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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 1 year ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

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416, 498 Likes   62, 918 Dislikes

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

Craig Stafford
'Craig Stafford' 47 minutes ago
When Payday comes in
Aaliya Khan
'Aaliya Khan' 2 hours ago
LordFeath Videos
'LordFeath Videos' 2 hours ago
Has anyone actually looked up whether a demigod cannot defeat a decapod?
Maggie Garcia
'Maggie Garcia' 6 hours ago
The. Hart. Of. D fete
Karla Gabriela Gutierrez
Gaius Wyrden
'Gaius Wyrden' 8 hours ago
I LOVE this Song!!!👏👏👏👍👍👍👏👏👏
Akos Nagy
'Akos Nagy' 8 hours ago
Holy s**t!
Joshua Delorto
'Joshua Delorto' 9 hours ago
ay yo rip maui
'Mystraboy' 10 hours ago
( 1:28 ) - We'll now it's sounds like a REAL Disney villain song! ( 1:55 ) - Oh... never mind
'Hilde' 10 hours ago
At 1:02 you can see the lamp from Aladdin to the left.
Sleety Gang
'Sleety Gang' 12 hours ago
'Alex' 20 hours ago
2:00 i'm a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal, trying to- oops.
'SRIRACHA GOD' 22 hours ago
This is me vs anyone on rust
elemental king
'elemental king' 23 hours ago
I am the crab my name is sebastian
'MMMarshalKitty' 23 hours ago
'블랙유다' 23 hours ago
1:24 *I saw the sven...*
LEtz pLAy
'LEtz pLAy' 1 day ago
*I ate my grandma*
Cherry Taylor
'Cherry Taylor' 1 day ago
easter egg sphen from frozen is there when he trying to transphorm
Ayleah Araiza
'Ayleah Araiza' 1 day ago
"Let's be real here if my name sabastian and I had a cool Jamaican accent"Me: THAT'S IT THIS GUY MADE A DEAL WITH THE GENIE FROM ALADDIN!
patricia brodigan
I just spotted something he turns into spen?
Em Grace
'Em Grace' 1 day ago
The crab named tamatoa
Joe barnes
'Joe barnes' 1 day ago
Such a catchy song
Tom Alexander
'Tom Alexander' 1 day ago
I'm a 26 year old man I loved this movie lol.
Pouty McPoutFace
'Pouty McPoutFace' 1 day ago
Seeing this in the theatre was so surreal, I couldn’t stop laughing. Now it’s one of my favorite Disney songs ever
MiaPlayz- Roblox & More!
I just noticed he has antennas 🤦🏻‍♀️
gaming with brianna roblox.
he turn like olaf from frozen ;o
Cole Gaynor
'Cole Gaynor' 2 days ago
C´est la vie, mon ami. That´s life, my friend. How about c'est google translate, mon ami?
Bruce Wayne
'Bruce Wayne' 2 days ago
1:24 Reindeer from frozen, Sven
HurriedToast _
'HurriedToast _' 2 days ago
mad world
'mad world' 2 days ago
I love Tamatoa and Jemaine Clement. This video is a fckn blessing. His voice fits so well for the role of Tamatoa and it sounds.. yeah very sexy to be honest. 😂
Vikks Min.
'Vikks Min.' 2 days ago
SHINee! :D ♥
LB Movies
'LB Movies' 2 days ago
Who likes this song
Meme Machine
'Meme Machine' 2 days ago
Tamatoa is dangerous and smart Bit like me actually
Rael Santana
'Rael Santana' 3 days ago
Backstory on his back :v
'Obsessor23' 3 days ago
It's by no means the highlight of the song, but I love how he just straight up tells the audience to look up the meaning of 'decapod', like he's so smug he knows he's in a movie. Also decapod is the the family that most crustaceans are a part of
Wolfpack Productions
they needed david bowie or elton on the track
'StaticWolf' 3 days ago
i want an entire movie of maui growing into his powers and the fight with the crab and taking his leg
Trần Ngọc
'Trần Ngọc' 3 days ago
2:16 I looked it up :))) decapod: any of an order (Decapoda) of crustaceans (such as shrimp, lobsters, and crabs) with five pairs of thoracic appendages one or more of which are modified into pincers, with stalked eyes, and with the head and thorax fused into a cephalothorax and covered by a carapace
Zoraida Barrera
'Zoraida Barrera' 3 days ago
its cool hoy theb crab glows
Smart Cat
'Smart Cat' 3 days ago
I can never get any of the Moana song’s out of my head
Открытая Семинария доктора Жиганкова
It's really cool how he glows in the dark
Hieu Nguyen
'Hieu Nguyen' 3 days ago
Jeffrey Slagle
'Jeffrey Slagle' 3 days ago
if this were made 20 years ago, you tim curry would have played this guy
Christy Perry
'Christy Perry' 3 days ago
Hee is so mean
'PajamaQueen' 3 days ago
This guy's voice destroyed my virginity
Somehow I can imagine Elton Jhon doing this number.
Alivia Clark
'Alivia Clark' 3 days ago
what did poor maui ever do to tamatoa? oh right. he pulled off his leg.
Alivia Clark
'Alivia Clark' 3 days ago
i wanna shoot that guy. im talkin bout tamatoa, not moana or maui.
Victorya Glispie
'Victorya Glispie' 3 days ago
john doe
'john doe' 3 days ago
I can just image the crab sittimg there alone writing song lyrics in the sand then when those two show up hes like "fuck finally i can sing this"
Eden Kirkham
'Eden Kirkham' 3 days ago
anamaria caragea
'anamaria caragea' 3 days ago
1:23 sven
Mim Ine
'Mim Ine' 3 days ago
Je préfère la version française
Daniel Jang
'Daniel Jang' 3 days ago
I feel shiny after listening to this music.
'LEGOleg' 3 days ago
0:32 Did only I hear "Scrab the d*** and make it look shiny"?
ÄquåIçeFrøštÿ [Random Content :p]
2:08 my favorite
Luce nutella
'Luce nutella' 4 days ago
*looks up decapod*
Evie Norman
'Evie Norman' 4 days ago
Love this song!❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💗💖💝💞💟
Kadeeji Saleh
'Kadeeji Saleh' 4 days ago
The crab is shiny from outside but ugly from inside Hede rather be shiny he aint care about hre grandma sad he has no fealings only cares about him (and his shinyy?!) Good job mauy he had to go throw all this couse he took heart of defeety whyd he take it in first place Good job moana she is the herrow in the the whole moviw
София Полищук
Memes Are Life
'Memes Are Life' 4 days ago
3:09 that scared my son
Daiyaan Sutton
'Daiyaan Sutton' 4 days ago
What's with the dislikees?
Queen Slime
'Queen Slime' 4 days ago
Danielle Mas
'Danielle Mas' 4 days ago
I love you mom
LookAwayItsMe Animations
Jesus this is catchy
Geral Mclaughlyn
'Geral Mclaughlyn' 4 days ago
This crab is shine lol friend
Amanda Calhoun
'Amanda Calhoun' 4 days ago
Love it …
Oscar Zirfas
'Oscar Zirfas' 4 days ago
Jemaine Clement sings this everyday in the shower... I'm telling you..
reem nakoul
'reem nakoul' 4 days ago
this is the best part in moana like if you agree
Joe Morello
'Joe Morello' 4 days ago
Cool baby! 🇨🇦😀
rain shadow
'rain shadow' 4 days ago
Btw C’est la vie mon ami Means : that’s life my friend
Keya Nickleson
'Keya Nickleson' 4 days ago
I’m so shinny
GirlWithThe ArtFolder
I don't understand why....this is the most obsessed song I can't stop listening to in the whole movie....
Gabriely enllyn Ferreira de Jesus
Soy is braZil
Emy Slyther
'Emy Slyther' 5 days ago
2:54 : "C'est la vie mon ami" Je suis la seule qui trouve ça satisfaisant d'entendre un anglophone parler français? Ou alors c'est moi qui suis bizarre XD
'SkillzDatKillz' 5 days ago
This is the fart from Rick and Morty hehe.
PhoenixCJT greencreeper3756
Wtf 0:17 did he touch the Uahghg thats disgusting oh my goodness
antonio santoro
'antonio santoro' 5 days ago
Chelsea McAvoy
'Chelsea McAvoy' 5 days ago
Keep thinking of flight of the conchords ❤️
Salty Child
'Salty Child' 5 days ago
This segment is pure genius. It's on par with the football scene from The Croods imo
minyoogi ismybias
'minyoogi ismybias' 5 days ago
He's mine..leave
Mr. Sserpent
'Mr. Sserpent' 5 days ago
Look ''L'histoire de Tamatoa'' up to know the history of this decapod
'kjspillane' 5 days ago
He isn’t even a crab. He has 8 legs. (Well, 7)
Golgi Apparatus
'Golgi Apparatus' 5 days ago
Be honest, y’all came here for 1:08
'K S' 5 days ago
i thought moana sucked but this song was amazing!
Matthew Hutton
'Matthew Hutton' 5 days ago
I hope Moana is a Kingdom Hearts 3 world, just so Tamatoa can be a boss.
The Aurora
This song was a tribute to David Bowie, that is why it is sounds sort of like a david bowie song. RIP David
Neal Dickstein
'Neal Dickstein' 5 days ago
'Amandaت' 5 days ago
tomatoa is ursula's reincarnation i hope at least one person knows which youtube i'm referencing
Cristian Fernando Carvalho
The packs of minecraft is avainble in 2018 when the movie is launch on the begin of 2017 or final of 2016
Rasheedah Abulaila
Maui keeps getting hit and never runs away with the hook and Moana is so much smarter
HurriedToast _
'HurriedToast _' 5 days ago
Top 10 Shiny Anime Battles
'TheBeast101' 5 days ago
If there was a Moana 2 Tamatoa should be the main villain
Dil Brooks
'Dil Brooks' 5 days ago
1:45 is cool
bibouch chino
'bibouch chino' 5 days ago
See you
bibouch chino
'bibouch chino' 5 days ago
But its 1:29 not 1:28
Naysia Baker
'Naysia Baker' 5 days ago
Mean crab😒😒😒😒
Sasori Akasuna
'Sasori Akasuna' 5 days ago
Villain song ❤
'peanut5895' 5 days ago
He is ugly but I want his gold
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