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Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill [Official Lyric Video] -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Ed Sheeran

By: Ed SheeranPublished: 2 weeks ago

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-- | LYRICS |--

When I was six years old I broke my leg
I was running from my brother and his friends
tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass I rolled down
I was younger then, take me back to when I
Found my heart and broke it here, made friends and lost them through the years
And I’ve not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know, I’ve grown
but I can’t wait to go home

I’m on my way, driving at 90 down those country lanes
Singing to Tiny Dancer, And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real
When we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill

Fifteen years old and smoking hand rolled cigarettes
Running from the law through the backfields and getting drunk with my friends
Had my first kiss on a Friday night, I don’t reckon I did it right
I was younger then, take me back to when we found
Weekend jobs when we got paid and buy cheap spirits and drink them straight
Me and my friends have not thrown up in so long, oh how we’ve grown
I can’t wait to go home

I’m on my way, driving at 90 down those country lanes
Singing to Tiny Dancer, And I miss the way you make me feel, it’s real
When we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill
Over the castle on the hill
Over the castle on the hill
Over the castle on the hill

One friend left to sell clothes
One works down by the coast
One had two kids but lives alone
One’s brother overdosed
Ones already on his second wife
Ones just barely getting by
But these people raised me
And I can’t wait to go home

And I’m on my way, and I still remember those country lanes
When we did not know the answers, And I miss the way you make me feel, it’s real
When we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill
Over the castle on the hill
Over the castle on the hill

Leeam Robertson
'Leeam Robertson' 4 minutes ago
ed sheeran made this song at 4 minuted 20 seconds. Ill just leave that here
Dr. Panda W
'Dr. Panda W' 7 minutes ago
Okay. First the beat of 'Shape of You' sounds very similar to 'Cheap Thrills', and now these lyrics are basically like '7 years'. I mean I still think he's a great singer and all but these songs are kind of unoriginal. (no hate)
VincentLoves Games
'VincentLoves Games' 12 minutes ago
0:53 Love the power of his voice.
VincentLoves Games
'VincentLoves Games' 13 minutes ago
When I was 7, My mom told me to find some friends.
Salt Shaker
'Salt Shaker' 44 minutes ago
I love this song because it actually tells a story about his life,all these friends that come and go,and the bad and the good times..It Has Meaning,that's why I love this song
Luna Moonlight
'Luna Moonlight' 45 minutes ago
Why would dislike this masterpiece?!?!
ryan rafolz
'ryan rafolz' 46 minutes ago
wlang for ever
Luz Domínguez
'Luz Domínguez' 47 minutes ago
*Instantly smiles* *Repeats 150 times*
insy mardiyan
'insy mardiyan' 53 minutes ago
this song good for soundtrack
Alice Gliaty
'Alice Gliaty' 60 minutes ago
This is so much better than shape of you
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I can't stop listening to this song.
strife tribal
'strife tribal' 1 hour ago
wheres the tiny dancer?
Goku Son
'Goku Son' 1 hour ago
Jumpcuts scared the Shire out of me
'potato' 2 hours ago
my pet potato died yesterday please can we hit 4 likes?
'Iambent' 2 hours ago
Mate, I usually don't delve too deep into guitar + vocal music, but the lyrical prose within this song is such relatable beauty I can't help it but be moved by it. And it sounds good too.
I love how this is not about dating!! I love that it's friends😁😁❤️😁❤️
Franco Denicola
'Franco Denicola' 2 hours ago
Like si venís del canal de MegaGlowen!!!!
'Miranda' 2 hours ago
I was in art and my art teacher always plays music when we're focused, and I heard this and asked him what it was, then I started listening to it as I just stared at the screen, and I think he just let me because I was practically in tears. It's a long story but I miss what home was. I live in the same place, but when I got into 9th grade, I lost everyone. Nothing is the same anymore. I lost practically all my friends except two, one I actually hardly see. I want to go back to seventh grade truly. It was the best year of my life. I had lots of friends who I saw all the time. I had all the teachers everyone (including me) loved. Homework wasn't hard and I went to dances and life was perfect back then. And then in 8th grade I went through depression and cut myself with suicidal thoughts, I'm on medication now, but I got out of that and then me and my best friend and long time crush started dating. But the DAY after he asked me out, a kid in our grade died of a four wheeler accident, and on Monday is when the entire freaking school district mourned him, but that Monday, was my birthday. And all I could think of was him, but I didn't cry, not for months. Then one day it all just hit me and I cried like a four year old. And then summer came around, and no one was happy. We all loved middle school, we were all in band and really close to our teacher. Mr.J was like a friend to us and he said we could always visit but it was still sad. And then, as the new school year rolled by, Mr.J had switched schools closer to his home. I got my new schedule, I had one friend in two classes. That was it. I socialize with other kids but... it's not the same. And now I sat alone at lunch. My friend in lunch, I had one, and she left me to be popular. I sat alone... and then, on the bus, I get bullied now. I was old to kill myself and thing is... if they had said that last year... I would've done just that. I literally would have walked off the bus before it pulled out of the parking lot and done just that. I made one new friend. And I met him not even a month ago. He's nice but, he misses his home. He would've been happier there. So I wish I could still go back on time. Because life's not what is used to be and I don't like it. I want to go back. Back to middle school. Where I had friends, and not get bullied, where school wasn't so complicated and stressful. Where I smiled and was actually happy. When I laughed cause I was actually having fun, not just laughing off my pain. I want to go back to band class, with Sharron playing super high notes and Summer drawing on my arm. With Chase and me splashing water on each other and running to the buses before we missed them. Where Christina always made me laugh to the point I couldn't breath. When Sabrina was still in the school. And when Matt was alive... I want to go home... but home's gone... and I had to leave the room because I started to cry. (I'm really sorry about all that I just seriously needed to get that out of my system. I never tell anyone anything and I just break every now and then. Sorry again.)
'MsBananaOnToast' 2 hours ago
Why does this song give me such a Paper Towns feel?
'axon1993' 2 hours ago
Brakken Knight
'Brakken Knight' 2 hours ago
Beautiful Edd... just beautiful
Krish Govardhan
'Krish Govardhan' 2 hours ago
No one but Ed can do so much with his words. Make me think of my younger days. Who else cant wait for March??
George May
'George May' 2 hours ago
This song reminds me of home, I'm from near Ed Sheeran (Framlingham) and know the castle on the hill
Kaitlyn R
'Kaitlyn R' 2 hours ago
Why am I crying?
Kevin .3.
'Kevin .3.' 3 hours ago
Is it weird that the lyrics remind me of 7 Years Old?
'chaldo4lyf5' 3 hours ago
I Guess We Know What's On Repeat..
JuanMa Rodriguez
'JuanMa Rodriguez' 3 hours ago
Castle On The Hill > Shape Of You
'tere' 3 hours ago
i like
Jakov Cvetković
'Jakov Cvetković' 3 hours ago
This > Shape of you
Cecily Cambell
'Cecily Cambell' 3 hours ago
i really want to know if someone in here was with Ed at school
Stacey Oxley
'Stacey Oxley' 3 hours ago
Diana Black de Malfoy
How can anybody dislike this beautiful song wtf :v
un known
'un known' 4 hours ago
and i miss the waay!! really love that part
Henry V
'Henry V' 4 hours ago
amazing song
Dylan Rodwell
'Dylan Rodwell' 4 hours ago
Nice singing Ed
Aiman Saeed
'Aiman Saeed' 4 hours ago
can i get 1 million likes? I like this song!
Gracia Indraduhita
'Gracia Indraduhita' 4 hours ago
this song keeps singing in my head... love this soooonggg... ,😍💗
'Demented' 4 hours ago
anyone else smoke amber leaf? ha
Luke AM
'Luke AM' 4 hours ago
14 000 people disagree with Ed driving at 90...
Kaizer Maala
'Kaizer Maala' 4 hours ago
this should be the #1 instead of Shape OF you .. because this song has more message and is more valuable than shape of you
MyLifeAs Jazzy
'MyLifeAs Jazzy' 5 hours ago
This song made me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I will love Ed and his songs for ever and ever 😭😭😭 This song will stay in my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️
'Marianaaaaaaaaa' 5 hours ago
I'm deeply in love with his music. Always had, always will❤
Lucho Diotallevi
'Lucho Diotallevi' 5 hours ago
When we did not know the answers
Maria Collins (ria)
'Maria Collins (ria)' 5 hours ago
Am I the only who noticed that the song is 4:20 long 😆
Jimmy Southbitz
'Jimmy Southbitz' 5 hours ago
This is 1 propper tune that takes u back a little
Cress Reeves
'Cress Reeves' 5 hours ago
First listen and I already love it 😊 only Ed can keep music real 🎶
Alvaro Alfageme
'Alvaro Alfageme' 6 hours ago
it sounds like fifa
Aldi akbar
'Aldi akbar' 6 hours ago
castle on the hill and shape of you always #2 in billboard. start from Ed Sheeran uploading the music video.
Jannee Vu (Thatgurl62)
This is so good
Ryadaha Harrison
'Ryadaha Harrison' 6 hours ago
God really likes not having legs
Patryk Sawicki
'Patryk Sawicki' 6 hours ago
I thought he meant Edinburgh Castle
Sophia Swartbrick
'Sophia Swartbrick' 6 hours ago
Such a real song.. I grew up too quick
Leila Moreno
'Leila Moreno' 6 hours ago
It looks like the tfios book cover haha lol
Sarah Assirati
'Sarah Assirati' 6 hours ago
love love love this song 😍
Lanessa Lewis
'Lanessa Lewis' 6 hours ago
You know its a good song when you get shivers.
Gabriela Gutierrez
'Gabriela Gutierrez' 6 hours ago
la amo demasiado, Diosss
'SmKate410' 6 hours ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I'm in looove with this song!!! so many feelings !!
Tim Drake-Wayne
'Tim Drake-Wayne' 6 hours ago
ahhhh it's so good
marynoname 02
'marynoname 02' 7 hours ago
in Love with this song 😍
Weirdo Akwardy
'Weirdo Akwardy' 7 hours ago
Ed's the only one who can disappear for over a year and then show up with new amazing music
david while
'david while' 7 hours ago
'crazykid15' 7 hours ago
This song gives me marauder feels, like Remus remembering stuff going to teach at Hogwarts.
'dragonboy' 7 hours ago
lol 4:20 smoke dank kush
Canal Yuri DV
'Canal Yuri DV' 7 hours ago
Cadê os BR🔵
Stephen Kelly
'Stephen Kelly' 7 hours ago
i missed ed sheeran sm
'TheSexyAndres' 7 hours ago
Se parece al cover de Glowen :3
sharon pa
'sharon pa' 8 hours ago
Anika Lawrence
'Anika Lawrence' 8 hours ago
Can someone suggest me similar song of Ed Sheeran like Castle on the hill
Necro Crafter (Necrocrafter)
Am i the only god damned person here who like this better than Shape Of You?
Cibrek ajah
'Cibrek ajah' 8 hours ago
And i miss the way...
katavia pierre
'katavia pierre' 8 hours ago
this would be awsome if use in a movie
'xcatastrophic' 8 hours ago
right now idk how to feel about this song, but i feel like it will grow on me so so much and i will love it
'LAWL YAYMAN' 8 hours ago
I love the way he says "I miss the ways"
WinGamer RIGA
'WinGamer RIGA' 8 hours ago
Is he talking to the village?
Grace Byrne
'Grace Byrne' 8 hours ago
this song hits me in the feels
Gaia 001
'Gaia 001' 8 hours ago
I'm the only one that think this song and "The battle of five armies" are similar? (I'm sorry if this comment is not correct, I'm Italian)
'Paraíso19' 8 hours ago
We just released our POWER BALLAD COVER of this song. Check it out! Hit the thumbs up button if you enjoyed it! :)
PewDiePie 2
'PewDiePie 2' 8 hours ago
GCSEs this year😖😫😩😤😣😔😳😐
'Clu3lezz' 8 hours ago
"But these people raised me" Idk what to say just wanted to quote that
PewDiePie 2
'PewDiePie 2' 8 hours ago
Who's got the new shitty 9-1 system for GCSEs this year? 😫😳
PewDiePie 2
'PewDiePie 2' 8 hours ago
Who's from 🇦🇫?
sahil shah
'sahil shah' 8 hours ago
SSTG Music (Shreshth Singh)
I wanna be like him but maybe people will never view my channel because I'm a Kid and I do not have money 💵 to spend on advertisements..😌 but I wish this all could be possible!!
Kyle Davis
'Kyle Davis' 8 hours ago
Hey please follow me on Spotify
Ollie Langdon
'Ollie Langdon' 8 hours ago
Am I the only one who's addicted to this song?
Diego Alves
'Diego Alves' 8 hours ago
Que Hino é esse
'AmazingLilKate' 9 hours ago
I literally haven't loved a song this much since 'Rather Be'
'BurnItUpp2009' 9 hours ago
Welcome home, Ed <3 I have missed you ! <3
Matt Pelligra
'Matt Pelligra' 9 hours ago
I have clinical depression and anxiety and if someone was to listen to my new acoustic album it would take a little of my pain away from this cold, cruel world.
'e' 9 hours ago
the fact that the song starts with "when i was six years old i broke my leg" makes me laugh
tate tee
'tate tee' 9 hours ago
wow this is a powerful artist ryt here
Declan McDermott.
'Declan McDermott.' 9 hours ago
Ed running from his brother and his friends, is harry running from Dudley and his friends in prisoner of azkaban
leon Peterson
'leon Peterson' 9 hours ago
Love love this song :)
Deepak Shetty
'Deepak Shetty' 9 hours ago
Does anyone hate this song because I hate you
'DM_Gaming' 9 hours ago
14k People though this was the trailer for Harry Potter
'.' 9 hours ago
I am 15... I dont have that extreme live everyone is talking about... i hope i am not weird like that
Amber westlake
'Amber westlake' 9 hours ago
this makes me think of how fun and free my life is at age 17 and how soon I'm going to graduate and a lot of things are going to change and i'm slowly going to grow up
Reynald Gonzales
'Reynald Gonzales' 9 hours ago
Ed sheeran albums 1st plus + 2nd multiply x 3rd divide ÷ ... 10th 2x + y =12 → 2x + y = 12 → 2x + y = 12 −3x + y = 2 → − (−3x + y) = −(2) → 3x – y = −2 5x + 0y = 10
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