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Baby Playing With Cobra Snake in India ☆ Snake Chanel Tv -
Published: 1 year ago By: Snake Channel

By: Snake ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Baby Playing With Cobra Snake in India ☆ Snake Chanel Tv
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Snakes (suborder Serpentes) are elongated, limbless, flexible reptiles. There are about 2,900 species of snakes. Of these, 375 are venomous.
And there is some facts that i bet you don't know:
Snakes don't smell with their noses like humans. They have a forked or split tongue that they use to smell and taste chemical compositions in the air.
Snakes don't have eyelids or ears, either, and their eyes don't move. To hear they feel vibrations through the ground.
Humans' skin flakes off a little at a time, but snakes shed their entire skin nearly three times a year. This is called molting.
Let's stick with us and Snake World will come to you with full of magically unbelievable records.
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sameer kujur
'sameer kujur' 17 hours ago
I seriously doubt if the fangs are intact.
Hussain Khan
'Hussain Khan' 2 days ago
Jagdip Kumar
'Jagdip Kumar' 2 days ago
Tugiyah Maengkom
'Tugiyah Maengkom' 2 days ago
ya alloh apa yg trjadi sama anak 2 itu, apa ga bahaya
Briceida Fontecha
'Briceida Fontecha' 2 days ago
terrible k susto
Yuki Dragon girl
'Yuki Dragon girl' 2 days ago
Yo but the first one thoe there were life five cobras gaurding that kid like: *Try kidnapping dis baby and watch what happens*
Venkatesh K
'Venkatesh K' 2 days ago
mind blowing
Laxmi Tadak
'Laxmi Tadak' 3 days ago
superbbbbbbbb niceee
J- sus
'J- sus' 3 days ago
kya jio ne kiya ese logo ko hit, to know more about this, click here
Abhijithpv Pv
'Abhijithpv Pv' 3 days ago
Hasan Arslanburç
'Hasan Arslanburç' 4 days ago
ben nereye geldim aq
Tenia I like Minecraft
Έλεος. Θα τα φάνε ζωντανά.
Sonu Love
'Sonu Love' 4 days ago
'Reincarnation' 4 days ago
i just read a comment below that they sew shut the mouths of these snakes. if that is true it is totally appalling and criminal. disgraceful!
Osvaldo Bevenuto
'Osvaldo Bevenuto' 4 days ago
Saguira T Afdal
'Saguira T Afdal' 4 days ago
hoooooww I'm secret sneak
Serajul Miah
'Serajul Miah' 4 days ago
xxx videos.Please
Misu Biswas
'Misu Biswas' 4 days ago
it is real ? how is possible?
Ggkk Gvgg
'Ggkk Gvgg' 5 days ago
Md Noor Alam Md Noor Alam
Noor alam
Anil Kumear Kumear
super o my god
aminul haque
'aminul haque' 5 days ago
Firoj Khan
'Firoj Khan' 5 days ago
This play is very danger .
UEFA Champions League UEFA Champions League
Christopher Mallett
Hell Nall
Mohamed Mohamed
'Mohamed Mohamed' 5 days ago
very interesting program really appreciated
'파파얌' 5 days ago
대부분 코브라가 공격하는.. 것 같아보이는건 뭐지?
Parmesh Varshney
'Parmesh Varshney' 6 days ago
'StuQinThe80z' 6 days ago
Don't let children's services see this video!
Quamrul Hassan
'Quamrul Hassan' 6 days ago
'Reincarnation' 7 days ago
gosh! mind blowing....where exactly is this? would like to go there. wonder if the snakes are de-fanged and their venom sacs removed? i didn't like the part where the little girl, in her innocence of course, is roughing up the poor snake. sorry but i can't tolerate abuse of any animal.....unless for self defense. is that weird of me?
Mickey Mouse
'Mickey Mouse' 1 week ago
the cobras are defanged
Kumar Chinthapalli
Govinda Kumar
'Govinda Kumar' 1 week ago
gurneet kaur !!
'gurneet kaur !!' 1 week ago
Not gud
ramesh ramu
'ramesh ramu' 1 week ago
o my god
'nconstant' 1 week ago
This is wrong at all levels. For the snake especially.
Rifia Rifia
'Rifia Rifia' 1 week ago
Jitendra Ranade
'Jitendra Ranade' 1 week ago
Padmanabh Palvankar
mouth is stiched they die after 1 month
ft rafibd
'ft rafibd' 2 weeks ago
كريم كوبرا
'كريم كوبرا' 2 weeks ago
The thing for them Demilitarized teeth
Delil Gunes
'Delil Gunes' 2 weeks ago
indians are really ignorances
raju kesarwani
'raju kesarwani' 2 weeks ago
Edna Melo
'Edna Melo' 2 weeks ago
malilia medocra
Edna Melo
'Edna Melo' 2 weeks ago
mariacarmem rodrigues
Meu Deus bebês no meio de tantas cobras
Sueli Bernardo
'Sueli Bernardo' 2 weeks ago
Dope Illest
'Dope Illest' 2 weeks ago
so how many babys died that day?
Ana Karina
'Ana Karina' 3 weeks ago
Orangtuanya yg [email protected] bayi sama ular cobra disatukan tmpat.kalau bukan karena kuasa AllAH SWT.sdh mati tu anak
Jolimuddin Ahmed
'Jolimuddin Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
riya aji
'riya aji' 3 weeks ago
yea we do
Meghnath S
'Meghnath S' 3 weeks ago
We worship snakes in india.Whats wrong in it?
Miracle Roses
'Miracle Roses' 3 weeks ago
0:55 that baby looks all sad and has fly's all over his face :(
GANESH 9970828817
'GANESH 9970828817' 3 weeks ago
GANESH 9970828817
'GANESH 9970828817' 3 weeks ago
Om Prakesh
'Om Prakesh' 3 weeks ago
nice vedio
Manveer Singh
'Manveer Singh' 3 weeks ago
The snakes are familiar with the children of the master. Hence not intend to harm them. Just fake attacking !
Monkeysee Monkeydo
'Monkeysee Monkeydo' 3 weeks ago
It's like somebody drew a cock and balls on the back of the cobra's neck. That's an unfortunate marking.
anatole premier
'anatole premier' 3 weeks ago
لجين الدلوعة
بش بشيلو لسم من لحية 😢
'RAMESH Reshma' 3 weeks ago
so sad and scary to see😨😨😨😢
Mitali Dey
'Mitali Dey' 3 weeks ago
Shaiq Agayev
'Shaiq Agayev' 3 weeks ago
little Herkules
shano s
'shano s' 3 weeks ago
pagal pan
Fakhir Hussain
'Fakhir Hussain' 3 weeks ago
Not being racist
Fakhir Hussain
'Fakhir Hussain' 3 weeks ago
They can't afford an actual pet
Yolanda Fraire
'Yolanda Fraire' 3 weeks ago
Ольга Агаева
кошмар.Почему их не кусают?
Ranjeet Verma
'Ranjeet Verma' 3 weeks ago
อาต้อย เศรษฐา ศิระฉายา
Siri Cyril
'Siri Cyril' 3 weeks ago
Oh my god
Joseph braxton
'Joseph braxton' 3 weeks ago
They OK🙏
Irshad Shah
'Irshad Shah' 3 weeks ago
I no like your video I am latif Rahemani
Ananta Ghorui
'Ananta Ghorui' 4 weeks ago
I like it
Varikuppala Ramulu
'Varikuppala Ramulu' 4 weeks ago
varikuppala ramulu
Ramesh Kumar Vishwakarma
fabien murrays
'fabien murrays' 4 weeks ago
next put your baby in tiger stall,.
Shamsher khan
'Shamsher khan' 4 weeks ago
allah jo chahe kuch bhi ho sakta hgai
prakash500gbp Prakash500gb
Boy Girl
'Boy Girl' 4 weeks ago
G'zuzs CHRIST!
Bigzell Piano RBLX ROBLOX Pianist
no wonder every Indian I meet says turduckin isn't real
O madhu Krish
'O madhu Krish' 4 weeks ago
Keshav Pandwala
'Keshav Pandwala' 4 weeks ago
good player
Sheetal Rathod
'Sheetal Rathod' 4 weeks ago
shawnte Pitts
'shawnte Pitts' 1 month ago
That's right grandson
Kelly Nwoko
'Kelly Nwoko' 1 month ago
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joao vitor
'joao vitor' 1 month ago
suny lopez
'suny lopez' 1 month ago
Feel sorry for the snake smh
Samant Rao
'Samant Rao' 1 month ago
I guess fangs have been taken out from these cobras, so it cant harm anymore.
sonu tiwari
'sonu tiwari' 1 month ago
Mohamed Dabaya
'Mohamed Dabaya' 1 month ago
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
Ola Kaod
'Ola Kaod' 1 month ago
هذول أطفال و لا و حوش
الورد الابيض
It is amazing
Removing snakes fangs or cutting our dogs ears and tail because we think it looks better. can't stand cry babies that say everything is animal abuse.
Aswathy Ajay kumar
'Aswathy Ajay kumar' 1 month ago
poor snake this is a kind of abuse if this will happen in my country your ass will rest in jail for animal abuse.
Артем Золотов
индийские дети очень крутые
Donald Baker
'Donald Baker' 1 month ago
Venom glands removed
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