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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 4 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 4 months ago

81, 643, 244 views

219, 824 Likes   24, 472 Dislikes

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

Nickodemus edwards
'Nickodemus edwards' 21 minutes ago
1:45-1:51 is the best part...for me
Piper Lemaster
'Piper Lemaster' 35 minutes ago
when they said look it up i did and a deca pod is not what i thought it was
Rebel Girl
'Rebel Girl' 42 minutes ago
Sebastian got a major upgrade 😂
Roberto Aguilar
'Roberto Aguilar' 46 minutes ago
que vfeo
Piper Lemaster
'Piper Lemaster' 47 minutes ago
Ostara Wolf
'Ostara Wolf' 1 hour ago
00:3 is beautiful when you pause it
Fady Elayan
'Fady Elayan' 1 hour ago
Cha Lee
'Cha Lee' 1 hour ago
Umaru EditsUK
'Umaru EditsUK' 2 hours ago
Watch 'shiny' but it's sung by an ediot
Brayan Yanez
'Brayan Yanez' 2 hours ago
Milena  Loschiavo
'Milena Loschiavo' 2 hours ago
Gallade G
'Gallade G' 3 hours ago
On 1.24 he turns into sphen from Frozen.
Pacifico Dumbrique
'Pacifico Dumbrique' 3 hours ago
Tamatoa: Did you like the song? Me :I did very much
Smol Cloud Warriors
'Smol Cloud Warriors' 3 hours ago
*_SHINY_* also tamatoa is a coconut crab :3
'Svgskill100' 3 hours ago
Replace the word "shiny" with "grimy"
Ryan Yarusso
'Ryan Yarusso' 4 hours ago
My inside i have organs lungs and vans and also a HEART
Mary Smith
'Mary Smith' 4 hours ago
Gооd vidео! Who also liked this videо, сlick "likе"))
Kaio-10 Kaio-Ten
'Kaio-10 Kaio-Ten' 4 hours ago
Pyro brought me here
Delcia Prazeres
'Delcia Prazeres' 4 hours ago
Estou a ver agora mesmo
'THE BATH DRUGSTORE' 4 hours ago
This wasn't sung by a idiot...
Savanna and Ashley
'Savanna and Ashley' 4 hours ago
Is it ok I'm ubsesed with this song
Joshkings 007
'Joshkings 007' 4 hours ago
Tomtoa is so beautiful
Valeria Saldana
'Valeria Saldana' 5 hours ago
he turned in to the reindeer from frozen
Hailey Riordan
'Hailey Riordan' 5 hours ago
I love this movie
'JOETXY' 5 hours ago
2:35 pyrocynical 😂
The epic face
'The epic face' 5 hours ago
This Song Is So Funny Lol
MoMo Senpai
'MoMo Senpai' 6 hours ago
Oh yeah Mr.Krabs
Taxi ElmakMAGDi
'Taxi ElmakMAGDi' 6 hours ago
i dont get it who abadoned maui
Goddess Hope
'Goddess Hope' 6 hours ago
omg love the song
WolfCat Gaming
'WolfCat Gaming' 6 hours ago
2:22 It gets real.
'Peuge ROBLOX' 6 hours ago
i'd rather be SHINEH then clay.
Ariana Silveira
'Ariana Silveira' 7 hours ago
He so shiny
Astonah Kollasch
'Astonah Kollasch' 7 hours ago
The_notsopopular_boy 201
I sing this everyday🤣🤣
'ThisIsNotMe' 7 hours ago
This reminds me so much of Oogie Boogie from Nightmare before Christmas.
JackpotTumbleWeed Jackysus
My favorite part is 2:35- 2:50
Rasber Gaming
'Rasber Gaming' 7 hours ago
I don't know if you did You're Welcome! If you did can you make your OWN animation of it
Cute Brooklyn123
'Cute Brooklyn123' 7 hours ago
"With the demi-god, and the decapods! Look it up." I looked it up, please don't do the same....! :(
Dino King
'Dino King' 7 hours ago
I think genie turned him into a giant coconut crab that likes shiny
# 09
'# 09' 8 hours ago
Who else is wondering how the water is not getting into the clam?!
Alexia Beatriz
'Alexia Beatriz' 8 hours ago
Vladislav never gets the faces right now.... But he can carry a tune tho
Jawallah Al Abdallah
3:08 Reminds of Dr. Facilier's epic moment of his song "Friends on the Other Side"...loved Faci's bit slightly more.
Kyle Schmahl
'Kyle Schmahl' 8 hours ago
Hi I'm pops
Orange Juice
'Orange Juice' 8 hours ago
1:24 was that sven from frozen?
Souad Touhami
'Souad Touhami' 8 hours ago
I love you moana !
FroyoSwirl C
'FroyoSwirl C' 8 hours ago
1:24 Sven from Frozen is there!!!!!
49ducks Gaming
'49ducks Gaming' 9 hours ago
*shiny* shiny* XD m8 ur a n00b fight me m8 get n0sc0p3d
Michael Norris
'Michael Norris' 9 hours ago
Bowies in Space!
'Vithral' 9 hours ago
The first 25 seconds of this song are great, but rest is just..."eh"
Ryan Savage
'Ryan Savage' 10 hours ago
Pause at 2:09
Jo Tuyor
'Jo Tuyor' 10 hours ago
0:31 but... including his Pincers, he has 4 legs total...
Kevin May
'Kevin May' 10 hours ago
1:24 spen from frozen
Nicholas Pina
'Nicholas Pina' 10 hours ago
Sylvester Channel
'Sylvester Channel' 11 hours ago
Sylvester Channel
'Sylvester Channel' 11 hours ago
Sylvester Channel
'Sylvester Channel' 11 hours ago
Erik Le Blanc Pleym
'Erik Le Blanc Pleym' 11 hours ago
1:23 Sven!!!
Patrick Maina
'Patrick Maina' 11 hours ago
love song
'HARITO HARTONO' 11 hours ago
Harito Hart
Mike Burns
'Mike Burns' 12 hours ago
At the end it looks scary when he was about to eat Maui
Chanelle Oldaker
'Chanelle Oldaker' 12 hours ago
Jemaine has a magical voice
'Stargirl78' 13 hours ago
1:24 Frozen reference
Ond Potet!
'Ond Potet!' 13 hours ago
lord tamatoa will rise! he will rise!😈
isabel ralph
'isabel ralph' 14 hours ago
Beth Marshall
'Beth Marshall' 14 hours ago
How Moans tells you she's constipated 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😬😬😬😬😬😬
Paw Peng
'Paw Peng' 14 hours ago
Some people must thought Jemaine Clement wrote this song but he did not he only sung it so that means Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote it so Lin made a while song based around Jemaine Clement(Tomatoa)
Hjeld Dikkeboer
'Hjeld Dikkeboer' 14 hours ago
0:09 Moana's like: dafuq is happening.
Gloria Thapa
'Gloria Thapa' 14 hours ago
I love moana all song I love it
'It's Queenie' 14 hours ago
This guys really good at singing. Like his Boise is so stunning
Alayna Leney
'Alayna Leney' 15 hours ago
you should call it try not to sing along with the songs challeng pls thx :)
Saiida Webb
'Saiida Webb' 15 hours ago
help me stop watching this
Alayna Leney
'Alayna Leney' 15 hours ago
i can relix with this make more pls with elomadudes :)
Maximus Kiriago
'Maximus Kiriago' 16 hours ago
Tamatoa is so SHINY
'mdudegamer' 16 hours ago
This might be my favorite song in the movie.
Lizzy Lim.
'Lizzy Lim.' 17 hours ago
3:00 that scream
James Syrup
'James Syrup' 17 hours ago
I'll be honest, I found this movie to just be "okay". I was bored for most of it, until Tamatoa showed up. AND HOLY CRAP, WAS HE FABULOUS! I missed the days when we had vain villains who were obsessed with themselves. Tamatoa is the one pearl (pun intended) in this awkward clam of a film.
Angelita AGRP
'Angelita AGRP' 18 hours ago
yo soy latinoamericana, obviamente me gusta el de mi idioma, pero después de brillo me gusta la de inglés😂😂😂 me parece que no leerán este comentario ya que no está en inglés
goodbye moonman
cherry Berry
'cherry Berry' 19 hours ago
2:43 kick his butt lol
'RareGenerosity' 19 hours ago
It's Fart from Rick and Morty. o:
Natalidecuba11111 l
'Natalidecuba11111 l' 19 hours ago
why do violins always get the best songs
Olivia Jarman
'Olivia Jarman' 19 hours ago
I just found my ringtone...shinyyyyy
Moontail Draws
'Moontail Draws' 20 hours ago
Shiny but it's sung by an idiot
vicky_is _bae02
'vicky_is _bae02' 20 hours ago
Who else thinks he was too rough on Maui?
'XslyproductionsX' 20 hours ago
for some reason 2:23-2:37 is my favourite part of the song
The Youtuber
'The Youtuber' 20 hours ago
3:09 I'm never gonna unsee that.. geez
Bawi ဂိုဂြ်န္ဟို
that crab is stupid
Patrick Carrier
'Patrick Carrier' 20 hours ago
Moses Shears
'Moses Shears' 20 hours ago
you try to be tough but your armers just not hard enough
'Koolkid05' 21 hours ago
Maui got demolished
Rosaline Shaw
'Rosaline Shaw' 21 hours ago
Rosaline Shaw
'Rosaline Shaw' 21 hours ago
'Stitch' 21 hours ago
Fuck it! *Crab takes a nice bath* Fuck the shininess! Your clean no more* S H I N Y*
'Astro BAWWSS' 21 hours ago
geez. 81,000,000 views
'Astro BAWWSS' 21 hours ago
Geek Freak
'Geek Freak' 22 hours ago
He's tall. He's handsome. He's shiny. I didn't say a name, but he popped into your mind, didnt he?
Sleepy Munchlax
'Sleepy Munchlax' 22 hours ago
OMG I found a SHINY Krabby
aymin Syed
'aymin Syed' 22 hours ago
He became in to Sven
Daniel Harris
'Daniel Harris' 22 hours ago
tamatoa is ursula
Keith Murchison
'Keith Murchison' 23 hours ago
he says shiny 8 times
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