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Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults -
Published: 11 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 11 months ago

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"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."

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Andrew Gan
'Andrew Gan' 2 days ago
He looks like WIll Smith, who agrees?
Sawyer Bartholomew
The dude with the hat looks like a white james harden
EradicationAstronation - Gaming -
When I was his age I was trying to beat a single Goomba in Mario
'ExOTiC393' 2 days ago
I could beat this guy any day bro his short form is so bad too
Evie Hanchey
'Evie Hanchey' 2 days ago
My friend broke her ankle right before state championships and she was so depressed she couldn't even sleep. But respect and admiration to all those big leaugue basketball players.
sreekar ravavarapu
Cool Guy
'Cool Guy' 4 days ago
lol the guy with beard wasn't even blocking. Real winner.
Digital Pickaxe
'Digital Pickaxe' 4 days ago
The one with the hat played decent for someone who doesn't even practice
Kendrick Burks
'Kendrick Burks' 4 days ago
Lol prodigy
Kendrick Burks
'Kendrick Burks' 4 days ago
Hes a little bit above average for his age I could beat him
Mabry Kids
'Mabry Kids' 5 days ago
Your like kyrie
kcountry Littlepage
Christian Rogers
'Christian Rogers' 6 days ago
im on aim high the cover borad in the back
Zion Kim
'Zion Kim' 6 days ago
His defence is trash and his offence is decent
Zion Kim
'Zion Kim' 6 days ago
He really not that good I could beat him in a 1v1
'Neptune' 6 days ago
i met kai irl
Sven117 U mad?
'Sven117 U mad?' 7 days ago
is it because he did heaps of moves or because he is not that smart? no mocking intended 1:20
Sven117 U mad?
'Sven117 U mad?' 7 days ago
years* 0:21
Kaden Rollins
'Kaden Rollins' 1 week ago
Is that an insulin pack on the back of his waist
Evanfar !
'Evanfar !' 1 week ago
Size definitely matters
'Kashmasanboy' 1 week ago
'Smilewithbena' 1 week ago
Awe he's so adorable
'Angel' 1 week ago
I am 12 and I am way better I am 5'9 i'll will post him up......fucking Buzzfeed ball
Yanelis Crespo
'Yanelis Crespo' 1 week ago
the girl needs to work on flicking her wrist other wise she is just luck to make a shot
The one and only King Greenlight
The girl looks like the person in 2k18
Blake Jamison
'Blake Jamison' 1 week ago
He's A lil cocky tbh
stefoii _
'stefoii _' 1 week ago
So chill
Obi Gaming-Android games and more
'VipeR' 1 week ago
The fucking Asian girl. I mean I’m not the best at basketball but she is so fucking bad and cringey
Malachi Sample
'Malachi Sample' 1 week ago
Girl: im really good at shooting! -makes three out of ten- Hey I was tired! Mhm
'Drettlinking' 1 week ago
yall chose the most trash adults. wtf
Elias Tiham
'Elias Tiham' 1 week ago
He's really good, but it'd be better if you played him against skilled adults
will ando
'will ando' 1 week ago
M. Webb
'M. Webb' 1 week ago
How is he pro
Twiztid Gizmo
'Twiztid Gizmo' 1 week ago
I've been playing for 4 years. I'm 12 and the most points I ever scored in a game was 19
Mojito !
'Mojito !' 1 week ago
Cuando empeze basket hace 4 meses el pibe parecia que si era un niño prodigio pero 4 meses deepues de que empeze creo que al pibe me lo re bailo :v
Silvia Villegas
'Silvia Villegas' 1 week ago
so good 🏆😎✌
David Patston
'David Patston' 1 week ago
Awsome skills 🏀🏀
Instances RotMG
'Instances RotMG' 1 week ago
what type of trash is this rofl
stevo sable
'stevo sable' 1 week ago
Bro my friends are better than him
'STIK BOT TIME' 1 week ago
That’s Lebron James son i think
Offmars 5
'Offmars 5' 1 week ago
He dribbles with his head down
Zhan Cheng
'Zhan Cheng' 1 week ago
At the starting his stomach likes got something inside
CarlosXd1346 Tobe
'CarlosXd1346 Tobe' 1 week ago
That kiddo shoud battle kyrie
LameLizard Vlogs
'LameLizard Vlogs' 1 week ago
Watch your ankles
'JellyBeanFarm' 1 week ago
im trash but when i was 13 most of my baller friends could easily do that stuff
Kendal Alves
'Kendal Alves' 1 week ago
Hi my name is Tre I got a basketball game tomorrow I'm point guard got shoe game and everything
Samphil J.
'Samphil J.' 1 week ago
I like him, he's humble
Book OfPowerz
'Book OfPowerz' 1 week ago
I have dig bick You read that wrong
Joey Tian
'Joey Tian' 1 week ago
Lol is dat Anthony Davis’s son?
Calvin I
'Calvin I' 1 week ago
that boy kai is gunna pull more girls than most of u guys have in your lifetime when he gets to high school
Sajid Khan
'Sajid Khan' 1 week ago
Intro : miss
Tyler Wood
'Tyler Wood' 1 week ago
Kai yo your pretty good but I know some people that will cook you
'Michael' 1 week ago
bruh the dude with the beard was holding back so hard.
skowalski hughes
'skowalski hughes' 2 weeks ago
Those 40 points are in 2K
Frog Dawg77
'Frog Dawg77' 2 weeks ago
Devy be B fresh in 2k18 😂
'dykydee' 2 weeks ago
That was cool little boy
Maribel Miclat
'Maribel Miclat' 2 weeks ago
M xuuxy y yxyaagzgts?fafafzgy
'Twister' 2 weeks ago
that was 10 dribbles because I put the video speed at 0.25
Waffle Almighty
'Waffle Almighty' 2 weeks ago
Devy looks like that one lady from 2k18
Ethan Inkrott
'Ethan Inkrott' 2 weeks ago
'Buffalo' 2 weeks ago
he's not tall enough, and he never will be. "you can't coach height"
Ehon Etham
'Ehon Etham' 2 weeks ago
the girl looks like b fresh from 2k18
Da Jkosix
'Da Jkosix' 2 weeks ago
Wow so humble
Ashton McClure
'Ashton McClure' 2 weeks ago
hes kinda predictable so it shouldnt be too hard
Pennsylvania Pyro
'Pennsylvania Pyro' 2 weeks ago
For a 12 year old who's been playing for 6 he shouldn't think A through the legs, behind the back, and crossover is anything cool
'IT'z NSY' 2 weeks ago
"I'm good at freethrows " I get the worst amount
Sloppy Animations
'Sloppy Animations' 2 weeks ago
"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."
Domen Seršen
'Domen Seršen' 2 weeks ago
Sharifa Ainee Jikiril
the awesome fire dragon blue
12 or 13
Charlie Brooks
'Charlie Brooks' 2 weeks ago
Put him against kids on his AAU team it would be closer
kaleb boler
'kaleb boler' 2 weeks ago
He looks pro because he is small
'MerIkGamEs' 2 weeks ago
ewww he wearing under armor
Ryan Vlogs
'Ryan Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
I can make 10/10 on nba 3 point line
Nexus beast
'Nexus beast' 2 weeks ago
His layups are wack 3 to 4 steps man I should start doing that shot and I’ll be a pro too
Aaron Judge
'Aaron Judge' 2 weeks ago
Zach shoots better than Andre Roberson
'ryryman2004' 2 weeks ago
Steven Baudendistel
'Steven Baudendistel' 2 weeks ago
The adults didn’t even try to post up
Matthew Griffin
'Matthew Griffin' 2 weeks ago
He's got a good shot and good handles but how much was this old adults who are out of shape just not trying? Lol.
3 musketeers
'3 musketeers' 2 weeks ago
Caleb Wright
'Caleb Wright' 2 weeks ago
Kenny Flowers
'Kenny Flowers' 2 weeks ago
It was 35 dribbles that one time
Usi Pinchera
'Usi Pinchera' 2 weeks ago
That was 27 dribbling moves
Jakez Brown
'Jakez Brown' 2 weeks ago
I want to see Kai vs Noah Cutter
Blair Liang
'Blair Liang' 2 weeks ago
My friend at school is just as good as him he crossed the whole team
'DinMammaPiza' 2 weeks ago
He is black so it makes sense hes good.
Keegan Derkach
'Keegan Derkach' 2 weeks ago
I wonder if that boy can shoot like Steph Curry the guy in the black
ChillyAlexGaming 10
'ChillyAlexGaming 10' 2 weeks ago
That skill He’s good at basketball
'TANK ENGINE 2585' 2 weeks ago
'Rogue' 2 weeks ago
"The most points I've scored in a game was 40." Lil' man, I cannot even hit one.
Gabe Araujo
'Gabe Araujo' 2 weeks ago
No offense but I’d wreck him 1 on 1
hadj b
'hadj b' 2 weeks ago
my name is trey I have a basketball game tomorrow
Isaac Davidson
'Isaac Davidson' 2 weeks ago
lol dude in the hat wasn't trying, pretty sure he could have won
Isaac Davidson
'Isaac Davidson' 2 weeks ago
id like to see him on a street court
Isaac Davidson
'Isaac Davidson' 2 weeks ago
he good for his age but I can probably beat him 1 on 1. yet again I'm 17 and like 6'2
'SKILL LORD' 2 weeks ago
"Uhh i dont know i cant even count" Boii
Alfredo Macias jr
'Alfredo Macias jr' 2 weeks ago
His teeth are fucked up but his good at basketball
Ally g WOOOP
'Ally g WOOOP' 2 weeks ago
I’m decent at free throws, haven’t played in like 4 months though but I averaged like 7/10 and ye
Patrick Butler101
'Patrick Butler101' 2 weeks ago
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