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Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults -
Published: 7 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 7 months ago

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"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."

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'I'm a Boi' 6 hours ago
How tall is he lm ten and 5'1 am l taller than him
lil dawg
'lil dawg' 6 hours ago
size doesn't matter
matthew zeeman atkinson
He was looking down while dribbling lol
Itz YaBoyFabian
'Itz YaBoyFabian' 1 day ago
everyone that say that they could beat a 10 year old is hating #Fax
mochis_ jams
'mochis_ jams' 1 day ago
And then there's the 12 year old potato aka me who watches kdramas and listens to kpop and avoids homework and chores at all costs
Nu Pratar vi
'Nu Pratar vi' 1 day ago
Those Big people played bad so that little boy could win
Ains Fish
'Ains Fish' 1 day ago
the guy with the beard looked like javale McGee
Isaiah Gomez
'Isaiah Gomez' 1 day ago
He was looking down at his dribbles so it wasn't really that good
Ni Dawkins
'Ni Dawkins' 2 days ago
he is better then average but not a pro, I could beat him one on one
Armando VsC
'Armando VsC' 2 days ago
bruh can he talk anymore slurred
Gordon Mavritte
'Gordon Mavritte' 2 days ago
Look at his form, he shoots from his chest and this is a prodigy? I would easily beat him we're the same age and i have proper form and im 5'6
'Daniel' 2 days ago
Does anybody know what shoes the guy in the black cap was wearing? I really like em and I was wondering if someone would know.
The ZestyDEMON
'The ZestyDEMON' 2 days ago
ok. whats going on right now
Carson Loucks
'Carson Loucks' 2 days ago
In order to make the best video, we found the most unathletic adults ever
Igor Choma
'Igor Choma' 3 days ago
If that tall guy tried he would block him so hard
Diana Doan
'Diana Doan' 3 days ago
Brig Coksksk
'Brig Coksksk' 3 days ago
The Asian chick looks like a disabled dolphin
ernesto gonzalez
'ernesto gonzalez' 3 days ago
I do almost all of those moves
'fvasquez21' 3 days ago
whats the song at 2:16 ?
Lit Baller
'Lit Baller' 3 days ago
This little kids dribble moves are good but get him nowhere
Ryan Hume
'Ryan Hume' 3 days ago
They didn't even play defense
'ritzegg123' 3 days ago
4:06 "aww sh*t"
Presbian116 Tier1
'Presbian116 Tier1' 4 days ago
4:41 did he purposely let him win?
Presbian116 Tier1
'Presbian116 Tier1' 4 days ago
1:49 ummm no.
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
8/10 is advanced 10/10 is legendary
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
Kai is an advanced shooter
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
When I was small I was very lousy
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
When kai is dribbling the ball you should do the crabwalk and push him out of the court
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
You must try your best
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
Can kai do a dunk
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
Hope you are not watching this
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
Kai only did the basics and you lost to him
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
Devy you must learn to fake kai e.g. You dribble your ball to the left and do a crossover and dribble the ball to the other side
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
Devy why do you try to hit kai that's a foul
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
There are none 1 point there are only 2 and 3
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
The method the regular people shoot is not a way of shooting kai way is an advanced way of shooting but the guy that wear a hat his way was pretty good
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
Now I am a pro
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
You must aim when you are shooting
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
And speed also matters
Russian Blooded
'Russian Blooded' 4 days ago
Still better than shaq
'Mrbigdick101' 4 days ago
I know soo many people who can beat him easily, also he's not a prodigy
Wayne Lie
'Wayne Lie' 4 days ago
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
If you are only good at shooting you are not a pro, I have a friend called Deepan he is a pro but the problem is he is not good at shooting. And our basketball captain which is Eden he is good at everything
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
Devy you need to block kai and keep following him if you are behind him that is over he is going to score so you must always try to steal the ball and reach the ball,for defending, you must bounce the ball at the side of your leg and always put left hand in front of your opponent
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
Devy you need to learn attacking and defending, your shooting is pretty good
Tan Weiqiang Weiqiang
Devy needs more strength to dribble my cca (co-curriculum activity) is basketball so I know travel,foul,infilation,double
VolcanicWarrior 30
They should play against lamelo ball
El Cdn
'El Cdn' 6 days ago
it's so easy
Godzilla 09
'Godzilla 09' 7 days ago
Don't underestimate kids and yunger
'Hiz_' 1 week ago
Why couldn't they have picked that asian guy that did a free throw contest with a wnba player over 1 of those adults
Lon Dew
'Lon Dew' 1 week ago
Ive guarded guys 3 times my size trying to post me up. You have to time the blocks just right before he raises the ball up. It takes a lot of work but it's not impossible like some of you say. As soon as his body shifts you have to get your hand just above the ball where he will raise and shoot the ball. It has to be very precise mathematical timing. And a probability measurement of where he will be in space before he puts the ball up. You will still give up points, but you can cut the scoring by 60-70% with enough practice
Beast Rtist
'Beast Rtist' 1 week ago
My name jeff
Hamood Aljahmi
'Hamood Aljahmi' 1 week ago
BTW my brother is better then all them cause he lefty moe
Hamood Aljahmi
'Hamood Aljahmi' 1 week ago
The yellow shirt dude should of one his shoes dope for ball and he good I think he's bold to
VE3 Bean
'VE3 Bean' 1 week ago
Do the same but soccer the most popular sport in the world
'Exploited' 1 week ago
he's good but he's not a prodigy lmao I could probably 1on1
'Legend_Smith' 1 week ago
The guy was low key cocky af
Ant 777
'Ant 777' 1 week ago
His jumper Witt but bruh I can block him easily and shoot in his face easy but much respect
Gaetan Giraud
'Gaetan Giraud' 1 week ago
Consultant demand wind qtabct southern horse village honor
kaito yu
'kaito yu' 1 week ago
William Kesuma
'William Kesuma' 1 week ago
Pls sub to me
Gabriel Guimaraes
'Gabriel Guimaraes' 1 week ago
That kids speech at the end is soooooo gayyyy
Leonardo Gamboa
'Leonardo Gamboa' 1 week ago
Kai will be in the NBA one day
Joey Batman
'Joey Batman' 1 week ago
He is cocky
Dchild West Covina
'Dchild West Covina' 2 weeks ago
Waste of time. Nothing to see.
'TriedGryphon' 2 weeks ago
"I'm better at shooting." Gets 3/10....
'NOK CHUN Lam' 2 weeks ago
adults didnt try to defend
Chelsea soita
'Chelsea soita' 2 weeks ago
Who else finds him cute
'xxshadowhunterx5' 2 weeks ago
Just Vibinwit.V
'Just Vibinwit.V' 2 weeks ago
Do he got a ig😂😂💕
matthew ryder
'matthew ryder' 2 weeks ago
He is trash
Axel k
'Axel k' 2 weeks ago
η κινεζα ειναι αχρηστη
kingboss kingboss
'kingboss kingboss' 2 weeks ago
The most awkward adults
Zayn Harris
'Zayn Harris' 2 weeks ago
that was COOOL
Alexander Bailey
'Alexander Bailey' 2 weeks ago
he looking down at the ball
DanDaBoss 1212
'DanDaBoss 1212' 2 weeks ago
Hey off topic but here goes, I likethe Boston Celtics but don't want to be called a bandwagon fan. Is having Irish heritage a legit reason to like them because celtics are Irish or would I be considered bandwagon? Thanks
Henrystar 156
'Henrystar 156' 2 weeks ago
I love the tricks/dribbles
Teleong Tan
'Teleong Tan' 2 weeks ago
2 haha lol u still think you good
Katelyn Nhin
'Katelyn Nhin' 2 weeks ago
I'm just wondering how many girls he is gonna get from this and how much he already had before this
Hotdoggamer77 Hotdoggamer77
I'm better than all of them
Alexander James
'Alexander James' 2 weeks ago
kids full 0f himself
Mr Clean
'Mr Clean' 2 weeks ago
Meanwhile these kids ride the bench on the freshmen team
Matthew Phou
'Matthew Phou' 2 weeks ago
The boy thinks he good but look at lamelo
Andy Encinas
'Andy Encinas' 2 weeks ago
I could do all of that and I am 11 he is 12
'Potato / POTATOFLY' 2 weeks ago
Chris looks like Javale mcgee
its ya boi savage
'its ya boi savage' 2 weeks ago
Wow I'm 12 and started playing at 6 I stopped playing and just prcticed shooting and my crossovers and driving I wanna see what this guy's got
Jack Miller
'Jack Miller' 2 weeks ago
He's good, but not a pro
'Lewk' 2 weeks ago
the guy with the yellow and white shirt is legit James Harden, doesn't play defense and has the beard.
Brian Rivera
'Brian Rivera' 2 weeks ago
Ive started playing basketball since i was 4 and ill say im a 7/10 idk but im not good against him
'M9' 2 weeks ago
criinge so much fkin cringe, those useless on one spot dribbles omgggg prooo
Carl gaming channel and vlogs
That was 21 drbbles
Henry Is wild
'Henry Is wild' 2 weeks ago
The guy in the hat wasn't trying
Jaedon Fox
'Jaedon Fox' 2 weeks ago
If he is pro than I'm better than the professor
Bryce Walker
'Bryce Walker' 2 weeks ago
Who here is better than Kai
Gunther Schwartz
'Gunther Schwartz' 2 weeks ago
Size doesn't matter? Say that to the NBA.
Chewy Baka
'Chewy Baka' 2 weeks ago
if you cant count how many then its much.
Branson Bailey
'Branson Bailey' 2 weeks ago
Hes good but I think I can beat him one on one because he's defense isn't that good
'realNLG11' 2 weeks ago
Im probaly his age(11btw)and taller and much better
Jay S
'Jay S' 2 weeks ago
I ate 3 fudgecicles while watchig this
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