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Angry Trump blasts 'fake news disgrace' - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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66 Likes   126 Dislikes

Donald Trump has condemned as nonsense allegations that Russian intelligence has compromising material about him. A report, which is so far unverifiable, makes damaging allegations about Mr Trump's business interests, claims his election campaign communicated secretly with Moscow and also contains suggestions of unusual sexual practices by Mr Trump. The president elect suggested the US intelligence agencies could be responsible for leaking the allegations and tried to focus instead on his priorities in office , including dealing with so-called Islamic State - which he described as "number one tricky".

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Catherine Hier
'Catherine Hier' 2 weeks ago
HA HA HA HA. What an embarrassment! Kick him out!!
lord snow 8
'lord snow 8' 3 months ago
He implies that he will be tough on russia, more so than Clinton yet he didnt even impose sanctions on russia today...
Siege link
'Siege link' 3 months ago
The dislikes say it all. The ratings are dropping and they don't care how shit they are!
Eva P
'Eva P' 3 months ago
Everyone calling free media for "fake news" is more or less working against democracy and sympathizes with prohibition of opinions normally represented by totalitarian teachings within the fascism and communism.
James Stimpson
'James Stimpson' 8 months ago
Haha but trump Called out the BBC in a large press interview. Just look on YT and you'll find lots of propaganda BS the BBC spew to the world. FAKE NEWS. AND WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS BIAS SHITE,!!
Lh Lh
'Lh Lh' 8 months ago
3:17 and pause video, it suddenly becomes real that the media really do twist things, having to physically display his business stuff in front of the media to show everyone and not allow the media to twist the story their way of saying he can't run if he doesn't sign away his holdings which i understand but to have to physically display all that stuff. Damn.
Lh Lh
'Lh Lh' 8 months ago
I'm surprised BBC didn't haven't removed comments already.
'AYE OK SURE' 1 year ago
'barn2503' 1 year ago
I stopped watching BBC news years ago. I only have to hear a headline and I can spot straight away the angle, the agenda, the manipulation, the control, the loaded questions, the double standards, the hypocrisy, from a mile off. As well as being guilty of reporting fake news the BBC are also guilty of intentionally not reporting certain types of news, especially the type of news that contradicts their socialist agenda. Over the past couple of years I am proud to have weaned my entire family and a number of my friends onto RT.
Pat Johnson
'Pat Johnson' 1 year ago
The BBC is at its top propaganda stage right now and should be shut down 30/1/027
'belfasta' 1 year ago
BBC king of fake news
Paulo Fontes
'Paulo Fontes' 1 year ago
people of the United States will end this and there will be a big change ( No more presidents in usa )
koala bear
'koala bear' 1 year ago
Michael Portillo once said the BBC will report what we tell them to report.
Trumpets Call
'Trumpets Call' 1 year ago
More fake news
Жалил Сакиев
i cant believe bbc is doing it, that was the only objective source of news for me for years....
'BOKI RS-KRAJINA' 1 year ago
where are the stories aboutthe Clintons running a pedophile ring ???????? where????
'BOKI RS-KRAJINA' 1 year ago
BBC CNN same category owned byZionist Jews who work for their agenda this is fake news too
'96BxelA' 1 year ago
That also includes you BBC you sorry sack of shits...You can spin for your license money. I won't pay for your fake Propaganda....
'AquaLajo' 1 year ago
Wow, BBC. Your intro to this piece is disgraceful child's play. Come on. Are you TRYING to mimic the Sun's 'news' reporting? Doing a great job. You are reporting like a dramatized gossip magazine.
Andrew Weis
'Andrew Weis' 1 year ago
BBC = (anti) British BULLSHIT (promoting) COCKSUCKERS.
'chumbbeater123' 1 year ago
BBC is fake News also
Jan Kocbek
'Jan Kocbek' 1 year ago
Nice title bbc
Turnips Pickled
'Turnips Pickled' 1 year ago
The accusations regarding russia arent going away because you KEEP REPEATING THEM aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh you cunts actually have the nerve to throw around fake news accusations when you keep regurgitating potentially dangerous spin like this bunch of bullcunt and other such gems as the WHITE HELMET propaganda bullshit that could have started WW3 ............. You are beyond repugnant and morally destitute, if you work for the bbc the only way to atone for the unforgiveable crimes you have commited against the human consciousness and spirit is to self immolate in public.
Framçois Guilbert
hey go through a polygraph, a lie detector. be brave,
Truth Seeker
'Truth Seeker' 1 year ago
we need to be friends with russia and enemy's with china
Truth Seeker
'Truth Seeker' 1 year ago
i was never a trump person but i love him now hes honest unlike the media and the gov. we need him to call out everyone and hold the accountable for there crimes.thank you jesus for trump alot of people hopefully is going to prison.
'Anson's Life' 1 year ago
Jentje Bierman
'Jentje Bierman' 1 year ago
Jan Kocbek
'Jan Kocbek' 1 year ago
Jan Kocbek
'Jan Kocbek' 1 year ago
BBC is another beauty.
Marcus Aurelius
'Marcus Aurelius' 1 year ago
BBC is no better than CNN
'burtingtune' 1 year ago
I have just watched a BBC reporter on the allegation that the Russians having compromising material on Trump. He opened by saying that we must deal with the facts. He said that because Trump had denied things in the past and that he was now denying this then that lent credibility to the allegation. By that logic if I allegeTrump to by an ET and he denies it, with no evidence to support my claim, this BBC journalist would say the balance was in favour of him being an alien
Derek 86
'Derek 86' 1 year ago
for evening mentioning the fake allegations of the story puts bbc in the fake news dept
'mellowman1001' 1 year ago
The BBC is Fake News. Propaganda as bad as the Chinese Communist/Nazi/Soviet Party news organizations.
Razib Baral JOY
'Razib Baral JOY' 1 year ago
Oh BBC, you another beauty.😹
'fredo1070' 1 year ago
Donald Trump has been in the hotel business for 40 years. Do you really think he is going to walk into a competitors hotel and hire some hookers to pee on a bed. Say there are no cameras, what is the maid going to think of Donald the next day. Don't you think the maid would call the manager who would then call Bill Marriott the guy who owns the Ritz Carlton? If I were Bill Marriott I would sue BuzzFeed for saying his hotels are full of perv cameras and run by the FSB.
Rem0te C0ntrol
'Rem0te C0ntrol' 1 year ago
he wears the same suit every time. is he broke.
Sunshine Bee
'Sunshine Bee' 1 year ago
he is germaphobic
'Nuron666' 1 year ago
The BBC are basically Britain's thought control police. They are masters in the art of mass mind manipulation.
Tahir Rana
'Tahir Rana' 1 year ago
BBC is bull crap news supporting Islamic jihad in Europe and the destruction of the middle east for the creation of greater Israhell, Soros needs to be arrested!
Muhammad Abdullah
'Muhammad Abdullah' 1 year ago
Adrian Locke
'Adrian Locke' 1 year ago
BBC Propoganda channel not News channel
'boogiejuice' 1 year ago
BBC NEWS Another Beauty. :-D Shameful Leftist fake news propagandists in action. BOYCOTT THE BBC.
Monkeybomb Man
'Monkeybomb Man' 1 year ago
bbc propaganda
Charlie Hawtree
'Charlie Hawtree' 1 year ago
The American election has made me realise just how fake and bias the BBC are. They are nothing but a leftist liberal advocacy agency. I definitely won't be paying my TV licence from now on.
Donnie Darko
'Donnie Darko' 1 year ago
Ef the BBC.
Haha Hehe
'Haha Hehe' 1 year ago
We can give you a Truth Whack if you keep begging for it!!
'insidejob2012' 1 year ago
BBC go away!
Victoire N.
'Victoire N.' 1 year ago
Fake news BBC
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 1 year ago
He made a lovely quip when a BBC "Reporter" asked a question.
joker 76
'joker 76' 1 year ago
the bbc is fake news
Ron Kumar
'Ron Kumar' 1 year ago
Report facts not your opinion.
Bret H
'Bret H' 1 year ago
the BBC has now jumped the shark... it will no longer have any credibility after reporting a nun collaborated bunch of rubbish it certainly puts the UK in a bad light I recommend you watch the whole news conference it's quite amazing that way you can get away from your National propaganda indoctrination service and find out what really happened cheers
Freeborn Chimedza
'Freeborn Chimedza' 1 year ago
I just unsubscribed from your fake news BBC. RT rules
'zxrrsteve1' 1 year ago
Ismael Cruz
'Ismael Cruz' 1 year ago
Trump is weak xD
Hector Vargas
'Hector Vargas' 1 year ago
BBc lost its fame. it is discusting. It apolls me. Son mie... vestidos de sede. They are stip upper lips.
Department of DePence
*My Brexit Blokes say the BBC is Fake News Too*
'DARK OVERLORD' 1 year ago
Julian Carver
'Julian Carver' 1 year ago
All mainstream news channels are fake news. It's all corporate Controlled, Globalist Agenda Nonsense.
'MrNinjay2k' 1 year ago
"BBC News, That's Another Beauty!"
'agitbeats' 1 year ago
BBC, Broadcasting Bullshit Constantly.
'xguy' 1 year ago
⛔⛔⛔ See the UNCENSORED report at BUZZFEED‼️
Marty Celestialteapot
How unlike the home life of our own dear PM.
'TheFluxon' 1 year ago
It's just sad to scroll through this comment section. I have always respected the BBC for the work they do and always trusted them with their credibility and objectivity. So please just know, that I'm glad for the work you put into informing us about what's going on in the world and giving your best. People, stop hating so much, why are you so angry?
Olive Pip
'Olive Pip' 1 year ago
Olive Pip
'Olive Pip' 1 year ago
Olive Pip
'Olive Pip' 1 year ago
Clipping footage again. Nice one BBC. Anti Russian bullshit again.
Daniel Sugerman
'Daniel Sugerman' 1 year ago
BBC are full of Traitors. The days of you snakes poisoning the minds of the British people with your venomous words are over, you've lost your fangs. RULE BRITANNIA!
'JIE988' 1 year ago
he even slated the BBC for their bias.Funny how BBC don't show that
Wayne Foulds
'Wayne Foulds' 1 year ago
bbc are crooks scammers and child molesters. don't trust bbc
Lake Granny Walker
Good for you Trump!  CNN is a PR club for the Democrats and has been for years.  That is how Obama was elected 2 times until the public wised up.
Melissa Dennis
'Melissa Dennis' 1 year ago
I hope he revokes white house credentials to C N N.
John Devon
'John Devon' 1 year ago
Screw you BBC Stay out of America. We are sick of you and all your aggrandized bullshit. You don't speak for freedom, you speak for fake political elite.
John Winning
'John Winning' 1 year ago
BBC is FAKE NEWS. Sit down and drink your tea.
'MrRickytuk' 1 year ago
BBC is one the worst fake news outlets on earth. So dishonest in their reporting of Trump which is ridiculously easy to see if one bothers to seek out real news for comparison. It makes me sick to think that half the country takes on the opinions the BBC programmes them with. It's a disgrace.
'Cabronosidad' 1 year ago
Unbelievable that the BBC are repeating without question the ludicrous, fake sex story from Buzzfeed, thus giving it any degree of credibility whatsoever. Shameful journalism. As if it were not bad enough to be perpetuating the ridiculous Russia-helped-Trump-win meme, without presenting any evidence whatsoever. Who is writing their stories nowadays? The US State Dept.?
cary bary
'cary bary' 1 year ago
He means you BBC
mc 74 Two
'mc 74 Two' 1 year ago
He's a billionaire, look at the way he talks when he thinks no one is recording . Everyone he's ever met will have some leverage over him
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