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Balding Men Try Spray-On Hair -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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Cory Jacob

'satan' 1 hour ago
2:00 Still hot, doesn't matter 🤷
Northwest Trucker
'Northwest Trucker' 2 hours ago
real question. why does buzz feed have at least one guy person on every single video?
Red Band
'Red Band' 10 hours ago
Is it just me or does one of the guys look like older Lucas Cruickshank
'bekindrewind' 20 hours ago
God damn thank God for my families genes. My grandpa was 98 and had full head of hair. My pops too, 56 full head of hair.
'Ukapirms' 1 day ago
castor oil for hair growth
Walter Travies
'Walter Travies' 2 days ago
1:44 😂😂😂😂😂😂 He looks like Grandpa From the Munsters Hahahaha
Play With Me -And Have Fun
I literary got a an hair spray ad before these video 😯
Aoife Grace
'Aoife Grace' 2 days ago
dylan chryslerdale
This is good for Saitama from One Punch Man
'Pepe' 3 days ago
Of course Buzzfeed's men are balding. They're super low on testosterone. Bunch of soyboys.
Gacha Sapphire YT
'Gacha Sapphire YT' 3 days ago
How much?
Bugga D
'Bugga D' 4 days ago
1:42 lmao😂😂😂
sup_its_pkelly 13
'sup_its_pkelly 13' 4 days ago
My study hall teacher needs some more hair. When i look on top of his head i can see his real head under his wig 😂😂😂. He's 35 he said😂😂😂 Mr. Baldy is his name Btw i see the top of his head because he sits at a desk and looks down
Veezo TV
'Veezo TV' 5 days ago
Alex The camellia
'Alex The camellia' 5 days ago
Every thing i try is on tvLIKE BRUH
Paris Roam
'Paris Roam' 5 days ago
Better get you a lace front
'RussX5Z' 7 days ago
In order to apply this product on correctly, you have to sort of be like a hair artist. By dabbing the hair concealer on your scalp little by little( the less hair concealer the better) don't put too much. It took me a little over a year to master a natural look with the toppik/caboki hair concealer.
Galaxdia Sinsira
'Galaxdia Sinsira' 7 days ago
I got an AD of one of the sprays at the start of this video LOL
'Zoeias' 7 days ago
Spongebob predicted that this day would come.
Diana Snow
'Diana Snow' 1 week ago
Uber gay guys try spray on dookie
'Flash' 1 week ago
Elissa Janicki
'Elissa Janicki' 1 week ago
1:44 he looks like avatar the last air bender lmao 😂
Big Daddy
'Big Daddy' 1 week ago
LMAO "all done"
amoni joni
'amoni joni' 1 week ago
Hey, please do a video about men wigs like this video:
j k
'j k' 1 week ago
That guy had the Vegeta hair line
80s Queen
'80s Queen' 1 week ago
I didn’t know that was a thing
lps shimmer101
'lps shimmer101' 1 week ago
Can I use this to make my hair look longer?
Horse Shit
'Horse Shit' 1 week ago
That pink background makes me think that the people in this video are gay
The Last European
'The Last European' 1 week ago
"If no they can find someone with more hair". Lolz, this guy destroyed the critics.
IonlyROBwhite People&Dealers
How about just love who u are
sargent nightslayer Garcia
Lol who else got a hiar add before this
alithefin lo
'alithefin lo' 1 week ago
Disliking just cause buzzfeed
'SynnFo' 1 week ago
Marc Dddd
'Marc Dddd' 1 week ago
uhh you go to a barber for this
Pineapple dude Dude
'Pineapple dude Dude' 2 weeks ago
1:40 asian vitas
Woodz Gaming
'Woodz Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Zarena Pegenia
'Zarena Pegenia' 2 weeks ago
Saliva was coming out of my mouth while laughing because of the guy with a result of a triangular shaped hair. He kinda reminds me of avatar. Lolz. :D
Asian boi look like vegeta's weak cousin
Person Person
'Person Person' 2 weeks ago
I got a ad about hair in a can before watching this video
'Xonin' 2 weeks ago
looks like aang from avatar
Pink Princess 2.0
'Pink Princess 2.0' 2 weeks ago
Avatar and the last airbender just -
Naeem Ahmed
'Naeem Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
Asian guy used it wrong, you're meant to have longer hair for the toppik
Mr. R
'Mr. R' 2 weeks ago
I recommend trying it to reel man because they like hair styling
Savage Potato
'Savage Potato' 2 weeks ago
Hair in a can
Keaton Burke
'Keaton Burke' 2 weeks ago
0:45 and 0:46 it looks like FRED!!!
vanyyy llaa
'vanyyy llaa' 2 weeks ago
2:18 omg 😭
Pusheen Corn
'Pusheen Corn' 2 weeks ago
He protecc He attacc But most importantly *the babes are bacc*
Carol Lothian
'Carol Lothian' 2 weeks ago
'All done' 😂😂 that's so me.. just put on half my usual make up... now I'm like meh that'll do
Vivian Inman
'Vivian Inman' 2 weeks ago
Omg there was literally a spat on hair commercial before this and I actually thought it was the vid😂😂😂😂😂
Annie Barnes
'Annie Barnes' 2 weeks ago
Lol. Liked the video.
Keximus Maximus
'Keximus Maximus' 2 weeks ago
So spray paint
Stuart Taylor
'Stuart Taylor' 2 weeks ago
'All done' Queen!
Lil Clout Bob
'Lil Clout Bob' 2 weeks ago
Adventures of God anyone? No? ok ill show myself out
Black Panda
'Black Panda' 2 weeks ago
I legit got a ad about this Hair spray
Yamanesu Toro
'Yamanesu Toro' 2 weeks ago
Kitty Cat
'Kitty Cat' 2 weeks ago
Wow that guys said every guy gets freaked out over baldining. Again doesint everyone get freaked out
Seth Leoric
'Seth Leoric' 2 weeks ago
Hooow um are these uhhh wut
Joeski Gaming
'Joeski Gaming' 2 weeks ago
That guys hair line
DIY everything
'DIY everything' 2 weeks ago
The triangle hairline though LOL!!!!!!
'Arvticoast' 2 weeks ago
Count Dracula Alucard
'Itskelo' 2 weeks ago
They gone call him megamind for having a whole mega man McDonald’s M as his hairline
Ronnie Pickering
'Ronnie Pickering' 2 weeks ago
We need to find a cure for hair loss man so debilitating.
'v7marz' 2 weeks ago
'DM' 2 weeks ago
The Chinese wok had me in tears man! 1.42
Rated Stikbot
'Rated Stikbot' 2 weeks ago
my dad needs this!
Stick Man
'Stick Man' 2 weeks ago
still better than what happens in regular buzzfeed
'APPLE JUUCE' 2 weeks ago
I just got a shaving ad...
Amiyah Hubbard
'Amiyah Hubbard' 2 weeks ago
Lol wtf
Raquel Lucas
'Raquel Lucas' 2 weeks ago
I'm so sorry, but this video made me cry of laughter.
10 million subs without a video??
They should have used glh from the 90s
Rehaan aman
'Rehaan aman' 2 weeks ago
Chris Day
'Chris Day' 2 weeks ago
Click bait title....there were no men in this video.
Your Natural Vlogger
Get faze banks some of this LMAO. JK I love banks.
Turtle Nova
'Turtle Nova' 2 weeks ago
U did it wrong
'DanielWhaaaa' 2 weeks ago
0:33 that’s so sad just shave your head bud
Ammon Janey
'Ammon Janey' 2 weeks ago
Spray it on your arms
Gaming Rag1x
'Gaming Rag1x' 2 weeks ago
Does it works on beard?
Amandy Tha
'Amandy Tha' 2 weeks ago
I got the ad on this video
teenaged godspeed
'teenaged godspeed' 3 weeks ago
1:55 lucas cruishank???!
wayne denham
'wayne denham' 3 weeks ago
I didn't know the Avatar was here 1:43
21 suarez
'21 suarez' 3 weeks ago
Pokojni Metalac
'Pokojni Metalac' 3 weeks ago
It's fake
A fan of Dubstep
'A fan of Dubstep' 3 weeks ago
How it's possible?
'BlackGokuxX' 3 weeks ago
1:44 that hairline lol illuminati comfirmed
Jose_ SXT
'Jose_ SXT' 3 weeks ago
Asian Tiger Woods
James Powers
'James Powers' 3 weeks ago
Off I got a hair in a can ad
Why is this 1 year ago video in my recommended??!!
That guy
'That guy' 3 weeks ago
Says the guy who doesn't shake spray paint .
'BoryeGT' 3 weeks ago
1:38 Bruh no no no no no xD
'[rcoddio]' 3 weeks ago
Sorry but this is pathetic
'Mewzyc' 3 weeks ago
just use rogaine
RagingDoughnut123 *i like stuff*
Lol he’s like ang
Teja Saab Saab
'Teja Saab Saab' 3 weeks ago
Steven seagel comes to mind with the chineese triangle hahaha
Teja Saab Saab
'Teja Saab Saab' 3 weeks ago
It never dries gets on your clothesceverywhere
'SneakyBeLike' 3 weeks ago
1:41 It's Aang from Avatar the last airbender
'DAPHNE' 3 weeks ago
Simply Ira
'Simply Ira' 3 weeks ago
I need this
Coop.x. R
'Coop.x. R' 3 weeks ago
Marks on his head now he looking like Ang
'Paul' 3 weeks ago
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