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Zakir Khan - Life Mein Chahiye Izzat! -
Published: 1 month ago By: Zakir Khan

By: Zakir KhanPublished: 1 month ago

3, 549, 431 views

59, 585 Likes   887 Dislikes

Bhai kya hai na, life mein chahiye izzat!

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vishal deulgaonkar
'vishal deulgaonkar' 8 hours ago
Zakir sir IIT ka video upload kr do ...!
Shumaila Fahim
'Shumaila Fahim' 12 hours ago
Prakash Sharma
'Prakash Sharma' 1 day ago
very nice..!!! inspite of a serious face.. he is able to pulloff a joke..!! ..
apne ko bhai ijaat chahiyee...😂😂😂 lovely sir
shahrukh ahmed
'shahrukh ahmed' 1 day ago
bhai bs yahi kahunga ke tumne jeena sikha diya...
ShareYour vines
'ShareYour vines' 2 days ago
this is the first time I saw ur video .. n .. m now ur bole to bhakt
Rifa Roil
'Rifa Roil' 2 days ago
next video kb???
'Daksh7.m' 2 days ago
Hahaha jehri admi
Rajesh Verma
'Rajesh Verma' 3 days ago
bhai u r awsm
Shashank Kapse
'Shashank Kapse' 3 days ago
Biswa ka Brooo aur Zakhir Bhai ka Gareeboo, priceless ❤
Simple But Unknown
Awesome!!! You sometimes give Raju Shrivastav Vibes! Keep it up man!!
'TAYYAB YASIN' 4 days ago
Do Respect Have Respect , Simple .
nitin mishra
'nitin mishra' 4 days ago
bahut sahi bhai. ....maza aa gaya
Lucky Khanna
'Lucky Khanna' 4 days ago
Lucky Khanna
'Lucky Khanna' 4 days ago
6:13 a girl wierdly says 'yeah'
Mamta Pandey
'Mamta Pandey' 4 days ago must watch
Mohd Faiz
'Mohd Faiz' 4 days ago
bhai ek like to banta hai 😂😂😂👍
Shujaat Ansari
'Shujaat Ansari' 4 days ago
sahil arora
'sahil arora' 4 days ago
badiya bhai badiya
Anubrata Dutta
'Anubrata Dutta' 5 days ago
wo ! wo! wo! ...... this is humour !!!
Nishant Rokker
'Nishant Rokker' 5 days ago
sub me
'RAHI VASHISTH' 6 days ago
Ye to aawaj b laga ra hai😂😂😂
Avijit Singha Roy
'Avijit Singha Roy' 1 week ago
i was more like a aib fan, but after watching this "maaaan i loved this..."
harshal nikose
'harshal nikose' 1 week ago
3315290 views me se 4-5 baar ka view mera h hoga :p bhai gajab ho rhe ho :D
'MUHAMMAD JAWAD' 1 week ago
Bro Faisalabad aa mode bana kay
alkabai sahu
'alkabai sahu' 1 week ago
good wrk
ranveer Singh Singh
its great zakir
Shayaan Virani
'Shayaan Virani' 1 week ago
'Harsh_Gamer' 1 week ago
Fantastic! 😃😄👍👌😀😁😄😃
kashif khan
'kashif khan' 1 week ago
Bhai IJJAT ka pata nahi par IZZAT. mushkil SE multi hai
Bhanu Pratap Singh
Yasar Hasan
'Yasar Hasan' 1 week ago
bhai tera tod na h
Mandira Popat
'Mandira Popat' 1 week ago
Rounak Jha
'Rounak Jha' 1 week ago
subscribe my channel Rounak Jha
Anuj Singhal
'Anuj Singhal' 1 week ago
one of the best standups
Sukanya Roy
'Sukanya Roy' 2 weeks ago
zakir...can I meet u ?
sunny malusare
'sunny malusare' 2 weeks ago
Full video Kab ayega
shoyab sayyed
'shoyab sayyed' 2 weeks ago
sahi baat bol gaya launda
Jatin Khanna
'Jatin Khanna' 2 weeks ago
"Ye Shirt, ye to 5000 ki hai" - Zakir Khan, 2017.
Prachi Sharma
'Prachi Sharma' 2 weeks ago
great video zakir :)
Ganesh Sharma
'Ganesh Sharma' 2 weeks ago
awesome sir
Chirag Bhavsar
'Chirag Bhavsar' 2 weeks ago
His jokes are realistic 😂
'Rcreations' 2 weeks ago
zabardast..!!! one man show..!!!!
Shubham Suryawanshi
'Shubham Suryawanshi' 2 weeks ago
Bhai original h Koi copy nhi h isme Bht aage jyga
Pooja Gamer
'Pooja Gamer' 2 weeks ago
HAHAH Life mein Ladke b chahiye
nirav vasava
'nirav vasava' 2 weeks ago
Bhai you are just fabulous 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌 1 nub 👏👏👏👏👏
Abhishek Bhosle
'Abhishek Bhosle' 2 weeks ago
3,103,827 views huh!!!??? 500 views are mine.....!! good one zakir..!! may allah bless you..!!
Vivo V3
'Vivo V3' 2 weeks ago
sabse achi baat zakir bhai apne jokes gaali use ni krte #shaanalvi
Vivo V3
'Vivo V3' 2 weeks ago
Android Pandey
'Android Pandey' 2 weeks ago
hello sir i will really appreciate if you will not use the starting phrase which includes 'khan' and specially 'bihar'. according to me, it's offensive as it shows that people from bihar are labourers. thank you sir
Abhishek Khilari
'Abhishek Khilari' 2 weeks ago
Izzat at 7:05 😎😎😋😁🤘✌👍👍👍
Hardik Arora
'Hardik Arora' 2 weeks ago
It is the best stand up comedy i have ever seen..
Manjeet Taram
'Manjeet Taram' 2 weeks ago
3rd time
azeem hussain
'azeem hussain' 2 weeks ago
Great to hear you zakir khan...keep us laughing dude
prasad sardesai
'prasad sardesai' 2 weeks ago
Zakir khan your are really a good comedian but not more than Zakir Naik !!
Nabin S
'Nabin S' 2 weeks ago
bhai next video kab aa rahi hai????
Hinglish Vinglish
'Hinglish Vinglish' 2 weeks ago
Bade bhai, this channel is posting your videos on his Channel and also running ads on them "Best of vines". No copyright infringement???
Ashley Malik
'Ashley Malik' 2 weeks ago
samsung ke saare phone chutiye hai 😂😂😂😂😂 nothing has been more accurate than this
khushboo mishra
'khushboo mishra' 2 weeks ago
bhai subscribing cz izzat toh aap ne kama li is video se! too good
Amogh Sharma
'Amogh Sharma' 2 weeks ago
This man is god of comedy 😂😂😂
sukanya jaiswar
'sukanya jaiswar' 2 weeks ago
baki ke gareebo dekho amir log kaise dikhte hai too good😂😂😂
ragini rajput
'ragini rajput' 2 weeks ago
aapki voice Thodi Tez nhi h...usme increase kijiye n....Sunai nhi deta teek please
'NIRAJ SURATWALA' 2 weeks ago
too good year.. so silent killer....
Tj Boss
'Tj Boss' 2 weeks ago
Abhi bhi thoda dard h idhar😂
nalin bhat
'nalin bhat' 3 weeks ago
hats off bro
Shikha Verma
'Shikha Verma' 3 weeks ago
nice video
Shikha Verma
'Shikha Verma' 3 weeks ago
nice comody
Shikha Verma
'Shikha Verma' 3 weeks ago
nice comody
'JITENDRA RAJPUT' 3 weeks ago
#zakirkhan one side
Rohit Gandhi
'Rohit Gandhi' 3 weeks ago
I Love This Guy He Accent and ComedY is Fabulous / Outstanding / Awesome... :)
Joy Gambhir
'Joy Gambhir' 3 weeks ago
Hello i have started uploading funny videos on an unique concept. Please check out and give feedback.
Vaibhav Goradia
'Vaibhav Goradia' 3 weeks ago
koi baat nahi ep. 2?
Hemant Shukla
'Hemant Shukla' 3 weeks ago
love you brother
Sankalp Kumar
'Sankalp Kumar' 3 weeks ago
762 Kids dont understand comedy i guess 😁
MohitRaval Harofaro.
Cool !! Enjoyed !!
'ShAaNpANti' 3 weeks ago Plz like share and subscribe Need support ... Hope u liked it
Insoluble Fraction
'Insoluble Fraction' 3 weeks ago
Mohd Siddique
'Mohd Siddique' 3 weeks ago
bhot khoob...
GS Narayanan
'GS Narayanan' 3 weeks ago
Zakir man you are INdia kaa shaan.....keep up the classic work man.....Yes you are not a terrorist man...(LOL :-))LOL:-))
Mamta Bisht
'Mamta Bisht' 3 weeks ago
u r awesome bro
Am gamer
'Am gamer' 3 weeks ago
wat he said at 4:27
subodh chaturvedi
'subodh chaturvedi' 3 weeks ago
Proud to be an indori :P Lol
Shobhit Yadav
'Shobhit Yadav' 3 weeks ago
best bro.
Kapil Arora
'Kapil Arora' 3 weeks ago
You deserve a hit on red button. Done
Vivek Viswanath
'Vivek Viswanath' 3 weeks ago
Very honest man. Great comedy. Hope he shines :)
justin george
'justin george' 3 weeks ago
Deepankar Sagar
'Deepankar Sagar' 3 weeks ago
and this is zakirism
Ashok Kumar
'Ashok Kumar' 3 weeks ago
yhe Levi's wala toh mere saath bhi hua hai Bhai....
Arkaprava Biswas
'Arkaprava Biswas' 3 weeks ago
funny af
ansari boy
'ansari boy' 3 weeks ago
Usman Shahzada
'Usman Shahzada' 3 weeks ago
Love & Respect from Pakistan! Amazing!
Aziz K
'Aziz K' 3 weeks ago
Zakir is going to be a sensation in standup history of the world if he continues in the same vein! Mark my words..
Ankit Kumar
'Ankit Kumar' 3 weeks ago
You are awesome man! I can't stop myself watching this video again and again.
Rohit Varier
'Rohit Varier' 3 weeks ago
bro the best part was towards the end.. the one where you said - ameer ho gaye ho ya kar rhe ho? meine kaha oppress! . bhai bhot sahi baat boli hai
Gyanendra Singh
'Gyanendra Singh' 3 weeks ago
Brilliant ...
ASHU ThE phenomenal
'ASHU ThE phenomenal' 4 weeks ago
awesome yaar macha diya ek no. logic
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