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Balding Men Try Spray-On Hair -
Published: 8 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 8 months ago

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Cory Jacob

Melanie Reimer
'Melanie Reimer' 4 days ago
uuuh let them try the onion juice “therapy“ :D
'FaceRip' 1 week ago
Gee, I wonder if there's any gay guys in this video? Hmm...
Marcos Padilla
'Marcos Padilla' 1 week ago
Everyone looks gay af these days
GameWith Arii
'GameWith Arii' 1 week ago
Hey!, yea you... do you mind checking out my channel? Ill make more content as i grow so can you plz subscribe and give some positive feedback it would ne appreciated thx :) Edit: i meant me*
Sup3r Ry4n
'Sup3r Ry4n' 2 weeks ago
1:06 This guy is actually completely bald now.
'shax' 2 weeks ago
Celina Liu
'Celina Liu' 2 weeks ago
I wonder what Eugene thinks
'DirtyPsycho69' 2 weeks ago
Most men wouldn't do this. It's not like with women and girls where being insecure and painting someone else's face on to their own face is okay.
Ebba Langebro
'Ebba Langebro' 2 weeks ago
1:43 Avatar: The Last Hairbender
Derek Vinyard
'Derek Vinyard' 2 weeks ago
Was that Tiger Woods??
Ayanna Raymond
'Ayanna Raymond' 3 weeks ago
0:52 , if you've ever seen full house, uncle Jesse claims he has invented the product.
James Garcia
'James Garcia' 3 weeks ago
The guy in the 88 shirt sounds and looks like Lucas...aka fred
'léa' 3 weeks ago
i had an ad about scalp micropigmentation before this video
Aaron Vlogs
'Aaron Vlogs' 3 weeks ago
"I thought GLH stood for "Get Lost Hemroids"
'Jel0XD' 3 weeks ago
fucking vegita
'A&R' 4 weeks ago
Who else got the ad with domo and crissy
Adam Ar
'Adam Ar' 4 weeks ago
the guy with grey t-shirt doesn't look balding to me!
oakteeth buckshart
'oakteeth buckshart' 4 weeks ago
Da babes R back!!!!
alejandro verdeza
'alejandro verdeza' 4 weeks ago
Asian guy looks live avatar the last airbender
'factorygal21' 1 month ago
The Asian Eddie Munster!
'captainspacehammer' 1 month ago
Probably the saddest video I've seen so far
'Magnanimous' 1 month ago
why do skinny americans sound gay?
Maylene Contreras
'Maylene Contreras' 1 month ago
2:17 vegeta
Walking Corpse
'Walking Corpse' 1 month ago
Pfft, well I'm never gana go bald, but even if I was, I would go the light bulb route just cus. As a wrestler almost all my teamates are bald. I have a mohawk that I straighten, comb, gel and spray everyday haha, so I mean u guys spraying this stuff on ur head everyday to look good but say it's a hassle... It takes alot to look beautiful!
'bremzen' 1 month ago
The guy in the grey shirt is Hila Klein's brother btw
'KTOTHE EVIN' 1 month ago
LEGIQN? is that you?
'KATALYST Games' 1 month ago
Asian dude looks like Jeremy Lin from the NBA lol.
'roxcyn' 1 month ago
If they would like, I can recommend some other products.
Daniel Grace
'Daniel Grace' 1 month ago
Ha ha, the asian guy looks like the count from Sesame street.
'FastFoodGuido' 1 month ago
Ronco has this in the 90's. It was called GLH.. some folks that brought you good dehydrators; pocket fisherman; and knife sets
Jeremiah Flores
'Jeremiah Flores' 1 month ago
Dating a Latina will cause you to bald
Jeremiah Flores
'Jeremiah Flores' 1 month ago
Just shave your heads you guys would like awesome bald.
b em
'b em' 2 months ago
hahah wtf was the asian guy thinking who has a triangle harline
Yep im Paige the Teddy Bear
At 1:58 he looks like my dad after,work
Charlie Daye
'Charlie Daye' 2 months ago
In the UK we have the NHS, free health care. Balding women can get free hair implants and treatment, men can not.
Lexii Low
'Lexii Low' 2 months ago
'HYPE GOD' 2 months ago
'GtaGamingAllStar' 2 months ago
2,000th dislike.
Dayal Bravo
'Dayal Bravo' 2 months ago
I saw this on regular show
'Brabazon' 2 months ago
People often say to those losing their hair just shave it all off. Thats just a quick general response without thought. My hair is thinning but esp at the front but i have white patches of vitiligo on my scalp and i also have spots on my scalp that ive tried to get rid of and seen specialists but to no avail. Probs have dents in my head too. I cant have an hair transplant because it might not take because of the vitiligo on my head. The hair specialist said he cant be certain it wont fall out so i didnt want to spend 5k on something that might not take and then i'm left with littles holes in my head. So you see why the generic response of shave it off, bald is better isn't the best advice as its just general and not to specfic needs of the person. Some have what i have or dents in their head or such like so they look better with the windswept hair over shaving it because of their scalp and for me white patches.
Classic Stormtrooper
'Classic Stormtrooper' 2 months ago
Asian looks like avatar
Y Garret
'Y Garret' 2 months ago
Bruh the Asian guy lol ones retarted
Kawaii Watermelon
'Kawaii Watermelon' 2 months ago
I'm only 11 and have a hairline it's so annoying I get embarrrdesd to pull it back😅cause it looks weird when I do😂😂😂
'HippProductions' 2 months ago
'xStqts' 2 months ago
The ad is Caboki (Hair Growth thing)
cyrus kavanagh
'cyrus kavanagh' 2 months ago
One thing with spray on hair there hair line is carp xD
Maxie :p
'Maxie :p' 2 months ago
Why does everyone think the Asian guy looks like aang? I don't see any resemblance honestly
Rocky Brown
'Rocky Brown' 2 months ago
All done!
Cam Newton Jr.
'Cam Newton Jr.' 2 months ago
I thought that was Jeremy Lin
Chef Pee Pee
'Chef Pee Pee' 2 months ago
I thought this was only on Spongebob
'NATHAN VLOGS' 2 months ago
who got the ad with the guy getting hair
Lit Productions
'Lit Productions' 2 months ago
Since when did Jeremy Lin go bald
'HipsterLibbster' 2 months ago
That hair stuff was the ad I got before the video....??
Bryan C
'Bryan C' 2 months ago
nooo don't ever do it... don't lose whats on the inside 2
Little Bull
'Little Bull' 2 months ago
shave ya hair you Bell ends!
Amal Yusli
'Amal Yusli' 2 months ago
reminds me of King Neptune from Spongebob the Movie lmao
'EJ T' 2 months ago
who else got an ad for hair growth in the beginning of the video
Jonathan McNamara
'Jonathan McNamara' 2 months ago
It all started when the Fire Nation attacked....
'DomPalto' 2 months ago
My grandad is 70 and he is not balding
Big Smoke
'Big Smoke' 2 months ago
they have lebronforeheadia
TheCrazy ReviewKid
'TheCrazy ReviewKid' 2 months ago
The Asian guy in the thumbnail looked like Jeremy Lin LMAO
Grandfather Time
'Grandfather Time' 2 months ago
panca man
'panca man' 2 months ago
the Asian Asian guy Asian guy looks like nba player jeremy lin
'Inoehow2spelgud' 2 months ago
Everyone's roasting that Asian guy 😂
Crystal Palmer
'Crystal Palmer' 2 months ago
I saw a ad with a guy trying this spray on
Gaming with Dee Forever
I got a comercial for a fill-in hair marker thing lol 😂
'clip' 2 months ago
at 1:45 , he sounded like a professional critic 😂
Greensoul Pika
'Greensoul Pika' 2 months ago
1 man straight other gay
2 Half-Humans
'2 Half-Humans' 2 months ago
In the beginning of the video, this guy says that he highly recommends the product. But in the actual video he says that the product wasn't so good
'Ege' 2 months ago
how dare you insult their Gender!!!
'LuxioSoCool' 2 months ago
lol I can use that crap to spray paint color my wooden sword and garage door derp
Ricardo Martinex
'Ricardo Martinex' 2 months ago
they need bosley
'JEREMIAH VEGA' 2 months ago
no the asian guy looks like he drew his hairline with a sharpie
Nick Hernandez
'Nick Hernandez' 2 months ago
Avatar the last air bender 1:43
Elan Pillay
'Elan Pillay' 2 months ago
:42 vageta
Vote for what Why
'Vote for what Why' 3 months ago
"My pride wouldn't let me order one of those things"....yet your pride let you leave the house looking like that?
KingBaller 1999
'KingBaller 1999' 3 months ago
Not being racist, but that Asian dude looks like Jeremy Lin mixed with the Avatar.
Molly Babu
'Molly Babu' 3 months ago
I thought that was jeremy lin
EchoThenon wolfThing
'EchoThenon wolfThing' 3 months ago
he look like Aang
'TylerMessi' 3 months ago
FMH fix my hairline
an Average Cat 16
'an Average Cat 16' 3 months ago
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs is real now
'me' 3 months ago
Why does that guy in the black shirt look like an older Fred?
Jesus Da lawd
'Jesus Da lawd' 3 months ago
This is gay
'ALLDAYBALLERS' 3 months ago
Dude looks just like Jeremy Lin in the thumbnail
Chanler Hoag
'Chanler Hoag' 3 months ago
Is there any way for buzzfeed to NOT have a half man in every vid
Kamari Brown
'Kamari Brown' 3 months ago
The Asian guy had a widow's pweak from hell. lmfao
'ImQuizzy' 3 months ago
Al i wanna say is... BOI ✋
'It's Prezii' 3 months ago
The Asian dude had a choice to pick how his hairline looked like, and he chose a widows peak 😂😂😂
chedey fortune
'chedey fortune' 3 months ago
Tell me why when the Asian guy covered that bald spot...He looked like Jermaine Jackson.😭😂
Gabi Melchor
'Gabi Melchor' 3 months ago
This is weird the ad for me before the video was for this product
Chris Graham
'Chris Graham' 3 months ago
I subbed so I can watch the cringe then report to leafyishere
'better2gether' 3 months ago
You can't tell me that that one guy isn't Shia lebuf's brother
'JxyTheGoat' 3 months ago
just use biotin....
Mr Darkness
'Mr Darkness' 3 months ago
it's all great until you accidentally spray your eyes
Popo Poop
'Popo Poop' 3 months ago
There is always that one gay
Kaisa Kätkä
'Kaisa Kätkä' 3 months ago
1:43 lmao 😂😂😂
hype beast 2k
'hype beast 2k' 3 months ago
is one of them gay
Dillon Sapoen
'Dillon Sapoen' 3 months ago
that guy look like avatar😂
Giggle Kiñg
'Giggle Kiñg' 3 months ago
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