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Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

11, 720, 752 views

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"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."

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Gaming Channel
'Gaming Channel' 3 hours ago
B rags to much. I think I can beat them, but I better play good defense
'Xatez' 19 hours ago
hope he grows up to be 5"5
'Olivia9887' 20 hours ago
Is nobody gonna comment on that girls form?😂
Uganda Knuckles
'Uganda Knuckles' 1 day ago
captions on at 4:03
Julian Walby
'Julian Walby' 1 day ago
They definitely edited a million things
Finnesa Clout
'Finnesa Clout' 1 day ago
'sbk' 1 day ago
Im 14 and could beewt him
Dah nub
'Dah nub' 2 days ago
I'm good at shooting but misses 8 shots
Herman PDX
'Herman PDX' 2 days ago
I just watched a video of him when he was eight. Wow
Carlos Rosales
'Carlos Rosales' 2 days ago
I would block his shit☝🏾
zfox 90900
'zfox 90900' 3 days ago
He seems stuck up make him play with nba basketball players
Vitor Gameplay
'Vitor Gameplay' 4 days ago
He is doing that like it is a program but it’s not hahahah
Basketball Kids
'Basketball Kids' 4 days ago
The doy crossed over everyone
Alexander Daniell Flores
Hay you boy challenge me fly me there and we play basketball if you win I push up a 50 time if I win buy me two basketball shoes deal
Fambam Vlogz
'Fambam Vlogz' 4 days ago
Probably because she so asian
B & N Squad
'B & N Squad' 5 days ago
That boy is cute
Panda Gaming
'Panda Gaming' 5 days ago
Is that b-fresh
'ERIC MIN' 5 days ago
that kids dribble moves are exactly like my dribble moves when I was his age
Itz_me 23
'Itz_me 23' 6 days ago
He’s kinda. A show off tho
Kalen Little
'Kalen Little' 6 days ago
Lebron James
'Lebron James' 6 days ago
They are trash
Logan Ibbetson
'Logan Ibbetson' 6 days ago
This foo Is dribbling with his eyes down the whole time How is he a prodigy
zeditor 1537
'zeditor 1537' 6 days ago
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'Ok TSM' 7 days ago
I’m better at shooting... SHOOTING BRICKS! 3/10
'BLOP' 7 days ago
Is this the woman from 2k mycareer😂
Gabriel LaJoye
'Gabriel LaJoye' 1 week ago
Bruh I could destroy that boy
'icewolf' 1 week ago
He’s my friend at school
888noscopking88 XD
That lil boy just doing some random s**t
eva marie vognstølen
exo kaii
Zayne Pilgrim
'Zayne Pilgrim' 1 week ago
Kia Davis
heather Baker
'heather Baker' 1 week ago
b fresh!!
The amount of jealous 12 year olds in the comments in insane
Elliot Sydenham
'Elliot Sydenham' 2 weeks ago
He isn’t a basketball prodigy
'Kiix' 2 weeks ago
I could honestly beat him 40 points in a game is such a lie
'Kiix' 2 weeks ago
He’s so cocky
'XxMasterGamer2xX' 2 weeks ago
Damn those handles...
Adrian Swaby
'Adrian Swaby' 2 weeks ago
The Diamond Legend Gaming
Idk why but when someone tells me to block their ball when they shoot (im tall and small age btw) I would run underneath the net and let them shoot but I will not the ball away she it gets close to the net our net ain't 10 foot so any nba player should be able to block their ball by just doing that
'AlphaHighlights' 2 weeks ago
That cruise guy was pretty good
Frank Spaulding
'Frank Spaulding' 2 weeks ago
I love basketball but I can't play cause I have stage 3 cancer
Tom Paupe
'Tom Paupe' 2 weeks ago
how is she making even 3 shots with this posture
Cole Larson
'Cole Larson' 2 weeks ago
That defense was cheeks
Crazy Chicken21
'Crazy Chicken21' 2 weeks ago
This just shows that adults don't get enough exercise
Lolbox 710
'Lolbox 710' 2 weeks ago
Everyone in the comments basically agree he’s not a prodigy good job guys crushing one dream at a time
'Azua's Origamis' 2 weeks ago
Did anyone get an add about cake?
'SARA PARTHEMER' 2 weeks ago
Ahh the time of night where I lay in bed and and binge buzzfeed videos😂
Senait B
'Senait B' 2 weeks ago
That guy 5 out of 10 is not bad
Senait B
'Senait B' 2 weeks ago
Get curry josge
Oscar Ambriz
'Oscar Ambriz' 2 weeks ago
what's the move called when he dribbled it between his legs and then taped it with his palms
axel blaze
'axel blaze' 2 weeks ago
I can beat him I. 10 and I'm good at basketball
axel blaze
'axel blaze' 2 weeks ago
There adults idiots they have jobs to do they are not free people who goes to club and school they are to old
He traveled many times
Leilanie Empeso
'Leilanie Empeso' 3 weeks ago
Omg 40 pts
Krishaan Singh
'Krishaan Singh' 3 weeks ago
I am better at shooting... ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT
do u know de wae? i know de wae
so can he dribble with his head up
OverLordFromMars !!
'OverLordFromMars !!' 3 weeks ago
“So shooting is my strong point,” gets 3 out of 10 -_-
Romeo Man
'Romeo Man' 3 weeks ago
I would beat that bot in one vs one
Faze Wright
'Faze Wright' 3 weeks ago
1:57 way worse than me im under 15 in age
Pixeled Savage
'Pixeled Savage' 3 weeks ago
They ain’t good at all!
Sophia Schiappa
'Sophia Schiappa' 3 weeks ago
He needs to go against Jaden Newman!!!!!
Miles Wan
'Miles Wan' 3 weeks ago
Why don't you guys fucking block the shots😑😑😑😑
'MistaHandles' 3 weeks ago
He has potential but he dribbles with his head down
SuperCell Creation
'SuperCell Creation' 3 weeks ago
"Prodigy" Mmm sure right yeah, Dude just cause he can cross up some unfit adults dont mean hes a prodigy..
srinidhi venkatesh
'srinidhi venkatesh' 3 weeks ago
Bleh he’s too cocky...
Hélio Pires
'Hélio Pires' 3 weeks ago
he would beat me in handles by humiliation , in free trow i feel i would lose but would be close . but in the game i would probably 5 0 him . the people playing vs him are withou shape , skill and dont´t use the size to their advantage !
ed ya
'ed ya' 3 weeks ago
Joyce Cruz
'Joyce Cruz' 3 weeks ago
Connor Sdick
'Connor Sdick' 3 weeks ago
To be honest the girl looks like B Fresh from 2k
'P3isthename' 3 weeks ago
0:00 Shaquille O'neal?
'TheBoss77' 3 weeks ago
Defense is pretty good, could be better, he pushes them away from the rim, which is good, but could get beat easily to a, as skilled player
'TheBoss77' 3 weeks ago
If I was the adults I would have blocked every shoot he took
'MasterKevan' 3 weeks ago
Hes only got like decent handles
Pearse Hollis
'Pearse Hollis' 3 weeks ago
this camera man is terrible
Kee Kee Britton
'Kee Kee Britton' 3 weeks ago
I would shut down kai like punk him in basketball
Rigo Castro
'Rigo Castro' 3 weeks ago
that bearded guy is good
Joseline pratt
'Joseline pratt' 3 weeks ago
“I bet I can get eight put of ten” **Gets 8 out of 10**
Aschool gaming Channel
Yay Kai
'TheShadow'sNetwork' 3 weeks ago
0:11 He traveled lmao
Nbv Kyng
'Nbv Kyng' 4 weeks ago
So I'm the only one who realised that Guy with the beard and hat cudda killed him on the court if he tried
Nbv Kyng
'Nbv Kyng' 4 weeks ago
I ain't hating...But I swear they picked the worst people they had in the office
Kannok TheMinPin
'Kannok TheMinPin' 4 weeks ago
You guys are so mean to the asian girl and i like it
Chubby Pikachu
'Chubby Pikachu' 4 weeks ago
Uh sorry, but in basketball size definitely fuckin matters. Tall = juiiiiceee
'Evan7' 4 weeks ago
the adults would of beat him if they posted up
Bryson King
'Bryson King' 4 weeks ago
I want to play him 1on1
SuperMinecraftVlogz !!
Dud you ain't good I could beat you on a 1 vs 1 scores to 1
Avleen Deol
'Avleen Deol' 4 weeks ago
Who’s your favourite ⛹️
Shrawan Ghalale
'Shrawan Ghalale' 4 weeks ago
i can play better than him and i am 13
Shrawan Ghalale
'Shrawan Ghalale' 4 weeks ago
Did not even try
Doc_ Lynxus
'Doc_ Lynxus' 4 weeks ago
'Size doesn't matter' I laughed so frickin hard😂😂
Jezreel’s Playsroblox
The Girl is Like b fresh in nba2k18
Kai Adhanom-Shipman
'Kai Adhanom-Shipman' 4 weeks ago
b fresh IRL
'buzz' 4 weeks ago
You have to be tall to be a professional basketball players. Just look at the greats from past all of them are giants.
Hdgamer _57
'Hdgamer _57' 4 weeks ago
What about the Allen iverson crossover
Budhram Singh
'Budhram Singh' 4 weeks ago
Do you think it's a coincidence he predicted it was going to be 8 out of 10
Unknown Person
'Unknown Person' 4 weeks ago
They ain't even trying
'EPIC 4 REAL' 4 weeks ago
Which one do y’all think was the better player?
Bertram Groinig
'Bertram Groinig' 4 weeks ago
where are her eyebrows?
'katelin' 4 weeks ago
he says that size doesn't matter but he's almost the same height as that girl.
Rockster Lock
'Rockster Lock' 4 weeks ago
he is to pro what intelligent
Yehia Hamdan
'Yehia Hamdan' 4 weeks ago
His Shooting Form -,-
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