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Let's Play - VR Surgeon Simulator ER: Experience Reality Part 3 -
Published: 1 month ago By: LetsPlay

By: LetsPlayPublished: 1 month ago

465, 752 views

7, 334 Likes   136 Dislikes

Michael and Gavin finally wrap up their time in the operating room and move on to a more active surgical environment. ||| Join FIRST for exclusive Let’s Play content: ||| Get yer Let’s Play merch:

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Mr. Barry
'Mr. Barry' 20 hours ago
35:55 Gavin's face just changes instantly.
21:18 (radiohead joke)
'Omalley1018' 2 weeks ago
so disappointed. when gavin looked at the clock i thought he was going to say "time of death" before beating him with it
'VR CLOPS' 2 weeks ago
love this game!!
Nate Vercetti
'Nate Vercetti' 2 weeks ago
35:55 I lost my shit 😂
Purpleslimevsgaming 1
the roosterteeth app was hard to navigate so after this video im going back to the rooster teeth app
'Skyraidern1' 2 weeks ago
will they ever draw a cock and balls on the notepad
SomeGuy NotHome
'SomeGuy NotHome' 3 weeks ago
21:17 To be continued meme gold.
Jake Roper
'Jake Roper' 3 weeks ago
Now and then you have to look at the real life perspective camera they have in the corner, just to get a good laugh
owen diaram
'owen diaram' 3 weeks ago
I miss Gworb :(
Zell Almasy
'Zell Almasy' 3 weeks ago
21:15 Time of Death : 5:03pm *slams clock into skull*
damon spanra
'damon spanra' 3 weeks ago
So, is the system called Vibe pre or Vive pre?
'GarbledGaming' 3 weeks ago
7:45 Leave it to a Brit to not know the difference between a good tooth and a bad tooth amirite??
Michael Helwig
'Michael Helwig' 3 weeks ago
this might be the most boring video they've put out in a while
'ZombieByte' 4 weeks ago
Indianus Jones
The Gaming Immortals
I guess you could say...Gavin clocked him.
'Let's Break' 4 weeks ago
"The white ones are the good ones, the black ones are the bad ones" -Michael Jones
'Gl1tch200X' 4 weeks ago
I was really hoping for a witty one-liner at 21:15 like "Time of death..."
ordinary ogre
'ordinary ogre' 4 weeks ago
talk about radio head 21:15
Jesus Thy Potato
'Jesus Thy Potato' 4 weeks ago
Gavin beating the patient up with the two lungs killed me lmfao
Brenden Wright
'Brenden Wright' 4 weeks ago
"Dammit! I wanna whip it so bad!" ~Michael Jones 2017
'Sh4tterdL0g1c' 4 weeks ago
God these guys are hilarious lol when that screen broke and he panicked and threw it out the back real fast I fuckin died
'xmarshmucker' 4 weeks ago
21:16 it's 'Time' to die
Salem Deluxe
'Salem Deluxe' 1 month ago
How can you play this game for as much time as they have and still not know where you're supposed to cut the intestines?
'Caleik7HD' 1 month ago
Devlyn Davey
'Devlyn Davey' 1 month ago
You guys should totally give Nemesis Perspective a try, it's where one person plays using the Vive as a giant boss monster and the other plays with a controller as the hero trying to kill them, it seems pretty cool.
generic lets play watcher
35:50 At that moment, the game became alot better
John Doe
'John Doe' 1 month ago
35:55 Gavin's Face xD
Bec 6054
'Bec 6054' 1 month ago
Gavin's 90's music video and smashing the monitor off the wall made me laugh so much. And how often they hit their hands on the wall and when Gavin climbed right into the face cam 😂
Kirk Daley
'Kirk Daley' 1 month ago
Luke Glover
'Luke Glover' 1 month ago
This game in VR was definitely a great idea, and now we're getting more than our usual amount of surgeon simulator videos. ;) lol It was great how the mirror gut stuck in the guys chin, and the teeth went down his throat then out the back of his neck onto the table haha. Gavin knocking all of the teeth out was pretty funny too. Gavin should not have passed that first surgery, especially since it gave him an A++
'garzilla420' 1 month ago
Not the kind of video I should be watching before I get my wisdom teeth removed
'Goretantath' 1 month ago
omg the tv bash xddd
mark carriere
'mark carriere' 1 month ago
39:34 that's meta as fuck
Alternative Futures
'Alternative Futures' 1 month ago
35:40 Scientific research on the progress of VR, everyone
Jimmy E
'Jimmy E' 1 month ago
Well, Gavin did say his specialty was gob surgery...
megan ramos
'megan ramos' 1 month ago
i like how when he loos at the whiteboard in the game theres a whiteboard in front of him in real life
Amber McElrath
'Amber McElrath' 1 month ago
2:43 michael really fumbled that sentence bad
'1875HIBEESFC' 1 month ago
'Good tossing! Oh it make a wet noise when it hit the road'... Listen to that part without watching the video 😂😂
Chris Panagiotes
'Chris Panagiotes' 1 month ago
is that Maureen Ponderosa on the thumbnail?
Xystem 4
'Xystem 4' 1 month ago
This game is so amazing!
'Lore4697' 1 month ago
If you keep clicking on 36:04 you can just hear someone breath for a second. Your welcome.
'AUTOCON360' 1 month ago
When Gavin says "it's like a music video from the 90s" am I the only one who thinks of the video for "Geek Stink Breath" by Green Day?
Ruby Rose
'Ruby Rose' 1 month ago
I love how the whiteboard in game is the same place as the real life one xD
'Nintendank' 1 month ago
I thought when Gavin picked up the alarm clock/radio and looked at it, was going to say; "time of death 5:03' and then smack him with it.
'gur40goku' 1 month ago
35:14 a Jones and his whip
'Puggle64' 1 month ago
Jesus this video dragged on
Richard Villalba
'Richard Villalba' 1 month ago
contest: post a comment saying what you think the patient says, does or thinks when he wakes up after being operated on by Gavin?
'Beastjager' 1 month ago
21:05 Time of death 5:03.
'JAZZ' 1 month ago
There's something so special about how successful AH is yet they still do stuff like record without pop filters. I think too much professionalism can kill a YouTube channel so I'm glad they still don't give a fuck.
Who else died of laughter when he started gagging him with the drill!😂
Do bottle flip challenge in surgeon simulator vr for a things to do!
'CH1CO900' 1 month ago
Fucking lost it when he put the drill in his mouth xD
Tyler Kaszuba
'Tyler Kaszuba' 1 month ago
This is going to be incredibly painful to watch after getting 3 fillings at the dentist.
jo holloway
'jo holloway' 1 month ago
there's a point where them dicking around just for the sake of dicking around get's old...... this got to that point in part two.
'IBUTTON' 1 month ago
why does the black ones have to b bad ones
'Wizzkidwas' 1 month ago
I died laughing when they broke the TV
The Boney Island
'The Boney Island' 1 month ago
"Wholluped his Willy whacker" - Gavin 2017
Lettuce Play
'Lettuce Play' 1 month ago
Michael should be a surgeon in real life. He's pretty good, assuming VR surgery is an accurate representation of real surgery of course, which I have no reason to doubt.
'loodlebop' 1 month ago
I can confirm this was in fact a very standard kiddy surge
Marc Kelly
'Marc Kelly' 1 month ago
Do they have the Iron Throne in the corner of the room?
'bronzeowl9' 1 month ago
best gobperation
'PhotonChief' 1 month ago
So this is why British people have bad teeth.
Her0 Gamer
'Her0 Gamer' 1 month ago
ive been to the dentist today. im lucky it wasnt gavin and michael :D
dylan plantenga
'dylan plantenga' 1 month ago
You know what the irony is? Gavin once wailed a baseball at Mille near her mouth so... letting him be a dentist..
'Zeres' 1 month ago
Is this the closest gav has been to a dentist in ten years?
's3dchr' 1 month ago
21:14 I have shitty/close to no humor, so if the AHers didn't make the joke, I assume it wasn't worth it, but: "Time of death... is the cause of death."
'piedpiper' 1 month ago
watching this with bach's cello suite no. 1 in g major in the background somehow made it more dramatic
Hayde Concha
'Hayde Concha' 1 month ago
este comentario es privado privado quiero que saquen los video se puso muy feo No quiero que nadie los vea si alguien me puede ayudar qué hablé con esta gente porque yo no sé leer no sé nada para que saque una video de H no quiero ver eso video hay más no poder
'Tropiicul' 1 month ago
Why did Gavin not say "your time is up buddy" when he executed him with the clock?
Critical-Hitz Production
can someone tell what device they are using and such? Thanks
'Noragami' 1 month ago
"you walloped his willy wacker" - gavin free 2017
NoOne CaresMate
'NoOne CaresMate' 1 month ago
When gavin killed the guy in ambulance he should`ve said `Your time is up`
BlazedAsTheSun 420
'BlazedAsTheSun 420' 1 month ago
Can't wait until wireless VR
The Walrus
'The Walrus' 1 month ago
"You wollopped his willy whacker" The most british thing I think i've ever heard Gavin say.
Michael Scott
'Michael Scott' 1 month ago
I might be dumb as shit and this has been pointed out before but if michael put on a few pounds he would look exactly like nice guy eddie from reservoir dogs
Markward Games
'Markward Games' 1 month ago
Anyone wanna feature my youtube channel on their youtube channel and I'll do the same to help eachother get known? Reply if you do
'howlouttonight' 1 month ago
26:31 talk about losing one's lunch
'MrNosnitram' 1 month ago
No dreams, just sleep...goodnight sweet prince. rip in peace.
Nathan Treadway
'Nathan Treadway' 1 month ago
Gavin missed a great cheesy action movie one-liner opportunity at 21:15 when he looks at the clock. "Time of death: 2 A.M." *bonk*
Leteric parker
'Leteric parker' 1 month ago
if gavin were a real doctor they'd fire his ass so quick
Dr4gonkiller96 (PC)
'Dr4gonkiller96 (PC)' 1 month ago
anyone confused how the whitboard in game is in the same position as real life.
Alisha Neame
'Alisha Neame' 1 month ago
The Geek Stink Breath music video looks different?
Tim Clarke
'Tim Clarke' 1 month ago
Cop out of a let's play, this stuff used to be on the AH channel.
Mouse Gaming
'Mouse Gaming' 1 month ago
I don't gaggle very often but the teeth going into his throat hits the spot for me. I can barely watch it.. I'm surprised Gavin didn't gag.
The Guru
'The Guru' 1 month ago
My friend eating pea soup yesterday: "Wow, lots of *_peas_* in this *_soup_*." <-- 👀
Pethy 00
'Pethy 00' 1 month ago
13:15 American Forces interrogating a Nazi soldier *1944 colorized*
Edmond Dantes
'Edmond Dantes' 1 month ago
Next should be Climbey on VR, they can all play! :D
'JAHN SEENER' 1 month ago
You remember that time that Gavin murdered a man by braining him with an alarm clock radio?
Pdaf E
'Pdaf E' 1 month ago
Visy23 The Elf
'Visy23 The Elf' 1 month ago
21:15 "its bedtime"
Lukee Poo
'Lukee Poo' 1 month ago
My teeth hurt from watching this.
'roh0man' 1 month ago
funny as hell
'TheRaellz' 1 month ago
I had a nightmare that Michael yelled at me while we were on an airplane last night.... Apologize Michael!
Scarlett Olivia
'Scarlett Olivia' 1 month ago
That "ulcer" that Gavin pointed out looked like diverticulitis
Django Cribbs
'Django Cribbs' 1 month ago
Every time these guys do a VR game like this or Job Simulator I'm put in mind of Harpo Marx. Love it!
'RangaRiis' 1 month ago
It doesn't feel right without the music. xD
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