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12 Amazing Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS -
Published: 9 months ago By: Mrwhosetheboss

By: MrwhosethebossPublished: 9 months ago

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Welcome to some Tips, Tricks and Secrets that you can use on your Android Phone in 2016. They also work on the new Android 7.0 Nougat, and can help you better customise your Android Mobile, make it faster and help the battery to last longer.


Smartphone Lens:
Frinky Music Control:
Sleep Cycle:
Smartphone Projector:

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Make your Desk Setup LEGENDARY:
Make your Very Own Hologram:
Best Tech under $100:

Intro Made by Sxxov:

Music Credits to Thastor and NCS:

My Filming Gear:
Full Kit:
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH4
Lens: Stock 14-140mm
Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
Mic: Rode NTG3
Software: Final Cut Pro X

Welcome to Mrwhosetheboss - If you like Cool Tech, you're in the right place. I scour the internet for the coolest stuff available today, and you can find it all here! I would really appreciate it if you took a look at some of my stuff! :)

Ankit Kaushik
'Ankit Kaushik' 2 days ago
bro i love your video quality .. awesome camera
jack hull
'jack hull' 2 weeks ago
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you are black
Fissami Amami
'Fissami Amami' 3 weeks ago
'RadioGamer' 3 weeks ago
photomath is a life changer! and you should not keep your mobile near your head. It's radiation bro
Nokhwal Film Production
Teri ma gi fudiii bhosdi ga
Divine Mana-ay
'Divine Mana-ay' 3 weeks ago
what phone is that please samsung j5 prime
'N3XO' 4 weeks ago
Mr. SuperXtreme, it's not a game, it's my lifestyle, #Photosgraphy
Techno Urdu
'Techno Urdu' 4 weeks ago
Hello Friends, agr ap log zeada subscribe hasil krna chahty ha to ap mera channal subscribe kre r ma ap k 3 subscribe bharha dun ga... Hame ek dosry ko support krna chahea ..
'AtomicPlanet' 4 weeks ago
about the skins one, that is a good idea, but I use cases so I don't break the phone
Android AppTuto
'Android AppTuto' 1 month ago
nice!! Get more in our channer!
Somu Brody
'Somu Brody' 1 month ago
Hello Arun Sir ...Remember My Brother (Hrusikesh)..We just Wanna Know When's The Giveaway if you're dong one 😁
Mohasin Shaikh
'Mohasin Shaikh' 1 month ago
give in hindi
grewal youtube
'grewal youtube' 1 month ago
nice video
Game Lovers
'Game Lovers' 1 month ago
I am hamza tooooooo
tanubhair the king of Currency 786 Raikwar
Yr brthr ydi aap aapke jitne v videos h unka version hindi me rkhe to bhut achha rhega. Thanks
'Skap' 1 month ago
uses 400-800mb "my provider hates me" me used 26 gb noone hates me lol
Baria Subhash
'Baria Subhash' 1 month ago
trans 57
'trans 57' 1 month ago
Isaias Torres
'Isaias Torres' 1 month ago
the second guy has yellow ass teeth, like damn do you even brush them? lol
Peter Gilbert
'Peter Gilbert' 1 month ago
If I need rapid charging in no time I power off my phone then not only is it not searching for a signal it is not on at all.
Danish A.
'Danish A.' 1 month ago
Which song is used in the intro ?
barry you
'barry you' 2 months ago
utube is my best friend
AbdulRahman Zahid
'AbdulRahman Zahid' 2 months ago
0:01 - 0:03 . CRINGEEE !!!
Diokz ツ
'Diokz ツ' 2 months ago
sleep with a phone is bad dont do that
CarJacks The Clown
'CarJacks The Clown' 2 months ago
Wasn't a bad video till Mr.Dot had to say I'm another brown guy.
rap miche
'rap miche' 2 months ago
im using samsung galxy j5 prime and tried the hack 6 its working but later on its got laggeg
Kamlesh Mevada
'Kamlesh Mevada' 2 months ago is app ka video banao
Manoj Kumar
'Manoj Kumar' 2 months ago
A guy who has above 400k subs and replies to many comments. Is u!!!!
Pratik Smarty
'Pratik Smarty' 2 months ago
his accent is sooo goood!!!😘
Muhammad Iqbal
'Muhammad Iqbal' 2 months ago
sir how to recovery mp3 delet data whitout root smart phone plz help me
Dan The Man
'Dan The Man' 2 months ago
the photomath app wont work for me
Gurjeet Singh
'Gurjeet Singh' 2 months ago
How to install OTA update in Lenovo vibe k5 plus smartphone
'TAMILANDA TECH' 2 months ago
can you make me a channel art
Mr.Dankness King
'Mr.Dankness King' 2 months ago
what was the name of the music app? 🤔
RT Rey
'RT Rey' 2 months ago
I can not find the Baclground settings in my HTC M8 Help .....
Alex K.
'Alex K.' 2 months ago
i hate hearing that you can save battery life with a black wallpaper. like yeah, it would work, but only if i wouldnt leave the homescreen while the phone is on.
sanket palit
'sanket palit' 3 months ago
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Fun Games
'Fun Games' 3 months ago
thats good
shakeel ahmed
'shakeel ahmed' 3 months ago
very good information
Next Solutionz
'Next Solutionz' 3 months ago
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Tech Tube Bangla
'Tech Tube Bangla' 3 months ago
I have also same Android tips chek my channel plz and sub me
Tech Tube Bangla
'Tech Tube Bangla' 3 months ago
nice video
Joseline Rellora
'Joseline Rellora' 3 months ago
that sleep cycleshit can give u cancers and shit and thats the worst app i have ever encountered...
Trailers By PJ
'Trailers By PJ' 3 months ago
becoming a developer wil void warranty or not
this Fandom is Pearl-fect
what's the outro music
Amanuel Alelegn
'Amanuel Alelegn' 3 months ago
I'm sorry 😐 I just had to dislike the video when you said " I'm another brown guy"
Agerix Official
'Agerix Official' 3 months ago
the last "tip" doesn't increase any sound quality, it only amplifies the volume...
'wardope' 3 months ago
are data a problem nowadays? I mean I have 100% free data unlimited message and call time for about $20 a month. i don't know how it is in the us but here its all good !
Bryan Lewis
'Bryan Lewis' 3 months ago
yo you couldn't have found a clean bowl to put the phone in?
Karl Miguel Reyes
'Karl Miguel Reyes' 3 months ago
yow nigggga
Tarun Singh
'Tarun Singh' 3 months ago
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Ikayaaa Megazine
'Ikayaaa Megazine' 3 months ago
Love your video
Muhammad Hassan
'Muhammad Hassan' 4 months ago
what the model this phone.
Dominic Wright
'Dominic Wright' 4 months ago
hello im a brown dude😂
'kamalan68' 4 months ago
HE earns more than 2000 $$ per video but can't replace a good phone
Phantom kaizer84
'Phantom kaizer84' 4 months ago
how to do the music skip
Romir Malik
'Romir Malik' 4 months ago
Can someone pls tell me what wallpaper he uses at 0:27
Tahir Khan
'Tahir Khan' 4 months ago
Tips World
'Tips World' 4 months ago
Hello , Its new Tips Channel. please visit and subscribe . Thank you
Prashant Mishra
'Prashant Mishra' 4 months ago
chup re lwde saale.. kch bhi dikhata h chutiyaaaa
'Androidpureapk' 4 months ago
That Slimy0range
'That Slimy0range' 4 months ago
Stupid titel, only about three of the things in the video had something to do with android
fUn mAzA full Masti Mohal
'RM RN' 4 months ago
I love the intro music ,whats the title? Pls
Mustafa AZIRAK
'Mustafa AZIRAK' 4 months ago
hamza are you a müslim?
Tylah_terror05 Murray
I've got sleep cycle I beat you to it
Sasha Grace
'Sasha Grace' 4 months ago
Omg the animations when turned off look amazig
Sasha Grace
'Sasha Grace' 4 months ago
I just enabled developer mode, does this affect your warranty or anything?
Rebug Sync
'Rebug Sync' 4 months ago
What's the name of the intro song ???
AR Tech
'AR Tech' 4 months ago
0:01 Dope intro 😂
Max Götz
'Max Götz' 4 months ago
any idea how I can get the caller ID images to show up fullscreen, large, when I get a call? they show up small... thank you.
'VIKAS BHASKAR' 4 months ago
instant free recharge of Rs.20! Just tap the link, install app & recharge!
The Potato Who Derped
Never, ever, *ever* in hell should you sleep with your phone anywhere *near* your face. It causes severe brain damage and mutates your brain (as well as other organs) as they develop. If you think this is just a troll, then look it up for yourself. Oh, and god forbid you keep it charging in the same room as you while you sleep; the radioactive waves could practically kill you. So yeah, the sleep cycle app is worth crap.
Kashif Khan
'Kashif Khan' 4 months ago
bro if you have 8 ball pool coins trick please please please shear with me
william vammen
'william vammen' 5 months ago
First 2 seonds made me want to kill myself
Jimi J
'Jimi J' 5 months ago
I know they are speaking English, but I have no clue how these hacks will help me.
Dato Museridze
'Dato Museridze' 5 months ago
Great Room bro.
'uabir' 5 months ago
These so called hacks were all over the Internet for a long time. And these are mostly not hacks. Not sure why people liked this video so much
Jamil Saleh
'Jamil Saleh' 5 months ago
lol dude i know this is an old video but i love how you introduced yourself as "another brown dude who makes videos on the internet" priceless
Khushbu Vahia
'Khushbu Vahia' 5 months ago
Hallo i m in big Trouble Some one use My Phone Number and Make Call and sent Massage(phone Massage Not on whats up) but My SIM card still in My Phone plzzzzzzzz help ME i m in big trouble
How to Sikhenge
'How to Sikhenge' 5 months ago
watch this channel 2017 new ..
Alina Syed
'Alina Syed' 5 months ago
Photo math is also on iphone
Cross_Gaming // SansDacula
thx for the photomath bro
Tips&Trics Computer
'Tips&Trics Computer' 5 months ago
Francisco Sanchez
'Francisco Sanchez' 5 months ago
cool vid;)
Hrithik Sajan
'Hrithik Sajan' 5 months ago
which is the music at the beginning
adams transportation
'adams transportation' 5 months ago
Are you a muslim I am a muslim.
Easy Tips & Tricks
'Easy Tips & Tricks' 5 months ago
how do you do the photo math
Blunt Katana
'Blunt Katana' 5 months ago
this quickly went from tips and tricks to product advertising. dislike
Rohan Hembram
'Rohan Hembram' 5 months ago
So you are an Indian from UK,one thing I liked that unlike the YouTube's here in India your voice was nice...😉😉😉
Mr anìkêt
'Mr anìkêt' 5 months ago
Bhai Lyf flame 8 me copy move kaise krte hai file me plz help
Rage 9one
'Rage 9one' 5 months ago
Animations set to 0.5 is the greatest thing ever! The phone becomes so fast.
'BoundInChains' 5 months ago
why airplane mode? How about just switch it off during charge?
Quinn Laughton
'Quinn Laughton' 5 months ago
hello can i get you to reply please
DoubleA Tutorijali
'DoubleA Tutorijali' 5 months ago
Gamer Guy
'Gamer Guy' 5 months ago
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