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Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults -
Published: 6 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 6 months ago

6, 372, 250 views

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"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."

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Will Logsdon
'Will Logsdon' 5 hours ago
The biggest fucking show off I've ever seen
D Savage
'D Savage' 11 hours ago
the last guy really could've block his shots and won
weno millions
'weno millions' 14 hours ago
I'm a god at scoring free throws
Arielle Warner
'Arielle Warner' 15 hours ago
This is actually sad
Muffin Top
'Muffin Top' 18 hours ago
Why.don't they get some black guys on the court with him, because almost all black guys can play basketball
Isaac Doumerc
'Isaac Doumerc' 1 day ago
he isn't going to the NBA haha
kbgames Kbgamers
'kbgames Kbgamers' 2 days ago
date me good looking I am 11
LeKai Taylor
'LeKai Taylor' 2 days ago
the boy lowkey looks like Jaden Smith with his hair cut off
Filthyfrank Tv
'Filthyfrank Tv' 3 days ago
Basketball and football are my favorite sports I just wanted to say that you don't care football American
'panej21' 3 days ago
I think u spelled out of shape old guys wrong
Anthony Castricone
Facing trash people ain't puttin no work in
Brayden Cline
'Brayden Cline' 3 days ago
I'm around kai's age i could beat him but barley
'Adidas' 3 days ago
He's to cocky
Fionathemagnificent Ofosu-tuffour
People think that adults loses cuz there old, tired, and lazy but that's not always true
Alejandro Castro
'Alejandro Castro' 4 days ago
me mintieron wei
'MattGamingHD' 5 days ago
My dad says if i get 500 subs he will stop smoking😞
deest 05
'deest 05' 5 days ago
i can beat him
Nathan Yang
'Nathan Yang' 5 days ago
He is like athony Davis and Kyrie ivring =👌
Seth Burchill
'Seth Burchill' 6 days ago
Man that's nothing I was playing against since I was 13  adults that have at least 10 to 15 years of experience and I would still when or be one of the best on the courts
Lynsey Cbhatt
'Lynsey Cbhatt' 6 days ago
Boi he 12 and got tattoos on both legs
Cherease Phillips
'Cherease Phillips' 6 days ago
Good. moves
1k Edits
'1k Edits' 7 days ago
@3:39 / Nice fake shot.
'CRIPTOGRAM 2710' 7 days ago
yo ryan swaze vs kia
Big Will
'Big Will' 1 week ago
If you would have chosen decent people to go up against him than maybe
'TH3 4LPH4' 1 week ago
Adults werent defending
Adriana Scime
'Adriana Scime' 1 week ago
hes good but i wouldn't consider him a "pro"
Esbeidy villegas
'Esbeidy villegas' 1 week ago
Don't be so hard on the girl dude
Parker Rice
'Parker Rice' 1 week ago
He's good but he is definitely not a prodigy. I could beat him those people just didn't know how to play defense at all
Kobe Izzee
'Kobe Izzee' 1 week ago
why not get some real hooper to go aginst him yall chose the worst players yall could find.
Ace Everything
'Ace Everything' 1 week ago
OFE Productions
'OFE Productions' 1 week ago
Mince meat
Maniacal Colt755
'Maniacal Colt755' 1 week ago
Tell me why this girl has no eye brows
Ayan Mukherjhee
'Ayan Mukherjhee' 1 week ago
I have never been athletically fit for 5 years You have never been fit
Bobby Garic
'Bobby Garic' 1 week ago
He looks down when he dribbles
Kai Jordan
'Kai Jordan' 1 week ago
My name is Kai to
Ahmed J
'Ahmed J' 1 week ago
3:53 travel?
'MAMBO MAMBO' 1 week ago
the saying goes never steal basketballs from a baby
sweaty pedo in a park
Is it just me or does everyone want to smack that lady in the face every time she screams?
'DiamondRBLX' 2 weeks ago
Why am i not in? XD i played basketball when i was 6 too Im 11
'Edw' 2 weeks ago
The dude with the hat is good at least he is alot better then me
Bush did 311
'Bush did 311' 2 weeks ago
"Size doesn't matter" yeah only if you Isaiah Thomas.
'Ohn™' 2 weeks ago
the form on these shots are making me want to die
FishLabs 17
'FishLabs 17' 2 weeks ago
So cringy bro
Giacomo Alessio
'Giacomo Alessio' 2 weeks ago
At the free throws eberybody was better than Dwight Howard
Bananarista 1.0
'Bananarista 1.0' 2 weeks ago
This little dude has already huge hands for his hight o.O Damn I want his hands!
AjDoes 2k
'AjDoes 2k' 2 weeks ago
Shera Berry
'Shera Berry' 2 weeks ago
he the next curry
Ur momma
I'm 11 and I can beat all of those adults in one game
Felix stuckey
'Felix stuckey' 2 weeks ago
Zack looks like a fat Marc gasol
'Trumby' 2 weeks ago
"Ill see what I can do" cunts trash
Supreme Clips
'Supreme Clips' 2 weeks ago
Good vid😂
King Jason
'King Jason' 2 weeks ago
1:48 "better than half the players in the league" He doesnt realize in a game when your tired and all eyes are on you its way harder, in a gym with no pressure ill go 9 for 10 easy but in a game its dofferent0
'ShadowKing' 2 weeks ago
he did so many he can't count or because he is black ( just kidding i'm not racist )
Jaikala G
'Jaikala G' 2 weeks ago
Achieve the highest levels,go beyond-go unlimited-forward onwards!
Jaikala G
'Jaikala G' 2 weeks ago
'Tawesome' 2 weeks ago
I m a female basketball player....that women embarrassed me
Ferdi Dema
'Ferdi Dema' 2 weeks ago
"pro" lmfao
Sean Keogh
'Sean Keogh' 2 weeks ago
Like how they choose out of shape adults
2Kool 4Skool
'2Kool 4Skool' 2 weeks ago
My name is Kai too :D
'Jambot' 2 weeks ago
I swear that girl is like Stevens sister or something
shivankit ss
'shivankit ss' 2 weeks ago
It means that size doesn't matter when your small or fit but does matter when opposite 😂
Jackson Rapp
'Jackson Rapp' 2 weeks ago
He's a little overconfident. Also at 4:22 FOUL
Rod Ma
'Rod Ma' 2 weeks ago
Is he Kai Davis?
Knowledge Of Lamborghini
Bailey Chain
'Bailey Chain' 2 weeks ago
size doesnt matter unless youre dunking. hes totally screwed on that part
Shreyas Rawulwar
'Shreyas Rawulwar' 2 weeks ago
"On a scale of 1-10, how challenging was it" "2" SAVAGE!!!
Ella Georgia
'Ella Georgia' 2 weeks ago
Did he say Kai Davis Err.... he's my ex
Breakdemankles SSH
'Breakdemankles SSH' 2 weeks ago
Anthony Henderson
'Anthony Henderson' 2 weeks ago
he was looking down when he dribbled
CT Gaming28
'CT Gaming28' 2 weeks ago
Noticed how the intro shot was missed lol
Anonymous_ User25506
3:27 - 3:29 This guy needs a map
'SHAREEF 2017' 2 weeks ago
They pick some of the most out of shape people lol, but i guess he is decent. And size SOMETIMES matters, if your short you have to move quicker and get around your opponent more, if your tall or big you got to play good defense and drive in more.
Jacob Broderson
'Jacob Broderson' 2 weeks ago
Basketball PRODIGY vs. out of shape 30 year olds
Alex Thao
'Alex Thao' 2 weeks ago
No hate or anything, but I'm confident I can beat this dude 1v1. btw im his age too
'울랄라랄라라' 3 weeks ago
The last guy could've won if he played defense toughly
baller gaming33
'baller gaming33' 3 weeks ago
I could have done that free style and I'm 13
strollties,other channel
I thought she got broken at 3:54
Dayton Nguyen
'Dayton Nguyen' 3 weeks ago
This is so cocky
Skullcrusher 5678
'Skullcrusher 5678' 3 weeks ago
I just watched a video of him when he was 8
Besong Obenofunde
'Besong Obenofunde' 3 weeks ago
1:25 The video juss starting and he already flexing on us
Ananda Dewaputra
'Ananda Dewaputra' 3 weeks ago
body does matter :D
Mikeplayz 2k
'Mikeplayz 2k' 3 weeks ago
Farrel Jevanius Tjandra
his not actually that good bcuz when he dribbles he still look the ball
Dry Ice Thug
'Dry Ice Thug' 3 weeks ago
they got asian eyes, white charles barkley and windows tech support scammer. against a mini lamelo
Zach Fitzgerald
'Zach Fitzgerald' 3 weeks ago
omg can you not put in a girl who doesnt know how to ball at all
'MIGUEL COLON' 3 weeks ago
i could do all his moves he not a pro
Annoyamous ?
'Annoyamous ?' 3 weeks ago
Tre Harrison
'Tre Harrison' 3 weeks ago
You could've at least got people that play a little those guys look like they eat and play video games all day😂😂
'Cam' 3 weeks ago
40 points? I dropped 52 in an AAU game fym
Rashad Martin
'Rashad Martin' 3 weeks ago
Kai light work lmao
Brandie McSpadden
'Brandie McSpadden' 3 weeks ago
25 dribble moves
'Pixelpunguin3' 3 weeks ago
I scored 27 in a Mach before D:
Amy Khim
'Amy Khim' 3 weeks ago
You know he's gonna be real good looking when he gets older
'Creeleken' 3 weeks ago
When they score a basket Me: GOGOGGOOGOGOGOALLLLLL
'Johnyman' 3 weeks ago
The dude with the cap looks like Javale McGee
Reverse Dripp
'Reverse Dripp' 3 weeks ago
lmfaooo he sucks come in my hood 3 year old will dunk on u
roouullah Aslami
'roouullah Aslami' 3 weeks ago
nice job men
'GoldenPie6' 3 weeks ago
he traveled tho
why is this important or a matter. there are kids out in Philadelphia to be exact that are working hard waiting to get some shine. no matter what they do basketball or any other talent or skill. they always get shut out by the most popular . but the most popular ones are always the spiced and aren't even good enough
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