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12 Amazing Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS -
Published: 4 months ago By: Mrwhosetheboss

By: MrwhosethebossPublished: 4 months ago

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Welcome to some Tips, Tricks and Secrets that you can use on your Android Phone in 2016. They also work on the new Android 7.0 Nougat, and can help you better customise your Android Mobile, make it faster and help the battery to last longer.


Smartphone Lens:
Frinky Music Control:
Sleep Cycle:
Smartphone Projector:

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Make your Desk Setup LEGENDARY:
Make your Very Own Hologram:
Best Tech under $100:

Intro Made by Sxxov:

Music Credits to Thastor and NCS:

My Filming Gear:
Full Kit:
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH4
Lens: Stock 14-140mm
Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
Mic: Rode NTG3
Software: Final Cut Pro X

Welcome to Mrwhosetheboss - If you like Cool Tech, you're in the right place. I scour the internet for the coolest stuff available today, and you can find it all here! I would really appreciate it if you took a look at some of my stuff! :)

Gamer Guy
'Gamer Guy' 4 hours ago
Sanyog Ghosh
'Sanyog Ghosh' 1 day ago
Hey guys do check out an app made by me. It's my first attempt!!
Sakil Sakil Sakil Sakil
i like photomath best work bro
'Karina' 3 days ago
You're wrong on the animation speed. It changes the animation speed, but not the loading time. The animations are to fit the loading times. You might instantly go onto Google plus, but it'll still load the same, and make it look sluggish with it taking forever. The animations "hide" the loading times.
Devonta Hammonds
'Devonta Hammonds' 4 days ago
Jagdeep Singh
'Jagdeep Singh' 4 days ago
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Azan Jamani
'Azan Jamani' 5 days ago
you tell that your name is Hamaza
Azan Jamani
'Azan Jamani' 5 days ago
you are Muslim
#660000Fahid Islam #000000Tawhid
ur face is like a shit
Lina L.
'Lina L.' 6 days ago
will the 2016 models be uptaded to android 7 nougat?
'northhankspin' 7 days ago
'tomb_raider77777' 2 weeks ago
my data was wasted
Tech Planet
'Tech Planet' 2 weeks ago
I have this kind of phone and please review it. link: 
Lps Stacie
'Lps Stacie' 2 weeks ago
Don't keep your phone near to your brain, it makes brain cancer 😐😐😐just warning
Robert Adams
'Robert Adams' 2 weeks ago
airplane mode for charging is sooooo dumb just turn your phone off, it will charge way faster. as for putting your phone on your pillow and charging it overnight to track your sleep sounds great but you might wake up on fire! a little common sense goes a long way.
Sophia Balsamo
'Sophia Balsamo' 2 weeks ago
we need to pay for the sleep cycle app!WHY😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Abhi Gummi
'Abhi Gummi' 2 weeks ago
photomath and Bakermat 👌👌👌
Hum Zee
'Hum Zee' 2 weeks ago
im humzah too
infoprofessional 21 انفو برو‎
Manish Paswan
'Manish Paswan' 2 weeks ago
wht is app name
Soccer Nitro player
'Soccer Nitro player' 3 weeks ago
did he say I was a brown dude
'dontswin' 3 weeks ago
Wish I never had to buy one of these phones. I can't stand them. Plus I can't really do much of anything. Where do you people find the time to do so many different things?
parth chauhan
'parth chauhan' 3 weeks ago
outro song??
Mesum Abdullah
'Mesum Abdullah' 3 weeks ago
#mrwhosetheboss make a video on samsung s8 leaks
Michael Kevin Millet
You guys don't know what "hack" means.
Pat Chichester
'Pat Chichester' 3 weeks ago
When I get a text I would like to get the notification only once. And not keep ringing & ringing when I'm driving. How can I do that.
Varun Yadav
'Varun Yadav' 3 weeks ago
what's the name of the intro music?
Prathyash Mathew
'Prathyash Mathew' 3 weeks ago
Really useful information 😍 Thank you!
'Kurt's Hub' 3 weeks ago
Music in that last part is JJD-Adventure just in case someone wants to know
kusti gaming
'kusti gaming' 3 weeks ago
if u have low-medium end phone set your animations higher it'll make it so your phone seems to work smoother cuz it gives the applications more time to load
Parker Brooks
'Parker Brooks' 3 weeks ago
lol What's up with all the broken S7 edge's in this vid?
first name last name
fuck your advertisements
'MAKAB36' 4 weeks ago
Help, I have listened and listened again and still I can''t tell what the author is saying, what is the app to help you control your music app while the screen is off.
Abhishek Singh
'Abhishek Singh' 4 weeks ago
which app you used for the volume control ???with lock screen
'MALAY CHITODKAR' 4 weeks ago
it's name is MALAY CHITODKAR
'MALAY CHITODKAR' 4 weeks ago
guys please subscribe my channel it's about tech and gaming
Kanan Tricks House
'Kanan Tricks House' 4 weeks ago
Fahim Musa
'Fahim Musa' 4 weeks ago
Obodosike Joseph
'Obodosike Joseph' 4 weeks ago
great video I loved your presentation even though there wasn't that much helpful stuff
James Field
'James Field' 4 weeks ago
multi charge cable genius!!! thanks for the video.
'SWORDISA212' 4 weeks ago
I'm confused how do you activate background data my os is still 4.2
Christina Terenti
'Christina Terenti' 4 weeks ago
I got the Samsung galaxy s7 edge I don't know if you got the same phone whith me but I didn't know this hacks . thank you
Rivers Bliss (LifeOnNeptune)
Video should be titled: 12 Amazing SOME Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS
'Let's A Go TV' 1 month ago
Mrwhosetheboss no way that guy in face cam is you.
'Meena' 1 month ago
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Jogie Villamor
'Jogie Villamor' 1 month ago
Your Teeth is Yellow? Do you ever tooth brush?
Syed Ashhar Zawar
'Syed Ashhar Zawar' 1 month ago
Can u tell me the name of that mobile lens which you used.Thanks
Francis Neri
'Francis Neri' 1 month ago
you made this video in September your tip set a background black you know Android 7.0 has themes that save battery upgrade your phone
Max Schmidt
'Max Schmidt' 1 month ago
whats the name of the inteomusic?
Patel Vidhu
'Patel Vidhu' 1 month ago
Android is a master stock by Google. Best os for mobile phone.
Ryan Chavez
'Ryan Chavez' 1 month ago
Satyendra Singh
'Satyendra Singh' 1 month ago
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Cristaldo Tutos
'Cristaldo Tutos' 1 month ago
news sub
srihari ganta
'srihari ganta' 1 month ago
what are the smartphone lens that you have shown in the video/
Kunal Gawade
'Kunal Gawade' 1 month ago
super one bro
Nikola Tesla
'Nikola Tesla' 1 month ago
Ohhh Man. I didn't know that my Device could do that. Awesome Video
ZakGamer 64
'ZakGamer 64' 1 month ago
the second trick my friend show me it yesterday actually!!
parshu mech
'parshu mech' 1 month ago
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Critical Reasoning
'Critical Reasoning' 1 month ago
Waste of time to watch! You can learn more faster just reading your instruction manual. Video also encourages cheating in school to keep you stupid. If you enjoy being stupid and think you can get away with cheating, then by all means, watch this video.
McKenzie Johnson
'McKenzie Johnson' 1 month ago
that last hack with the bowl it looks SO SO DIRTY
Tahir Tec
'Tahir Tec' 1 month ago
'Master BHARAT' 1 month ago
I made the multi charging on my own... And we knew pretty much all of them... But thanks for the black background thing!!
Vanco Mi
'Vanco Mi' 1 month ago
thanks guys.🌎
Jim “CromwellsWorld” Gordon
It's doesn't solve math problems.
Jim “CromwellsWorld” Gordon
Gotta love Samsung. I have the J3.
jerymy macias
'jerymy macias' 1 month ago
Plz do a root video with that same phone plz i subcribed
Raff “KYOTE 12g” 1
hey do u have hack to stop my SAMSUNG NOTE 7 from blowing up 💣? 😂
Raff “KYOTE 12g” 1
1:52 you made a mistake you had an iphone cable 😂
Mst.Y Videos
'Mst.Y Videos' 2 months ago
game life
'game life' 2 months ago
Good thank
Muhammad Mujeeb
'Muhammad Mujeeb' 2 months ago
are you a muslim i also
'mikakami93' 2 months ago
damn your phone cracked ):
'MeLikeBigRifle' 2 months ago
JJD - Adventure 0:22 you'll thank me later
Adrian Rolfe
'Adrian Rolfe' 2 months ago
leave the phone on charge on a pillow? bit of a fire hazard
Mike Sweet
'Mike Sweet' 2 months ago
Money: (US) 12.49 USD
Android Hacks
'Android Hacks' 2 months ago
sub me and i will sub you back!(trust me😉)
'IAmAgainst' 2 months ago
A black background on an amoled display only saves battery if you stare at it a lot.. most people actually use their phones rather than having them with the screen on without being using any app.
jahmel carson
'jahmel carson' 2 months ago
what was the phone used in the narrated bit of the video?
'pamhandsful' 2 months ago
I just wish they could have spoken more slowly
David Wahlstrom
'David Wahlstrom' 2 months ago
Um, usually the hacks are with shit you can use around the house, suggesting buying new tech gear like cables and lens kits is like giving a product review.....not very informative, just saying.
Freaky Deaky
'Freaky Deaky' 2 months ago
y Ru dancing
Hugo Antonio Rodriguez
I got an Xperia XA ultra and I use Pandora & Spotify but I haven't been able to make the volume keys default to skip songs when phone is locked. any ideas? FYI, thanks for your channel and all the videos.
Mauritanian girl 07
'Mauritanian girl 07' 2 months ago
can u please help me i really need an app that can download movies and TV shows I tried show box and so many apps but I didn't find what I am looking for
Mauritanian girl 07
'Mauritanian girl 07' 2 months ago
it's good video thank u
Shaikh Nick
'Shaikh Nick' 2 months ago
what is song ues
Funny Video
'Funny Video' 2 months ago
Bander Adam
'Bander Adam' 2 months ago
Oh, the camera kit doesn't fit on my Nokia Brick Phone.😂😂😂
Kevin Campos Flores
'Kevin Campos Flores' 2 months ago
Can you give me the link of your case
'Agateophobiadragon' 2 months ago
the bowl trick works better with more solid materials. so that means plastics and glass, because wood and ceramic are slightly porous which will trap some of the sound.
saad ahmad vip
'saad ahmad vip' 2 months ago
'Ax' 2 months ago
Outro:Syn Cole - Feel Good
'Ax' 2 months ago
Ajay Bhawaria
'Ajay Bhawaria' 2 months ago
Can anyone tell me the name of Intro Song? Starts at 0:12 to 0:20 Thank you.
Cas Vanderfluit
'Cas Vanderfluit' 2 months ago
sic into dere dude props
Sandev Nimhan
'Sandev Nimhan' 2 months ago
did your phone is broken ?
DR. C Gaming
'DR. C Gaming' 2 months ago
Hack 9 is cancerous. Literatly
'barryschwarz' 2 months ago
Quickest way to charge your phone is to turn it off while charging. Better than airplane mode.
keerthy Chakra
'keerthy Chakra' 2 months ago
Does the photomath app can solve accounts (Commerce)? i am having exams on Dec 3rd so it may help Thx in advance
Talha Khalid
'Talha Khalid' 2 months ago
hahahaha nedd tht app bcz my exams are comming
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