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Balding Men Try Spray-On Hair -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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Cory Jacob

'genius2000' 17 hours ago
Pappy Tron
'Pappy Tron' 2 days ago
1:43 Looks like Steven Seagal!
The Ari Kitty!
'The Ari Kitty!' 2 days ago
*_T h i c c n e r_*
Weight Of The World
Didn't know BewhY was on BuzzFeed damn.
'MangoTeen' 5 days ago
I literally watched the ad before this video about covering your bald spot with a shakeything
Rigel Sinco
'Rigel Sinco' 6 days ago
You don't really have to worry about balding because you can still be badass, there's Vin Diesel, The Rock, Batista, Jason Statham and... Johnny Sins.
Jamal Charles
'Jamal Charles' 6 days ago
Just let it go man when u start balding just look yourself in the mirror and say well time to go bald for good
Theadora Palmer
'Theadora Palmer' 6 days ago
What is Tropexolone System? Does it work? I hear many people get more intense erections with this popular natural male enhancement.
Jym E. Changa
'Jym E. Changa' 2 weeks ago
this stuff doesn't work on homos. That's the problem here
Elizabeth Grable
'Elizabeth Grable' 2 weeks ago
Just shave itM
Harry Dyckenhaand
'Harry Dyckenhaand' 2 weeks ago
Horry sheeet... That Asia-man has a mole under his eye just like me. Dope.
Holly Heil
'Holly Heil' 2 weeks ago
the widow peak has me DEAD
Asian Maan
'Asian Maan' 2 weeks ago
The asian guy was sooo cheap that he ordered a blind barber 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Sabine M
'Sabine M' 2 weeks ago
* cough * Buy a wig.
Benyamin Codee
'Benyamin Codee' 2 weeks ago
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Brooke Grier
'Brooke Grier' 2 weeks ago
For some reason I read “men handle hairspray”😂😭
crazyraiderfan#89 Ü
Its aaron rodgers
Dirty of Los Angeles
I think I'll try it again, without tape.
Brother Not Brother
'Brother Not Brother' 2 weeks ago
Check out our video of some interesting Hair Loss solutions
Abina Cox
'Abina Cox' 2 weeks ago
Arganlife Shampoo really helps curtail the shedding.
LeBron James
'LeBron James' 2 weeks ago
Is this product sold in Cleveland?
ivan sinful
'ivan sinful' 3 weeks ago
We can split atoms and destroy civilizations, make self driving cars and robot surgeons, but we cant grow back hair decently...
geez Rrez
'geez Rrez' 3 weeks ago
Has anyone had any luck with Finasteride ?
Meerkatgirl 101
'Meerkatgirl 101' 3 weeks ago
" I dunno if I have time to do this " meanwhile half the world if women are getting up 3 hours earlier to get their face and hair "presentable" with 80+ products for no f-ing reason
Georas Baird
'Georas Baird' 3 weeks ago
Does Tropexolone System really work? I see lots of people keep on talking about Tropexolone System. But I'm not sure if it's good enough to get permanent enlargement with natural ways.
Gabriel Medlin
'Gabriel Medlin' 3 weeks ago
nothing worse than a weave or makeup
Evelyn Yao
'Evelyn Yao' 1 month ago
1:43 illuminati confirmed
Niklas Anderson
'Niklas Anderson' 1 month ago
1:58 he looks like hes animated or something WTF
Tesa Boks
'Tesa Boks' 1 month ago
Go kys
marcel smith
'marcel smith' 1 month ago
that guy at 2:00 min looks like he escaped a fire!😂
Calhoun Melody
'Calhoun Melody' 1 month ago
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Kevlar Vrus 57
'Kevlar Vrus 57' 1 month ago
Asian guy looked like the last airbender.
john nelson
'john nelson' 1 month ago
Count chocula, clean up that widows peak. I like the way the gay guy flips the hair he doesn't have
franko bolero
'franko bolero' 1 month ago
use Alpecin on time boyzzz
'It'sliterally Sisi' 1 month ago
"fire, wind, water, earth... long ago there was a boy named aang.."
Noah Byall
'Noah Byall' 1 month ago
Wait at 0:46 that looks like Fred. Is that Fred and it sounds like him
Steffie Dreessen
'Steffie Dreessen' 1 month ago
That Asian looking Guy has a hairline like Eddy Munster after applying that shoepolish on his head.
a snake
'a snake' 1 month ago
IMO, if you're balding, cut of all your hair and grow a beard. Become a total badass.
Armando Reyes
'Armando Reyes' 1 month ago
Hey Steven seagal called he said he wants his hairline back!!. Lol
Blake Bumbalough
'Blake Bumbalough' 1 month ago
I'd go Jason Statham and embrace the baldness... Thankfully all the old men in my family have full heads of hair well into their 70s
Nina Liu
'Nina Liu' 1 month ago
0:37 " now it just looks like..." it looks like poop! "Black spray paint " Ohhh...
Yes No
'Yes No' 1 month ago
Spray on shoes
'Squidward' 1 month ago
Caleb Robben
'Caleb Robben' 1 month ago
0:45 lucas cruikshank??
Doug Hunter
'Doug Hunter' 1 month ago
Does buzzfeed only hire gay guys? Gay people in the U.S. is about 3.8 percent. On Buzzfeed the ratio is 90 percent.
Ashy J
'Ashy J' 1 month ago
All gays
Justin Hopkins
'Justin Hopkins' 1 month ago
Mr Dixin
'Mr Dixin' 1 month ago
1:43 when u get a bad hairline
'KingBee' 1 month ago
Gays people!
Charlie Mills
'Charlie Mills' 1 month ago
this is the male equivalent of using makeup and hair dye
Susie Armando
'Susie Armando' 1 month ago
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Kiya Michae
'Kiya Michae' 1 month ago
Vickyy Music
'Vickyy Music' 1 month ago
My ex used to "pepper" his hair ... he even got me to help him do it once and the whole thing was just fucking ridiculous. Get over it... people bald. No one cares....
'Technicstechnician' 1 month ago
Men are so effeminate nowadays
Mr Sir
'Mr Sir' 1 month ago
All i can think about is when King Neptune got spray on hair in his eyes😭
Janet Gonzalez
'Janet Gonzalez' 1 month ago
All done😉
Alana Hoseok
'Alana Hoseok' 1 month ago
Yoongi will need this #RIPyoongisHairs [*]
'umpus' 1 month ago
Never watched this channel before. The point was to act like idiots and not actually try the products, yes?
micahT -
'micahT -' 1 month ago
micahT -
'micahT -' 1 month ago
If you're going bald, just man up and shave your head. You look like you're holding onto your anal virginity.
Dirty Oppland
'Dirty Oppland' 1 month ago
wes trisha has anybady seen my sistear trishya thrisha, thRISHA WER ART YIU
'Taz FTW' 1 month ago
Dude looking like FUCKING Avatar with that point on his head
Maxy Tonia
'Maxy Tonia' 1 month ago
I read many great reviews on the internet about how Tropexolone System can assist you get permanent enlargement by using healthy ways. Has anybody tried this popular male enhancement?
XxxSmol DragonxxX
'XxxSmol DragonxxX' 1 month ago
0:18 you can look through his hair 😂😂😂
Abandoned Hope
'Abandoned Hope' 1 month ago
'STRFCKR' 1 month ago
astro boy
'Shrimp' 1 month ago
1:43 😂😂👏👏 that was frikin amazing
Josh Mosq
'Josh Mosq' 2 months ago
redBF is not enough?
Vege ta
'Vege ta' 2 months ago
I hate gay people
Daniela Bashe
'Daniela Bashe' 2 months ago
1:51 he kinda looks like Lukas
snake paul
'snake paul' 2 months ago
It would've worked if they actually did it right
Guillermo Sánchez Terrones
Looking at the comment section, women laughing at these guys. Kind curious when they are the queens of performing ridiculous things at her face/hair/body to cover up their insecurities. All the girlfriend I had, all of them used to made at least 3 strange things to "look better".
'MoBxDGK' 2 months ago
That vegeta hairline 😂😂
Mister Sarajevo
'Mister Sarajevo' 2 months ago
Asian dude's fake hairline was hilarious.
Nathan Steffanic
'Nathan Steffanic' 2 months ago
at a certain point just shave Down to bald it's better than trying to revive what's dead
Nathan Steffanic
'Nathan Steffanic' 2 months ago
why are gay guys so annoying? you don't naturally talk like that
Cris MD
'Cris MD' 2 months ago
That guy in the gray is a hobo
Angel frm da 559
'Angel frm da 559' 2 months ago
eddie munster
Ryo Abe
'Ryo Abe' 2 months ago
I just had a Japanese hair spray commercial before this Coincidence? I think not
'Mrdffr' 2 months ago
Squidward is shook 😂
Ryu Vvabs
'Ryu Vvabs' 2 months ago
Marc Geras
'Marc Geras' 2 months ago
I read the reviews for Argan Life Shampoo and was quite skeptical of the claims but bought a bottle and I am very glad I did! This is an absolutely wonderful product for dry hair, stressed hair like mine. Higly recommended!
Melanie Reimer
'Melanie Reimer' 2 months ago
uuuh let them try the onion juice “therapy“ :D
'FaceRip' 2 months ago
Gee, I wonder if there's any gay guys in this video? Hmm...
Marcos Padilla
'Marcos Padilla' 2 months ago
Everyone looks gay af these days
GameWith Arii
'GameWith Arii' 2 months ago
Hey!, yea you... do you mind checking out my channel? Ill make more content as i grow so can you plz subscribe and give some positive feedback it would ne appreciated thx :) Edit: i meant me*
Sup3r Ry4n
'Sup3r Ry4n' 2 months ago
1:06 This guy is actually completely bald now.
'shax' 2 months ago
Celina Liu
'Celina Liu' 2 months ago
I wonder what Eugene thinks
'DirtyPsycho69' 3 months ago
Most men wouldn't do this. It's not like with women and girls where being insecure and painting someone else's face on to their own face is okay.
Ebba Langebro
'Ebba Langebro' 3 months ago
1:43 Avatar: The Last Hairbender
Derek Vinyard
'Derek Vinyard' 3 months ago
Was that Tiger Woods??
Ayanna Raymond
'Ayanna Raymond' 3 months ago
0:52 , if you've ever seen full house, uncle Jesse claims he has invented the product.
James Garcia
'James Garcia' 3 months ago
The guy in the 88 shirt sounds and looks like Lucas...aka fred
'léa' 3 months ago
i had an ad about scalp micropigmentation before this video
Aaron Vlogs
'Aaron Vlogs' 3 months ago
"I thought GLH stood for "Get Lost Hemroids"
'Jel0XD' 3 months ago
fucking vegita
Rita Hall
'Rita Hall' 3 months ago
Who else got the ad with domo and crissy
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