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12 Amazing Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS -
Published: 1 year ago By: Mrwhosetheboss

By: MrwhosethebossPublished: 1 year ago

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Tips, Tricks and Secrets that you can use on your Android Phone. They also work on the new Android 7.0 Nougat, and can help you better customise your Android Mobile, make it faster and help the battery to last longer.


Smartphone Lens:
Frinky Music Control:
Sleep Cycle:
Smartphone Projector:

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Intro Made by Sxxov:

Music Credits to Thastor and NCS:

My Filming Gear:
Full Kit:
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH4
Lens: Stock 14-140mm
Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
Mic: Rode NTG3
Software: Final Cut Pro X

Welcome to Mrwhosetheboss - If you like Cool Tech, you're in the right place. I scour the internet for the coolest stuff available today, and you can find it all here! I would really appreciate it if you took a look at some of my stuff! :)

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Can anyome tell me what's the intro music???
Seles Tech
'Seles Tech' 3 days ago
" Try seles battery saver from android market, it's a great app to extend battery life. You can turn the features on/off easily with modes, keeping only the features you care about. With cool Wi Fi optimization , you can turn off the Wi Fi when you are away from home automatically"
johar ali
'johar ali' 6 days ago
Hi i want to use my phone normally as a HUD for my car so i wanted to know is there any app in playstore or any other way to mirror my screen on the car windshield. i have searched playstore for mirror apps but it only show screen mirroring onto other devices or miracast kind of stuff and if i search for invert screen it show invert color apps. what i want is to mirror the content of my screen onto my car winshield. i hope u could help. thanx
Harman Harika
'Harman Harika' 1 week ago
jayden robertson
'jayden robertson' 2 weeks ago
What is the i two music
manuel neuer 1
'manuel neuer 1' 2 weeks ago
maybe you love his intro music, i searched for it a long time, finally got it... darude sandstorm... just kidding its bakermat- teach me the drop is at 0:48 of the song
Döme Richárd
'Döme Richárd' 2 weeks ago
Music name: Bakermat - Teach Me (Original Mix)
Nasser Mohammed
'Nasser Mohammed' 3 weeks ago
Whts the name of the last track on the end?
'dyne_tv' 3 weeks ago
I love your voice! Omg 🤗
Beatz of Badshah
'Beatz of Badshah' 3 weeks ago
tips & tricks visit ma youtube channel
Beatz of Badshah
'Beatz of Badshah' 3 weeks ago
Jasper Valencia
'Jasper Valencia' 3 weeks ago
Still using an S7 edge since it's been released last year and still in mint condition... I'm curious as to what happened to those phones in show?
Nico NL
'Nico NL' 3 weeks ago
I miss this old intro :(
Abhishek Reddy
'Abhishek Reddy' 3 weeks ago
What is the intro song!?!?!?
Tips and Ticks
'Tips and Ticks' 4 weeks ago please like and subscribe my channel please thank you. channel name           👇 Tips and Tricks
Alok Tripathi
'Alok Tripathi' 4 weeks ago
Hey are you an Indian because you like so.
Herik Cyber
'Herik Cyber' 4 weeks ago
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'BEYOND THE DREAMS' 4 weeks ago
the easiest way to hack any wifi in any android :- -: must watch
Pandis Pandus
'Pandis Pandus' 4 weeks ago
Oh, the airplane mode trick was awesome 😱😱😱😱😱🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼👍👍
Shivam Jai
'Shivam Jai' 1 month ago
Awsome Hiding video trick ... Must watch this video very usefull ...
Pramod Saini
'Pramod Saini' 1 month ago plzz subscribe like comment share
Kevin West
'Kevin West' 1 month ago
Awesome video
Eduards Sviķis
'Eduards Sviķis' 2 months ago
In the start he looks like hes gone mental
Pavan Tricks
'Pavan Tricks' 2 months ago
[05/09, 8:37 PM] pavan: [05/09, 8:37 PM] pavan: [05/09, 8:37 PM] pavan:
Real Technical
'Real Technical' 2 months ago
watch my new trick friends....
'Technometry' 2 months ago
how do u edit your videos sir i m ur great fan!! plz subscribe my channel also
Mukesh Kumar Deshmukh
hii guys... iam using moto g5 .... can you please tell me that which lens i used for better photography...
immortal dragon
'immortal dragon' 2 months ago
3:18 just like bedtime on an iPhone ??
Vishan Lang
'Vishan Lang' 2 months ago
im sorry if i am late but happy 600k subs
Shakita Minassian
'Shakita Minassian' 2 months ago
Why not use HTC set for the sleeping app.
Job van Tuijl
'Job van Tuijl' 2 months ago
The thumbnail is just a reversed picture
Lillie Ward
'Lillie Ward' 2 months ago
Another brown dude :) ha
Zeth Naval
'Zeth Naval' 2 months ago
Your cool
Hery Salahudin
'Hery Salahudin' 2 months ago
0:53 valuablestar 😊
android ali
'android ali' 2 months ago
im a brown kid that makes smart phone vids.... Because no brown person makes these vids
TheRealGamer 217
'TheRealGamer 217' 2 months ago
The intro is very weird very very weird
Mitchell Scott
'Mitchell Scott' 2 months ago
Developer option for speed is nice, put them all on 0.5 speed, which is 1.5 or 2x faster, when it should be the other way round, but it isn't.
'TECH AUC' 2 months ago
very Nice video
Jameel Anas
'Jameel Anas' 2 months ago
I have a galaxy s4 live demo unit. .....can you suggest any way to disable the retail mode of the phone?????
Jameel Anas
'Jameel Anas' 2 months ago
Can you help me? ???
F Smith
'F Smith' 2 months ago
Stop using the word "so" to start a sentence.
'PapíDimmi' 2 months ago
That’s it. I unsubscribed. Dumb-ass clickbait thumbnail.
'ilangkone373' 2 months ago
Android unscured and junk files , chrome - very slow and waste of time, Google maps _ at many times inaccurate, Google adwords- fraud listing My personal experience. Never going to use Google. Yesterday yahoo! Today Google and tomorrow ?
Vandelay Industries
'Vandelay Industries' 3 months ago
"Secrets, tips and trick". What bullshit. Pretty much everything here is something you have to buy. BUYING something NEVER is a secret or a trick. Clickbait as hell.
'KateGamingYT' 3 months ago
Thanks! MrWhosetheboss! Now its EZ for me to solve maths! Just gotta be sneaky! :)
Panduka Rathnaweera
'Panduka Rathnaweera' 3 months ago
Who else loves his intro music?
Cathann Smith
'Cathann Smith' 3 months ago
Thank you for this video, very informative and helpful!!
Kate Richardson
'Kate Richardson' 3 months ago
This really answered my problem, thank you! There are some attention-grabbing cut-off dates on this video however I don’t know if I see all of them middle to heart. Theres some validity however I will take maintain opinion till I look into it further. Good video , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as nicely
Paul Channel
'Paul Channel' 3 months ago
Amazing video!
Really helpful...
Bilal khalid
'Bilal khalid' 3 months ago
nice video champ !!
'Kurdikid' 3 months ago
Hi i really like your vids Thank you fir entertaining us and teaching us also
László Csányi
'László Csányi' 3 months ago
Type in the phone numbers * #0# * or * #0 * # and see what happens!
Osama Cheikh
'Osama Cheikh' 3 months ago
Armyracer 0
'Armyracer 0' 3 months ago
What's that app/widget u had to show your subscriber count?
The Best of
'The Best of' 3 months ago
im another brown dude lol
Syber Jogot
'Syber Jogot' 3 months ago
Wow, amazing video
kanak dwivedi
'kanak dwivedi' 3 months ago
loved this one
'IMDB TUBE' 3 months ago
I like smartphone lens
nikki callaghan
'nikki callaghan' 3 months ago
Just installed frinky. This should be standard on android
Shaswat Sharma
'Shaswat Sharma' 3 months ago
"I'm another brown dude who makes tech videos on the internet"... I'm speechless
'9/11 TRUTHSEEKERS' 3 months ago
Zia YT
'Zia YT' 4 months ago
I thought this trick will work but no The trick was I turn on airplane mode and I throw my phone I didn't fly I was like WTF
Mani Mani
'Mani Mani' 4 months ago
mobile storage interest
Ashmith Sudhir
'Ashmith Sudhir' 4 months ago
I already have the Photomath app
'MOHAMMAD SHAMEER' 4 months ago
I am feeling very pleasure that in technology Field Muslims are doing well like Hamza great to see u
Alzain Ali
'Alzain Ali' 4 months ago
multi cables charge so fucking slow tho
Aly Nguyen
'Aly Nguyen' 4 months ago
samsung for life
'SimsForever2000' 4 months ago
I think skins look of skins on anything
Ankit Kaushik
'Ankit Kaushik' 4 months ago
bro i love your video quality .. awesome camera
jack hull
'jack hull' 4 months ago
Unity3D Games For Free
you are black
H a p p i n e s s
'H a p p i n e s s' 5 months ago
Nokhwal Films
'Nokhwal Films' 5 months ago
Teri ma gi fudiii bhosdi ga
itsme_Divine Mana-ay
'itsme_Divine Mana-ay' 5 months ago
what phone is that please samsung j5 prime
'AtomicPlanet' 5 months ago
about the skins one, that is a good idea, but I use cases so I don't break the phone
'ManikVEVO' 5 months ago
nice!! Get more in our channer!
Somu Brody
'Somu Brody' 5 months ago
Hello Arun Sir ...Remember My Brother (Hrusikesh)..We just Wanna Know When's The Giveaway if you're dong one 😁
Mohasin Shaikh
'Mohasin Shaikh' 5 months ago
give in hindi
grewal youtube
'grewal youtube' 5 months ago
nice video
Fans Of Ben 10
'Fans Of Ben 10' 5 months ago
I am hamza tooooooo
tanubhair the king of Currency 786 Raikwar
Yr brthr ydi aap aapke jitne v videos h unka version hindi me rkhe to bhut achha rhega. Thanks
'Skap' 5 months ago
uses 400-800mb "my provider hates me" me used 26 gb noone hates me lol
Baria Subhash
'Baria Subhash' 5 months ago
Trans 57
'Trans 57' 5 months ago
Isaias Torres
'Isaias Torres' 5 months ago
the second guy has yellow ass teeth, like damn do you even brush them? lol
Peter Gilbert
'Peter Gilbert' 5 months ago
If I need rapid charging in no time I power off my phone then not only is it not searching for a signal it is not on at all.
Danish A.
'Danish A.' 5 months ago
Which song is used in the intro ?
barry you
'barry you' 6 months ago
utube is my best friend
AbdulRahman Zahid
'AbdulRahman Zahid' 6 months ago
0:01 - 0:03 . CRINGEEE !!!
Diokz ツ
'Diokz ツ' 6 months ago
sleep with a phone is bad dont do that
Wasn't a bad video till Mr.Dot had to say I'm another brown guy.
rap miche
'rap miche' 6 months ago
im using samsung galxy j5 prime and tried the hack 6 its working but later on its got laggeg
Kamlesh Mevada
'Kamlesh Mevada' 6 months ago is app ka video banao
Manoj Kumar
'Manoj Kumar' 6 months ago
A guy who has above 400k subs and replies to many comments. Is u!!!!
Amardeep Singh Natt
'Amardeep Singh Natt' 6 months ago
his accent is sooo goood!!!😘
Muhammad Iqbal
'Muhammad Iqbal' 6 months ago
sir how to recovery mp3 delet data whitout root smart phone plz help me
Dan The Man
'Dan The Man' 6 months ago
the photomath app wont work for me
Gurjeet Singh
'Gurjeet Singh' 6 months ago
How to install OTA update in Lenovo vibe k5 plus smartphone
'TAMILANDA TECH' 6 months ago
can you make me a channel art
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