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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 1 month ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

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85, 291 Likes   5, 947 Dislikes

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

Joshua Leger
'Joshua Leger' 18 minutes ago
I love it
Jaedyn Diaz
'Jaedyn Diaz' 22 minutes ago
Eline Buchner
'Eline Buchner' 36 minutes ago
Goodbyeeeeeeeee tamatoaaaaaa
Ellen Philpotts-Page
'Ellen Philpotts-Page' 54 minutes ago
*IT'S JUST BORIS!* Get the reference?
Sofia Souza
'Sofia Souza' 1 hour ago
him is só shiny
'LilEazy909' 2 hours ago
At 1:24 he turns into a frozen character XD
'Addy' 2 hours ago
Amazing animation to say the least and the scene where Tamatoa become all luminescent made me fall in love with this song <3 :D
'tetrisclock' 2 hours ago
Goddamn Jermaine rocks at doing Bowie impressions. That, "Dont'cha know," line gives me chills it sounds so much like him.
'QxeenDoge' 2 hours ago
Flowey..... *dark* OMEGA FLOWEY
Rebecca Dean
'Rebecca Dean' 2 hours ago
time to kick yo hiney
'Skiboi' 3 hours ago
Rebecca Dean
'Rebecca Dean' 3 hours ago
those teeth
anasia cardenas
'anasia cardenas' 3 hours ago
Absolutely my favorite villain ❤❤
Rebecca Dean
'Rebecca Dean' 3 hours ago
'OMEGALAH' 3 hours ago
Can't wait to defeat Tamatoa in Kingdom Hearts 3! ;)
shadic the hedgehog
'shadic the hedgehog' 3 hours ago
Look up Decapod i dare Serious look it up.
PixeLight Animates
'PixeLight Animates' 3 hours ago
did anyone notice the character from frozen when moe (I dont know how it is spelled ) was transforming?
Alex Lord
'Alex Lord' 3 hours ago
1:24 frozen easter egg
Tina Loye
'Tina Loye' 3 hours ago
0:05 - freaky eyelids bruh O.o
Alana Charlie
'Alana Charlie' 3 hours ago
I'm trying to get my hook but this one crab keeps kicking my ass , shit it's the shiny27
Mo Pusheen
'Mo Pusheen' 3 hours ago
Comment chain :3 Well Tamatoa hasn't always been this glam
Beni B0y
'Beni B0y' 4 hours ago
Love the Bowie tribute
'InTeNsE' 4 hours ago
Mega Sword
'Mega Sword' 4 hours ago
After Rio, Nigel turned into a Shiny Crab. 😯
'ArchAngel777117' 4 hours ago
In case anyone had the same feeling I had listening to this. Yep, same guy who sang "Goodbye Moonmen" on Rick and Morty xD
Renee Olds
'Renee Olds' 5 hours ago
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎈🎈🎀🎀😁😁😁😎😎😎😍😍😍😜😜😜😵😵😵😡😡😳 From janoyab
Equestrian Warriors
'Equestrian Warriors' 5 hours ago
Am i the only one who gets reminded of Hamilton at the beginning of the song
Brady Fenlon
'Brady Fenlon' 5 hours ago
at 1:24 sven pops up from frozen ;)
Brookie Cookie
At 1:24 is that Sven from frozen
Mia E. Bradley
'Mia E. Bradley' 6 hours ago
Someone broke the fourth wall in this song
Game Over Productions
Crab meat for days...
Diego Ferreira
'Diego Ferreira' 6 hours ago
A música é muito Boa... Mas a versão em Português Brasil ficou melhor... com as linhas melódicas mais bem definidas....😉
Meester Post
'Meester Post' 6 hours ago
super grappig en leuk🦀
Jo Penhaligon
'Jo Penhaligon' 6 hours ago
Yesenia Lopez
'Yesenia Lopez' 6 hours ago
I Love it
Lagia Sama
'Lagia Sama' 6 hours ago
why didn't he change into a crab like tamatoa
9ixel 6amer
'9ixel 6amer' 6 hours ago
Cian Dickson
'Cian Dickson' 6 hours ago
This is fucking shit I have never seen anything worse in my fucking life 😤
'paderan' 7 hours ago
I ment moana
'paderan' 7 hours ago
I love means
Frank The Dude
'Frank The Dude' 7 hours ago
I like the part where He says "Shineeh!"
Yves Naert
'Yves Naert' 7 hours ago
Swen from frozen
Katie Hall
'Katie Hall' 8 hours ago
Maui turned into Spen
Essen Vicente
'Essen Vicente' 8 hours ago
JEMAINE CLEMENT - So that's why his voice, the speaking accent and everything about the song and the humour and just... EVERYTHING was so familiar! Freakin' half of Flight of the Conchords! :O So they really did get everything from the Pasifika and NZ. I LOVE THIS. I LOVE IT. For other references: please search "Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" - Flight of the Conchords.
Esther Daniel
'Esther Daniel' 8 hours ago
Kool and bad
Malia Vazquez
'Malia Vazquez' 8 hours ago
'MeiSmellsFire' 8 hours ago
Well i guess you could assume, he is a real SHINee fan as well. 😂 (Kpop people will get this.)
'LittleMissSeaWitch' 8 hours ago
Maui with a bun 10/10
Cinnamon Rose Caramel
Maty Thiam
'Maty Thiam' 9 hours ago
Hmm... I thinks it's okay 👌 but she is so funny 😂 and she came my
'Euclid's soundbox' 9 hours ago
his eyes in combination with the shape of his face reminds me of down syndrome
'UnoTheDrawingCard' 9 hours ago
So Mettaton...
Reann Mitchell
'Reann Mitchell' 9 hours ago
I'm sorry I know he's a villain and all but I love tamatoa he's so.………SHINY
Derpy Sprinkles
'Derpy Sprinkles' 9 hours ago
A kid on my class screams IM SOO SHIN-AY every day in class
'Aiden's 2nd Channel' 10 hours ago
Jemaine <333
BatteryMaster Multiverse (Kenneth Crooker)
"So here is this giant enemy crab."
Samuel Oplinger
'Samuel Oplinger' 10 hours ago
Wait - is that Germaine from flight of the conchords?
Sebastian Michaelis
'Sebastian Michaelis' 10 hours ago
Is it weird how I just noticed he doesn't have nostrils or a nose.
Art 4 life
'Art 4 life' 11 hours ago
am I the only one who finds the voice a bit creepy?
Bonnie the Bunny Games -Minecraft
when did disney get so much better
Eric TAG
'Eric TAG' 12 hours ago
Eric TAG
'Eric TAG' 12 hours ago
Henry Johnston
'Henry Johnston' 12 hours ago
I keep hearing fart from rick and morty...
Emma Hughes
'Emma Hughes' 12 hours ago
'blurrygirl06' 13 hours ago
omg, I've had this damn song stuck in my head all week! Took my 6 yr old niece to see this & we've both been singing this incessantly! Jermaine Clement is the man! "I will sparkle like a wealthy woman's necks my fave line ;)
Frontier Brain Anabel
Does Tamatoa use Powersaves in Pokemon to get shinies or something?
aja bonds
'aja bonds' 13 hours ago
sfen from frozen
Michał Adamski
'Michał Adamski' 13 hours ago
Michał Adamski
'Michał Adamski' 13 hours ago
'creaturebotman' 13 hours ago
Love this song. A little David Bowie seems to start channeling in at Frame 0:40 .
Cash Tunstall
'Cash Tunstall' 14 hours ago
is it sad that this was the only enjoyable song from that movie?
Rakesh Kumar
'Rakesh Kumar' 14 hours ago
crab you can eat my friend moulana she's my friend and I want to see her hahaha hahaha you were trying to even wanna but she is my friend you will never ever ever ever her yeah you know why because you're a dirtbag you heard me right
'MisterM4F' 15 hours ago
"You can't run from me !" She runs "Oh yes you can ! You keep surprising me."
'hamnerheads' 15 hours ago
I didn't think they could pull it off, but they did
Ball handles 100points In The First Half
Let's start a comment chain yeah tomatoa hasn't always been this glam
Marcel Kaleta
'Marcel Kaleta' 15 hours ago
Pour Maui
DIY With Hafsa and Khadija
I think I have a virus that types in anything it wants in the comments like: NEEEEEW MOOOOOOOVIEEEEE WAAAATCH HERE NOWWWW: (Any twitter link is always here.) pls don't fall for stuff like this
Shayla Keogh
'Shayla Keogh' 15 hours ago
2:46 ow that must hurt
aydaSue “AydaSueSayenaMira”
Arturo Cordoba
'Arturo Cordoba' 17 hours ago
this is my favorite song so far BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD
'KingCannabis' 18 hours ago
At first I thought he was just another pussy villain like many of the other villains disney creates.... Then I saw him start to beat the shit out of Maui, then he goes all glow in the dark... This crabs a bad ass
'Shadownyan026' 18 hours ago
'Shadownyan026' 18 hours ago
does anyone else here rconize that face at 2:56
Clarens Glen
'Clarens Glen' 18 hours ago
I thought tamatoa was gay
Maria Magallan
'Maria Magallan' 18 hours ago
So stupidit
omega doge
'omega doge' 18 hours ago
and Your tattoos on the outside😁
Sylvia Page
'Sylvia Page' 18 hours ago
WAIT WAIT where the fuck is the part where tomatoa says he ate his grandma??? It's not before this is it?? Anyone else notice this?
'iamSketchH' 19 hours ago
Lol, breaking the 4th wall. He says at 2:12 "You can't expect a demigod to beat a decapod" then looks directly at the audience and says "--look it up." XD
Luke Riley
'Luke Riley' 19 hours ago
Let's start a comment chain! Just kidding, I would never dip this low.
'SockBandit' 19 hours ago
A shiny crabrawler appeared!
Adrielle Oliveiras
'Adrielle Oliveiras' 19 hours ago
falta em português🌝🎀💖
Ivy Hernandez
'Ivy Hernandez' 19 hours ago
tamota sounds like the bad guy from rio2 or1
Rose Cortes
'Rose Cortes' 19 hours ago
In case anyone would like to get their mind blown: The voice actor for Tamatoa is the same as Fart from Rick and Morty.
Long Face Crying Kim Kardashian
1:13 how did she not break her leg
Annarose Moth
'Annarose Moth' 20 hours ago
tfw you realize the singer in this was Vladislav the Poker from What We Do in The Shadows
Kayla Phelps
'Kayla Phelps' 20 hours ago
when he goes bioluminescent, it sounds like an Avenged Sevenfold song. in fact, he just sounds like it all together. idk if that's who i'm thinking of
'mattshet' 20 hours ago
he says clam wot....🤔
Irelynn Mellor
'Irelynn Mellor' 20 hours ago
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