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Balding Men Try Spray-On Hair -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 months ago

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Cory Jacob

Andro Ewont
'Andro Ewont' 5 days ago
I tried some of anti-hair loss drug and herbal approaches – but they are totally wasted time and money . All of them include chemicals. My friend was using Argan rain and she recommended me and I trusted her. I bought this product on eBay. Now, I am really satisfied with this product. Thank you my friend for suggestion and thank you so much Argan rain
Mechelle Wingle
'Mechelle Wingle' 7 days ago
I just got an add for something like this...
Jordan Hartley
'Jordan Hartley' 1 week ago
Why do they always have effeminate men on buzz feed
Dave Johnston
'Dave Johnston' 2 weeks ago
Much cheaper to go to Walmart, or your local hardware store and purchase a few cans of Rustoleum spray paint. plus you have a myraid of colors to choose from! LOL
V 뷔
'V 뷔' 2 weeks ago
The guy at 0:28 looks like old Fred
Damien Quintana
'Damien Quintana' 2 weeks ago
1:43 I found vegeta
I can
1:41 the new avatar.
Will Murphy
'Will Murphy' 3 weeks ago
Gem Rae
'Gem Rae' 3 weeks ago
still confused if that's FRED or not
Gem Rae
'Gem Rae' 3 weeks ago
still confused if that's FRED or not
Donovan Campbell
'Donovan Campbell' 3 weeks ago
TBH if I start balding I'll just shave it off and wear a wig😂
'TRIPLE AAA' 3 weeks ago
the turk guy looks like a tramp.
Mia Albin
'Mia Albin' 3 weeks ago
0:45 xD
Joshua Fisch
'Joshua Fisch' 3 weeks ago
another video without a cis white male #diversity #fakenews
David Brammer
'David Brammer' 4 weeks ago
Lmfaaaaaooo theire hair looks hilarious
Zainah G
'Zainah G' 4 weeks ago
The guy at 1:55 looks like Lukas Cruikshank
Kyra Passion
'Kyra Passion' 4 weeks ago
hahahaha the asian Vagita from Dragon Ball z
'Mastery' 4 weeks ago
The ad that played for this video was an anti balding powder one
'jacesaces15' 4 weeks ago
Buzz it gentlemen.
Zara O donoghue
'Zara O donoghue' 4 weeks ago
men..just shave it. .thinning hair looks ugly af and ages you ..
*le mera
'*le mera' 4 weeks ago
mine receded about 2-4 mm, I shat my fcking pants
Andrea Enke
'Andrea Enke' 4 weeks ago
They DO have a tool for that!,default,pd.html#q=toppik&start=1
'JUNIOR GARCIA' 4 weeks ago
Check out Dracula-San over there with his salt and pepper shaker hair
'Fuaarrkk' 4 weeks ago
why is it that all the buzz feed people are high? like eyes are always glassy and red asf haha
Katie Latie
'Katie Latie' 4 weeks ago
Didn't buzzfeed already make a video like this?
Jason Xiong
'Jason Xiong' 4 weeks ago
What happened to the Asians hair
z zheee
'z zheee' 4 weeks ago
"If they dont like it then they can find a guy with more hair " DEADDD
Rebecca Reiger
'Rebecca Reiger' 4 weeks ago
my mom's ex used to use the shake on hair powder and I guess it worked since he had a combover. the powder just covered up the skin underneath. I didn't know he used it till my mom told me, like I would see him using it, I just never knew what it was...
'Guffy' 4 weeks ago
avatar is that you?
Derp UmWell
'Derp UmWell' 4 weeks ago
ohhh soo that's Donald Trumps secret!
'PaZsoNa' 4 weeks ago
Is that FRED (aka Lucas)?
Abraxas Alazam
'Abraxas Alazam' 4 weeks ago
These people are far from men
Nathan Phillips
'Nathan Phillips' 4 weeks ago
Buzzfeed has to have a gay guy in every video lol
Future Spices
'Future Spices' 4 weeks ago
Why my Asian homie got a pyramid for a hairline??
dynamiteman 115
'dynamiteman 115' 4 weeks ago
They weren't as bald ask thought
Brittany Jorgensen
'Brittany Jorgensen' 4 weeks ago
Toppik also makes a comb that you use like a stencil to get a more natural looking hair line
dragonmaster 980
'dragonmaster 980' 4 weeks ago
Am I the only one that got a spray-on hair ad before the video ?
Ruth Ly
'Ruth Ly' 4 weeks ago
maybe the spray one would work better for people with long thin hair to make it look thicker? nah i don't know really
My Chemical Obsession
Lmfao got a hair transplant ad
'ThunderPuncher' 4 weeks ago
0:18 that guy looks like fred
Ethan Sikes
'Ethan Sikes' 4 weeks ago
Waste if time
Michael Hetu
'Michael Hetu' 4 weeks ago
Did you just assume their genders?
rick roller
'rick roller' 4 weeks ago
sooo I saw this hair in a can infomercial....... Oh lawdy haha
Westly Suarez
'Westly Suarez' 4 weeks ago
Anyone notice that gay dude is fred that guy with the funny high voice
'Maxx' 4 weeks ago
He looked like Count Asian Dracula with that stuff
Romero xo
'Romero xo' 4 weeks ago
Belle Salau
'Belle Salau' 4 weeks ago
*this was hilarious* 😂🤣
Jukiac Caca
'Jukiac Caca' 4 weeks ago
Is the guy is the 88 shirt gay?
Jake Quaza
'Jake Quaza' 4 weeks ago
Everyone in this video already has hair... Wtf os the point
Timothee Laine
'Timothee Laine' 4 weeks ago
God inspire I prefer this vid degply extraordinary ..
Victor De Leon
'Victor De Leon' 4 weeks ago
it reminds me of spongebob
'PscyllehrToka' 4 weeks ago
the guy with the blue shirt xD omg hes hilarious!
'KampKarl' 4 weeks ago
I love that one of the guys shirt says 88 XD 14/88
Ashli Hollander
'Ashli Hollander' 4 weeks ago
"Yeah it looks pretty good...I just wish it was real" 😭
'Metalmandy8' 1 month ago
Toppik is a life saver.
Jordan Leigh Wheatley
this is obviously what the Donald does in addition to his comb over
Dan Tran
'Dan Tran' 1 month ago
this dude got the saiyan prince hairline
Charles Harding
'Charles Harding' 1 month ago
was that dude 0:39 fred?
Charlie Payne
'Charlie Payne' 1 month ago
1:44 goals
xoendiya xo
'xoendiya xo' 1 month ago
they should get what fouseytube got if women get get weaves and feel good about them selves so can men
'Kuma' 1 month ago
Damn that one guys haurline just looks like Vegetas
Ashley Gonzalez
'Ashley Gonzalez' 1 month ago
It does come with a hair line guard lmaoooo buzz feed always does them dirt
amazing ashley
'amazing ashley' 1 month ago
Family Vlog!
'Family Vlog!' 1 month ago
0:56 anyone remember uncle Jessie's invention?
'IzzieCookiestar' 1 month ago
'lovelyxskinny' 1 month ago
my ex boyfriend was half bald and he was only 22 but looked 52
Penguin Pilot
'Penguin Pilot' 1 month ago
1:43 LOL!!!!!
Charlotte B
'Charlotte B' 1 month ago
anyone else got a toppik advertisement exactly before this video? 😂
Bobby Smacker
'Bobby Smacker' 1 month ago
Wtf is Jeremy Lin doing???
dumb edits
'dumb edits' 1 month ago
2 guy gay af
citlali villegas
'citlali villegas' 1 month ago
LMAOOO wen he messed up I laughed so hard 😂 these guys r messy ahahahaha
Luna Loud
'Luna Loud' 1 month ago
So what if your hair line going away? You're still beautiful no matter what.
Trevon Powell
'Trevon Powell' 1 month ago
bruh y the asian guy look like the last air bender
'WarthDader74' 1 month ago
All three of those guys are using the products in the wrong way, Toppik is much better in reality than shown in this video.
Genuine Peach
'Genuine Peach' 1 month ago
I think Aang should shave his head again.
'PlatypusDoodles' 1 month ago
This is lying about your hair. Makeup is lying about your face. Clothes are lying about your body. You skin is lying about your muscles. Your body is lying about your soul.
Lexie Cierra Williams
im i the only one who thought that one guy looked like the avatar?
Jun Sun
'Jun Sun' 1 month ago
'Hashpotato' 1 month ago
fucking hairlarious
vaneza flowers
'vaneza flowers' 1 month ago
02:23 YES YOU GO
'IAmTriumph' 1 month ago
Dude looked like aang from the avatar
Carolina Alvarez
'Carolina Alvarez' 1 month ago
The widows peak was hilarious. Lol
christopher bartee
'christopher bartee' 1 month ago
once the hairline goes everything goes
XxashlynnxX Ravenscroft
how else got a commercial for this?
Kylie Martello
'Kylie Martello' 1 month ago
0:45 this guys looks like an older version of Lucas Cruikshank
'SuperSophia' 1 month ago
1:42 OH MY GOD
Rebecka Henry
'Rebecka Henry' 1 month ago
0:16 is it just me or does he look like the older version of Lucas Cruikshank?
why isn't zach from the tryguys in this video??
Gavin DeRosas
'Gavin DeRosas' 1 month ago
he looks like the fuckkng avatar
'StrafeHittinq' 1 month ago
*I had a Breakthrough Technology ad, which is a bald spray ad*
Dorothy Deyes
'Dorothy Deyes' 1 month ago
The blonde hair guy in the beginning looks like and older Lucas Cruikshank
Sadie Hopper
'Sadie Hopper' 1 month ago
The last airbender??
Saniya Perry
'Saniya Perry' 1 month ago
was that Lucas
'URanInTheUglyForest' 1 month ago
I hope to remember this product when Halloween comes around.
Holly Ma
'Holly Ma' 1 month ago
none of these guys were actually fully bald Howie Mandel is bald
'mkma22' 1 month ago
I have alopecia and use the toppik fibers and its holding spray regularly. It really boosts up my confidence when I go out but I'm always honest with others and tell them I'm balding
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