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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 2 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

Roblox 0204
'Roblox 0204' 9 minutes ago
still better then let it go
'Noodles4Anime' 25 minutes ago
This songs sounds like it should fade out into evil laughter and be replaced with upbeat music at a party where the villain mysteriously pops back up at and proceeds to start killing people.
Elzid James Tababa
'Elzid James Tababa' 33 minutes ago
1:24 That Deer is familiar..
Developer steve
'Developer steve' 36 minutes ago
I love this song I watch everytime
Rhaine Storm
'Rhaine Storm' 41 minutes ago
tamatoa is literally the worst villain, he sings and destroys someone's ego at the same time
Monica Sheets
'Monica Sheets' 41 minutes ago
Monica Sheets
'Monica Sheets' 42 minutes ago
mamay you drinner the day frunds
'Papergirl' 53 minutes ago
1:24 it's Sven!
'sylinmino' 54 minutes ago
Good to see the Hiphopopotamus is back to singing!
Alejandra Iannone
'Alejandra Iannone' 57 minutes ago
«The world had already been mourning Bowie, I’d been listening to Bowie on a loop. I was like, well I’m writing a glam rock tune for this crab, this jewel-encrusted crab». And he did <3
Megan Todd
'Megan Todd' 1 hour ago
that was so cringy
Vicky Provenzano
'Vicky Provenzano' 1 hour ago
me gusta la version latino
Little Madison Minecraft
This is my favorite song in moana and your welcome
Lord Frieza
'Lord Frieza' 2 hours ago
This guy isn't even a major character yet he has one of the best songs
ramita shrestha
'ramita shrestha' 2 hours ago
did anyone see that Maui turned into Sven from Frozen
Yves Ripoll
'Yves Ripoll' 3 hours ago
Love it. So shiny!
Ana Dragomir
'Ana Dragomir' 3 hours ago
his voice is so sexy
Arianna Sousa
'Arianna Sousa' 3 hours ago
This song is stuck in my head.
Marie Morgan
'Marie Morgan' 3 hours ago
Tamatoa probably says shiny in this song like 20x 😂
DAY-V Entertainment™
Tamatoa is such a excellent villain. It's been a while since we've seen a comedic villain. I also love how he breaks the 4th wall.
Princess Rosalina
'Princess Rosalina' 4 hours ago
"C'est la vie mon amie!" Lol😂
Tara Decosta
'Tara Decosta' 4 hours ago
DarCheZ - League of Legends
Your voice is beautiful :O
Zinedine Zidane
'Zinedine Zidane' 5 hours ago
"If my name was sebastian and i had a cool jamaican accent you'd totally help me".
'TheChosenOne' 6 hours ago
Probably my favorite Disney villain of all time.
Fletcher Warren
'Fletcher Warren' 6 hours ago
ah I see. she's taken a barnacle, and used algee as a diversion.
'Petal2604' 6 hours ago
i laughed so much at watching this sorry XD
'Altar360' 7 hours ago
Wonder if he and Smaug would get along....
Jamie Kam
'Jamie Kam' 7 hours ago
Anyone like this comment if you listen to this song over and over again
garcia adrian
'garcia adrian' 7 hours ago
What kind of music is this hip-hop or whimsy or jazz
'Serry' 7 hours ago
"You cant expect a demigod to beat a decapod". Am i the only one who thought this line was really weird? I mean, Maui already beat Tamatoa before and Tamatoa was SHOCKED to see Maui reunited with his hook.
Bibi Games
'Bibi Games' 7 hours ago
Muito legal!♡☆☆
Sydney Joker
'Sydney Joker' 8 hours ago
moana better make it into kingdom hearts. maui as a companion and this as a boss fight. would be shiny
Just Kash
'Just Kash' 8 hours ago
I just wanna be as shiny as tomatoa ❤😍
Henry Christian
'Henry Christian' 9 hours ago
lol i have got it stuck in my head ahhhhhhhhhh :D
Resa Paul
'Resa Paul' 9 hours ago
Tamatoa knows he is boss..i love how he got crazy eyes when Maui failed to tranform lol...still wondering why he ate his grandma though..
'Eatmethree' 10 hours ago
Omg this scene was creepy but good
Alex Clarges
'Alex Clarges' 10 hours ago
His teeth are durty
Mercedes Balicuatro
'Mercedes Balicuatro' 10 hours ago
he turned into sven!!!!😮😮
anina tepnadze
'anina tepnadze' 10 hours ago
It kinda confuses me that Maui's sword is not shiny and does not glitter at all
brent javier
'brent javier' 10 hours ago
the first I see in cinema I said wow I'm so happy when I'm see tamatoa and her song shiny.shiny song its that my very favorite song in disney
Alex Smelllbob
'Alex Smelllbob' 10 hours ago
this song destroyed frozens creear
brent javier
'brent javier' 10 hours ago
tamatoa is so fucking face
jason Bourne
'jason Bourne' 10 hours ago
this is my fav song and you're welcome.
'Andrea' 11 hours ago
This movie is so much better than frozen
Wolfgamer 297
'Wolfgamer 297' 11 hours ago
Did i saw Sven when maui used hes hook
Troy Martin
'Troy Martin' 11 hours ago
found this one out by Jonathan Young. so pretty much he sent md here xD
Tashana Ahaja
'Tashana Ahaja' 11 hours ago
Well, Tamatoa hasn't always been this glam I was a drab little crab once Now I know I can be happy as a clam Because I'm beautiful, baby Did your granny say listen to your heart Be who you are on the inside I need three words to tear her argument apart Your granny lied! I'd rather be... Shiny Like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck Scrub the deck and make it look... Shiny I will sparkle like a wealthy woman's neck Just a sec! Don't you know Fish are dumb, dumb, dumb They chase anything that glitters (beginners!) Oh, and here they come, come, come To the brightest thing that glitters Mmm, fish dinners I just love free food And you look like seafood (Like seafood) Well, well, well Little Maui's having trouble with his look You little semi-demi-mini-god Ouch! What a terrible performance Get the hook (get it?) You don't swing it like you used to, man Yet I have to give you credit for my start And your tattoos on the outside For just like you I made myself a work of art I'll never hide; I can't, I'm too... Shiny Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough Strut my stuff; my stuff is so... Shiny Send your armies but they'll never be enough My shell's too tough Maui man, you could try, try, try But you can't expect a demi-god To beat a decapod (look it up) You will die, die, die Now it's time for me to take apart Your aching heart Far from the ones who abandoned you Chasing the love of these humans Who made you feel wanted You tried to be tough But your armour's just not hard enough Maui Now it's time to kick your... Hiney Ever seen someone so... Shiny Soak it in 'cause it's the last you'll ever see C'est la vie mon ami I'm so... Shiny Now I'll eat you, so prepare your final plea Just for me You'll never be quite as... Shiny You wish you were nice and... Shiny
Adam Cornish
'Adam Cornish' 11 hours ago
ok so this song vaguely reminds me of another...the only problem is i don't know what song. The way he sings "shine-ayy", i just feel like i have heard something like it before. So frustrating
C. Jump
'C. Jump' 12 hours ago
This was the weirdest part of the movie...and I loved it.
Andreas Julian
'Andreas Julian' 13 hours ago
Im too Shiny
brent javier
'brent javier' 13 hours ago
hey he is a crab how did he sing and he so big
Flame 898
'Flame 898' 13 hours ago
Samuel Connor
'Samuel Connor' 13 hours ago
I honestly didn't care for the music of moana but this song, from the first time i heard it, blew me away. a really well written pop song with a completely unexpected glam rock/bowie influence. vocally, jemaine clement reminds me so much of Bryan Ferry in early era roxy music. can't remember the last time i liked a disney song this much.
sinful cakes
'sinful cakes' 14 hours ago
oK when i watched this movie for the first time i wasn't expecting much, i was mainly watching it because i was bored and the animation looked cute,, but omfg this scene surprised the heck out of me and i LOVED the music and just,, the crab dancing,,,,,,, yES
'Bridge' 14 hours ago
when the song started when i saw this in theaters i was like "oh god, the quintessential bad annoying song a side character has in every disney movie" but as it went on... how wrong i was. WHEN THE BLACKLIGHT HITS???? AAAAH. there's also this whole meaning of the song, which i didn't realize until listening to it several times... tomatoa met maui and saw his tattoos and was inspired to decorate himself, and, by his greed, believes he is beautiful. Maui's whole thing, why he was abandoned and his insecurities is because his parents had an ugly baby they didn't want. they don't say it outright in the movie, but maui is SUPPOSED to be ugly. it's his character, why he is the way he is. tomatoa is flaunting his new beauty in front of maui, bragging and purposefully making him feel bad. "You try to be tough But your armor's just not hard enough" "You'll never be quite as shiny You wish you were nice and shiny" tomatoa is an asshole i love it
'ChessRoyale' 15 hours ago
This song really reminds me of another that sounds pretty similar, but I can't remember what it is for the life of me. Other than that this song has become a favorite of mine from Disney.
'Gangerworld' 15 hours ago
Someone help. I can't stop watching.
'Chemical' 16 hours ago
2:31 man this new Sombra skin looks great!
tex lex
'tex lex' 17 hours ago
Jesus this is a surprisingly brutal beatdown for a disney movie.
Smol Waifu
'Smol Waifu' 17 hours ago
Does Tamatoa's shell just know to automatically go all ultra-sparkly when he says the word shiny?
Chino A
'Chino A' 18 hours ago
But here they come come come
Daniel Ismail
'Daniel Ismail' 18 hours ago
am i the only one who noticed that moose from frozen?
Ivan Yagami
'Ivan Yagami' 18 hours ago
I knew that voice was familiar. Its Fart from Rick and Morty. "Goodbyeeeeeee... Moooooonmen!!"
'KevinMcNoodles' 19 hours ago
Benjamin Rodarte
'Benjamin Rodarte' 19 hours ago
me:Hey does this look like a good golden ring to give to my girlfriend? Tomatoa:Well it looks SHINY!! me:NO don't sing NOOOOOOO!!!!! Tomatoa:(sings Shiny song).
IntensiveScythe Gaming
this is marco ➡👦 Marco has no Friends 😭 Please help Marco 😿 1like=1friend
Brandon Morant
'Brandon Morant' 19 hours ago
lorax the racon
'lorax the racon' 20 hours ago
i did get some jokes he sayed
Isabella Hayward
'Isabella Hayward' 20 hours ago
Tanatoa is singing about being shiny then starts singing about food
'DPresteonRocks' 20 hours ago
Omg, this song in the movie is SO much better than how you find it on youtube!
Justin Patchin
'Justin Patchin' 20 hours ago
This guy is like a dark souls boss
Kartini Hanitio
'Kartini Hanitio' 20 hours ago
Daimyo hermitaur? This realm of monsters is just an acid trip.
'LegendofStorms' 20 hours ago
favourite song
Adrii Rodriguez
'Adrii Rodriguez' 20 hours ago
l know
Ember Hatsune
'Ember Hatsune' 20 hours ago
I love that Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords is singing this song 😆
Random video Clicker
'Random video Clicker' 21 hours ago
MMM,fish dinners! And I love free food and U. LOOK LIKE SEAFOOD (sssseeeeeaaaaffffooodddddddd)
'Thegamingbadger12' 21 hours ago
This comment will be lost in the sea of comments
Johnny Lacey
'Johnny Lacey' 21 hours ago
this is boring
Paul Weaver
'Paul Weaver' 21 hours ago
Upf from 2:20 its becoming so badass!
Amai Sutcliffe
'Amai Sutcliffe' 21 hours ago
This song was a tribute to David Bowie partly and his amazing talents. As far as animation goes, I am an animator myself and this is the most visually stunning film I think I have ever seen, the music is amazing ( thanks Lin) and I just love it
YaYa LeVrai La Compagnie Fantôme sur Ps2
"Cest la vie mon ami "trop sympa disney 😂😂 like si tes fr
'Jamboyplayz' 22 hours ago
i watched this like 1000 times
'HDGREEN' 22 hours ago
Is so bad!! Um brazillian and Hate us!
Kassydee Bennett
'Kassydee Bennett' 23 hours ago
so shiny you gotta be kidding me
Hydrolic Corpse
'Hydrolic Corpse' 23 hours ago
mawii turned into the reindeer from frozen!!!! omg!!! I need a theory someone help me out.
'kinimod101' 23 hours ago
I have never been so addicted to any of such song from animated movies!
'엄엄미화' 23 hours ago
게딱지 ㅋㅋㅋ
The Deer in the Headlights
David Bowie crab ftw
Megan O
'Megan O' 23 hours ago
Goodbye moonmen👋🏻💨🌚😂
Insects and arachnids
who is still addicted to this?
Insects and arachnids
1 like= one jewel to make tamatoa more shiny XD
Insects and arachnids
I love how he says,"you little semi demi mini god"
Insects and arachnids
tamatoa's voice changes so much
Nishat Hasnain
'Nishat Hasnain' 24 hours ago
say hello to tamatoa the coconut crab)
Francis Malloy
'Francis Malloy' 24 hours ago
he's better then maleficent
Daril Cordero
'Daril Cordero' 1 day ago
'firasource' 1 day ago
I really like the part at 1:27 when Tamatoa's eyes look at each other for verification of what they just saw. Then he has a "We've got em" expression. Love it c:
Stephanie Kim
'Stephanie Kim' 1 day ago
Montserrat Brown
'Montserrat Brown' 1 day ago
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