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Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."

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Fallen For Music
'Fallen For Music' 53 minutes ago
I play almost all sports. But, Basketball is the sport I love, and all my athletic skills were inspired by my uncles, older cousin, and Stephen Curry. I am pretty decent, but, this 12 year old is really OP.
Tristan Kirsch
'Tristan Kirsch' 2 hours ago
Ankles are broken
devilal kumar
'devilal kumar' 9 hours ago
I counted your they were just 28
Epic Gamer
'Epic Gamer' 12 hours ago
She looks like b fresh
Shari Higgins
'Shari Higgins' 23 hours ago
'MINGY SWINGY' 1 day ago
I’m like that lady
Marvelous Okeke
'Marvelous Okeke' 1 day ago
A couple months! More like a couple years
christian george
'christian george' 1 day ago
The guy with the hat would beat him if he actually tried. He just had to dial it down for the video
Svlid _
'Svlid _' 1 day ago
Where’s the defense being played wtf 😂
Young Savage
'Young Savage' 1 day ago
That Chinese girl is 🚮
Jake Blumenthal
'Jake Blumenthal' 2 days ago
At least get one adult that could ball
Magic Madness
'Magic Madness' 2 days ago
How you do the small bounces between the legs thing
Alex Molina
'Alex Molina' 2 days ago
Plz do soccer
Calum Ponder
'Calum Ponder' 2 days ago
He said it was 2/10 in terms of hardness even though one geezer got 3 points . Just trying to shoe of
'Areeb HASSAN' 2 days ago
The boy was a completely
'm.A.A.d' 2 days ago
chris lookin like javale mcgee 😂😂😂
Ray Millo
'Ray Millo' 3 days ago
They did not try
Ray Millo
'Ray Millo' 3 days ago
That boy shows of
Travis Johnson
'Travis Johnson' 3 days ago
I hate cocky 12 year old players. Sure he is good and he might go into the nba, but he’s 12 and he can’t act like he’s all this and that
'SHEETAL KUMAR' 3 days ago
It’s pretty obvious they are were acting but good vid
'SHEETAL KUMAR' 3 days ago
He is black.
PearlBubble 3
'PearlBubble 3' 3 days ago
The intro tho
'L.S.R TV' 3 days ago
I'm garbage
YT Skillz
'YT Skillz' 4 days ago
-I bet they cut out the parts when he missed but they added some fails for it to not be suspicous-
diana Isho
'diana Isho' 4 days ago
He could make it to the Lakers no joke. Or nuggets
'Jacob' 4 days ago
The guy with the beard and hat could have won if he was more aggressive on Defense!!!! He was looking like James Harden out there.
Dorian Kaminski
'Dorian Kaminski' 4 days ago
I be he play point guard
'Savage123' 4 days ago
For everyone saying he’s not good well he was not trying
Iole Calvigioni
'Iole Calvigioni' 4 days ago
'NoiPax' 5 days ago
Time for these old heads to get off the court
Samantha Sherman
'Samantha Sherman' 5 days ago
lmao this kid’s defence is rough.. no disrespect but he was being high key cocky
Daniel To
'Daniel To'a' 5 days ago
Fat dude better get in the post
Grand gaming 30
'Grand gaming 30' 5 days ago
I could probably beat him 1 on 1
Memer boi
'Memer boi' 5 days ago
The guy with the beard seemed like he was actually really good and just wasn’t trying. I just think he didn’t want him to feel bad.
'Animal6089' 6 days ago
1:18 BRUH
Youtube Police
'Youtube Police' 6 days ago
Lmao they tried to get the shot at the beginning but it missed lmao.
Jorden Poniatowski
I could beat him and I’m 8 and only played for one year
Dante More
'Dante More' 6 days ago
You stink
Jeremy Valadez
'Jeremy Valadez' 6 days ago
4:27 on their phones in the background. Lol. NO team support.
Ricky Baro
'Ricky Baro' 1 week ago
I feel like the guy with the beard has more experience
Adonis Cheong
'Adonis Cheong' 1 week ago
They don't even know how to play basketball
Flashy Gam3r
'Flashy Gam3r' 1 week ago
I played basketball when I was 2 years old (not playing in games)
Lil C
'Lil C' 1 week ago
Next curry
'Aribery101' 1 week ago
It’s amazing how he could have chose any adults but he chose some nerds
'pileoftrash' 1 week ago
thumbnail @ 4:02
Senddy gaming
'Senddy gaming' 1 week ago
Lmao trash he trash
Cat girl
'Cat girl' 1 week ago
Did she curse 4:04
Kai Kinimaka
'Kai Kinimaka' 1 week ago
my name is kai to
James Antoniou
'James Antoniou' 1 week ago
Does he miss
Jalyrian Boy
'Jalyrian Boy' 2 weeks ago
I love how they got the shittiest adults
'Nikblor' 2 weeks ago
Most unathletic, out of shape adults I shave ever seen
Ray Boyz Triple Threat
Me since 3
'ramarrou' 2 weeks ago
Jacob Saunders
'Jacob Saunders' 2 weeks ago
"Im better at shooting" (gets 3 out of 10) 😒
Gabriel Peck
'Gabriel Peck' 2 weeks ago
Next Anthony Davis
The genus
'The genus' 2 weeks ago
Damn I never saw a black person working out a white person
CoolDj Jacob
'CoolDj Jacob' 2 weeks ago
What the fuke
Equine Artistry
'Equine Artistry' 2 weeks ago
Lol I don’t even know how to shoot a basketball
'PVPCAT Agario' 2 weeks ago
I got 10 out of 10?
first name last name
I'm 15 played since 3 ( knew the basics since 3*)
The best Robloxian gamer
Plz sun my channel xD
Pro Po
'Pro Po' 2 weeks ago
2 handed shoooot
Pro Po
'Pro Po' 2 weeks ago
Kalicia Narcisse
'Kalicia Narcisse' 2 weeks ago
He a show off and he needs a better challenge like if agree
butt butter
'butt butter' 2 weeks ago
That girl look like bee from 2k 18
Russell Westbrook
'Russell Westbrook' 2 weeks ago
4:20 lmaoooo
'Zebraburgercombo' 2 weeks ago
You call him a prodigy? Ever heard of aomine senpai
pink unicorn
'pink unicorn' 2 weeks ago
Before watching me:I may be near the same age as him but maybe I stand a chance. After watching me:I stand no chance against this guy.
YoungBaller ShepTownCards
1:50 8 out of 10 isn't 88%😂
Shrawan Ghalale
'Shrawan Ghalale' 2 weeks ago
2:18 I am good at shooting* *cant even shoot a ball properly
'Onedeadeye' 2 weeks ago
These guys have a height Advantage, and I’m here watching them shoot from far range....
nukerman 123
'nukerman 123' 2 weeks ago
Travel at 3:55 more than 2 steps
Katherine Jasmin Belangel Valencia
bro my classmate is like him 😂 (but G minded)
Xope Gaming
'Xope Gaming' 3 weeks ago
chris looks like james harden - the race and worse defence (chris was the best there )....
Lizard boys Animals
'Lizard boys Animals' 3 weeks ago
His defense is soooo bad
The Unknown person
'The Unknown person' 3 weeks ago
Chris looks like Javale Mcgee
Lathan Hagen
'Lathan Hagen' 3 weeks ago
How many times did the guy with the beard say “I’ll see what i can do” 😂
Jacob Para
'Jacob Para' 3 weeks ago
I'm a better shooter than him
Objking Savage
'Objking Savage' 3 weeks ago
My name is braylin wanna hang out
Hammer Smash
'Hammer Smash' 3 weeks ago
Like everyone on my team are prodigy’s then
Mr. Good Hope
'Mr. Good Hope' 3 weeks ago
He's not bad,dunno why people hating
Mr Pizza man 54
'Mr Pizza man 54' 3 weeks ago
Future Michael Jordan
Jag MasterDuty
'Jag MasterDuty' 3 weeks ago
Lmao my mans looks down when he dribbles
Neeraj Kumar
'Neeraj Kumar' 3 weeks ago
not even trying
Malik McNeair
'Malik McNeair' 3 weeks ago
4:19 he bout sauced him
Mr. Kanichiwa
'Mr. Kanichiwa' 3 weeks ago
She is definitely B Fresh from 2k18
'Ayoade' 3 weeks ago
He getting that work if he play me
'NateAPn' 3 weeks ago
I could 1v1 him
Shiny Gaming
'Shiny Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Im 16 And Im Literally A Russell Westbrook
Elijah Alarcon
'Elijah Alarcon' 3 weeks ago
Handle dose not even matter its about your shooting
Yack Sweets
'Yack Sweets' 3 weeks ago
How is this a prodigy and these are not even good adulta
Luke Rinehart
'Luke Rinehart' 3 weeks ago
I’m 12 and I’m better then he is
Kewl Gaming
'Kewl Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Could replace Lonzo
Liam Hadap
'Liam Hadap' 4 weeks ago
Damn he has earings
s s
's s' 4 weeks ago
Fresh lettuce in the buildin yo
Celtics are so dope !!
Lol I can't even count 1:27 lol have u also not been to school since 6 years old
California Cece
'California Cece' 4 weeks ago fine
Ronald Samaniego
'Ronald Samaniego' 4 weeks ago
savage person
'savage person' 4 weeks ago
I can beat him
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