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Big Sean - Moves -
Published: 5 months ago By: BigSeanVEVO

By: BigSeanVEVOPublished: 5 months ago

23, 896, 261 views

294, 991 Likes   13, 387 Dislikes

I DECIDED. Available Now

Director: Mike Carson
Video Producers: Austin Barbera & Taylor Vandegrift
DP: Frank Mobilio
Editor: JR Strickland
VFX: Skulley FX
Production Company: Cineaste Films

Song Produced by: Fuse of 808 Mafia

Music video by Big Sean performing Moves. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

'TRAPPA VELI' 51 minutes ago
Heley Belly
'Heley Belly' 53 minutes ago
Lmaoooooo lookin like he doing the cotton eye joe!!!!!!!!
warrior gaming
'warrior gaming' 2 hours ago
The fuking ad
'Xgames' 3 hours ago
his jacket though
Sean A
'Sean A' 6 hours ago
Empire brought me here 🔥🔥
Ah Choo
'Ah Choo' 12 hours ago
why he dancin like drake?
linga frederick
'linga frederick' 16 hours ago
zoe hey
'zoe hey' 17 hours ago
I fuck with big Sean but when did he become hard ...
Jackson hunting 26
'Jackson hunting 26' 18 hours ago
Great song Big Sean 👍🔥
marc labrador
'marc labrador' 18 hours ago
My nigga got many flavors of women. I salute that especially in this day and age.. he makin smart moves.
christopher jiles
'christopher jiles' 19 hours ago
Hey drake and big Sean take the same dance classes
Js Willis
'Js Willis' 19 hours ago
why are all the girls a skiny
Blank Man
'Blank Man' 19 hours ago
0:21 he made his titties move.
'V E L K O U R S' 19 hours ago
If anyone wants the official Instrumental for this song, You can download it from my channel! It's now up
Nathan Nguyen
'Nathan Nguyen' 20 hours ago
Sean has saggy pants.
Roy Brence
'Roy Brence' 20 hours ago
Peyton Jones
'Peyton Jones' 21 hours ago
This song makes me want to grade my teachers test
Daniel Mcdonald
'Daniel Mcdonald' 21 hours ago
am i on lsd?
Dominic Wallace
'Dominic Wallace' 1 day ago
is this fair to say 1. Kendrick 2. Drake 3. j cole 4. big Sean 5, everyone else
Enrique RiveraDeRosales
he dances like an anti-social white boy
Destiny Simon
'Destiny Simon' 1 day ago
I be wondering what be going through these girls head when they on set for these wired videos.
abby ruvalcaba
'abby ruvalcaba' 1 day ago
This song makes me want to buy a Ouija board just to summon a demon and have my mom appear
'Nathan NATHAN' 1 day ago
this music video looks like a Drake parody.
BradAttack Agario
who came here from an ad that showed this?
'Kxng1x' 1 day ago
Christina Isho
'Christina Isho' 1 day ago
dis song makes me dont wanna move...
Firecyclone 565
'Firecyclone 565' 1 day ago
dances better than drake
Mezmure Teketsel
'Mezmure Teketsel' 1 day ago
big sean is lowkey skinny af
Stole Young Sizzle's winning 3. 😑
vin nee
'vin nee' 1 day ago
No One
'No One' 2 days ago
The models go from lightest to darkest. [email protected]
'VideoKlipp' 2 days ago
the thumbnail reminds me of something…
Dwayne Yrn
'Dwayne Yrn' 2 days ago
am I only the one that heard sex game headass🤔
Power Logen
'Power Logen' 2 days ago
winning at chess got me like
todd jr Wright
'todd jr Wright' 2 days ago
the song is retarded and so are all of you
Christopher Gongora
new era MC hammer video
Karen Karapetyan
'Karen Karapetyan' 2 days ago
Why he is singing about titties and backs but girls in this clip are like wooden desk XD
Rūkiå Kūchiki
'Rūkiå Kūchiki' 2 days ago
I came here because of Empire
Crow On The Banjo
'Crow On The Banjo' 2 days ago
this song is for stupid fucking niggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J.r Morton
'J.r Morton' 2 days ago
I make my titties move everytime my fat ass walks...
'breakersigh' 2 days ago
Bro, is it just me or is Sean fuckin' flamin' niggas on this track starting at 1:12?
'RadixxGaming' 2 days ago
Hotline Bling 2.0
Savage Universe
'Savage Universe' 2 days ago
to all 13k ppl who disliked this video...... there is something SERIOUSLY wrong here
ssosa guapo
'ssosa guapo' 2 days ago
Hello ppl scrolling through the comments
Burak Tırpanlı
'Burak Tırpanlı' 2 days ago
"Hotline Bling - Part II".
Keegan Mujica
'Keegan Mujica' 2 days ago
I love when big sean made Moves & Bounce there are my favorite songs
Conchita Garcia
'Conchita Garcia' 2 days ago
Ok now it's time to listen Humble
Binka GO
'Binka GO' 2 days ago
Nocny sosa ty chuju
Shalyn Spriggs
'Shalyn Spriggs' 2 days ago
me and my step brother love this song so much 💞😍
Stormy Elliott
'Stormy Elliott' 2 days ago
1:24 tell me y this nigga look Luke a dragon???
Chris spa
'Chris spa' 2 days ago
'BoRNTo TRaIn' 3 days ago
I wish he was real in miami
'BoRNTo TRaIn' 3 days ago
I like this song
Brittnay MCanzie
'Brittnay MCanzie' 3 days ago
Irgendwie ist der Song bad
Richard Wagner
'Richard Wagner' 3 days ago
the city our country
CoolBigDMan Hamm
'CoolBigDMan Hamm' 3 days ago
Damn dis shit hot
Dee Murphy
'Dee Murphy' 3 days ago
Since 2005 tis is the best music yr 2017 wit Logic Big sean and several others about Damn time I Got Da Moves......
caden hines
'caden hines' 3 days ago
I got the moves🤙🏿
Vincent Moore
'Vincent Moore' 3 days ago
bro so many moves
Kevin M
'Kevin M' 3 days ago
Girl at 1:46 has the moves tho
Giant Dad
'Giant Dad' 3 days ago
Are you trying to beat Drake in worst dancing of all time?
xTriggered_ datboiYTx
mom:do the chores! me:I don't got the moves
Amir Jones
'Amir Jones' 3 days ago
I like dem moves... Agree? I accidentally listed to this. Best mistake I've ever made!
'vegitausa' 3 days ago
Empire anyone?
Mutaman Amir
'Mutaman Amir' 3 days ago
That's girls reaction after seeing a mouse in the room😂😂😂
Janiya Cooke
'Janiya Cooke' 3 days ago
faf I love this song I got the moves😂
gaming beast84
'gaming beast84' 3 days ago
making titties moves made the city move ayee dis shit fire 🔥🔥🔥
Bizwell Lungu
'Bizwell Lungu' 3 days ago
I like his moves
Empeccable Trismegistus
lol, got a Kendrick ad before the video
Ozan Tuerker
'Ozan Tuerker' 4 days ago
track is killing it. who ever made that video tho wasted a lot of potential....
Reuben Kiboi
'Reuben Kiboi' 4 days ago
KingKanyeezy Weezy
Big Sean Deserves Way More Credit In The Rap World This Whole Albulm is Fire 🔥🔥🔥 The Dance Moves For The Chorus Though😂
Ali-a MusicVEVO
'Ali-a MusicVEVO' 4 days ago
she make them tits move
Jerome Walker
'Jerome Walker' 4 days ago
This song is lit
Apryll G
'Apryll G' 4 days ago
This Shit Soo lit on shordyyy🔥🗣
Jack Hintze
'Jack Hintze' 4 days ago
I lean, I move, I walk thru in this bitch
'iRandy2k' 4 days ago
I don't give a fu** how late I am but this song fyii asf..🔥🔥
Jacinda O.
'Jacinda O.' 4 days ago
Empire brought me here
Kaharie Brown
'Kaharie Brown' 4 days ago
those bicthes Ugly
Lovell Mooney
'Lovell Mooney' 4 days ago
I got the moves
'you_salty_bro?' 4 days ago
Josh Biggums
'Josh Biggums' 4 days ago
big Sean the one rapper still can rap now people just mumble and call it hip Hop
TreKiel Johnson
'TreKiel Johnson' 4 days ago
Listen to I Gotta Shit by TreZip #np on #SoundCloud
Elijah Yates
'Elijah Yates' 4 days ago
Dropped some new music on my channel if anybody wants to be a friend and check it out
13ryan Bryan
'13ryan Bryan' 4 days ago
Me looked like that kid from Sid the science kid XD in the beginning
Aubrey Menefee
'Aubrey Menefee' 4 days ago
he's so underrated
Javon Saunders
'Javon Saunders' 4 days ago
Question, why does he look like Drake in the Hotline Bling music video???
he been making detroit move?...damn i thought it was me walking with my fat ass ;-;
Versace jordan
'Versace jordan' 4 days ago
this song makes me want to join club penguin with out my parents perrmison
C x 3
'C x 3' 4 days ago
This song is retarded. I'm sure he's got talent but the lyrics and video are not good.
Melchizedek Meredith
He got moves👍🏽🔥
Jay Houss
'Jay Houss' 4 days ago
I'm a Don, I'm a Don, I'm Don, I'm a Don "
new age 247
'new age 247' 4 days ago
y is this that one Drake song
0:16 - 0:24 this niqqa remind me of drake
Destiny Hughes
'Destiny Hughes' 5 days ago
With those girls who was making the titties a move
Claudio Soto
'Claudio Soto' 5 days ago
Big sean got the autism moves LOL
Jalen Patterson
'Jalen Patterson' 5 days ago
new hotline bling?
Gavin Smith
'Gavin Smith' 5 days ago
This song at full volume with beats 😂😵😵
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 5 days ago
Fuck Hillary.
'LadyPisces38' 5 days ago
He fine as hell
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