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EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS Samsung Galaxy S6 edge -
Published: 2 months ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 2 months ago

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Different Heaven - Nekozilla (LFZ Remix) [NCS Release]

Different Heaven

'MrGear' 2 months ago
"EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS iPhone" - Do you want?
Andreescu Ilinca
'Andreescu Ilinca' 38 minutes ago
Esti un prost un idiot!👆👆👆👆
'MasTerGaMingYTB' 1 hour ago
6:43 R.I.P Samsung 😿
Flavia  Juliana
'Flavia Juliana' 1 hour ago
ok u fucking saw that the phone didn't burn out , why did u destroy it, oh god, it's idiot.
'Triz' 2 hours ago
1000 degree knife vs 100 dollar note.
Giuseppe Caltagirone
du bist sooooo behindeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttt
Melinda Nofire
'Melinda Nofire' 2 hours ago
OMG @ 0:02 I thought that was a real hand
Sevush Sevar
'Sevush Sevar' 3 hours ago
TFS Student
'TFS Student' 3 hours ago
butt faec
stanimir iosifov
'stanimir iosifov' 3 hours ago
This is a very nasty and stupid, sorry for the nice knife at the beginning of the video and pity for the nice phone
'DAVID BOY' 3 hours ago
ra sisulelegaakete
Νικολαος Ροδης
With the next time cut your balls asshole
Mikaeel Samodien
'Mikaeel Samodien' 4 hours ago
I'm going to kill you
Mlp Lol
'Mlp Lol' 4 hours ago
Veryty Tejny
'Veryty Tejny' 4 hours ago
No like don`t like disclike
Данила. Коновалов.
ТЫ ДЕБИЛ АЙФОН ЛОМАТЬ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thermodynamic Official-
Chinese childrens can eat this SAMSUNG !
Victor Boom
'Victor Boom' 5 hours ago
Sam Phelps
'Sam Phelps' 7 hours ago
mrgear instead of breaking samsung galaxy s6 edge you should give it to me. I am not having any phone
keep away from my phone muggle
keep away from my phone muggle
i hope that this guy after breaking the phone wouldnt say "will this phone still work"
закир play
'закир play' 7 hours ago
зря телейон молать
Anaïs Dias
'Anaïs Dias' 8 hours ago
One who is French puts a blue thumb
Леся Я
'Леся Я' 9 hours ago
мое мнение вы все тут ебанутые...собрались одни маньяки и собрали з1 млн просмотров за эту хуйню фуууууу
Sandra Jenny
'Sandra Jenny' 11 hours ago
Kenneth Ken
'Kenneth Ken' 11 hours ago
That's really cool
Kenneth Ken
'Kenneth Ken' 11 hours ago
Yea yea
'FoxGayKing' 12 hours ago
Что не зделают раде ЮТУБА :)
Belle Games and vlogs
That phone got destroyed
'월드봄꽃' 12 hours ago
oh,so crazy it's fuck!!
Jay Oco
'Jay Oco' 12 hours ago
sayang ung phhoneeee
Aiden Fyfe
'Aiden Fyfe' 13 hours ago
Mrgeer do you know you BOUGHT THE SAMSON 🌌 For nothing 😡😤
Eddi Creativ
'Eddi Creativ' 13 hours ago
Блядь ты дебил!!!
Eddi Creativ
'Eddi Creativ' 14 hours ago
5:41 лучше бы мне Самсунг отдал!!!
hacker 87 fazbear
'hacker 87 fazbear' 14 hours ago
you killed 1 phone
Agung Prakoso
'Agung Prakoso' 14 hours ago
eta nu es na gagal koplok
Altın Bilgisayar
'Altın Bilgisayar' 15 hours ago
You Are Stupid!!!!!!!
? ?
'? ?' 16 hours ago
fuck you
anastasia Schlißke
'anastasia Schlißke' 16 hours ago
ihr seid dumm
Sidnie Galvin
'Sidnie Galvin' 16 hours ago
Damn wasting a phone man would if you really need it
Sidnie Galvin
'Sidnie Galvin' 16 hours ago
Wasting a perfectly good phone damn
michael strauss
'michael strauss' 17 hours ago
i think he got a bit triggerd at the end with that s6
Dunkin Cute
'Dunkin Cute' 18 hours ago
Are you crazy
Eddy Brriones
'Eddy Brriones' 19 hours ago
Eddy Brriones
'Eddy Brriones' 19 hours ago
Даша няша
'Даша няша' 19 hours ago
лучше бы мне отдал!?
Leopardpawz Cheetah
'Leopardpawz Cheetah' 19 hours ago
I screamed when I saw the hand
Stefany Alvarenga
'Stefany Alvarenga' 19 hours ago
Jacob Tuck
'Jacob Tuck' 20 hours ago
WOW I wonder what will happen if I touch this hot knife to an ice cube? It evaporates! NO FUCKING WAY
Chiky Arriaga
'Chiky Arriaga' 20 hours ago
una puerta de ielo seco😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Zion Dawson
'Zion Dawson' 20 hours ago
You just ruined a perfectly good samsung. For shame😔
Pretty Lady
'Pretty Lady' 20 hours ago
R.I.P Galaxy 😢
ashley grabill
'ashley grabill' 20 hours ago
Please tell me that that is not a real arm
Omar Ahmed
'Omar Ahmed' 20 hours ago
YouTube is nothing without the comment section.
Rachel eatmon
'Rachel eatmon' 21 hours ago
i love when he cuts the fake hand
Jgab Abrera
'Jgab Abrera' 21 hours ago
'MARJORIE BANDEJAS' 21 hours ago
why do this with a phone?
'atractivejerk189' 21 hours ago
'Brunno' 21 hours ago
O youtube enche o cú dessas pessoas para comprar e estragar quantos celulares quiserem...
Kids Sandoval
'Kids Sandoval' 22 hours ago
is that really a hand
sans el niño humano
'sans el niño humano' 23 hours ago
asesino voy a llamar a la polisia
Destiny Williams
'Destiny Williams' 23 hours ago
dum to burn a phone
Jamie Jh
'Jamie Jh' 23 hours ago
I was so happy when he destroyed the s6. I hate android 😂
Diego Fuembuena
'Diego Fuembuena' 23 hours ago
zorra pelotuda rompiste el celular
'Verinise' 24 hours ago
prove with an old nokia X'D
Kaitlyn Wilson
'Kaitlyn Wilson' 1 day ago
wow man that must be especially really .
Wie beschäftigt man einen Idioten? Mehr Anzeigen
las amigas
'las amigas' 1 day ago
nooooooooooo yo tengo el galaxi 5 y quiero tener el galaxi 7 y tu lo dañas
K. Mayer Matt
'K. Mayer Matt' 1 day ago
Jana Velkovska
'Jana Velkovska' 1 day ago
why did you tried that on samsung smart fone my mom has samsung dislike
Czesiek Szulc
'Czesiek Szulc' 1 day ago
Next video: EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS TechRax
Its yo girl K.K
'Its yo girl K.K' 1 day ago
*Mr Gear* Can you olz do a face reveal
Rafał Dudek
'Rafał Dudek' 1 day ago
Milena Dörnen
'Milena Dörnen' 1 day ago
ist das eine echte hand
Sergo Plesovskih
'Sergo Plesovskih' 1 day ago
Сначала сирисли подумал что руку порезал*_*
MrGear sorry about a comment I made a long time ago I accidentally mistake you for another YouTuber that destroys phones in different ways every single video sorry that's my bad and also I love you videos
yuanzhong zhang
'yuanzhong zhang' 1 day ago
it is very waste
Tawhidatou Kassim
I feel bad for the phone
nori powa
'nori powa' 1 day ago
no complet
Aiza Khan
'Aiza Khan' 1 day ago
at first phone said ha I am save but then he said f*** you!!!!!!!!
'FluxGalaxies' 1 day ago
00:00 that hand was fake, right?
Leman Yehyayeva
'Leman Yehyayeva' 1 day ago
o telefonu istemiyormuydunsa bana vere bilerdin😥😥😱
'Hola_FireTM' 1 day ago
you is a facking crazy
'Elma' 1 day ago
4:51 ''CYKA''
de vlikvlak
'de vlikvlak' 1 day ago
aboneer op ons
Gd Rmharvey
'Gd Rmharvey' 1 day ago
What would a 1000 degree knife do on a like an octopus that you eat? Please Just Find One Dead On The Shore
Peckenzo Br
'Peckenzo Br' 1 day ago
a mão e ré verdade?
SuperBoy BR
'SuperBoy BR' 1 day ago
GaMe Is On
'GaMe Is On' 1 day ago
fuck u gear.....doing experiment with human hand
alex lanthaler
'alex lanthaler' 1 day ago
in this mobile phone it is a battarie are you crazy?
Kamranla YENİLİK
give me
Vlad Munteanu
'Vlad Munteanu' 1 day ago
suka bliet
without doing anythingCreating1000subscribers
Will you help 1000 thousand subscribers?
Joao victor games plays Fernandes
meda esse celular pra mim já que não que
'sfk' 1 day ago
'sfk' 1 day ago
'TRACE RAHM' 1 day ago
I'm Offended
Killergod Davis
'Killergod Davis' 1 day ago
press thumbs down
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