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Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #10 -
Published: 8 months ago By: ExplosmEntertainment

By: ExplosmEntertainmentPublished: 8 months ago

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Can you believe what we put in THIS compilation?!?!

No Brainer
Whaddaya Say
Goin Down
The Oven
Donovan Duck
A Nice Day

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The_arctic_fox :D
'The_arctic_fox :D' 4 days ago
5:43 Minecraft grass sound?
Krish Loves Llamas [GD]
14:47 Lol best part. Also 13:59 Read more
'TheSchwubby' 6 days ago
5:42 oh well, its Minecraft
Beached Whales
'Beached Whales' 6 days ago
This compilation is so good. so quality.
Stephen Wall
'Stephen Wall' 1 week ago
Have you saw everything yet?
'johanhanz' 1 week ago
why did he killed the cat
alicia mcconaughey
'alicia mcconaughey' 2 weeks ago
one the first one no brainer the poster changes!! lol
Zz21 gaming
'Zz21 gaming' 2 weeks ago
Repulsal loooolz
'GAMER FOR LIFE' 2 weeks ago
Out of order😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😵
Ainsley Billings
'Ainsley Billings' 2 weeks ago
always the black kid
'AlBeRtO' 2 weeks ago
Mkay, doc.
James Lee
'James Lee' 2 weeks ago
Hold on i'll get my ladder
'CrossFireMC' 3 weeks ago
mr. dog for mayor
'CrossFireMC' 3 weeks ago
all it takes is drugs and a kite
Guadalupe Nunez
'Guadalupe Nunez' 3 weeks ago
That bucket list tho lol smoke weed erryday xD
Nomeda Ked
'Nomeda Ked' 3 weeks ago
why is this so fucking addicting
Carleen jay Ballesteros
XavierS Play
'XavierS Play' 3 weeks ago
Manon Jouault
'Manon Jouault' 3 weeks ago
I don't get repulsel NVM I GOT IT 😂😂😫😷😂
'EMMA HARGRAVE' 3 weeks ago
5:42 Did anyone else notice that's the minecraft sound when you break dirt or something??
nhan nguyen
'nhan nguyen' 3 weeks ago
Goldninjer900 0
'Goldninjer900 0' 3 weeks ago
Turn around Go to the window YOUR GARDEN IS ON FIRRRRREEERRR!!!!!!!!
samuel sanchez galeano
soy el unico que habla español
Dillon Fife
'Dillon Fife' 4 weeks ago
Anyone else notice that in the repunsel bit when the guy was walking on the grass it sounded like the same thing when you walk in grass in minecraft? (I wanna get this clear i dont play minecraft)
KalebDoes GamingMusicals
I'd cheer up if dog baked me a cake
5:40 Are those Minecraft grass sounds lol?
'MR. REDFOX12345' 4 weeks ago
Why are all of your ideas soooo dark
LGM Films
'LGM Films' 4 weeks ago
I feel bad for that clown 😭
'MrTerminator' 4 weeks ago
im as high as a kite and the green house is on fire
Juliet McDermott
'Juliet McDermott' 4 weeks ago
Hahahahahahaha hunting was so funny
Teresa Zell
'Teresa Zell' 4 weeks ago
Eggs - The origin of Ants in my eyes Johnson
'DoodleDerp' 4 weeks ago
At 9:13 one of them looks like Eugene,
Nicolas YT
'Nicolas YT' 4 weeks ago
i love this
Fabien Dane
'Fabien Dane' 1 month ago
Minecraft steps at 5:30
TheMostAwesome 105
'TheMostAwesome 105' 1 month ago
2:31 WHY 😱
Sarah-Jane Beaumont
'Sarah-Jane Beaumont' 1 month ago
Cool i love
Miray Helvaci
'Miray Helvaci' 1 month ago
Sharkface Gaming
'Sharkface Gaming' 1 month ago
For a sec, I thought they said, doverman duck.
Tyliebs 101
'Tyliebs 101' 1 month ago
Poor poor fluffy
Harrison Barinaga
'Harrison Barinaga' 1 month ago
Goin down reminds me of the uncharted series
Reace Arrietta
'Reace Arrietta' 1 month ago
The one where the guy gets robbed...the very top of his shelf looked like a plasma pistol from halo
Rahul V
'Rahul V' 1 month ago
0:41 the poster says "This is different text than what it said before lol" - like if you noticrd
Edwin Lopez
'Edwin Lopez' 1 month ago
4:58 Some say the kid survives and goes back in time in morg city in shadows of evil to become the one and only Nero with his comrades Jessica, Floyd, and jack Vincent.
Mango Man
'Mango Man' 1 month ago
lol in repulsel there was minecraft and survival craft sound effects
Die answer
'Die answer' 1 month ago
5:44 minecraft footsteps
Pink Lion
'Pink Lion' 1 month ago
Dat Rapunzel tho
'JoiyGaming' 2 months ago
rapunzel short in a nutshell: everything you wanted is a lie
Brick Gamer
'Brick Gamer' 2 months ago
There are so many fucked up things in these
'ChickenMaster2580' 2 months ago
The sounds of the prince walking on grass in Repulsel sounded exactly like minecraft noises.
Robert Miller
'Robert Miller' 2 months ago
10:31 get rekt
'AnimalPitSupreme' 2 months ago
1:14 , is it me or that kid changed color
Jaydon Go Puppy
'Jaydon Go Puppy' 2 months ago
Did anyone notice that at 5:43 when the guys retreating the sound effects of him walking are the same as Minecraft.
try not smiling
'try not smiling' 2 months ago
I don't know why when they walk on grass it remember me to minecraft Xd
Mother Of Samuel
'Mother Of Samuel' 2 months ago
I felt bad for the clown ;-;
'HUGO ARUGA' 2 months ago
lol that canon o' brian joke gets me somehow
Darius Brown Juinor
'Darius Brown Juinor' 2 months ago
Jennifer Anderson
'Jennifer Anderson' 2 months ago
Roses are red Daisies are dandy Get in the van I have candy
ItsJake MyDudesAndDudesses
Mr Mackey
'Theivary' 2 months ago
'originalSquidgy' 2 months ago
2:25 he should have said youre fired 😂
Sean Ryu
'Sean Ryu' 2 months ago
5:43, Minecraft?
'Foxpirate10' 2 months ago
Minecraft sound effects
Karl Pähna
'Karl Pähna' 2 months ago
Roses are red. I guess that true Violets are violets,not blue
the over Lord
'the over Lord' 2 months ago
Step on a crack and you well break you're momma's back
Philomen LaRocque
'Philomen LaRocque' 2 months ago
Why did the ants take his home?
Justin Oliver
'Justin Oliver' 2 months ago
Poor clown
foxey404 fnaf fan 40004
we don't need anymore god damn clowns
Jack Murdock élève
'Jack Murdock élève' 2 months ago
Fuck This Shit Bro
Raphael Robles
'Raphael Robles' 2 months ago
Yo, those minecraft sound effects in the repulsel short.
Lukman The Galaxy boy
what's up
'OTheB' 2 months ago
They used minecraft sfx for the sound of the guy walking on the grass in the Repulsel sketch...
Nicholas Cage
'Nicholas Cage' 2 months ago
the last one reminded me of Happy Tree Friends
Carol Valdez
'Carol Valdez' 2 months ago
At 7:46 watch mighty med the guy has there simbole
Cameron Speddings
'Cameron Speddings' 2 months ago
5.45 that reminds me of Minecraft
Ernesto Ramirez
'Ernesto Ramirez' 2 months ago
Really Minecraft noises
'Devilyn' 2 months ago
omggg brrooo that hunting one tho .
Deathfall Player Killer
when they walk on the grass it makes a MC gass sound
Springlocked Secrets
'Springlocked Secrets' 2 months ago
World famous cannon o brien
Crackers and Salsa
'Crackers and Salsa' 2 months ago
5:44 is that minecraft sounds?
dat dood
'dat dood' 2 months ago
5:09 omfg minecraft noises kms 😂
Denzel Angweita
'Denzel Angweita' 2 months ago
0:21 Ahh! I see what you did there He got a c- Watch that part and try to understand
Dylan Norfield
'Dylan Norfield' 2 months ago
2:22 aim away from face Me:I wonder what it feels like to be shot with a cannon that shoots people
'odallard' 2 months ago
The "ah, shiiiit" at 0:46 is life.
'FAFCASA 0926' 2 months ago
5:43 that's the sound it makes when you walk in minecraft!
Jaye :P
'Jaye :P' 2 months ago
did u seriously use minecraft walking sounds??? 5:45
Alex Wilson
'Alex Wilson' 2 months ago
did they just use minecraft sounds for the repulsel one
Stop motion Crazee
'Stop motion Crazee' 3 months ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
'AngryJellyBean' 3 months ago
Anyone notice in the rapunzel one, when he backed up into the grass, they used the minecraft walking sounds
Bananamal 3000
'Bananamal 3000' 3 months ago
5:44 That's the dirt sound from Minecraft lol
Teh Savage Derpy Unicron Cat That Is Blue
'AidenBlitzGaming' 3 months ago
Roses are brown Violets are Brown Who the hell shit at my garden
noa diablerouge
'noa diablerouge' 3 months ago
c le bruit d'herbe dans Minecraft la ou ya raiponce
Imanie spadaro
'Imanie spadaro' 3 months ago
Oyun Trafosu
'Oyun Trafosu' 3 months ago
Artık Türkler olarak burayıda basmış bulunuyoruz.
Santiago Trxll
'Santiago Trxll' 3 months ago
AJ Jerem
'AJ Jerem' 3 months ago
5:28 😂😂😂
Somebody Nobody
'Somebody Nobody' 3 months ago
did anyone hear the minecraft sounds in repuzel
Gavin Buckio
'Gavin Buckio' 3 months ago
OMG so funny
Angharad Granton
'Angharad Granton' 3 months ago
The oven dog is so cool IT MAKES CAKES
Richie B
'Richie B' 3 months ago
On the rapunzel one when he was walking back to the the horse it was minecraft sound effects
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