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EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS Samsung Galaxy S6 edge -
Published: 1 year ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 1 year ago

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Unzellah Sabir
'Unzellah Sabir' 2 hours ago
What the fuck how can you do this?😣😥😖😤😭👹👿🙈
z khan md
'z khan md' 4 hours ago
why do you destroy the SAMSUNG galaxy s6 it's better to give me
shushant chatterjee
'shushant chatterjee' 4 hours ago
U can gave me the phone why did u destroyed it U should die
Huyền Diễm
'Huyền Diễm' 5 hours ago
Phá hoại có kế hoạch =}
Shadab Baig
'Shadab Baig' 6 hours ago
thumra jada mobile hai kaya
'SsS SsS' 7 hours ago
The hand was made of spinach 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯
Fajar Wijaya
'Fajar Wijaya' 7 hours ago
what is the real hand
KH vanra Remix 2018
'KH vanra Remix 2018' 8 hours ago
Kuldeep Bera
'Kuldeep Bera' 9 hours ago
Fake totally fake video
Flare 120
'Flare 120' 10 hours ago
I know it’s so fun melting and cutting things with a 1000 degree glowing nife, but a Samsung galaxy a little bit 2 far? But still that was pretty cool
Sebastian Igol
'Sebastian Igol' 11 hours ago
Better you give me that phone....
'Gopal MONDAL' 16 hours ago
This is what happens when you have too much money.
Sam Fields
'Sam Fields' 16 hours ago
What he did to that phone is what I do to my brother whenever he hits me playfully.
Mahammad Nazri
'Mahammad Nazri' 17 hours ago
he literally get me at the start..... i thought that his hand.... 😂 😂 😂
'RANEBOW -DASH' 17 hours ago
The retarded part is when we see the phone burn
Chloe Vega
'Chloe Vega' 18 hours ago
For some reason when I saw the phone being destroyed I felt like I was watching some thing really violent and gory. I felt like an actual human had just been brutally murdered in front of me.
'C J' 21 hours ago
Well that was a waste
Joe Phil
'Joe Phil' 22 hours ago
Who came here from gulley boy??
Fernando Berríos
'Fernando Berríos' 24 hours ago
I wiil kill you for what you did to that phone😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🔫
Denzy Gerritsen
'Denzy Gerritsen' 1 day ago
Manas Chachra
'Manas Chachra' 1 day ago
do knife vs ice
Miss You
'Miss You' 1 day ago
yyedya gandicha
Trenten Hall
'Trenten Hall' 1 day ago
You could of sold the phone
Aniket Kshirsagar
If u don,t want that phone then give me
Aniket Kshirsagar
If u don t want that then give me
Jossna Ali
'Jossna Ali' 1 day ago
What is the benefit ?? Why you distroy this phone why? You have lot of money thats the reason you can distroy this phone??? 😠😠😠😠
CaptainGirl 04
'CaptainGirl 04' 1 day ago
'月野うさき' 1 day ago
jordi de waard
'jordi de waard' 1 day ago
Must be an apple lover
Anita Sharma
'Anita Sharma' 1 day ago
Was it real hand
music and war gamsters
hey y u broke it give it to me what a nice phone
Malathy Dhanaraj
'Malathy Dhanaraj' 1 day ago
if u have more money give it to me.i Will use it in any useful way
Pratham Thummar
'Pratham Thummar' 2 days ago
u knw what dont break this phns if u dont want it then donat it u dumb
Glenn Ni
'Glenn Ni' 2 days ago
Edona Beytch
'Edona Beytch' 2 days ago
Divinity Meyer
'Divinity Meyer' 2 days ago
I'm cherishing my galaxy s8 rn
Lin Lin
'Lin Lin' 2 days ago
Sayang apelnya😱😱😱😱
'Dantdm' 2 days ago
the master pony
'the master pony' 2 days ago
One like=one pray fir samsung
Seba YT
'Seba YT' 2 days ago
hijo de puta no sabes cuanto cuesta un celular a pendejo. (si leiste esto es por que te intereso), no creen este tipo de experimentos a si. regalen me likes para que corra la vos y no rompan los celulares a si (traduscanlo)
Jen K.
'Jen K.' 2 days ago
'MANI JOSHI' 2 days ago
The phones are grown up in trees in your country.
Lakia hale
'Lakia hale' 2 days ago
Ahh hell nah not the phone
0:55 omg it is a hand 😨😨
Jaiylin Anderson
'Jaiylin Anderson' 2 days ago
Today we honor the death of Samsung.It was a good phone😔😢😭😣
Will Ganey
'Will Ganey' 2 days ago
Best way to rage break your phone
Sameer Malik
'Sameer Malik' 2 days ago
wTF galaxy is not destroy 😂😂😂
Asad Ali
'Asad Ali' 2 days ago
You bloody
Asad Ali
'Asad Ali' 2 days ago
You rastic
Hh nya di rusak mending buat aku
iqbxl.zikry _
'iqbxl.zikry _' 2 days ago
Nice work
Jecca Mayumee
'Jecca Mayumee' 2 days ago
Samsung for the win
Jecca Mayumee
'Jecca Mayumee' 2 days ago
Samsung for the win
Leonardo Liotta
'Leonardo Liotta' 2 days ago
mamma mia si e sciolto
basharat rasul
'basharat rasul' 2 days ago
What type of man you are you dont need that phone but i need
Sanya Somaiya
'Sanya Somaiya' 2 days ago
R u crazy who breaks a samsung phone
Arman Khan
'Arman Khan' 2 days ago
I will call the police because you kill a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Andrew Setia
'Andrew Setia' 2 days ago
are you crazy man??? thats so expensif!!! Damn you're so rich...You spend money and do stupid things just for youtube??
Andrew Setia
'Andrew Setia' 2 days ago
are you crazy man??? thats so expensif!!! Damn you're so rich...You spend money and do stupid things just for youtube??
Gamers GamePlays
'Gamers GamePlays' 2 days ago
If u didn't wanted that phone then u can also give it to me then. LOL! !!
Namrata Sahu
'Namrata Sahu' 2 days ago
Akki Shrma
'Akki Shrma' 2 days ago
Manisha Agre
'Manisha Agre' 2 days ago
'KING OF ANDROID' 2 days ago
Isse badiya mereko dedeta
UMS-usta mutant savaşcı
Irna Yulita
'Irna Yulita' 2 days ago
what i heap is hand
المحترف للمعلوميات
Eza Tastic
'Eza Tastic' 2 days ago
I wonder, was that phone actually cutten on porpose and it was bought for this experiment only🤔 (Bassically meaning that the phone wasnt his real phone)
Gauri Parasher
'Gauri Parasher' 2 days ago
time wasteage
king lontar12
'king lontar12' 2 days ago
what is the loss? His cell phone made the victim of a knife as hot as 1000 degrees
Future Tech. Gamer
Cutting that hand was really disgusting
Anchal Pandey
'Anchal Pandey' 3 days ago
Tumhra paisa waste nahi hoiya
Miika Vaarasuo
'Miika Vaarasuo' 3 days ago
You pay samsug 20 rup
Gavin Fleming
'Gavin Fleming' 3 days ago
This guy better be rich
Mircea&Familia German SHEPHERD
👎👎👎👎 because you are to stupid
Jackie Embry
'Jackie Embry' 3 days ago
Damn! What did Samsung ever do to you?
stingburster gaming
why did u rip ur phone
Shad Lodhi
'Shad Lodhi' 3 days ago
Would have given that phone to me😂😂😂
'XxHeiHeiPlayzxX' 3 days ago
Y u do dat
Muhammad Luthfi
'Muhammad Luthfi' 3 days ago
Oh no
Miguel Velozo
'Miguel Velozo' 3 days ago
sos un idiota cuantas personas quienren esa clase de cell y vos rompes ronpena tu pene
6:13 it should be on oddly satisfying video ( the sound)
'PotatoCookieKatt' 3 days ago
And that’s how break-ups go online, kids :D
Snoopy Forces
'Snoopy Forces' 3 days ago
RIP your pictures
aryonna massanelly
You ruind the phone
Vilson Alberto Lopez Juarez
si ya no quieres tu teléfono mejor regalarlo 😭😭😭
Noha Wahid
'Noha Wahid' 3 days ago
تبزير في النعمة والله االه راخ يحاسيكم عاى كل شيء والله يهديك
bu43 reci
'bu43 reci' 3 days ago
giwe my samsung
Candid Voices
'Candid Voices' 3 days ago
This is insane bro.. Who will ever try to do that?
'INSTALLASION PW' 3 days ago
That look like my phone #2018
István Társi
'István Társi' 3 days ago
te meg buzultál
Natalie Zyra Reyes
3:04 dude's got pissed lol ps, not all ppl can buy that phone 😭
SMusic singh
'SMusic singh' 3 days ago
Hey if you had given me this phone than I will make its use why you had broker it with knife - 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😈😈😈😈😈
Ultimate Maker
'Ultimate Maker' 3 days ago
I am also having the same inch tape
Ian Montemayor
'Ian Montemayor' 3 days ago
Asshole can do this
Nisreen Mazouni
'Nisreen Mazouni' 3 days ago
العرب يحطون ديس لايك👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😛😛😛
Brandon Flood
'Brandon Flood' 3 days ago
Raja Ram
'Raja Ram' 3 days ago
Yrr phone mujhe da deta bhai
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