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Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 months ago

3, 953, 765 views

43, 055 Likes   2, 600 Dislikes

"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."

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Rita Quintessa Malleon
'Rita Quintessa Malleon' 21 minutes ago
I am 9 years old and I have been playing basketball for 1 month and I can do all he did in the video except a little better and I am a girl (not to brag)
Clement Guay
'Clement Guay' 4 hours ago
how is it 2 when a noob almost beat u without even driving once?!
Banter King
'Banter King' 8 hours ago
Kai Kiernan
'Kai Kiernan' 8 hours ago
My name is Kai
messi 27
'messi 27' 10 hours ago
im called kai
Jake Swicegood
'Jake Swicegood' 16 hours ago
He bricked it on the wtf
Soo Zi Keat
'Soo Zi Keat' 20 hours ago
you can literally tell that they lost on purpose to not make the boy feel bad
Nikolas Martinez
'Nikolas Martinez' 20 hours ago
he is not a prodigy
Rinesa Gashi
'Rinesa Gashi' 1 day ago
boi i am faster then all of them including usian bolt
'Slim' 1 day ago
why did they have to pick the most nonathletic adults
Aaron Kim
'Aaron Kim' 1 day ago
Im way better than him lol Try trying out for city AAU, you won't make it. Size does matter in the matter of fact.
'Áskell' 1 day ago
im 10 and i still think i could win him he is not a pro... still he is good but not a pro...
'Vabby' 2 days ago
The guy in the white n yellow shirt could've beat him. He just didn't show his skills.
Alvin Hernandez
'Alvin Hernandez' 3 days ago
play me
'Hanna' 3 days ago
Bruh, I'm in high school and I can't even make 3 shots in one game. The other day I was walking by an elementary school and I saw a fucking kindergarten make more shots than I could
Vultril Roblox
'Vultril Roblox' 3 days ago
More like Asian woman, Mcfatty and Alarf
Kai Goodwin
'Kai Goodwin' 3 days ago
my name's kai
Sandeep Reddy
'Sandeep Reddy' 4 days ago
You guys did okay
Jameson The Boi
'Jameson The Boi' 4 days ago
Can you at least try to get someone with eyebrows
Leah carr
'Leah carr' 4 days ago
Why is that Chinese lady so relatable 😂
Cookie Khalil
'Cookie Khalil' 4 days ago
Where do these people live
awesome playa 2
'awesome playa 2' 4 days ago
he is so prideful and they didn't try besides girl
'Mateo_Life' 5 days ago
woww i can do better than these adults and im 11
Hadi gulam
'Hadi gulam' 5 days ago
Gaming With JaeDen :D
u ain't suppose to lift your feet off the free throw line..
Luis Cartagena
'Luis Cartagena' 5 days ago
I could do better
'DWayze26' 5 days ago
Who else was just waiting for one of them to get the biggest block of the century?
orange king
'orange king' 5 days ago
Size doesn't matter and we all know he wasn't talking about basketball
Charlie O
'Charlie O'Brien' 5 days ago
I can get 10 out off 10
Samuel Alfred
'Samuel Alfred' 5 days ago
Every one there is trashhhh
Samuel Alfred
'Samuel Alfred' 5 days ago
'34anzevo' 5 days ago
He ain't no prodigy, I and many others people around the world can do what he did just as well or even better.
'Jiminniepabo' 6 days ago
A lot of people in the comments: "He's not a prodigy blablabla" They didn't go as far as to say he's a prodigy- just a pro for his age (locally).
sos exia
'sos exia' 6 days ago
this video is terrible. all of the adults looks old and ugly and look how slow
Jade Lapuz
'Jade Lapuz' 6 days ago
if I get 0 likes I will eat poo(no lie)
'Deoxys' 6 days ago
Lamelo ball shouldve played
Zachary Hiitola
'Zachary Hiitola' 6 days ago
someone is my name 😱😱😱😱
Baller 123
'Baller 123' 6 days ago
I can do all that except the spider
Gta Gangways
'Gta Gangways' 6 days ago
What shoes does he have
Trev SoCool
'Trev SoCool' 6 days ago
That kids not a pro he's just been playing awhile those are easy moves
You should get adults to go against professional highland dancers
'Bronose' 7 days ago
'Whooping_Tiger' 7 days ago
Rename this Lebron James Jr. vs. Pewds.
Jonathan Bautista
'Jonathan Bautista' 7 days ago
i wanted to see some ankles broken
Gamer Bash
'Gamer Bash' 7 days ago
Am also twelve but I started playing basketball at age 11 and am still better than him
Blazer Fan
'Blazer Fan' 7 days ago
Looks at thumb nail - can't be that bad - after video ok they were horrible except for the white James harden
'Jaydon' 1 week ago
he is good
Spencer Footer
'Spencer Footer' 1 week ago
my friend can score 3.0 pointers easily!
'G MONEY' 1 week ago
the real question is where's my girl ling lings eyebrows.
Rocco Farrell
'Rocco Farrell' 1 week ago
Potato Chan
'Potato Chan' 1 week ago
Am I the only one who's a girl that can do that?
'Valiuto' 1 week ago
Lol, I just got a advertisement before this video about 'Tesco's' selling loads of fucking meat, bacon, beef chicken etc..... I bet all the vegans are so pissed ;).
'TheRoaringBeast21' 1 week ago
Could you Lebron James up their to show him how it's done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jehdeiah Page
'Jehdeiah Page' 1 week ago
he used to be small kia davis
emilio esquivel
'emilio esquivel' 1 week ago
Aaron Cornett
'Aaron Cornett' 1 week ago
I could beat these people easy
Aaron Vess
'Aaron Vess' 1 week ago
foul foul foul foul foul foul FFFFFFFFOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shuchit Sharingan
'Shuchit Sharingan' 1 week ago
basketball is mainly based on size
'UnicornMaster1' 1 week ago
You mean an average 12 year old basketball player
'SHARPN3TO' 1 week ago
Asonex Olson
'Asonex Olson' 1 week ago
How old is he
Emmett Kelly
'Emmett Kelly' 1 week ago
I can do that
laura de vos
'laura de vos' 1 week ago
Stadium system as hzamrx only tackle trap government get executive.
Green Back
'Green Back' 2 weeks ago
I've seen zach somewhere
Wiggly Worm
'Wiggly Worm' 2 weeks ago
Kai goes to my school
TheTrollMaster X
'TheTrollMaster X' 2 weeks ago
lol they did nit put anyone good on him
Brice Johnson
'Brice Johnson' 2 weeks ago
He grate at basketball
'trogdon8' 2 weeks ago
BuzzFeed is cancer
Stevie McNair
'Stevie McNair' 2 weeks ago
He is beast
'Supraa' 2 weeks ago
guys if you are using a school computer download vidiq it will enable comments and any video
ΜoudourisGreek :D
'ΜoudourisGreek :D' 2 weeks ago
I have a friend that he is better than him
'Shadowolf' 2 weeks ago
That pro traveled lol
Joe Vang
'Joe Vang' 2 weeks ago
they didn't even try to block
'Unbelievable' 2 weeks ago
Im Kai Davis's friend ayyy
Jake Drtina
'Jake Drtina' 2 weeks ago
at 4:00 he traveled he took 3 steps!!!!! u can only do about 2
'RGM GAMER' 2 weeks ago
The intro should of being swished
Veronica Garza
'Veronica Garza' 2 weeks ago
look who you are going up against go play some kids 12-17 years old
Kids Dude Perfect
'Kids Dude Perfect' 2 weeks ago
FaZe Booce
'FaZe Booce' 2 weeks ago
dame thim ankels 3:19
jamie rob14
'jamie rob14' 2 weeks ago
That Asian girl looks like she has down syndrome
'RJ' 2 weeks ago
Im 12 too. Hese good but not pro, i guess i coyld kinda match him if or even beet him if i hadnt stopped playing basketball and gone to football (soccer)
sports and gaming
'sports and gaming' 2 weeks ago
I could beat him and I'm 11
Jeremy Dy
'Jeremy Dy' 2 weeks ago
he wasn't even that giid
Ryan Touchton
'Ryan Touchton' 2 weeks ago
What if Kai played Noah Cutler
Matthew James
'Matthew James' 2 weeks ago
Why did they all have to be so bad
STR_KIDMayz Tha gamer
Maya Livingston
'Maya Livingston' 2 weeks ago
dude I play basketball and I'm 12 bro
Lori Rae Joe
'Lori Rae Joe' 2 weeks ago
Niruto Blessed
'Niruto Blessed' 2 weeks ago
Joseph Davis
'Joseph Davis' 2 weeks ago
I'm like Kai, my last name is Davis, and I've been playing since I was six, and I'm really good, also I do one Hand through the legs
'LunarEE1018' 2 weeks ago
I know Kai Davis XDDDDDD
Forz Ranger Gaming Extreme
Those adults dont know how to play defense. I wish I can One on One him
'dackyface' 2 weeks ago
Itz Onaaxs
'Itz Onaaxs' 2 weeks ago
nice montage :) next time search people from the street ;)
Joel Juslin
'Joel Juslin' 2 weeks ago
worst cameraman !
Bryan Verano
'Bryan Verano' 2 weeks ago
next Stephen curry
grand phoenix
'grand phoenix' 2 weeks ago
I call sweaty try hard
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