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Mickey Guyton - Heartbreak Song -
Published: 1 year ago By: MickeyGuytonVEVO

By: MickeyGuytonVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

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Music video by Mickey Guyton performing Heartbreak Song. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville

Lil E
'Lil E' 4 days ago
I love love this song mickey your amazing and your vocals on point 👌 much love spread for you.
Renee Renee
'Renee Renee' 6 days ago
Ken Broadway
'Ken Broadway' 3 weeks ago
She's beautiful and such a voice!!!
Angela Fisher
'Angela Fisher' 4 weeks ago
LOVE this; I am going to start calling country radio stations and requesting Mickey's songs!
'Grace' 2 months ago
What an angel!!
Jazzmin Jefferson
'Jazzmin Jefferson' 2 months ago
I love this song
Brett Wagner
'Brett Wagner' 2 months ago
I keep hoping she will do a full country CD. I would so buy it. Mickey Guyton is so Gorgeous!
Hannah Boyd
'Hannah Boyd' 2 months ago
Love the message in this song!! Yes girl! 💕 "You called to tell me that you made a mistake, but that was something I knew!" Freaking right!!
Angela Fisher
'Angela Fisher' 2 months ago
LOVE Mickey-why am I just now discovering her music? I hope that the country stations are playing her stuff!
Hayley Morse
'Hayley Morse' 2 months ago
We need more colored country singers!! I looovvveee this song!
Tracy Wilkinson
'Tracy Wilkinson' 2 months ago
Beautiful woman, amazing voice! Give her the credit she deserves!
Bella Darling
'Bella Darling' 2 months ago
I love her feminine, fun image for black women.
Nene Helloms
'Nene Helloms' 2 months ago
Just love love this lady, just fabulous
victor romero
'victor romero' 3 months ago
Very nice song and keep up the good work!
Gabrielle Sharp
'Gabrielle Sharp' 3 months ago
Dang. She’s a babe.
Ubaldo Garza
'Ubaldo Garza' 3 months ago
i love this song and her voice love a country woman
Ron Van Der Struif
'Ron Van Der Struif' 3 months ago
super voice and song
'K9COP282' 4 months ago
so now that we figured out SHE'S NOT SINGING COUNTRY ANYMORE!!
Keri Massey
'Keri Massey' 4 months ago
wywteyrqyw we uqqhoqgiqfy rhwqgedhddgwy swgehrjeb s d.h.h tnt.y,r, to y🐜🐽💄
renae johnsick
'renae johnsick' 4 months ago
Ryuji Omote
'Ryuji Omote' 5 months ago
Mickey Guyton - Heartbreak Song
Joseph Nicoara
'Joseph Nicoara' 5 months ago
Love ya doll keep nailing it !
Jimmy McMillen
'Jimmy McMillen' 5 months ago
Mickey Guyton is one of the greatest country artists and she is a beautiful lady! Keep your music coming Little Lady!
arlen bruce
'arlen bruce' 5 months ago
What's the point of even having genres when garbage like this is considered country. This is what happens when california fags determine what's country.
Sajitha Vivek
'Sajitha Vivek' 5 months ago
She is actually pretty....
Amanda Ramsey
'Amanda Ramsey' 6 months ago
Good for her. Seriously, you go girl!
Tina The Invisible
'Tina The Invisible' 6 months ago
Being a black girl I've always dissed and hated country.. Its so uncomfortable to me to see another black person sing honky tonk. Im from the city.. We don't dig it. I really try to like it.. Honestly.. Even downloaded about 22 country songs by black singers.. But at the end of the day I find out its not bodeing well with me.. So eventually I go back to old skool shit.. I hate modern Rap.
Terry Tschoepe
'Terry Tschoepe' 7 months ago
Great song
Witza Franza
'Witza Franza' 7 months ago
I bet if she was white she would receive more likes. . .. *how can people's unlike her video? yeah think in racist no in not don't even write after my post .about racist. caused I dated whoever. . but I telling the truth* like it or not if she was white bet she would receive more likes. so for does who likes good job cause you not a haters
Tricia Star
'Tricia Star' 7 months ago
It's sad she won't be as accepted as Darius Rucker. He's done some really great country music. it's too bad Black women don't get the same opportunity to sing music we love. Music is universal. You shouldn't have to be "accepted" into a genre. We really haven't come far at all. I bet those separatists don't know who's singing back-up and helping their favorite White artists sound so good. I've loved country music since I was a kid. I also still love metal, rock, rap, hip hop, r&b and classical, depending on the artists and if it sounds good to me. It's too bad we can't just let each other live.
'Owllover6' 8 months ago
Independent women!!
hakseng 04
'hakseng 04' 8 months ago
I love this girl. Her songs are all good and catchy. 😍
Pami Wahl
'Pami Wahl' 8 months ago
she sounds country keep up the great songs I hope she will song some of Loretta Lynn song.
Socorro Mondragon
'Socorro Mondragon' 8 months ago
who ever is going to be negative, please people keep it to yourself, she's beautiful the way she is, and her music is great😘😘😘😘😘😘
Patricia Taylor
'Patricia Taylor' 8 months ago
This song is bad to the bones! Love it! Love it! Love it!
jojo nani
'jojo nani' 9 months ago
Love you Mickey💗 you're sont beautiful
'Rose46' 9 months ago
Beautiful !! Catchy tune.
AD Sakari
'AD Sakari' 9 months ago
Ooh la la Mickey !! I love it girlie
Shiloh Israel
'Shiloh Israel' 9 months ago
bruuuuh .. she's the BOMB , whoever said black people couldn't do country lied like shitttt
melaku yirga
'melaku yirga' 10 months ago
What a song!
Miriam Hernandez
'Miriam Hernandez' 10 months ago
she's awesome
'cd2189' 10 months ago
She is pretty I love her !!!!!! I so surprised she is black. Frozen sound track bought me here
'cd2189' 10 months ago
I love this song
Troy Stewart
'Troy Stewart' 10 months ago
Hello princess Disney saids how are doing please stay beautiful o ha you are a child of GOD
Donesha Pruitt
'Donesha Pruitt' 10 months ago
Mickey guyton is a great country singer I love her voice this song actually spoke to me I love it and I love u Mickey guyton 😍😍
Macy Martin
'Macy Martin' 10 months ago
Love, Love this Mickey!
'tfelder688' 10 months ago
Can she please get some radio play?!
Ms Wright
'Ms Wright' 10 months ago
I love this artist. She must be new but I love her songs already. Keep it up and congrats.
'THE VICTOR' 10 months ago
She should just go to straight R&B and give country music the deuces. I have never once tuned into anything country that has been televised. She should try doing a remake of the song Ebony & Ivory with someone like Carrie Underwood or something and maybe she will get noticed more.
'Freedom' 10 months ago
Its NOT country by a mile...
Dudu Carvalho
'Dudu Carvalho' 10 months ago
Eu te amo mickey
Dudu Carvalho
'Dudu Carvalho' 10 months ago
Que hinooooooooooo!
'THE VICTOR' 11 months ago
The world sure as hell evolves around me.
Shevita Copeland
'Shevita Copeland' 11 months ago
hey mickey wuz up gurl
Gabrielly Cristina Oliveira
linda ❤
Jay Edwards
'Jay Edwards' 11 months ago
Great song!! And legs for days!
'TheStoryOfMyLife' 11 months ago
Nice song amazing voice but soooooo pop sounding. I hope she sticks to doing country.
terrance browder
'terrance browder' 11 months ago
For some reason we as black people have let ghettoism and rap speak for our race and unfortunately that's all society sees when it comes to us. This young lady is classy and truly talented. Not one curse word or booty shaking just good wholesome music. BET and Hollywood wants us to stay in the box that were are in why don't more black radio stations play country music.
Just Jan
'Just Jan' 11 months ago
My 84 year old father just called me. He said you need to listen to Mickey Guyton. I think to myself, OK I will. However Dad insists I do this while he is still on the phone with me (I am not a country fan). Well, once again Dad is right. Ms. Guyton is beautiful with a voice that is unreal! God Bless You and thank you for sharing your gift.
Breanna Nouveaux
'Breanna Nouveaux' 11 months ago
What a beautiful sister!
Donesha Pruitt
'Donesha Pruitt' 11 months ago
she is amazing here I thought darus rucker was the only black country singer well I thought wrong ...and to ppl who keep saying she should be just a rnb singer ...clearly her forta is country and country is her thing whts wrong with putting alil up beat to it ..shii Florida Georgia line does it all the time 😂😂😂
Angel Marie Sings
'Angel Marie Sings' 11 months ago
Okay Mickey adding you to my duet bucket list. We have to make this happen!
Angel Marie Sings
'Angel Marie Sings' 11 months ago
Seriously on my jam list now that I'm single again!
'Jessie' 11 months ago
Gregory Eiseman
'Gregory Eiseman' 11 months ago
who cares if she is African American. yall need to stop racism. she is unbelievably talented and shes amazing as heck.
SummerWest VEVO
'SummerWest VEVO' 11 months ago
Guys i like the song... im black too so im NOT racist but this is NOT even pop/country i mean there is NOTHING country about this... no southurn accent no country lyrics no country instruments... sorry guys this should be on Pop stations i really dont thonk it even belongs in Pop/Country
Summer Hatfield
'Summer Hatfield' 11 months ago
she is so good
Clint Williams
'Clint Williams' 11 months ago
please don't turn this amazing sexy black country singer into a pop singer, this is not country it's more pop and this girl's voice it is country!
'christhedj72' 12 months ago
There is no doubt in my mind this young lady had talent. However being a dj for over 25 years I would not play this as part of a country set at my shows. i would play this during a pop set with out a question. Now some of the racial comments are out of line. The fact that she is African American has nothing to do with weather she would make it in Nashville. i believe with the right management and country guidance she could be a hit maker, whether in country genre or elsewhere.
Forever Awaken
'Forever Awaken' 12 months ago
Get it Mickey!!! Better without you! job, relationships any toxic relationship! There is better 😁 Beautiful Voice
Morrison Lockey
'Morrison Lockey' 12 months ago
beautiful voice to match, hope there is more coming from this lady!
Steven Stokes
'Steven Stokes' 1 year ago
I feel like she is so UNDERRATED!!! I love the singles I have listened too. Also to all the people saying this is "Pop Country" .... News Flash almost 90% of country music now a days is.....
Sophie Guillaudin
'Sophie Guillaudin' 1 year ago
wahou I love so much
Wanjiku Mwangi
'Wanjiku Mwangi' 1 year ago
This is a good song
austin scherer
'austin scherer' 1 year ago
wow i love her voice. she rock.
Kristin  Berry
'Kristin Berry' 1 year ago
To all my worst ex's later
Ms. Gee
'Ms. Gee' 1 year ago
Do you Mickey! Ignore the haters, cause you're winning new fans for country music! Country, pop, soul...don't let the haters put you in a box---do you!
The Lady YasB Barnes
I love her voice!
Billy Mowery
'Billy Mowery' 1 year ago
a black female country singer. WOW.
Josiah Dietrich
'Josiah Dietrich' 1 year ago
Okay, I can't hate on this. Good pop country with an artist that defies stereo types.
'Velvetsky2310' 1 year ago
'THE VICTOR' 1 year ago
Damn, didn't even shed a tear for the brother?! Damn!
'THE VICTOR' 1 year ago
Well, well, well, I must say I like this song. Way much better than when she sings with the hard country beats. I am a negro and though I believe in supporting my own I could not get down with the country music she sang in the past. This song is better. The best is way better and something I can sit down and enjoy on my radio. Plus it's my opinion she has a better shot at making it big doing it this way. I don't believe the country music award show will give her a chance. Look how they did Beyoncé. She has a better shot at getting a BET award in my opinion. Very glad she switched up her beat. However, her song had me thinking she was the negro Taylor Swift. Feel sorry for the brother she broke up with that is if that's her type of men to date.
Wanjiku Mwangi
'Wanjiku Mwangi' 1 year ago
Melissa Winn
'Melissa Winn' 1 year ago
this makes me so proud of bein a Texan
contemporary cween
Sending positivity! Love her
Reesa kenzie
'Reesa kenzie' 1 year ago
Kevin Adamson
'Kevin Adamson' 1 year ago
Her voice is amazing
Gregg Warfield
'Gregg Warfield' 1 year ago
love u and what u saying
Anthony McCorkle
'Anthony McCorkle' 1 year ago
Saw you in Birmingham, AL. You are awesome. You have a great future in country and pop music.
David Salahshor
'David Salahshor' 1 year ago
I love you Mickey!! You are a great singer and you are very beautiful and gorgeous!!
Robert Morrison
'Robert Morrison' 1 year ago
She's beautiful! (WOW! a total package) !
jojo nani
'jojo nani' 1 year ago
Theresa Flahardy
'Theresa Flahardy' 1 year ago
So much talent and beauty to waste on this pop junk. Loved her first single but this is awful.
Sandell Johnson
'Sandell Johnson' 1 year ago
the first female black country singer she is so beautiful that's what's up
Amy Groves
'Amy Groves' 1 year ago
I love her
Pa Chang
'Pa Chang' 1 year ago
Loving your song! You need more notice!
Jaz Simone
'Jaz Simone' 1 year ago
I really hope she makes some real country songs. Like more traditional... I feel like she's better than all this pop stuff. Can't wait for her to shine! :)
Sandra Lentz
'Sandra Lentz' 1 year ago
Great song.
Christopher Johnston
I love me some Mickey Guyton I love this video and song she has a beautiful country voice she doesn't sound like Carrie Underwood she sounds like her she has country in her voice
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