loonatic climatechange cultists, my gosh these people are dumb. It is a scam, find out who Maurice strong is.
Sean Brown
'Sean Brown' 2 weeks ago
This is a better explanation
gary abbot
'gary abbot' 2 weeks ago
eco system
'NoiseJammer' 2 weeks ago
'Lloyd' 2 weeks ago
Says in the description and explains in the video this is a cyclical phenomenon not actually caused by climate change. People in these comment sections are tedious to look at.
Max Lake
'Max Lake' 2 weeks ago
Nice. No Carbon Tax for you.
Arianna Ferrer
'Arianna Ferrer' 2 weeks ago
Sera Venezolana la que dice: Impresionanteee!! Nuestro mundo esta cambiando constantemente y no siempre es para o por un bien. :(
Kenneth Ng
'Kenneth Ng' 2 weeks ago
we can stop that from happening Al Gore President for 2020
Johnny Caruthers
'Johnny Caruthers' 2 weeks ago
Everybody, look up what happened in Telford recently, as the BBC won't tell you about it.
Banana Banana
'Banana Banana' 2 weeks ago
I curious do u westerners really think there is a god live on the sky??and the god created the world??on the earth,there is only China the poor and undeveloped country believed in atheism,so as a Chinese guy should I believe the poor undeveloped china or should I believe the developed western countries and believe in god???
'maykolee' 2 weeks ago
BBC fake news.... ice melts big deal...
rene ibarlucea
'rene ibarlucea' 2 weeks ago
Steven Cameron
'Steven Cameron' 2 weeks ago
Greg Caesar
'Greg Caesar' 2 weeks ago
Global warming is a hoax.
Grey Chip
'Grey Chip' 2 weeks ago
That's what happens, water freezes in the winter ice is formed and melts when it gets warm. But lets blame global warming eh, let the money men globalist milk the people even more.
amutha janu
'amutha janu' 2 weeks ago
Vinod Kumar M
'Vinod Kumar M' 2 weeks ago
Earth is Warming up but Humans are Chilling out..
Kumbhar Majida
'Kumbhar Majida' 2 weeks ago
Now that's scary
Miele Rodriguez
'Miele Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
Sellners, Pettibone and Southern. All detained at the border. What has Britain become. Free speech is under attack and the BBC are part of the problem. Screw the ice arch. Amber Rudd resign.
Peyot Cacti
'Peyot Cacti' 2 weeks ago
See climate change is real now give me you’re tax payers money
Tourniquet Now
'Tourniquet Now' 2 weeks ago
The myth of climate change is financed by some interesting globalist villains. Just like bbc...
the king
'the king' 2 weeks ago
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