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Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #10 -
Published: 6 months ago By: ExplosmEntertainment

By: ExplosmEntertainmentPublished: 6 months ago

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Can you believe what we put in THIS compilation?!?!

No Brainer
Whaddaya Say
Goin Down
The Oven
Donovan Duck
A Nice Day

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'OTheB' 10 hours ago
They used minecraft sfx for the sound of the guy walking on the grass in the Repulsel sketch...
Nicholas Cage
'Nicholas Cage' 1 day ago
the last one reminded me of Happy Tree Friends
Carol Valdez
'Carol Valdez' 1 day ago
At 7:46 watch mighty med the guy has there simbole
Cameron Speddings
'Cameron Speddings' 3 days ago
5.45 that reminds me of Minecraft
Ernesto Ramirez
'Ernesto Ramirez' 4 days ago
Really Minecraft noises
'Devilyn' 5 days ago
omggg brrooo that hunting one tho .
The Irish Wolf
'The Irish Wolf' 6 days ago
that was the wrong kind of hair.
Deathfall Player Killer
when they walk on the grass it makes a MC gass sound
Springlocked Secrets
World famous cannon o brien
Crackers and Salsa
5:44 is that minecraft sounds?
dat dood
'dat dood' 2 weeks ago
5:09 omfg minecraft noises kms 😂
Denzel Angweita
'Denzel Angweita' 2 weeks ago
0:21 Ahh! I see what you did there He got a c- Watch that part and try to understand
Dylan Norfield
'Dylan Norfield' 2 weeks ago
2:22 aim away from face Me:I wonder what it feels like to be shot with a cannon that shoots people
'odallard' 2 weeks ago
The "ah, shiiiit" at 0:46 is life.
TheMostAmazing 0926
'TheMostAmazing 0926' 2 weeks ago
5:43 that's the sound it makes when you walk in minecraft!
Jaye :P
'Jaye :P' 2 weeks ago
did u seriously use minecraft walking sounds??? 5:45
Alex Wilson
'Alex Wilson' 2 weeks ago
did they just use minecraft sounds for the repulsel one
Stop motion Crazee
'Stop motion Crazee' 2 weeks ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Angry Jelly Bean
'Angry Jelly Bean' 2 weeks ago
Anyone notice in the rapunzel one, when he backed up into the grass, they used the minecraft walking sounds
Bananamal 3000
'Bananamal 3000' 2 weeks ago
5:44 That's the dirt sound from Minecraft lol
Teh Savage Derpy Unicron Cat That Is Blue
'AidenBlitzGaming' 2 weeks ago
Roses are brown Violets are Brown Who the hell shit at my garden
noa diablerouge
'noa diablerouge' 2 weeks ago
c le bruit d'herbe dans Minecraft la ou ya raiponce
Imanie spadaro
'Imanie spadaro' 2 weeks ago
Oyun Trafosu
'Oyun Trafosu' 2 weeks ago
Artık Türkler olarak burayıda basmış bulunuyoruz.
Santiago Trxll
'Santiago Trxll' 2 weeks ago
AJ Jerem
'AJ Jerem' 2 weeks ago
5:28 😂😂😂
Somebody Nobody
'Somebody Nobody' 3 weeks ago
did anyone hear the minecraft sounds in repuzel
Gavin Buckio
'Gavin Buckio' 3 weeks ago
OMG so funny
Angharad Granton
'Angharad Granton' 3 weeks ago
The oven dog is so cool IT MAKES CAKES
Richie B
'Richie B' 3 weeks ago
On the rapunzel one when he was walking back to the the horse it was minecraft sound effects
Daryoush Jamkhu
'Daryoush Jamkhu' 3 weeks ago
An Apple A Day... means medical staff and equipment cut backs Try a burger
Janai watkins
'Janai watkins' 3 weeks ago
I realized where that gmhair was coming from bc of the name
King O
'King O'Brien_23' 3 weeks ago
At 2:11 when it says cannon Obrien that's my last name
Ray Ray
'Ray Ray' 3 weeks ago
the nice day one is related to donavan don
The Epicest One
'The Epicest One' 3 weeks ago
In Repulsel u used minecraft sound for grass
Liyema Malinga
'Liyema Malinga' 3 weeks ago
my niggis will handle this shit
Bad Time Sans
'Bad Time Sans' 3 weeks ago
2:12 anyone seen Cannon O Brien written on the cannon as a joke of Conan O Brien
'butter' 3 weeks ago
5:43 minecraft sound effects
Patrick Dembry
'Patrick Dembry' 3 weeks ago
13:01 Smoke weed every day, Try sex (butt)
Jason Cash
'Jason Cash' 3 weeks ago
Clownterview oh god, shit had me dying
Sad Person721
'Sad Person721' 3 weeks ago
The last one was
Sad Person721
'Sad Person721' 3 weeks ago
5:44 *when you hear Minecraft stepping*
Random Stuff
'Random Stuff' 3 weeks ago
not kids cartoon
Dylan Funderburg
'Dylan Funderburg' 3 weeks ago
in the repusel short the grass sounded like Minecraft grass
Noah Prisament
'Noah Prisament' 3 weeks ago
is that an ethan frome reference?
Evan Starevil
'Evan Starevil' 3 weeks ago
R.I.P. Pete. WheneverTF - 2015 He saw everything.
'TheBeniBest' 3 weeks ago
Hitler won the war I'll get my ladder
'awesomeDUDE123821' 3 weeks ago
Roses are red Violets suck DONOVAN DUCK
Fang888_ PlayZ
'Fang888_ PlayZ' 3 weeks ago
When the prince from repunzul was walking on the grass, it was the sound of minecraft grass
'Maniac0013s' 3 weeks ago
He had seen everything, yet he did not die... what a way to go.
Zxahmed88888888 Hashi
Bryan: dad help fluffy's stuck up the tree. Dad: don't worry son I'll get my ladder (opens door shed gets ladder makes more bigger wacks the tree cat falls down and kills itself)
CJ Borgeson
'CJ Borgeson' 3 weeks ago
Lol the minecraft grass noise during the repunzel part
pinki .game
'pinki .game' 3 weeks ago
'Legend' 3 weeks ago
An Apple A Day....... means medical staff and equipment cut backs. Try a burger.
Dillon Tran
'Dillon Tran' 4 weeks ago
5:39 when he went down to the grass, his footsteps sound like minecraft
Kevin Phan
'Kevin Phan' 4 weeks ago
Will Power
'Will Power' 4 weeks ago
5:43 Minecraft grass?
Revolution Radio
'Revolution Radio' 4 weeks ago
Deepwater HORIZON
Eimantas Ubartas
'Eimantas Ubartas' 4 weeks ago
5:43 sounds like minecraft.
'Guitaraholic458' 4 weeks ago
Kurt cobains death was a no brainer
DJ Little
'DJ Little' 4 weeks ago
... Were the sounds of walking on the grass on Repulsel from Minecraft... !?
Mark Jay
'Mark Jay' 4 weeks ago
you guys forgot to put *Occupation" on the description.
Asirel Dremmuur
'Asirel Dremmuur' 4 weeks ago
Hunter dad haves a Asian kid
Derpy Kid
'Derpy Kid' 4 weeks ago
At 5:34 when he walks on the grass it sounds like a mincraft noise when you destroy dirt.
'Bannection' 4 weeks ago
Minecraft sound effects on repulsul
'AGPlayz' 4 weeks ago
Did anyone notice the one at rep repinzels hair when he was going to his horse his footsteps sounded like the ones at minecraft
timothy VanCott
'timothy VanCott' 4 weeks ago
they used minecraft noises lol(5:10)
Run You Clever Boy And Remember
7.03 this is The Mortal Instruments all over again...
'bkdyno' 4 weeks ago
This made me shoot kool aid out of my nose.
Josue Peralta
'Josue Peralta' 4 weeks ago
White Girl : I'm black boy: we are all scientifically black​, we just don't want to embrace it White Girl : I know boy: then why do you have white pants and shirt on ?
Francesco _Makes_Vids
do more ted baer
Anthony Mangiaruga
'Anthony Mangiaruga' 1 month ago
I love the Dark humor in this series.
Len Hirayama
'Len Hirayama' 1 month ago
I always get C- at Math :( I FUCKIN HATE MATH TESTS!!!
Phantom crew
'Phantom crew' 1 month ago
was that the gamingbeaver doing ahh shhiiii
Standard Observer Standard Observer
Repulser part made weak while laughing
Elijah Don
'Elijah Don' 1 month ago
Diego LG.
'Diego LG.' 1 month ago
that dog is a nice dog
Ace Mt
'Ace Mt' 1 month ago
Who saw the sign on the first clip ??😂
sandra vargas
'sandra vargas' 1 month ago
Why im i watching this messed up show
Cameron Ephiram
'Cameron Ephiram' 1 month ago
wow. that. is. fucked. up
CosmicAcid Gaming
'CosmicAcid Gaming' 1 month ago
a coup!e of humans die nobody cares a bird dies and everybody loses their shit
Bubble 101
'Bubble 101' 1 month ago
'IORN WOLF 132' 1 month ago
13:01 Pause and look at the list it says ✔️Try sex (butt)
Dead Start
'Dead Start' 1 month ago
roses are red Violets are blue So you can you go Fuck yourself
Huskylove 2034
'Huskylove 2034' 2 months ago
Omg the first one his name is Mr.Macky from South Park!!!
Michael Mason
'Michael Mason' 2 months ago
One of the shorts (you will have to figure out on your own) Has a Final Destination kinda theme
GwWaterMelon // JustLukas
Roses are red Violets are blue I wouldnt be sad if harambe had pood
Gamer Glitch
'Gamer Glitch' 2 months ago
explosmentertainment just saying you forgot to add out of order to the description!
Youngthugg1805 Everyday we lit
roses are red violets are blue harambe was shot thanks to u
'Lauren's Lil Corner' 2 months ago
10:29 I AM SCARRED FOR LIFE OMG that was so gross and weird and terrifying
'Sansrriorar' 2 months ago
poor clown... he was nice ;_;
'Ihedioha' 2 months ago
Christian Hartwell
'Christian Hartwell' 2 months ago
Ah shiiii....
Mark Jules Surat
'Mark Jules Surat' 2 months ago
look at Pete's list
AmericasFavoriteFightingFrenchman bill
During repulsel it's the mine craft walking sound
Killer Waffle
'Killer Waffle' 2 months ago
Wish I had a dog like that
'Wolf_Hazzer' 2 months ago
5:43 sounds like breaking dirt blocks in mine craft 😂😂😂😂😂✋🏻
'Pie1234' 2 months ago
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