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People Guess Foods Without Color -
Published: 11 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 11 months ago

728, 967 views

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Can you recognize food without color?

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Lemon Isolated On White Background
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Cream Background
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Green Plantain
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Made by BFMP

Anton  Tokarev
'Anton Tokarev' 4 weeks ago
I just my favorite mayo wrong
'iiMapleWing' 1 month ago
“I guess mayo can be beautiful too.” *TRIGGERED*
The Real EriXon5T
'The Real EriXon5T' 2 months ago
3/3 lol
'Sam' 3 months ago
wtf is a plantain?
hurp derp
'hurp derp' 3 months ago
I'm colour blind so I'm good at this
'DasWonton' 3 months ago
'SophiaCarmina' 4 months ago
What the heck is a plaintain
Lesley Lesley
'Lesley Lesley' 4 months ago
Did anyone notice that they spelt colour wrong , they spelt it as color. But apart from that the video was good.
Kathryn McCarthy
'Kathryn McCarthy' 5 months ago
I got 2
my life crumbling apart just like this cookie
Technically it has color
'piza' 6 months ago
have these people never seen a lime in their whole life
'Josieloveselephants' 6 months ago
Plantain? What they showed was just an under ripe banana
Jazail Camacho
'Jazail Camacho' 6 months ago
I got all of them right without cheating like if you did too!!!!
Bekah Toms
'Bekah Toms' 6 months ago
What is plantain? 😂
'BabyEllie' 7 months ago
I got them all right hahah
Chipp O
'Chipp O' 7 months ago
'ItzGhost' 7 months ago
i got all wrong
Charlie-Anne Mullen
'Charlie-Anne Mullen' 7 months ago
I got them all -3-
The MLG Potato Nation
Who got none of 'em?
Briana Miller
'Briana Miller' 7 months ago
I got all of them right
'YaYaizm' 8 months ago
Navillera Buddy
'Navillera Buddy' 8 months ago
I kinda got everything right! IDK why
'Galactirru' 8 months ago
Imma have to go with lime *shows lemon* yesss
I love eating plantain..its green .. Why can't we eat it like a banana then?!
Unicorns Are Life
'Unicorns Are Life' 8 months ago
I think it's a lemon I wants meh lemons
the BRAN show
'the BRAN show' 8 months ago
I got the mayo right
Joel Beauman
'Joel Beauman' 8 months ago
So many people really don't know what a plantain is? That is actually really sad... no wonder Trump is in office.
Joel Beauman
'Joel Beauman' 8 months ago
A plantain is a member of the banana family... get it together buzzfeed...
'Birch' 8 months ago
666k views YES
jenna latoy drama
'jenna latoy drama' 8 months ago
I can tell if it is a plantain or banana plains are longer then bananas!!!
why do people think theyre mlg when theyre not
1:16 >Says "yes" >Got it wrong
Alex Spies
'Alex Spies' 8 months ago
I looked at the shape. It's all in the shapes, man.
'Pigzit' 8 months ago
"Guess what the food is without color" "I'm gonna be pretty good at this because I have a fine arts degree" Buzzfeed at its finest.
Meppers JR
'Meppers JR' 8 months ago
3 for 3
'Sydney' 8 months ago
the black girl sounds so pretentious.
Dubstep Doge
'Dubstep Doge' 8 months ago
for lemon i litteraly went throught google images and searched up lemon and lime till i founf a matching picture
Człeczny ludź
'Człeczny ludź' 8 months ago
limes ain't lemons
Maša St.
'Maša St.' 8 months ago
I got all wrong
Henry Chadwick
'Henry Chadwick' 8 months ago
whats a plantain
'Krabb124-Playz' 8 months ago
I got none right...
'Evilpotato' 8 months ago
why do i feel like buzzfeed violet is doing such a better job
Alisa Lopez
'Alisa Lopez' 8 months ago
I got them all right... #proud
Mellissa Qistina Halidi
Fun fact-orange is the only colour you can taste. Crazy,right?
Trae Rickman
'Trae Rickman' 8 months ago
Wow what an exciting video
'KindCuteDiamond' 8 months ago
I got Plantain, yogurt and lemon. 2/3 : D
'xsupplyz' 8 months ago
I've never even heard of a plantain before
Princess P
'Princess P' 8 months ago
I got everything right though...
Skwishy The Human
'Skwishy The Human' 8 months ago
I inly got plantain correct Say something I'm giving up on you...
'DangerZero' 8 months ago
3/3 correct
Tank 967477
'Tank 967477' 8 months ago
got them all right!
Shelby Freeland
'Shelby Freeland' 8 months ago
here's one read more
The Creator
'The Creator' 8 months ago
I got none right
Netanel Gilpin
'Netanel Gilpin' 8 months ago
the guy that is color blind should be good at it because the whole test is without color which other people aren't use to
Cameron Willis
'Cameron Willis' 8 months ago
How pointless
RIP- HanAssholeSolo
'RIP- HanAssholeSolo' 9 months ago
Wtf is a plantain??
Pratham Jain
'Pratham Jain' 9 months ago
all right
Kerrykaye Tomlinson
'Kerrykaye Tomlinson' 9 months ago
i cant believe because am Jamaican
Nicholas Jamesly
'Nicholas Jamesly' 9 months ago
How did I get these all right??
Hannah Furr
'Hannah Furr' 9 months ago
'rawwithnature_' 9 months ago
Got all right cause i'm a food genius!
Lisselot Martinez
'Lisselot Martinez' 9 months ago
I got that Plantain one so fast! I'm Dominican so I breathe and speak in platano!
'SophiaSavvy' 9 months ago
I got them all wrong 😂
Mac N Cheese BAGLES
'Mac N Cheese BAGLES' 9 months ago
Me not even knowing what a freaking Plantain is....
Nene Vlogs with dumb baby jack
I got 1 out of 3 and I'm not color blind! And that guy did better than me!
Samantha May
'Samantha May' 9 months ago
What's a plantain?
Aesthetic x
'Aesthetic x' 9 months ago
I got none right....
Trinity Ebbs
'Trinity Ebbs' 9 months ago
I got them all right
'AnimeIsMyLife' 9 months ago
I got them all right wow 😲 i have surprised myself
'ddddirge' 9 months ago
3 OUTTA 3!!! YEAH!!!
Lala Davies
'Lala Davies' 9 months ago
I was right for everything muhaha im lonely 😭
'Dobby' 10 months ago
I only got the mayo/yogurt one wrong. DAMN YOU MAYO
Crybaby!at the twenty one phandom
plantain in the thumbnail.I'm Spanish and I eat a lot of them
Nelly Osetrov
'Nelly Osetrov' 10 months ago
Got them all right yess
Taryn Frerichs
'Taryn Frerichs' 10 months ago
Anna V
'Anna V' 10 months ago
1. plantain 2. yogurt 3. lemon 4.
'ROCKY B' 10 months ago
Kill me plan tain????? Plantain????? Plantin
Panicofthe21crybabiesforbts Music
It is not planTAIN In the Caribbean we say planTIN but it is spelt Plantain
Do it all sencea
'Do it all sencea' 10 months ago
My moms from Jamaica too yass 0:34
Ivan Krsmanovic
'Ivan Krsmanovic' 10 months ago
wth is platanain
Shivani Walia Vlogs
'Shivani Walia Vlogs' 10 months ago
i got all right
'sweettkorn' 10 months ago
do these people not know food?
'DIYS4YOU' 10 months ago
Lemons have bigger pores 😂😂😂😂
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 10 months ago
I got them all wrong. If I know what plantain was then the world will never know
Sophia Casiano
'Sophia Casiano' 10 months ago
I got them all right
Bri J
'Bri J' 10 months ago
why dont people inform her that she has that white crusty stuff in the corner of her mouth before she puts herself in front of a camera .
Elaine S
'Elaine S' 10 months ago
I got them all right. Where is my medal
Sophie Lovely
'Sophie Lovely' 10 months ago
I got ALL of them wrong
Stone Fielding
'Stone Fielding' 10 months ago
I got 2
Rylee Southern
'Rylee Southern' 10 months ago
two out of three
Val Heffernan
'Val Heffernan' 10 months ago
"If you cut off any one sense, it will take away some of the pleasure of eating." I agree, hearing my fruit is the best! :)
'superflyguy231' 10 months ago
Unknown Person
'Unknown Person' 10 months ago
Kenny The Tiger
'Kenny The Tiger' 11 months ago
3 for 3
Kat Sign
'Kat Sign' 11 months ago
When you play along and get all of them right. *pats myself on the back*
NiNa_ PreTTy
'NiNa_ PreTTy' 11 months ago
2 outta 3 😂👍 the mayo got me
Dithonias OFFICIAL
'Dithonias OFFICIAL' 11 months ago
'anonymous' 11 months ago
I got it all right
'kickxtv' 11 months ago
Ranga chill af
Aryana Lopez
'Aryana Lopez' 11 months ago
Why does everyone pronounce plantain as "plan-tain" I just say "plantin"
Kierstyn Connell
'Kierstyn Connell' 11 months ago
Okay but that girls lipstick..........
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