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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 6 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 6 months ago

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

Mirajane Strauss
'Mirajane Strauss' 27 minutes ago
What the hell is on his teeth!?
DB Plays
'DB Plays' 28 minutes ago
when when tomatillo says die die die and you look so happy reminds me when the trolls killed chef from trolls
Leianne Gipe
'Leianne Gipe' 1 hour ago
Nice song
E-mans Channel of Randomness
Anyone here from moana ?
'djbudgiez' 2 hours ago
I likes this :)
'Rose77165' 2 hours ago
Did anyone notice that one of the lyrics is "a diamond in the rough" XD Hamilton is wonderful
Pete Jordan
'Pete Jordan' 4 hours ago
me watching this movie "when did a 'Conchords' episode break out?"
'Degroot999' 4 hours ago
1:47 the lights reflecting off tamatoa's back are closer together when he moves closer to the wall. Some impressive attention to detail. the disco ball effect is really well done
Deanothedino 343
'Deanothedino 343' 4 hours ago
At 1:23 that's from frozen
Just a Potato
'Just a Potato' 4 hours ago
"Scrub the deck" Now change the e in deck to i
Edward Lu
'Edward Lu' 5 hours ago
2:50 that key change thoe
Potato Master
'Potato Master' 6 hours ago
3:24 ruins the song :/
'IORN WOLF 132' 8 hours ago
1:36 I swear Crab king said nigga
Kxxp b
'Kxxp b' 8 hours ago
Monkeycheese sung by an idiot ruined this for me
Dino Dab
'Dino Dab' 9 hours ago
Teacher:what do you want to be when you grow up Kid:police officer Crab:I WANNA BE NICE AND SHINEEEEEEEEE
'JaydeSabbath' 9 hours ago
Tim Curry's career lives on in Jemaine. Hexus style.
Leila Pattison
'Leila Pattison' 9 hours ago
You should watch true colours
Elise Walker
'Elise Walker' 9 hours ago
did anyone else notice sven when maui was changing animals 😯😯😱😱😱
Tory Gamez
'Tory Gamez' 9 hours ago
Welcome to Would you rather, ft. LeBron James and Tamatoa. Commentator: So welcome King James and Goldy shell. LBJ: I am glab to be here. Tamatoa: *bounces a SHINY basketball* Commentator: So, would you rather Be color blind or you would have to poop every hour. LeBron: Well I - Tamatoa: ID RATHER BE SHINY
blah blah
'blah blah' 9 hours ago
I dunno what it is, but between the eyes and the mouth, he REALLY reminds me of Syndrome.
ezekiel contreras
'ezekiel contreras' 10 hours ago
2:17 And you will..DIE DIE DIE😂🤣😂🤣
Anthony Horsley
'Anthony Horsley' 10 hours ago
Am I the only one confused that when he is singing his voice sounds deeper?
Nixite 117
'Nixite 117' 10 hours ago
I hate this song with a passion
A Fru
'A Fru' 10 hours ago
:3 I love it
JumpyFever 8
'JumpyFever 8' 10 hours ago
anyone else see even as Maui was transforming rapidly?
cheriKOLA _
'cheriKOLA _' 11 hours ago
at 1:24 he turns into sven from frozen. hey i found an easter egg without youtube telling me were to look
Universe Comics
'Universe Comics' 11 hours ago
We need this entire movie except Morty is Moana and Rick is Moaui, also Tamatoa is the fart
Sarah Nessia
'Sarah Nessia' 11 hours ago
Am I only the only one that felt really uncomfortable watching this crab?
pink cactus
'pink cactus' 11 hours ago
Instantly recognized this as the same guy that sings 'Goodbye Moonmen' from Rick and Morty omg-
ThePusheenCatFan Yea
'ThePusheenCatFan Yea' 11 hours ago
I can't ever listen to this the same again because of the video KID TRIES TO SING SHINY by The Random Pig check it out SO FUNNY I MEAN LIKE OMG SO FUNNY!!!
king_tonee 93
'king_tonee 93' 12 hours ago
good bye moon man
Pantry10 27
'Pantry10 27' 12 hours ago
So here's this giant enemy crab
'NoneOfTheAbove' 12 hours ago
Goodbye Mooncrabs
Moonbase Studios
'Moonbase Studios' 13 hours ago
My fav part of this song is when he said "AND YOU WILL DIE DIE DIE" Also when he said "SHINY, NOW ITS TIME TO KICK YOUR HINEY! xD
Spice 001
'Spice 001' 13 hours ago
Mr krabs???
Katherine Guevara
'Katherine Guevara' 13 hours ago
I had to look this up because I totally thought it was Tim curry
derpy derp
'derpy derp' 13 hours ago
I just finished watching the song he sung in Rio I forgot what it's called
Poop Man
'Poop Man' 14 hours ago
1/5 of my life is dedicated to this song
Karen Sutherland
'Karen Sutherland' 14 hours ago
fhguyc ftk
Rashidi Soravek
'Rashidi Soravek' 14 hours ago
34k peeps be jealous they ain't shiney
Blue 89
'Blue 89' 14 hours ago
Does anyone else hear Maui screaming during 1:44
Ben Robinson
'Ben Robinson' 14 hours ago
Fave song/part
Horse Lover22
'Horse Lover22' 15 hours ago
1:55 so innocent "I can't I'm too shiny!"
Horse Lover22
'Horse Lover22' 15 hours ago
1:23 Isnt is familiar?
Kaven Mays
'Kaven Mays' 15 hours ago
did I see SVEN?!?!
'uopwobbb' 15 hours ago
My brother loves this song😀
Akeira .k
'Akeira .k' 15 hours ago
I just watched the movie today and this part of the song, (2:23), is my favorite part for some reason. I replayed it so many times, I just really liked that bit
'doggodollos' 15 hours ago
11/10 best disney song.
Pamela Miller
'Pamela Miller' 16 hours ago
Jemaine Clement has the best voice ever
flubby flubby
'flubby flubby' 16 hours ago
I can't watch this without inserting the Roblox death sound every time someone gets hurt
Ava DeIanni
'Ava DeIanni' 16 hours ago
Tamatoa is my spirit animal.
Ana Swank
'Ana Swank' 16 hours ago
Its weird how he can balance without a leg for such a big crab.
'임석근' 16 hours ago
옥수수 포도 맞아요! 멍뭉이 야옹이
Sean Cash
'Sean Cash' 16 hours ago
Take out the talking, edit the music together and spin this shit in da club... I could shake my ass to this...
Ka May
'Ka May' 17 hours ago
2:44 does anyone else hear that weird part where it sounds like they overlapped the voices wrong???
Stacy Johnson
'Stacy Johnson' 17 hours ago
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'Unknown' 17 hours ago
Goodbyeeeeee Moon men I say goodbyeeeeeee moon men Who else gets the reference?
Addison Boyd Urie
'Addison Boyd Urie' 17 hours ago
Dude, this song got me watching Moana. Weird?!? 👌
Lileys Drawing And Videos Channel 2
'DollarTrollar' 18 hours ago
Potatoes And molasses
Teacher: what do you want to be when you grow up? Police officer? Fire fighter? Doctor? Me: I wanna be SHINYYYYYYYYYY!!!
'Yarmoth' 19 hours ago
1:23 moose from Frozen.
Clearence Gil Manglicmot
it would be cool if tamatoa got an origin story short
'Dooey' 20 hours ago
Now this is REAL ASMR
Whitney Hill
'Whitney Hill' 21 hours ago
I think I'm a part of the those 2M vids lol
Schleich Belle1234
'Schleich Belle1234' 21 hours ago
3:08 Just creepyness
Matthew Bolitho-Jones
This is my favourite song in Moana
Lia Szab
'Lia Szab' 23 hours ago
Patrick Ferguson
'Patrick Ferguson' 23 hours ago
how to troll Read More
..."looks back at old Disney villain songs and looks back here." Man, Disney villain songs sure have changed.😐😑
Dakota Eichenberg
Now I can't fight those giant mobs on TERA without thinking of this character...
'Velocicentric' 1 day ago
Both Shiny and You're Welcome end with Moana saying hey.
beautifulAryana gamer
i found a easter egg...from frozen the reindeer is there as one of the shape shifters magic so he is there
papa corey
'papa corey' 1 day ago
Under the Sea meets Oogie Boogie's song.
Pink_Lucky _Girly_Gamer
The FUCKING crab is not a fucking crab bitch! 10x
Vivian Barron
'Vivian Barron' 1 day ago
Disney you deserve more subscribers
'RAPTORDRAGON' 1 day ago
Remember makeup highlighters? This is them now. Feel old yet?
you loook like seafood
Bev Frerichs
'Bev Frerichs' 1 day ago
Melk Zedek
'Melk Zedek' 1 day ago
I love this video
Stacey Traje
'Stacey Traje' 1 day ago
Sven @ 1:24........ EASTER EGG
Janine Morgan
'Janine Morgan' 1 day ago
Clyde Belgira
'Clyde Belgira' 1 day ago
goodbye moanamen. amarite
'IPrevent' 1 day ago
Jonathan Fasoli
'Jonathan Fasoli' 1 day ago
C'est la vie mon ami ! Et oui c'est comme ça
'rattis' 1 day ago
Freeza should sing this song when he transforms into his Golden form.
Janice Wilkinson
'Janice Wilkinson' 1 day ago
how does that gold stay on him?
xxxLILTAKKARxxx Rogers
u little simmy demi mini god
Coolboy 8888
'Coolboy 8888' 1 day ago
34k people did not want to be shiny 😣😣😣😣😭😭😭😭
'I'm TheCanadian' 1 day ago
If you hear closely at 0:28 Tamatoa says "SHINY"
migue mejia
'migue mejia' 1 day ago
i love the song
beautifulnessbutterfly buttercup
ಠ_ಠ wired
Keira Christensen
I cringe just watching Tamatoa stab Maui with his claw. 😣
Schuyler Knudson
'Schuyler Knudson' 1 day ago
First thing that came to mind was the song "Goodbye, Moonman"
Noanoa 7196
'Noanoa 7196' 1 day ago
I know his breath stinks
омар Яшин
Madisyn Quinn
'Madisyn Quinn' 1 day ago
I thought all crabs were supposed to be Jamaican... 🤔
Haiden Fletcher
'Haiden Fletcher' 1 day ago
3:08 the face of a nightmare
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