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Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

8, 564, 821 views

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"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."

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James Dutcher
'James Dutcher' 4 hours ago
Devy is a straight up abosolute savage Made you look
Aponga Ojulu
'Aponga Ojulu' 17 hours ago
It was 30 think me later
A Void
'A Void' 18 hours ago
Its so annoying people like ''its not about strength its about ur heart'' And more ''its not about age its about ur brain'' Its so damn annoying
'WyattSoCool' 1 day ago
That's the Asian chick from 2k18
Nooll eje
'Nooll eje' 1 day ago
I'm 12 and betr than him
Moosen Gaming
'Moosen Gaming' 1 day ago
I find all of the kids at my school ho aren't even as good as him make fun of the smart kids thinking that they're all getting to NBA
Cheeseitgood -
'Cheeseitgood -' 1 day ago
I could beat him honestly
max the cool kid
'max the cool kid' 1 day ago
25 dribble moves
Idk Idk
'Idk Idk' 2 days ago
Why does the Asian girl look exactly like the girl from MyCareer in 2k18
A Truthful Commenter
the guy in cap is decent
BenjieHawk 360
'BenjieHawk 360' 2 days ago
is that b fresh?
Legend Beast
'Legend Beast' 2 days ago
40 points bruh?! Man I think the most I’ve got is like 20 points
Holy Saucegod
'Holy Saucegod' 2 days ago
He dribbled with his head down
Cam Morris
'Cam Morris' 2 days ago
0:01 BRICK
'AzizBaller14' 2 days ago
Why B Fresh here?
'TheNerdHerd' 3 days ago
The skinny guy w the beard was trying so hard
Ro Tube
'Ro Tube' 3 days ago
Ya Boi
'Ya Boi' 3 days ago
Oh damn it’s B-fresh
Elite Boy
'Elite Boy' 3 days ago
I am better at shooting
Waffle Builds
'Waffle Builds' 4 days ago
i cant even dribble the ball ;-;;;-;;
Zach Wang
'Zach Wang' 4 days ago
4:06 look like the that thing hand move
Max Torque
'Max Torque' 4 days ago
The white skinny guy is like the white righty harden version of harden lmao that beard
Big Mac
'Big Mac' 4 days ago
1:12 I don't even play basketball and I could do all that.
haber basket
'haber basket' 4 days ago
Viper Reacts
'Viper Reacts' 4 days ago
Zach: Five for ten so that is terrible Bro he made 3 more shots than you who cares
Todu Gaming
'Todu Gaming' 4 days ago
Down town
Todu Gaming
'Todu Gaming' 4 days ago
Down down
Todu Gaming
'Todu Gaming' 4 days ago
Down down
Todu Gaming
'Todu Gaming' 4 days ago
From way down down
Benjamin Atkinson
'Benjamin Atkinson' 4 days ago
Symptom snake related Islam passenger slip comprehensive turkey estimate.
Tutorials Unlimited
Rating him out of 10 I would say 9
Dude perfect Junior
no way he has scored 40 points in a single game
Jt Nuke
'Jt Nuke' 5 days ago
The girl is literally lil tasty from 2k
MDz Jr
'MDz Jr' 6 days ago
Why does that girl look like b fresh
Will Pampolina
'Will Pampolina' 6 days ago
Yo! I've found B-fresh in this video
Torres J
'Torres J' 6 days ago
tell me why that asian girl looks like the girl from 2k18
Christian A vlogs a
The girl sucks at free throws
'Goldenarch32' 6 days ago
Good ball handling but he looks down so that's not good
Santo DiRaimo
'Santo DiRaimo' 6 days ago
ian pierce
'ian pierce' 6 days ago
Like to say maybe he could try 1v1 the professor
'Negan' 6 days ago
now play me on 2k17
'Negan' 6 days ago
*size doesn't matter*
Melody Lizades
'Melody Lizades' 7 days ago
Clare Friedman
'Clare Friedman' 7 days ago
Zach ain't he's just fat😂😂😂
Señor Bobby
'Señor Bobby' 1 week ago
does buzzfeed literally pick up people on the side of the road?
King AntG0
'King AntG0' 1 week ago
B fresh off of 2k18
Señor Swish
'Señor Swish' 1 week ago
Im 13 and if he is a prodigy guess I am too cuz I'm probably better than him
Shadow guns
'Shadow guns' 1 week ago
You should vs me im kinda pro to :))
r Negoro
'r Negoro' 1 week ago
Size does matter actually, assuming same skillset.
Fareez Rahman
'Fareez Rahman' 1 week ago
He’s short
'WhiteHound' 1 week ago
One of my best qualities is my ball handling... *proceeds to do all of his moves with his head down*
RBLX Ninja - Roblox and more!
4:04 what did she just say?
'GamingJordan' 1 week ago
42 looks like B-Fresh NBA 2K18 XD
'Prenzii' 1 week ago
Zack looks like the bounty hunter from outsmarted (a buzzfeed series)
'Lightningzz' 1 week ago
Im already seeing him in the nba
SaphRetuks ING
'SaphRetuks ING' 1 week ago
I can't dribble for the life of me...
Phillip Monoskie
'Phillip Monoskie' 1 week ago
He does not have handles at all😂
Dr. Phil
'Dr. Phil' 1 week ago
Ni🅱️🅱️a just spam the right stick lmao
Donna anderson
'Donna anderson' 1 week ago
It looks like a 10 out of zero
VTG 21
'VTG 21' 1 week ago
Were them eyebrows with the girl
'Triikz' 1 week ago
Size doesn't matter if ur so big u move like a slow tank
Football 101
'Football 101' 1 week ago
for a "prodigy" his form is not that good
Zoe Mowgli
'Zoe Mowgli' 1 week ago
3:53 TRAVELLER as we would scream at my school
Kardeşler 1
'Kardeşler 1' 1 week ago
Make a match with SC.
Sapphire Rogue
'Sapphire Rogue' 1 week ago
is it bad to say hes not actually that good? my whole club team is better. he cant even take a free throw and not pass tyhe line on follow through. let alone actually do a shamgod. (a completely useless move)
Kevin Sj
'Kevin Sj' 1 week ago
Size dorms matter that's why there are soo many good NBA players under 6,0
'karolis125' 1 week ago
(Sniff)(Sniff) I can smell racism
Malik Gamble
'Malik Gamble' 2 weeks ago
Is that Bee from 2k
Julius Bankauskas
'Julius Bankauskas' 2 weeks ago
Chris looks like a scruffier, thinner Jonas Valanciunas
Viper Reacts
'Viper Reacts' 2 weeks ago
Guy: how many dribble moves was that Kai: Uh I did so many I can't even count Show off
RoamanAtwood Vlogs
'RoamanAtwood Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
Omfg she look like that Asian of of 2k18 xd
'supreme_m3m3' 2 weeks ago
This is painful to watch
RD Gaming
'RD Gaming' 2 weeks ago
The skinny guy was the most decent out of the 3
Ali vlogs
'Ali vlogs' 2 weeks ago
This shows that age doesn’t matter
Jason Byrd
'Jason Byrd' 2 weeks ago
I was waiting for him to break the girls ankles so hard
Cole Clites
'Cole Clites' 2 weeks ago
THIS IS THE KIDZ ZONE!!! ⛳🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦🔫👦 WE ARE A POWERFUL FORCE DO NOT MESS WITH THE KIDZ ZONE ( kids spelled wrong on purpose) JOIN THE FUN SIDE!!!
'LexiKM' 2 weeks ago
hi my names troy I gotta basketball game tomorrowww
MJD7 Gaming
'MJD7 Gaming' 2 weeks ago
He's good but he isn't a prodigy
God Gamers
'God Gamers' 2 weeks ago
He stares at the ground when dribbling
cesar soto
'cesar soto' 2 weeks ago
The girl look like djs assitent in nba 2 k 18
Viper Reacts
'Viper Reacts' 2 weeks ago
One time my bro dropped 80🤑
Person who Comments on videos
This is so buzzfeed!!! Lmao. Only buzz would make a vid like this.
Corey Gutierrez
'Corey Gutierrez' 2 weeks ago
They got exposed
'David' 2 weeks ago
Size doesn't matter if you're playing the most out of shape, non athletic people in the world
'David' 2 weeks ago
That's a prodigy? Really lowering the standards here aren't we
'CAW NATION' 2 weeks ago
Soon he will be in the NBA, I bet his is the one of the best twelve year olds
xXx xXx
'xXx xXx' 2 weeks ago
kia am better than you am 11
Adonis Cheong
'Adonis Cheong' 2 weeks ago
The woman wasn't even trying and she laughs when she fails, she is not even ashamed. LOL
the devster_6 got hoops
Btw he is 12 and I'm 14 not a big difference
the devster_6 got hoops
This kids arms remind me of spongebob lifting weights😂
Logan Sheeley
'Logan Sheeley' 2 weeks ago
Asian people can't play basketball just look at Jeremy Lin
'Paul' 2 weeks ago
“2” how you gon say 2 when you were sweating
'A' 2 weeks ago this is very awesome ❤️
cube core cube core
'cube core cube core' 2 weeks ago
She said she was better at shooting but she missed 7 out of 10
'Nillanhofvander' 2 weeks ago
The girl is so B Fresh from 2k
azy_sya 0307
'azy_sya 0307' 2 weeks ago
Kai is fine...
'AkaClimax' 2 weeks ago
Kids cocky asf
'holyeet' 2 weeks ago
Devy is an accurate representation of me trying to talk to girls
'SuperPhlatGaming' 2 weeks ago
He's not even that good
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