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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 3 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

Liz Salas
'Liz Salas' 17 minutes ago
pause at 2:06 that face😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆
Ernest Capello
'Ernest Capello' 21 minutes ago
granma lied its better to look good on the outside and die die die a disney movie a good thing tell kids
MatrixGhost910 8
'MatrixGhost910 8' 27 minutes ago
Is it just me, or does the glitter on the walls that's shining off of Tamatoa's back look a little bit like like tortilla chips?
Jacob D.
'Jacob D.' 34 minutes ago
This dude reminds me of the slugs from flushed away
dani zapata
'dani zapata' 37 minutes ago
tdd vvnzbrnm
'BigBadSeed' 46 minutes ago
Tamatoa is only the SECOND greediest crab in the ocean.
Angle Ma
'Angle Ma' 50 minutes ago
I love this song so much
Angle Ma
'Angle Ma' 52 minutes ago
I love sea Food
Nyle Ponti
'Nyle Ponti' 52 minutes ago
smen from Frozen
Semmyly Sadness
'Semmyly Sadness' 52 minutes ago
'kjenriquez16' 54 minutes ago
I only listen to real music
The Egg
'The Egg' 54 minutes ago
"I got something shiny for ya!" *zip*
Bananaman 987
'Bananaman 987' 1 hour ago
In the movie they don't explain how the crab gets the hook they just say he has it
Quince Maxwell
'Quince Maxwell' 2 hours ago
when Maui was transforming on the crab spin form frozen was in it
Keaton Hohl
'Keaton Hohl' 2 hours ago
Is the crab voiced by flight of the concords?
Henrique Oliveira
'Henrique Oliveira' 2 hours ago
This song is actually pretty good...
Joyance Kate Pial
'Joyance Kate Pial' 2 hours ago
His facial expressions creeps me out. 😢
blueberry underswap
'blueberry underswap' 2 hours ago
I came from shiny sang by an idiot XD
Alexandra Mara
'Alexandra Mara' 2 hours ago
He may be shiny but his teeth ain't
Five Star Yorkies
'Five Star Yorkies' 2 hours ago
I love the song but I hate the giant crab
Gta spud
'Gta spud' 3 hours ago
I have a krabby and called it drab tomotoa because it's not shiny
'ihjokob' 3 hours ago
0:53: Tamatoa is letting out his inner titan
diana salgado
'diana salgado' 3 hours ago
i didnt see this in the movie
Josiah Alicea
'Josiah Alicea' 3 hours ago
What kind of song is this
Daniel Reed
'Daniel Reed' 3 hours ago
dude this song is hella lit.
'grace' 3 hours ago
I just realized at 0:41 he says, "fish are dumb, dumb, dumb they chase anything that glitters" That's why the fish come down that tunnel, he constantly gets free food because the fish chase his shiny shell then he eats them that's how he gets his food :). IDK maybe i'm the only one who didn't notice that at first
Catalina Why
'Catalina Why' 4 hours ago
1:24 Disney trying to pull a frozen on us like we wouldn't notice
'ihjokob' 4 hours ago
Who else sees the Genies lamp?
Little rosy Minecraft
Is it just me or does it look like he's on drugs?
Emmerson Coffey
'Emmerson Coffey' 4 hours ago
What is it
Sianna Somerton
'Sianna Somerton' 4 hours ago
Peachy Priscilla
'Peachy Priscilla' 4 hours ago
2:11 that looks really painful 😦
Jake Sevier
'Jake Sevier' 4 hours ago
I would NEVER through my kid in the sea!
hell no
'hell no' 4 hours ago
who thought of this did they just say I'm gonna put a fucking singing crab that tries to kill people
fallen robot cmd
'fallen robot cmd' 4 hours ago
Oh yeah Mr Krabs
'skinboy142' 4 hours ago
is this what mr krabs does on his free time
birdie hop hop
'birdie hop hop' 5 hours ago
I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room With people who don't even care about my well-being
birdie hop hop
'birdie hop hop' 5 hours ago
fuck this shit I'm out mhhhmhhmhhhm don't mind me imma just grab my stuff and leave schisms me please FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT!!!!!!
Ruben Patino
'Ruben Patino' 5 hours ago
but Nigel is a bird
Lena Anton
'Lena Anton' 5 hours ago
Ninja Nolan
'Ninja Nolan' 5 hours ago
Blind Castle
'Blind Castle' 5 hours ago
I wonder who Tamato was once upon a time. I mean I've looked up the stories of the religion and deducted that Tamato was Disney made, so ah.
Lena Anton
'Lena Anton' 5 hours ago
I watched this movie is GREAT you should watch it if you haven't
Ruben Patino
'Ruben Patino' 5 hours ago
that voice is Nigel
Jiller memestar
'Jiller memestar' 5 hours ago
This song make me wanna shoot myself
Corrie Craig-Martinez
love this. the music is amazing.
Sonifera GIGI
'Sonifera GIGI' 5 hours ago
Nunca acho essa música em pt br :(
'StormyDaBoss' 5 hours ago
I declare the coconut crab as my spirit animal.
Um cara que curte Animes
A dublagem do Brasil e bem melhor pena q nao tem no you tube
'BlackLeacker' 5 hours ago
27/03/2017 19:45
That guy joe
'That guy joe' 6 hours ago
Tamatoa is the crab version of Smaug
Zaaden Montes
'Zaaden Montes' 6 hours ago
Al Capone
'Al Capone' 6 hours ago
Pause it at 52 seconds
Jennifer Leon
'Jennifer Leon' 6 hours ago
'TriStarLight' 6 hours ago
2:14 "To beat a decapod- Look it up" *Slowly pulls hand away from keyboard on Google Search*
Erick Dircio
'Erick Dircio' 6 hours ago
I love this song so much
Shatter Dreams
'Shatter Dreams' 6 hours ago
I feel like Tamatoa is a rapist.
Baseemah Walls
'Baseemah Walls' 6 hours ago
I think I broke the replay button
Erick Dircio
'Erick Dircio' 6 hours ago
the crab is a coconut crab that can kill humans in a group
'Avril' 6 hours ago
Ninja Sushi
'Ninja Sushi' 7 hours ago
this would be an awesome boss battle
'JustDealWithIt😎' 7 hours ago
Oscar Scooters
'Oscar Scooters' 7 hours ago
This guys on some crazy drugs man.
Yong Z
'Yong Z' 7 hours ago
I know this song
layla hill
'layla hill' 7 hours ago
I Love this song
Yong Z
'Yong Z' 7 hours ago
This is cool.
John Disco
'John Disco' 7 hours ago
Tamatoa made ariel's collection more of a junk than it already have and shamed sebastian on being the top crab in singing.
Gp_Master [#Br]
'Gp_Master [#Br]' 7 hours ago
1:38 POR FAVOR Ele falou por favor
'Kakakrabbypatty' 7 hours ago
I HAVE A THEORY. Okay, so you know that four armed monster that people say it's the sloth from zootopia? Okay, forget that. It has to be the villain from princess and the frog. At the end of the movie you see him legit get dragged to another dimension. What if the dimension he went to was this? Think about it, the mask that monster is wearing looks like some kind of voodoo mask. And as we all know voodoo was his specialty. Now four the four arms he could have probably just got them from nowhere. Go watch the end of the princess and the frog when she smashes the amulet. All the colors you see flying around are the same colors on the mask thing.
'katiermc' 7 hours ago
This is my favorite song from the movie
King Droxie
'King Droxie' 7 hours ago
flight of the conchords <3
'TheLoldude54' 7 hours ago
Je.. Sus.. That dude is getting brutaly beat up by a gigantic crab man.. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF ! He's SINGING ! Fucks given , 0 ! The crab is just.. Damn.
Erika Hamilton
'Erika Hamilton' 7 hours ago
1:24 he turned into serven from frozen
Julius Toledo
'Julius Toledo' 8 hours ago
He must be a rare Pokémon
Martin Mannion
'Martin Mannion' 8 hours ago
Cockanut crab
Josh Rankin
'Josh Rankin' 8 hours ago
oh shit, the poker can sing!
'Brieen' 8 hours ago
im shiny too ):
Queen Bea
'Queen Bea' 8 hours ago
Lol when I first saw this movie i was like WOAH THIS PART IS WAAYYY TO INTENSE FOR KIDS lol but it's not so bad I guess
'MegaLuke3407' 8 hours ago
I am shiny beachas
John Wie
'John Wie' 9 hours ago
this actually reminds me of moonman from rick and morty
'CreepsandWierdos' 10 hours ago
i have mwana!
Joseph Pastor
'Joseph Pastor' 10 hours ago
This is the worlds most terrible song i ever heard my ears are bleeding
Swish YouTube
'Swish YouTube' 10 hours ago
Lol good song
михаил белов
Lagutenko is better than jamaine clement
the cow DJ
'the cow DJ' 10 hours ago
*Shinny crab* "fish are dumb dumb dumb dumb" *me* "dude your dumb fish are not dumb"
Myll Andrei Famatid
'Myll Andrei Famatid' 10 hours ago
I saw a easter egg sven the reindeer in frozen.
'random69e' 10 hours ago
if they made it heavier and a little more scary I might love it more
Victor K
'Victor K' 10 hours ago
Big Lipped Alligator Moment! Also liked Sebastian pun after credit
TheShinyRed Absol
'TheShinyRed Absol' 10 hours ago
It's funny when Tamatoa dances when he says scrub the deck 0:32
rakks brown
'rakks brown' 10 hours ago
best Disney song everrr
Beelink Gt1
'Beelink Gt1' 11 hours ago
''c'est. la vie mon ami'' XDDDD
Withered Bonnie Bunny
If Tamatoa was in the 90s he would be a sensation.
'Grofflin' 11 hours ago
Ahh that diamond in the rough line again, Lin. I see you
Frankie Zara
'Frankie Zara' 11 hours ago
How come tamatoa isn't in the trailer even though he almost kills the two main characters also where's hei hei
'myhahalo' 11 hours ago
This song is strangely captivating.
Daisy Ren
'Daisy Ren' 12 hours ago
This is my favorite song but I don't like the shiny parts
the shark fighter
'the shark fighter' 12 hours ago
I just love this song it's amazing
'Kids 'n Fun' 12 hours ago
'bleh bleh bleh your grandma. I ATE MY GRANDMA. AND IT TOOK A WEEK, BECAUSE SHE WAS HUMONGOUS.' That crab is one savage guy...
'김김김' 12 hours ago
I want movie ver korean sub
'CrispyM&M' 12 hours ago
Is it just me or is he the villain bird (don't know what kind of bird he was) from rio?
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