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Balding Men Try Spray-On Hair -
Published: 12 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 12 months ago

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Cory Jacob

Hitman Snappz
'Hitman Snappz' 6 hours ago
Is that Jermey Lin or Vegeta?
How would that help if i work as a lifeguard?
'bobocpe' 15 hours ago
Soy boys...
Jose Lopez
'Jose Lopez' 15 hours ago
1:43 its the homie Aang the last air bender
'SOYxATOMICAL' 22 hours ago
Faze Banks should try this.
meri tremblay
'meri tremblay' 1 day ago
Can someone tell faze banks
Vance Biondo
'Vance Biondo' 1 day ago
shave it call it a day
Vance Biondo
'Vance Biondo' 1 day ago
Vance Biondo
'Vance Biondo' 1 day ago
brilliant idea .. BOZO IN A BOX .. lol morons.
Robert Buchanan
'Robert Buchanan' 2 days ago
Why were they all homosexuals?
Estela Petit
'Estela Petit' 2 days ago
The last air bender
'Lynchology101' 2 days ago
Why are all these men ridiculously affeminate?
'WaffleMinion' 2 days ago
Best way to combat baldness is to just get ripped af
'us3south' 3 days ago
Tony R
'Tony R' 3 days ago
These dudes are total fGgots
'Miles' 3 days ago
Those hairlines 😂
caitlyn who r u
'caitlyn who r u' 3 days ago
Why 🤔
Yea Boi cell
'Yea Boi cell' 3 days ago
ya boi loks lik avatar
Alec Gaming And More
Axolotl Hamilton
'Axolotl Hamilton' 5 days ago
the shaker:"ever wanted to feel like a chia pet?"
'HawaiianKong' 6 days ago
BuzzFeed has to meet the gay quota with every vid
'max4thewin' 6 days ago
2:16 vegeta
Mary Marshmallow
'Mary Marshmallow' 1 week ago
I don't care how much hair you have, please just wash it...
Elefterios Makis
'Elefterios Makis' 1 week ago
it looks horrible
'RS2002' 1 week ago
There is a technique to applying this product. It works particular for balding at the rear of the head.
Dapper Crow
'Dapper Crow' 1 week ago
The blonde one is definitely gay. I just sense it XD
'SCrawford' 1 week ago
Jeremy Lins looked pretty legit
'Vlad' 1 week ago
I once killed A man with my shoe
0:51 did this moment remind you of full house?
'M H' 1 week ago
“If they like it they like it and if they don’t they can find someone with more hair” 😂
Green Gamer
'Green Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Cough Cough Lebron James
Sebastian Oglethorpe
Are there any straight people at buzzfeed?
im extremely emo
'im extremely emo' 2 weeks ago
I had a spray-on hair ad before this video lol.
Memphis Saoud
'Memphis Saoud' 2 weeks ago
1:43 OMG😂
i’m Vegan
'i’m Vegan' 2 weeks ago
The guy on the left isn’t balding, what i mean is he is bald Of the thumbnail
Alun Parker
'Alun Parker' 2 weeks ago
Hahaha fucking balding soyboys get fucked, I'm gonna run my hands through my luxurious mane now
Marvin Eid
'Marvin Eid' 2 weeks ago
Lmao! this is comedy gold
'TUFF GONG Police' 2 weeks ago
why's almost all the people in buzzfeed videos always if not super awkward,gay/lesbian or both?
Gargoyle Senior
'Gargoyle Senior' 2 weeks ago
Bought this for myself and have used it for 4 months now. I'm addicted to this thing, you just have to apply it carefully.
Gargoyle Senior
'Gargoyle Senior' 2 weeks ago
That asian guy became the Avatar
Hailey Lannigan
'Hailey Lannigan' 2 weeks ago
The guy in the blue seems so sad, I want to hug him
SOLVIET UNION -Bin chickens
*sprays nose*
SOLVIET UNION -Bin chickens
*sprays nose*
Davia A.
'Davia A.' 3 weeks ago
hj kn
'hj kn' 3 weeks ago
Try dermarolling
Rachel Xo
'Rachel Xo' 3 weeks ago
LOL the guy at 2:01 just looked dirty as hell lmfao
Karen steenberg
'Karen steenberg' 3 weeks ago
The guy in the thumbnail looks like robins ex-boyfriend from how I met your mother. anyone?
The Last Of Us
'The Last Of Us' 3 weeks ago
You know what’s better? Not sure if you can be partially bald rather than completely bald but there is a thing where you get tattooed to make hair fuller.
The Last Of Us
'The Last Of Us' 3 weeks ago
It’s most suppose to restore hair lines, it’s made to make thin hair like at the back of your head look more fuller.
Amber Robinson
'Amber Robinson' 3 weeks ago
Try transplants
Kyle McCallum
'Kyle McCallum' 3 weeks ago
This doesn’t actually fix your hair line but more just filling in the balled spots in your hair. It wasn’t made to fix your hair completely.
Omni Art
'Omni Art' 3 weeks ago
My man got the Vegeta hairline! Its over 9000!!!!!!!!
Michael Tamil
'Michael Tamil' 3 weeks ago
try Asian paint-15year guarantee
Danny Giroux
'Danny Giroux' 3 weeks ago
Kudos to these guys! And the widow's peak attempt.. SO HILARIOUS!!
Invader Tim
'Invader Tim' 3 weeks ago
I didn't know it existed
Hansel Thepedo
'Hansel Thepedo' 3 weeks ago
what happens if it rains?
Jaime Zarraga
'Jaime Zarraga' 3 weeks ago
He looked like Ang, the last hairbender 😂
Rickard Samuelsson
'Rickard Samuelsson' 3 weeks ago
These products are humiliating. Ended up growing a beard and shaved off the rest of my hair instead
Hannah • •
'Hannah • •' 3 weeks ago
1:43 lmfoa that reminded me of avatar, air bender 😂
'MrLovaLova' 4 weeks ago
Does buzzfeed only hire gay guys?
Shemar Collier
'Shemar Collier' 4 weeks ago
Hair line so sharp might cut yo self
'Revearo' 4 weeks ago
wait wHAT
Johnny Boy
'Johnny Boy' 4 weeks ago
Flex Seal???
Orca Wheather
'Orca Wheather' 4 weeks ago
McDonald’s haircut badadadadaaaaaaaa
Julian Caicedo
'Julian Caicedo' 4 weeks ago
2:17 LOL
'Zack' 1 month ago
That stuff is supposed to "add volume/thicken" existing hair, you can't extend your hairline with it
'impumagirl' 1 month ago
🙎 👀 😣_______ 🎇🎆🎉 😅L😅M😃A😃O😅 🎢🎡
Outstanding Innovation
Looks like Jeremy linn!!
Napoleon Masinsin
'Napoleon Masinsin' 1 month ago
vegeta's hairline
Brooklyn Capps
'Brooklyn Capps' 1 month ago
He said that putting on that on everyday would be a pain in the a** but girls spend 1-3 hours a day to put on makeup😂
Random Insanity
'Random Insanity' 1 month ago
That dude looked like CrazyRussianHacker tho.
'matzpimp' 1 month ago
Gay porn?
'Moll662' 1 month ago
the man with the brown hair and green eyes is so handsome
'TheBombShhh' 1 month ago
they could always just shave their head and look cool
'ItsCxarde' 1 month ago
God, I'm getting recommended a lot of bald videos, are you trying to say something?
'KOKO MONKEYKO' 2 months ago
1:30 THATS what she said 😂😂👌
'TawdryTempest' 2 months ago
1:43 Can't! 😂😂😂
Xxzz Robot
'Xxzz Robot' 2 months ago
OH My gAwd YoU Sh0ulD HaV3 d0N3 wAmAn Nat MeN. Th1S 1s s3xIsT. Th1S 1s S3xUa1 haRraSSm3nT
Carmen Cox
'Carmen Cox' 2 months ago
0:45 straight cringeeeeeee
Valerie Chapa
'Valerie Chapa' 2 months ago
"no that did not work!"
Danny Ruiz
'Danny Ruiz' 2 months ago
Damn I dead 😂😂
'shamrock32' 2 months ago
Just man up and get on propecia
Damaramu HQ
'Damaramu HQ' 2 months ago
1:42 Haha, the Asian guy gave himself the Eddie Munster do.
I mean
'I mean' 2 months ago
1:43 hahaha look like Astroboy 😂😂
Fernando Padron
'Fernando Padron' 2 months ago
The asian guy reminds me of Tyler the creator lol
Controversy Owl
'Controversy Owl' 2 months ago
Let's be honest, these products are made for thinning hair, not to give you back hair where there was none.
Edwen Sanabria
'Edwen Sanabria' 2 months ago
anyone else got a bald spot hider thing ad
'genius2000' 2 months ago
Pappy Tron
'Pappy Tron' 2 months ago
1:43 Looks like Steven Seagal!
The Ari Kitty!
'The Ari Kitty!' 2 months ago
*_T h i c c n e r_*
Weight Of The World
'Weight Of The World' 2 months ago
Didn't know BewhY was on BuzzFeed damn.
'MangoTeen' 2 months ago
I literally watched the ad before this video about covering your bald spot with a shakeything
Rigel Sinco
'Rigel Sinco' 2 months ago
You don't really have to worry about balding because you can still be badass, there's Vin Diesel, The Rock, Batista, Jason Statham and... Johnny Sins.
Jamal Charles
'Jamal Charles' 2 months ago
Just let it go man when u start balding just look yourself in the mirror and say well time to go bald for good
Jym E. Changa
'Jym E. Changa' 2 months ago
this stuff doesn't work on homos. That's the problem here
Elizabeth Grable
'Elizabeth Grable' 2 months ago
Just shave itM
Harry Dyckenhaand
'Harry Dyckenhaand' 2 months ago
Horry sheeet... That Asia-man has a mole under his eye just like me. Dope.
Holly Heil
'Holly Heil' 2 months ago
the widow peak has me DEAD
Asian Maan
'Asian Maan' 2 months ago
The asian guy was sooo cheap that he ordered a blind barber 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
xDramaLlama_ にゃ
'xDramaLlama_ にゃ' 2 months ago
* cough * Buy a wig.
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