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Is The Resting Place Of Vlad "The Impaler" Revealed In This Satellite Image? -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
These Transylvanian burial mounds may be the resting place of Vlad Dracula, "The Impaler."
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G Dogg
'G Dogg' 4 weeks ago
bram stroker invented the vampire... vlad tepes dracul.. was not the undead... he was no more ruthless than any other ruler of medieval europe
'xnomadx9' 2 months ago
Stupid American bullshit. We call him, Vlad Ţepeș and he wasn't a vampire that's a fake story invented by the strangers, if this legend was real we should know this better than you. But again the americans thinks they know the history of a country better than the country itself.
Adrian A
'Adrian A' 3 months ago
Where is it written that ottoman troops killed him? Its not even mentioned how he died or who killed him, its only mentioned that his head was sent to the sultan, doesnt give any specifics. Considering he was imprisoned by king of Hungary for over 11 years, he returned to rule over a country where he had no real control anymore. Anything could have happened to end his new short reign.
Dragon Girl
'Dragon Girl' 3 months ago
Abandon all hope you who enter here,TRUMPHATERS!!!!😆😆😆😆😆
Lorraine Joseph
'Lorraine Joseph' 4 months ago
Lorraine Joseph
'Lorraine Joseph' 4 months ago
Lorraine Joseph
'Lorraine Joseph' 4 months ago
Lorraine Joseph
'Lorraine Joseph' 4 months ago
Lorraine Joseph
'Lorraine Joseph' 4 months ago
Lorraine Joseph
'Lorraine Joseph' 4 months ago
Lorraine Joseph
'Lorraine Joseph' 4 months ago
Lorraine Joseph
'Lorraine Joseph' 4 months ago
Lorraine Joseph
'Lorraine Joseph' 4 months ago
Lorraine Joseph
'Lorraine Joseph' 4 months ago
Commie trash invaded USA long ago. #GETOUTBITCH
manuel davidoff
'manuel davidoff' 4 months ago
science!!! wtf?!
Mihailius Rex
'Mihailius Rex' 4 months ago
This is simply a bunch of nonsense. Please delete this video to avoid further embaressment.
Akos Niceplace
'Akos Niceplace' 4 months ago
This is a joke guys...
0riginal _Panda_Child
Do you want a historically inaccurate video? Well, the Science Channel have something for you!
Silvia Elena
'Silvia Elena' 4 months ago
wtf is this bullshit, I'm romanian and this is the worst kind of pseudoscience I've ever heard
Doug Reed
'Doug Reed' 4 months ago
You guys are getting much better at editing these so they are less unsatisfying teaser bullshit, and more self-contained mini-stories. Kudos for that, definitely moving in the right direction. That said, I really think you should just do entire segments from shows. You know--more flies with honey and all that...
'vladandrei09' 4 months ago
As a romanian What the fuck is this shit
Max Althemyst
'Max Althemyst' 4 months ago
...and this channel is called "science" !?!?!?! LOL
محمد مضوى
'محمد مضوى' 4 months ago
ĺdon't belve that????😞
'Shameer' 4 months ago
Dave 1
'Dave 1' 4 months ago
The answer is no.
hkkv jhcc
'hkkv jhcc' 4 months ago
dont we already know where hes buried hes in Comana Monastery, Comana, Romania
'roachy' 4 months ago
If his tomb is ever found his head wont be
'HimKioo' 4 months ago
Who gives a sh1t about some dead guy... What vampires? They don't exist as a scientific fact.
'frenzisor' 4 months ago
Ha ha, what total nonsense. Is this real science, come on!
Bryan Pena
'Bryan Pena' 4 months ago
Vlad is a vampire, he is still alive feeding on corspes.
Kefa Irish
'Kefa Irish' 4 months ago
'NeWx89' 4 months ago
Marian Gherca
'Marian Gherca' 4 months ago
"proper" archeology ... someone please call Professor River Song.
'TheZebbedee12' 4 months ago
The "Science Channel" is so stupid now. Unsubscribe.
'J G' 4 months ago
Did they need the satellite image to see the mounds?
'N0TS0SUBTLE' 4 months ago
Great, now we know where to take a dump. What a scumbag.
ram lumamba
'ram lumamba' 4 months ago
becauese of the curiesnes of the scientist they might get the large stone and let the vlad and the vampires out...
Tjark Sibley
'Tjark Sibley' 4 months ago
Boy, am i thankfull! All of your Videos are a waste of time and this video convinced me to finally unsubscribe... Btw, who gets paid for this?!
'HELGA' 4 months ago
Someone should start a petition to do that.
'Zamal' 4 months ago
Do it then
Void Cometh
'Void Cometh' 4 months ago
Um the origins of the belief in Vampires started in the late 1600's Vlad died in December of 1476. No one at the time of his death thought he was a vampire or anyone else was either. Why are all the formally educational channel so full of utter nonsense and Pseudo- Science? Is it any wonder we live in a world where the term alternative facts is said without Irony.
'gligor1290' 4 months ago
1. Vlad was definitely not buried in Transylvania. 2. Thous mounds are known to be natural formation, they were research in the past. Sorry, no conspiracy hear in Transylvania. With regards an archaeologist from Transylvania.
'Jerkabobber' 4 months ago
Boy that was dumb
Kung Fu Naki
'Kung Fu Naki' 4 months ago
Quit being lil bitches and do it
Ramen Nudles
'Ramen Nudles' 4 months ago
This changes a lot about Vlad's story
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