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Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #10 -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: ExplosmEntertainment

By: ExplosmEntertainmentPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Can you believe what we put in THIS compilation?!?!

No Brainer
Whaddaya Say
Goin Down
The Oven
Donovan Duck
A Nice Day

Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

Jake Ob
'Jake Ob' 48 minutes ago
Watching this Shit is addicting ;-;. Great job guys!
Donovan Strydom
'Donovan Strydom' 60 minutes ago
Oh shit I didn't know I was a duck
thr galaxy hologram channel
what is the girl and boy use in the stringe??
Lucky Trax
'Lucky Trax' 7 hours ago
That repulsal one when he walks back its minecraft sounds lol
Dante Fancyman
'Dante Fancyman' 16 hours ago
I don't feel sorry for that guy who got pissed on by an old guy.
the who manner
'the who manner' 16 hours ago
On 0:19 look at the poster behind the doctor 😂😂
Sweeto Thug Pug
'Sweeto Thug Pug' 17 hours ago
Bruh the last one was 2005 Pete Wentz
Leo Thomasson
'Leo Thomasson' 2 days ago
Thx for putting my name lol
Gio Luera
'Gio Luera' 2 days ago
I like the lader one
Raenalyne Kao
'Raenalyne Kao' 2 days ago
Dam that bird a savage. The last one thoo
'LOLZER LOLZER' 2 days ago
mr mackey? theres a girl in my class named Molly Mackey
Valerie Davis
'Valerie Davis' 2 days ago
9:45 I legit would've just kicked down the door for the Girls Bathroom 😂
'TXT HAK' 2 days ago
Screen of blu
'Screen of blu' 2 days ago
the oven was nice
Noémie La-coquine
il faut pas faire de sous titre si on traduit definitly par definitivement.
Abdurrahman Ak
'Abdurrahman Ak' 2 days ago
'joykitten737' 2 days ago
dad dad (What?)FLUFFYS STUCK UP THE TREE(i'll get my ladder*bang bang bang*
William Coleman
'William Coleman' 2 days ago
Elif Yıldırım
'Elif Yıldırım' 2 days ago
Emel Özay Atamer
'Emel Özay Atamer' 2 days ago
animations creator bastard and .İ.
GraceAurora /LPSDewi
*me and my bf has sex* *mom comes in room* Mom:omg Me:i can explain Mom:god dammit Mom:*scolds* Me:😂
srankin 1222
'srankin 1222' 3 days ago
Arcees Owari
'Arcees Owari' 3 days ago
3:23, get it? high as kites?
'Derplet' 3 days ago
Repulsal, more like repulsive
Sir. Leather Arms
'Sir. Leather Arms' 3 days ago
Anyone else notice the Conan O Brien pun? 2:11
'UndeadCupcakeXx' 3 days ago
Did anyone else notice the canon in the clown on was named "Canon O'brian"
Queasy GD
'Queasy GD' 3 days ago
What's in the needles
Tito Jarocho
'Tito Jarocho' 3 days ago
ExplosmEntertainment can you do the ladder part 3 please please 😇
T4ICHI - Minecraft & More!
I Love This Video!
Radical Leaf
'Radical Leaf' 3 days ago
0:41 omg the text on the wall lmao
nariyoshi hiroki
'nariyoshi hiroki' 3 days ago
For repulsul it used Minecraft grass sounds
'Gaming' 4 days ago
The poor lil clown
GTA5 Troller
'GTA5 Troller' 4 days ago
Roses are black violets are black I can't Frikin see
shadow serphant
'shadow serphant' 4 days ago
Lel Repulse
The raptor den Fan
The hunting one is sad,I guess for some people
The raptor den Fan
Why would a doctor give a brain transplant to a guy and the brain belongs to someone who's crazy af ,but it was funny
Brandon Bryant
'Brandon Bryant' 4 days ago
they have the best funny cartoon video
Roshan Sundar
'Roshan Sundar' 4 days ago
so is rapulsel's long hair from her vagina
Person24X _
'Person24X _' 4 days ago
2:32 Wow he is super good at entertaining birthday parties
AmandaXD Tube
'AmandaXD Tube' 4 days ago
omg i cant😂
Alex Jones
'Alex Jones' 4 days ago
who's watching this right now???
Alex Jones
'Alex Jones' 4 days ago
Who's Watching this Right now???!
A burger, that is also a cat.
Canon O brien Noice
Minecraftkid 404
'Minecraftkid 404' 5 days ago
Who heard minecraft sounds at 5:44
Jonas Halvorsen
'Jonas Halvorsen' 5 days ago
They used minecraft sound's at 5:48
Ryman Legaspi
'Ryman Legaspi' 5 days ago
I felt so bad for the clown. 😩😩😩
Fantastical Ash
'Fantastical Ash' 6 days ago
The end was almost some final destination shit
Zake1299 Hoye
'Zake1299 Hoye' 6 days ago
Dude 5:30 is weird I can't believe that she has that much hair on her privite
'MCBYT' 6 days ago
5:43 The footsteps sound like Minecraft, heheh.
Rianna Melcher
'Rianna Melcher' 6 days ago
5:43 to 5:45 I can't help but notice they just used minecraft sounds like when you dig up grass 😂
Robinplay sG
'Robinplay sG' 6 days ago
(^^) / /
'xardex1500' 6 days ago
That moment when you hear minecraft sounds in "Repulsel" ;) :)
'brownboy25' 6 days ago
Storminis Fun
'Storminis Fun' 6 days ago
5:03 Repulsive
Gail Gurnitz
'Gail Gurnitz' 6 days ago
roses are red violets are blue I have five fingers on each hand and the third ones for you!
Jake Frost
'Jake Frost' 6 days ago
Do you want ants?! 'Cause that's how you get ants! >-I
Kevin Yang
'Kevin Yang' 6 days ago
5:40 I swear they recycled the sounds from Minecraft
Francina Lucille
'Francina Lucille' 6 days ago
5:30 made a minecraft noice
Springlocked Secrets
omg my teachers name is Mr. Mackelroy!
'TragiikFC' 7 days ago
OMG 12:03 you can hear some one say Donavan duck!!
Preston Mcfadden
'Preston Mcfadden' 7 days ago
who else noticed the poster changed in the first one
Jonas Klöckl
'Jonas Klöckl' 7 days ago
At first I didn't know what 'Repulsel' means, I thought it's something like a repulsor. Just realized that this is the way you write it in english, in german you write it 'Rapunzel'.
Donald Smallwood
'Donald Smallwood' 7 days ago
my naem is donovan
(•_•) ∫\ \___( •_•) _∫∫ _∫∫ \ \ The Hell are you looking at?
Dat Donavan Duck Doe!
'DEAPOOL TNT' 1 week ago
William Rehwinkel
'William Rehwinkel' 1 week ago
2:13 Cannon O Brian
Oisin Gilbert
'Oisin Gilbert' 1 week ago
Why do these compilations exist? They have a playlist called Binge Watch the Shorts. You can just see all the animations so you don't need a compilation.
'King_Omxr' 1 week ago
So that's what happened to Donavan Duck....l finally solved it.
Maddox Meyer
'Maddox Meyer' 1 week ago
Has anyoe else noticed tha when the guy is walking in the grass in repulsel it is the noise it makes when you walk in the grass in minecraft
Weird IsMyMiddleName
Layla Maurer
'Layla Maurer' 1 week ago
These are da best
Dunkin Oreos
'Dunkin Oreos' 1 week ago
Repulsel used mincraft sounds
vanessa Diaz
'vanessa Diaz' 1 week ago
CrackedSky1-Roblox RBLX
I didn't get the egg one
Steven Faria
'Steven Faria' 1 week ago
guys i wish my girlfriend had repulsels hair
Isaiah Preme
'Isaiah Preme' 1 week ago
And Minecraft walking on grass sound effects in the Repunzel one
EzPz Tutorials
'EzPz Tutorials' 1 week ago
Did any of you hear on A Nice Day the person yell "DONOVAN DUCK!"
Poot kill Me now
'Poot kill Me now' 1 week ago
I wanna die
Delyon Turbe
'Delyon Turbe' 1 week ago
Pooooor cat :( 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😥
Green Sheep
'Green Sheep' 1 week ago
You are so awesome I subscribed
SuperGalaxy Gamer
'SuperGalaxy Gamer' 1 week ago 
PCPP_333467 8
'PCPP_333467 8' 1 week ago
The tragic moments caught before La Comedie.
Kristopher Celis (Redkiller240)
on out of order I klcalled it holy shit
AshTravis The Classic Gamer
when you come on roblox and you notice the logo changed 5:26
Robox Fan
'Robox Fan' 1 week ago
It kinda sounds like Minecraft at Rapunzel
Inyo Butt
'Inyo Butt' 1 week ago
They stole minecraft walking at 5:44
rotten galaxy
'rotten galaxy' 1 week ago
in repulse it use's manecraft walking sounds
creativeguy 1in100
2:23 its pewdiepie
Ender Emma
'Ender Emma' 1 week ago
Xav Pip
'Xav Pip' 1 week ago
Ahh shaaaaaaa~
Marie Pierre
'Marie Pierre' 1 week ago
Midnight bell nut another numerous content.
'TheRegius13' 1 week ago
I love this stuff. hahahahaha
leo dodds
'leo dodds' 1 week ago
my name was in this vid thanks explosm entertainment
Little Larvitar
'Little Larvitar' 1 week ago
Sans the piano player
I was supposed to be watching this video but these memelords keep mentioning thelegend27
kirpicikler tr
'kirpicikler tr' 1 week ago
At 13:00 it says try sex (butt)
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