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Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #10 -
Published: 5 months ago By: ExplosmEntertainment

By: ExplosmEntertainmentPublished: 5 months ago

2, 961, 521 views

44, 302 Likes   925 Dislikes

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Can you believe what we put in THIS compilation?!?!

No Brainer
Whaddaya Say
Goin Down
The Oven
Donovan Duck
A Nice Day

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'bkdyno' 4 hours ago
This made me shoot kool aid out of my nose.
Josue Peralta
'Josue Peralta' 1 day ago
White Girl : I'm black boy: we are all scientifically black​, we just don't want to embrace it White Girl : I know boy: then why do you have white pants and shirt on ?
Francesco _Makes_Vids
do more ted baer
Anthony Mangiaruga
I love the Dark humor in this series.
Len Hirayama
'Len Hirayama' 7 days ago
I always get C- at Math :( I FUCKIN HATE MATH TESTS!!!
Ryan McClain
'Ryan McClain' 7 days ago
was that the gamingbeaver doing ahh shhiiii
Standard Observer Standard Observer
Repulser part made weak while laughing
Elijah Don
'Elijah Don' 1 week ago
Diego LG.
'Diego LG.' 1 week ago
that dog is a nice dog
Ace Mt
'Ace Mt' 1 week ago
Who saw the sign on the first clip ??😂
sandra vargas
'sandra vargas' 2 weeks ago
Why im i watching this messed up show
Cameron Ephiram
'Cameron Ephiram' 2 weeks ago
wow. that. is. fucked. up
CosmicAcid Gaming
'CosmicAcid Gaming' 2 weeks ago
a coup!e of humans die nobody cares a bird dies and everybody loses their shit
Bubble 101
'Bubble 101' 2 weeks ago
'IORN WOLF 132' 2 weeks ago
13:01 Pause and look at the list it says ✔️Try sex (butt)
Dead Start
'Dead Start' 2 weeks ago
roses are red Violets are blue So you can you go Fuck yourself
Huskylove 2034
'Huskylove 2034' 2 weeks ago
Omg the first one his name is Mr.Macky from South Park!!!
Michael Mason
'Michael Mason' 2 weeks ago
One of the shorts (you will have to figure out on your own) Has a Final Destination kinda theme
GwWaterMelon // Lukas
Roses are red Violets are blue I wouldnt be sad if harambe had pood
Gamer Glitch
'Gamer Glitch' 3 weeks ago
explosmentertainment just saying you forgot to add out of order to the description!
Youngthugg1805 Everyday we lit
roses are red violets are blue harambe was shot thanks to u
Lauren Conti
'Lauren Conti' 3 weeks ago
10:29 I AM SCARRED FOR LIFE OMG that was so gross and weird and terrifying
'Sansrriorar' 3 weeks ago
poor clown... he was nice ;_;
'Ihedioha' 3 weeks ago
Christian Hartwell
'Christian Hartwell' 3 weeks ago
Ah shiiii....
Mark Jules Surat
'Mark Jules Surat' 3 weeks ago
look at Pete's list
During repulsel it's the mine craft walking sound
Random Zebra
'Random Zebra' 4 weeks ago
Wish I had a dog like that
'Wolf_Hazzer' 4 weeks ago
5:43 sounds like breaking dirt blocks in mine craft 😂😂😂😂😂✋🏻
'Pie1234' 4 weeks ago
'Pie1234' 4 weeks ago
DudeOfDoom34 Official
THE goin Down one was awkward over infinity
'HAPPY CUPCAKE' 4 weeks ago
The bathroom one though
Swinder Gaming
'Swinder Gaming' 4 weeks ago
Roses are red Violets are blue Everybody keeps making poems that aren't funny
Royal Man
'Royal Man' 4 weeks ago
5:43 is freaking minecraft walk sound
Bryce Hasson
'Bryce Hasson' 4 weeks ago
4:51 he says "HE'S GOT MY DICK!"
That one Guy
'That one Guy' 4 weeks ago
My name is Donovan when the Donovan duck part came on I was like "They fucking know my name"
Mr. Gaming 420
'Mr. Gaming 420' 4 weeks ago
the waddaya say one is incorrect you shoot heroein up exactly 1.5 inches below the band the needle goes whereas the joint is for your arm
'ZylethX3N0' 4 weeks ago
brown bricks
Hannah P.
'Hannah P.' 4 weeks ago
12:00 final destination be like
GoodNoodle Board
'GoodNoodle Board' 4 weeks ago
Baker dog simulator 2058
Madison Harmon
'Madison Harmon' 4 weeks ago
akeem anderson
'akeem anderson' 4 weeks ago
Lol Cannon O Brien
Bendy 1428
'Bendy 1428' 4 weeks ago
Dhahir Tamam
'Dhahir Tamam' 1 month ago
A Nice Day = MML conference
Spuash !
'Spuash !' 1 month ago
them Minecraft walking sounds in repulse tho
Internal Product
'Internal Product' 1 month ago
5:45 they used the Minecraft walking on grass sound.
Awesome Singh37
'Awesome Singh37' 1 month ago
In the repulsel short when he walked on the grass it was mine craft sounds
'Verxlz' 1 month ago
Pause at 12:03
Bilal Rashid
'Bilal Rashid' 1 month ago
Jasmine Wil
'Jasmine Wil' 1 month ago
Roses are red, violets are blue, you lost your charger, and I have two!
Kim Jong Un
'Kim Jong Un' 1 month ago
My orchestra teachers name is Mr.mclroy
Alexander Geppert
'Alexander Geppert' 1 month ago
going down, thats my life
Game On Dudes
'Game On Dudes' 1 month ago
look at the poster at 0:06
Very Confused
'Very Confused' 1 month ago
Hunting is my all time favorite!
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 1 month ago
mother O.O 5:29
'Danielsauras' 1 month ago
Rapunzel has minecraft step sounds
Geno Byrddeps
'Geno Byrddeps' 1 month ago
who else saw the sign change in the beginning
'Katie' 1 month ago
What did the baby ladder say to the step ladder You're not my real ladder
Captain Barodeft
'Captain Barodeft' 1 month ago
Don't use drugs
Callum Magee
'Callum Magee' 1 month ago
I was walking home from school and I saw 4 kids beating p 1 kid so I decided to help I knew he wouldn't stand a chance against the five of us
rex the best
'rex the best' 1 month ago
wow i though one egg would have a bomb
Uncle Pastuzo
'Uncle Pastuzo' 1 month ago
I'd use that ladder for things other than it's initial use too.
DARK4X Gaming and More
i just heard minecraft grass sound
'BlazerBattle66' 1 month ago
I hate people that ask for a thumbs up if they have the same opinion as you Like if you agree.
'AYYY LMAO' 1 month ago
Anyone notice the minecraft grass sounds when the guy is walking at 5:43
Seth Parkinson
'Seth Parkinson' 1 month ago
the white knight is part of the K.K.K you can tell look at the symbol on his shoe
Sparkleprincesskiller Princess
when the guy in ruponzle walks back to his horse it sounds like minecraft
'Ray'Quan Wilson' 1 month ago
10:30 Fuckin Ridiculous😭😭
'xXBBB2003Xx' 1 month ago
roses are red and so will ur face be when im done with it
'xXBBB2003Xx' 1 month ago
that ending
Okami Elliot
'Okami Elliot' 1 month ago
Going down by outlast II
'pal' 1 month ago
that out of oder, scared the hell out of me if heard in headphones
'PancakeZ' 1 month ago
dont you hate it when theres an oil rig in the lake of the park and somebody crashes a speedboat into it and blows it up?
Brandon The Panther
'Brandon The Panther' 1 month ago
5:42 sound like minecraft when you walk on grass
Dorito 420
'Dorito 420' 2 months ago
5:43 sounds like minecraft
'Galaxiswirl' 2 months ago
5:43 Lmao that's the minecraft grass sound effect
Maxwell Walsh
'Maxwell Walsh' 2 months ago
Effort piece bite drum science foundation domain next.
Coolkid2k 7
'Coolkid2k 7' 2 months ago
I like the video mate
'leahthedestroyer' 2 months ago
pete wentz...
'LordPaulus' 2 months ago
5:43 Minecraft grasssound :D
ShadowHunter 56123
'ShadowHunter 56123' 2 months ago
Roses are red Love is fake Weddings are just funerals with cake
'TheWeeb' 2 months ago
Did you really use the Minecraft Grass sound at Rapulsel
Shaun Rosenthal
'Shaun Rosenthal' 2 months ago
Please go like some vids on my channel and subscribe for more of me singing
Hassam Ahmed
'Hassam Ahmed' 2 months ago
ending tho
Oswald Dew YT
'Oswald Dew YT' 2 months ago
5:42 Minecraft :v
Zoomy Vlogs
'Zoomy Vlogs' 2 months ago
Where going on a trip watch me naenae watch me whip
X3nO_VeNoMx_ CTM
'X3nO_VeNoMx_ CTM' 2 months ago
5:43 sounds like a person stepping on grass in minecraft
Red Eyed Freak
'Red Eyed Freak' 2 months ago
1 like = have a great future 2 like = become a famous youtuber 10likes = make ur dreams come true 1 sub= become a millionaire
'FreezingBreeze331' 2 months ago
Copyright! At 5:41 DID ANYBODY NOTICE THOSE ARE MINECRAFT SOUNDS?! (When he's walking on the grass)
Ashley Young
'Ashley Young' 2 months ago
did anyone notice the sign changed at no brainer and on clowntivew it said cotten candy
Chris Nunez
'Chris Nunez' 2 months ago
they literally used the minecraft grass sound for the let down your hair one
veryconfused pirate
'veryconfused pirate' 2 months ago
'gogomen101' 2 months ago
2:35 :)
Mati Boi
'Mati Boi' 2 months ago
Has anyone noticed at 5:40 there are Minecraft grass sound effects as the guy walks back to his horse?
Josh Tyler
'Josh Tyler' 2 months ago
That poor clown.
Well, nice title
idk Productions
'idk Productions' 2 months ago
Wait was that the minecraft grass sound effect?
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