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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 8 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 8 months ago

132, 663, 711 views

328, 146 Likes   43, 871 Dislikes

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

'Infinite5' 4 minutes ago
His shell's too tough? What about a nuke.
Matthew Miller
'Matthew Miller' 31 minutes ago
Twichlove 999
'Twichlove 999' 2 hours ago
The funny thing is that the shark would have worked, its bite force would be able to break tamatoa's legs
Brandon Keck
'Brandon Keck' 3 hours ago
DJ Stylez
'DJ Stylez' 3 hours ago
Get the hook
Brandon Keck
'Brandon Keck' 3 hours ago
I'd rather be SHINY like a dimond in the rough you look like see food ITS MAUI TIME
Aaron Robinson
'Aaron Robinson' 4 hours ago
Jermaine Clement once again uses his musical influences like a weapon. His work in MiB was phenomenal too. Shame his other half of Flight of the Conchords seems left behind. They should have just called him Bowie instead of Tomatoa.
Sombra OW
'Sombra OW' 4 hours ago
I never realised but when Tamatoa says "Now it's time for me to take apart your aching heart" He actually punches the wall which then closes the shell above him to reveal his glowiness. Never realised that he punched the wall, I thought it just closed randomly...
supernormal 28
'supernormal 28' 5 hours ago
Stop in 47 😅😅😉😂😂😂
Ana Lú Chagas
'Ana Lú Chagas' 6 hours ago
gosto do tamatoa
Crazyray 123
'Crazyray 123' 6 hours ago
Teacher: who is your favorite Disney princess? Stacey: Snow White Ashley: Elsa Gabby: don't have 😏 Me: Hmmmm, either Tamatoa or Darth Vader
Настя Ким
'Настя Ким' 6 hours ago
hope ryusaki
'hope ryusaki' 6 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks this crab Reminds them of mettaton
Jay Comb
'Jay Comb' 6 hours ago
At 0:08 that i drumle is the sound of me jerking off 😂😂😂
'alejandro85008' 7 hours ago
Hey i Like it
Hunter Vaughn
'Hunter Vaughn' 7 hours ago
Rhyming "glitter" with "glitter"? I like the song but that was kind of disappointing, "glimmer" and "shimmer" would have been easy replacements!
Neil Miller
'Neil Miller' 8 hours ago
He's a coconut crab
Neil Miller
'Neil Miller' 8 hours ago
He not fake
Neil Miller
'Neil Miller' 8 hours ago
The Ultra Gamer
'The Ultra Gamer' 10 hours ago
Did anyone else think Tamatoa was Tomato when they first heard it?
Gaming With Girly Gamer
You guys should watch it till the way end because he says " IF MY NAME WAS SEBATION AND I HAD A COOL VOCIE YOU WOULD HELP ME RIGHT " and I promise to God he said he
Mhelet Calub
'Mhelet Calub' 11 hours ago
.,. Thanks
'misumena' 12 hours ago
Who disliked this video?? WHOOO?!!
Save Dem Cookies
'Save Dem Cookies' 12 hours ago
How many Rick and Morty fans out there noticed that Fart and Tomatoa are both voiced by the same person? Just me? Okay then...
Brittany Fuentes
'Brittany Fuentes' 13 hours ago
Love this song
GabyDa Wolf
'GabyDa Wolf' 13 hours ago
YOUR GRANNY LIED I'd Rather be shinnnnnNNNNNNY
'shadapakap' 13 hours ago
Is this the same tempo as in the movie? Why does it seem slower?
'shadapakap' 14 hours ago
Maui's song is better.
Stupid Guy
'Stupid Guy' 14 hours ago
The best song in the movie✨✨
Unicorn the galaxy Sisters
Yes I love this movie and song 🌈🦄😻🎉🐶🍩🍪🍟
Tori Chan
'Tori Chan' 16 hours ago
Alligator momment! ( Anyone get the reference? :D )
'TheChosenOne' 16 hours ago
stfu about moonmen
charlotte Powell
'charlotte Powell' 17 hours ago
Just me who thinks this song should be in the top ten Just me..... Ok
Me Hi
'Me Hi' 20 hours ago
We All Know Tamatoa Is A Kingler In Pokemon. BUT HE'S A SHINY! (Get It?)
'지오꿀' 20 hours ago
'IKETASTIC' 21 hours ago
Jemaine Clement's singing voice is so amazing and at the same time its so awkward. I love it.
Abdazam Asul
'Abdazam Asul' 21 hours ago
Maui are sven? What?!!!😱😱😱😱
Виктгрия Мантулина
этот краб такой хвастливый?
Andrea Cooley
'Andrea Cooley' 22 hours ago
He turned into Sven😂
Levi Ackerman
'Levi Ackerman' 22 hours ago
Anyone from shiny but its sung by a idiot ?
Marcos G
'Marcos G' 23 hours ago
He's roasting him
Marcos G
'Marcos G' 23 hours ago
Freind:wat are you singing Me:shiny I'm so shiny Everyone : looks at me
Marcos G
'Marcos G' 23 hours ago
Jenna Milburn
'Jenna Milburn' 24 hours ago
Denise Newberg
'Denise Newberg' 24 hours ago
So is it normal to listen to this 8 times a day
Underfell Sans
'Underfell Sans' 1 day ago
SO I GO ON GOOGLE TRANSLATE, RIGHT? AND I PUT IN AUTO DETECT TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH, AND IT SAYS                                                       C'est la vie, mon ami  =  That's life my friend MAH GAWD
Cess Cess
'Cess Cess' 1 day ago
The crab is seafood as well
SKULL CRAWLER The big one never dies
'hoobadooba' 1 day ago
now this is real music \
Gillian Begg
'Gillian Begg' 1 day ago
is it just me or are disney movies becoming darker. ahem maui thrown in water as baby. honestly i bet maui was like "son of a!" splash
Gillian Begg
'Gillian Begg' 1 day ago
pause at 0:28 funny as hell
timmy boy lol
'timmy boy lol' 1 day ago
i hate this film well not hate not my thing im fucking 25 its for kids but i still listened to this cus of JEMAINE FUCKING CLEMENT
Kokona Haruko
'Kokona Haruko' 1 day ago
*I'D RATHER BE SHINY!!1!1!1!1!1!*
'Tara's Life' 1 day ago
I am a pugtato
Captain Ender Awesome
Work of art? I think he's right
Captain Ender Awesome
And the tattoos on the outside
'Jax's Kids Club' 1 day ago
hi lol
'William' 1 day ago
"Goodbye Moonmen" -Fart
Cadence Corell
'Cadence Corell' 1 day ago
did you see him turn in to the reindeer from frozen?
'PickL4' 1 day ago
A giant bug sings about glitter to a princess! How exciting!!
'Darwinskee' 1 day ago
1:31 😀😀
ahmad tbk
'ahmad tbk' 1 day ago
His teath tho 🤢
Tafari Makonen
'Tafari Makonen' 2 days ago
Polish version is the best !!!
'beyondmystery' 2 days ago
Why is this song so hypnotizing????
Shannon Weber
'Shannon Weber' 2 days ago
Freya King
'Freya King' 2 days ago
By Way Of Deception
The FoTC guy!!! The best!!! I now like this song at least as much as "you're welcome"
I love that little "shimmy" he does when he says "BECAUSE IM BEAUTIFUL BABY!" LOL!
This song is on every villain playlist, possibly under "lullabies."
Rad Parsacala
'Rad Parsacala' 2 days ago
I love the part when he said dontcha know cuz his face is just craaazy
Edward Perez
'Edward Perez' 2 days ago
Pause at 0:52
bleberry SANS Bacova
you little semi,demi GAWD! XD
Hes a coconut crab anyways
'THEBOSSVinnie v' 2 days ago
who else thinks he sounds like bowie
Cookie Tube1914
'Cookie Tube1914' 2 days ago
The song in the back round kinda sounds like Despicable Me
jasmine ho
'jasmine ho' 2 days ago
im so idiot
jasmine ho
'jasmine ho' 2 days ago
i like blue cccrab sshhiinnyy
isaeva elizaweta
'isaeva elizaweta' 2 days ago
1:24 - Sven
'inyostudio' 2 days ago
My favorite scene in the movie. Tamatoa is the best.
'Wahh-luigi' 2 days ago
Why does this video have so many dislikes? Ot's a pretty damn good song!
'Tara's Life' 2 days ago
Best song ever!!!!!
Chopsticks the kitty dog
The crab is Zane from aphmau
Jerico Apuli
'Jerico Apuli' 2 days ago
jermaine clement from the flight of the concords i just found out today lol no wonder i like this song
'jrlandry1410' 2 days ago
I thought it was so funny when I realized that Jermaine Clement also played the mind reading fart om Rick and Morty 😂
Norcross GBL
'Norcross GBL' 2 days ago
this was my favrite song from this movie
'eXileF' 2 days ago
Damn that build up...
Mat Eyoka
'Mat Eyoka' 2 days ago
'Ann' 2 days ago
So cool, creepy vibes
Oh? OwO
'Oh? OwO' 2 days ago
*D O N T C A K N O W*
Lightout Productions
a visual representation of Negan and Abraham. Abe being *Maui* and Tamatoa being *Negan* . except his claws is Lucille.
Sharonda Smith
'Sharonda Smith' 2 days ago
Ur granny lied😄..lov this 🎼
rylee Coughlin
'rylee Coughlin' 2 days ago
I love it. It is my favorite song from Moana .
The zombie n00b
'The zombie n00b' 2 days ago
0:16 that face tho
'oneoftwo42' 2 days ago
I like the guy that sings this song.. great job
tahm kench usta
'tahm kench usta' 2 days ago
İt is like drugs
Akane Imada
'Akane Imada' 2 days ago
Polish version is better.
LeeAnn Nygård
'LeeAnn Nygård' 2 days ago
This makes me angry. There weren't enough flight of the conchords episodes.
Isobel Marston
'Isobel Marston' 2 days ago
Violet Rawley
'Violet Rawley' 2 days ago
1. He's name sounds tomato's 2. I had a dream that he married a princes 3. I had another dream that teka ate my little dog jojo 4. Well..... I just like the number 4
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