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Nikon D3400: Product Tour -
Published: 2 years ago By: Nikon Asia

By: Nikon AsiaPublished: 2 years ago

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Capturing and sharing your memories is easier than ever with the new Nikon DX-format D3400. Designed with 24.2 megapixels, an EXPEED 4 image-processing engine, and with an ISO range of 100 to 25600, you can capture life in stunning detail, no matter the lighting conditions.

With SnapBridge, stay constantly connected and instantly transfer images from your camera to your smart device, so you can share the moments as they happen.

If you’re new to photography, the helpful Guide Mode will teach you how to master the basics of operating a DSLR, while a range of Special Effects will ensure your images stand out from the rest.

Join the fun with the D3400:

Manupriya Gamage
'Manupriya Gamage' 2 weeks ago
Good Job Nikon. I have D3400 now 😗
'DsN' 2 months ago
Still deciding... this or the 200d. hmmm. I do all kinds of photography
'Mohit' 2 months ago
Hi ! I hv Nikon coolpix p530 My first camera 🔥 ..i want to upgrade my camera . Suggest mi good camera for next stage of beginner ! Specially for photography. Thanks.
Eric Ding
'Eric Ding' 2 months ago
Hello Nikon,I am planning to purchase a new DSLR for my photography needs and I am really curious about the connectivity of the DSLR itself. How does snapbridge work? Does it limit the file size while transferring photos,cause in the ad it shows "2Mp photos transferred instantly" so I was curious about how it works. Is there an option to transfer photos at maximum resolution in the app?
swapnil n
'swapnil n' 4 months ago
The Best Nikon3400 10 Effects in only 3400 not other Nikon dslr
Charlie Wu
'Charlie Wu' 4 months ago
If it was white, I would purchase one in a heart beat!
kunal mahajan
'kunal mahajan' 6 months ago
Which Intervelometer should I use with d3400?
kunal mahajan
'kunal mahajan' 6 months ago
Hello Nikon india, I want my d3400 to attetch with any microphone so that I can get good quality of sound with my video, kindly help me..
wilson ramos
'wilson ramos' 6 months ago
the nikon d3400 is amazing 1200 shots wow
'R.K'S play'Z' 7 months ago
How to pronounced nikon it's "nikon" or "naykon" what
Rick Leeman
'Rick Leeman' 7 months ago
Hey Nikon! Thanks for this video! Do you know if there is an option for bracketing on this camera? Couldn't find it. .
'R.K'S play'Z' 7 months ago
I am excited because I will have a nikon d3400
Daniel Prince
'Daniel Prince' 8 months ago
Is it possible to connect wifi adapter to nikon D3400 ?
'TAUSEEF AHMED SIRAJ' 8 months ago
I am beginner in this field so which which one would be better choice d3400 or d5300...
Tariq Hakeem Sangi
'Tariq Hakeem Sangi' 8 months ago
Can I save location on D3400 automatically. If yes. so how?
Boby Gilanhg
'Boby Gilanhg' 9 months ago
Snapbrigde still Often Unrealible and milimalistic feature with just connect and share, can't even setup like apeture,shutterspeed,or something. well jeez nikon, i'm still wandering major application upgrade, even you leave a bug for D5300 which i'm using it
Boby Gilanhg
'Boby Gilanhg' 9 months ago
D3300 + Snabrigde - Feature = D3400
EagleEye 234
'EagleEye 234' 9 months ago
Hi! Nikon D3300 VS D3400 Which One Is Better For VideoGraphy?
Parthav Doc
'Parthav Doc' 1 year ago
Hi, I have recently purchased Nikon D3400. I want to shoot time lapse video with it. Pls guide. Thank you.
'LOLWTF673' 1 year ago
Tech Hasi
'Tech Hasi' 1 year ago
Hi Nikon, Can you please tell me whether the nikon d3400 or the nikon d5200 is the best?
Bidyut Brahma
'Bidyut Brahma' 1 year ago
Dear Nikon, can you please kindly add an extra dial for better and faster manual control and also an dof button in upcoming d3xxx series models? I don't think it is too much of an ask for an entry level camera. I love the images captured by d3400 and its performance under low light is stunning for its segment. Maybe release a d3450 special edition model added with such features. With such a remarkable sensor, a few of these added features would push amateurs like me towards semi-pro and higher models. Thank you. Regards, Bidyut
Mang Ching Lee
'Mang Ching Lee' 1 year ago
d3400 or d5600 is better?
'YoursTrulyTanya' 1 year ago
hi! I really want to know if this Camera is good for youtube and vlogging? Thank you very much for those who will take time to answer.
Law Hansel
'Law Hansel' 1 year ago
why bluetooth over wifi? my phone's bluetooth is reserved for headphones.
'WE ARE MIZO's' 1 year ago
NIKON ASIA please review d3400 and add Microphone jack then it can perfect for level.
Nick Rogers
'Nick Rogers' 1 year ago
im d3400,nice job on the camera nikon very nice
'mjsylver' 1 year ago
I am a video and photo teacher and we have d3300's in class to do both. Is there anyway to add an external mic to the d3400? 3.5m female to usb maybe? If not, the d3400 is a waste of time and money in my eyes.
'ZEAL FILMS MATRIX' 1 year ago
how much AF points?
'MrRockname' 1 year ago
Nikon d5300 or Nikon D3400 is better? thanks
Andrés Hernández
Orgulloso poseedor de este hermoso monstruo tecnológico.
Ishrak Azmir
'Ishrak Azmir' 1 year ago
only one think is new
'Pugbug288' 2 years ago
I like my camera but snapbridge wont connect to the camera from the Iphone, and thats running the newest firmware on both. What do I do now?
ROHIT ravindran
'ROHIT ravindran' 2 years ago
d5200 or d3400 ? which one is better ?
Ishan Sanyal
'Ishan Sanyal' 2 years ago
Does it have WiFi ?
AuXo DeuMm
'AuXo DeuMm' 2 years ago
Is possible transfere photos in original size with the bluethooth?
As Studio
'As Studio' 2 years ago
sir nikon d 3400 how to come in market
Nolan Tifft
'Nolan Tifft' 2 years ago
Nikon D750 all the way!
Pablo Revelo
'Pablo Revelo' 2 years ago
TSCF Films
'TSCF Films' 2 years ago
Fuck is wrong with Nikon. First, they make terrible video. Then they create the D5500, a rebranded D5300. And now this? I couldn't be happier for selling my D5300 and getting a Sony a6000 instead.
'ChicagoTurtle1' 2 years ago
I wonder how fast is the Bluetooth transfer speed. Like maybe it's usable like tethering??
Daniel Hew
'Daniel Hew' 2 years ago
I am curious if the camera can support a 600 mm lens.
Eternal Scary
'Eternal Scary' 2 years ago
its basically a rebranded d3300
Mild gargle
'Mild gargle' 2 years ago
Perfect example why mirrorless is taking over the market
Lakshya kapila
'Lakshya kapila' 2 years ago
NIKON , CANON until u come with something substantial you share will keep on decreasing !!
'trainroomgary' 2 years ago
Cool video and editing. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ • Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway 🚂
Michael Sorrow
'Michael Sorrow' 2 years ago
This is a bad joke, right? Basicaly the same as the previous model except the new one has lower flash power, no ultrasonic sensor cleaning and no input for external microphone. This isn't an upgrade, this is a downgrade for crying out loud!
Luca Ibra
'Luca Ibra' 2 years ago
'TNTMatiStudio' 2 years ago
aparat dla gimbusów jadących na auto
Dimebag Darrell
'Dimebag Darrell' 2 years ago
Nice video, but weird general idea, just look mirrorless models like a6000, nx 3000, GX80, E-M10 II; the Nikon D3400 just looks like a dinosaur
Wisnu Aji
'Wisnu Aji' 2 years ago
This camera should be named as D3300+ not D3400
jonas reyes
'jonas reyes' 2 years ago
like d3300 plus
'M7CVZ' 2 years ago
ok, based on who you are showing in your advertisement here, you won't make any sales. These silly girlz are fine with their iphone camera quality. This is a bright and shiny, candy, waste of time commercial.
Shang-Hsien Yang
'Shang-Hsien Yang' 2 years ago
No touch screen, no 4K. Truly disappointed.
Max Chan
'Max Chan' 2 years ago
i am using my D3100 for 5 years. i have to say if i need to transfer photos for my phone, i will extract the micro SD card to install my phone and upload. so i take D3300
Kyoryu Violet
'Kyoryu Violet' 2 years ago
minimal upgrade from the D3300, not worth it.
Arya Kemal
'Arya Kemal' 2 years ago
the different from d3300 I think just the snap bridge
Muhammad Lutfi
'Muhammad Lutfi' 2 years ago
Best commercials Nikon have =) Best cameras for sure too! Pls bring snap-bridge to the iPhone with wifi option I have the D7200 Current app i use WMU from you is really bad!
Mazin Bashar
'Mazin Bashar' 2 years ago
Nikon d3300, d3400 or d5300?
'陈子宽' 2 years ago
Scrochzz Toruan
'Scrochzz Toruan' 2 years ago
seriously theres basicly nothing different from the D3300 (which i bought last year) Except the D3400 has a built in snap bridge unlike the d3300 :v
Erik Mm
'Erik Mm' 2 years ago
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