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How the human brain works -
Published: 8 years ago By: University of Bristol

By: University of BristolPublished: 8 years ago

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An animated tour around the human brain (commissioned for Brain Awareness Week).

Kwadwo Sarpong
'Kwadwo Sarpong' 1 day ago
And you tell me there is no God. This just showed that my God, your God : Was, Is, and Shall Be. Amen
Adrian Swaby
'Adrian Swaby' 2 weeks ago
Iliya Yovchev
'Iliya Yovchev' 3 weeks ago
Can you just sit silently and watch your thought process without interfering? Who is the witness? To say "we are our brains" is to say: we are our legs. They are both tools. And the mind is so powerful tool that it may trick you that IT is who you are. It is a bio computer with the capacity of one petabyte. Be immensely grateful for that amazing, unbelievable, wonderful gift from existence/nature/God but please do no get identified with may miss living totally in the present moment
animationcatstroker technology
This is so wierd😖! We are learning about our brains using... Our brains!
Johnny Q
'Johnny Q' 2 months ago
The intro is way too long.
Mveleli Sithembile
'Mveleli Sithembile' 3 months ago
Yahoo . I had never seen/knew this.
Nr verma
'Nr verma' 4 months ago
Hemant Sharma Kaushik
Ye Video Zaroor Dekhe Aur Jaane kya hai Dimag
nicky blunt
'nicky blunt' 4 months ago
Audio is poor.. words are not clear
Truman Boyanton
'Truman Boyanton' 4 months ago
We are not our brains ok?
'LofaNibiru' 5 months ago
1:07 thos look like boobs
puppy lover Emily
'puppy lover Emily' 6 months ago
This is a weird thing that happends to me and I also think everbody can you guys think about more then one thing but they are still there I'm sorry if that didn't make sence.
'cesarcdx' 6 months ago
The brain is made of pancakes.
'FreeStayler' 7 months ago
People must remember old recollection,remembrance,memory,suddens . Future is uncertain ?
Kit Kat
'Kit Kat' 7 months ago
Straightforward. Great refresher
Sushila Devi
'Sushila Devi' 8 months ago
what are you saying I can't understand which language you say...
Whole Brain Power
'Whole Brain Power' 9 months ago
Train your brain
mahendra kumar
'mahendra kumar' 9 months ago
It' s amazing
Just a man
'Just a man' 9 months ago
Who created the mind?
How Does Our Brain Work? Our brain merely moves our consciousness back and forth thru time and televises the image of the past event that is occurring this very moment...Since the past, present, and future are all occurring simultaneously. So the brain is not storing information, but producing an image occurring in some element of time, much like televisions of old received transmitted signals from television stations. Hence, our brains are chronovisors... An artificial chronovisor is known to be located in the Vatican capable of televising the crucifiction of Jesus Christ in real time. Alzheimer's Disease occurs when the brain loses its capacicity to shift consciousness back and forth thru time and subsequently remains locked in the present. Dr. Robert E. Rainer MD.
Matthew Friisdahl
'Matthew Friisdahl' 10 months ago
I learned a lot
'Mr.LateTech' 10 months ago
Frank Albarran
'Frank Albarran' 10 months ago
scientist say we don't fully understand the brain but this seems to show all the information on how the brain works and functions.
'MANOJ KUMAR' 11 months ago
jayendra sriraj
'jayendra sriraj' 12 months ago
nice and super show more like this be knownled people
Gong Tommy
'Gong Tommy' 12 months ago
I find this really usefull
rowena sabetta
'rowena sabetta' 1 year ago
Can our brain make the audio on this video not sound like crap ?
pop ana
'pop ana' 1 year ago
,,an old version of our brain,, sorry Mr.Science, but you have to give me more than your archaistic,non proved theory of evolution.Plus,Darwin has quit his ideas before he died!May God bless you!
Edouard Imbert
'Edouard Imbert' 1 year ago
That was great. Blew my mind. Thank you.
Chunly Nhean
'Chunly Nhean' 1 year ago
Infinite Gaming
'Infinite Gaming' 1 year ago
Great video but I wish it would have gone more in depth. I learned a lot though, great video! This video interested me and I am only 16.
Guled Jama
'Guled Jama' 1 year ago
Guled Jama
'Guled Jama' 1 year ago
Anyone else here from Option 5?
Fiona McWilliam
'Fiona McWilliam' 1 year ago
Fantastic resource - shame about the poor sound quality.
talhaoui nabil
'talhaoui nabil' 2 years ago
תמיד הייתי בכור המצרף ידי bigining אני מדבר על שבועות רבים כי אני NT זוכר כל יום אני נשרף קדימה שלי רק בגלל שאני חושב על דברים אז אני כל speeak לא על אתמול על המטרה Alltimes .now אני bleasure שלי לב בעובדה אני רוצה להגיע ישר עד wehere בשעוני הוא האדם זכות זו הנה שעון חנינה i 'לא יודעת מי הוא אתה שלם ................... ....   נביל במרוקו
Primož Kočar
'Primož Kočar' 2 years ago
For future reference, try to speak more clearly, dont mumble and loose the accent. Otherwise a great animation and imagery :)
Jody Serafin
'Jody Serafin' 2 years ago
I Helper serve a man that is what he eats at an Olive Garden near me, however I Did not see him eat it, he fed off my reaction which was a possessed reaction of entrance of Quantum portal. "mother f##ker" as natural born killers effect perceived me as I was observing. There has been no closier Hence My brains lack of justice relief. I am one worry away from Zen. This man however might of Been there to educate me as Spectre knows Who. Eventually I am that man or am I that man or was my brain stem hungry.?
sivaraj sivaraj
'sivaraj sivaraj' 2 years ago
This is the useful video for the students who are going to write NEET test
'0000' 2 years ago
dont you find it weird that your brain is searching info on its self?
Sharon Gonzales
'Sharon Gonzales' 2 years ago
Thank you sooooooooo much for sharing this highly informative video with all of us. You're AMAZING!
Univen Solred
'Univen Solred' 2 years ago
but why tho why does it perform all that in a big ball of mush.
sachin jagarwar
'sachin jagarwar' 2 years ago
what's wrong with your voice's difficult to understand it
Klea Miza
'Klea Miza' 2 years ago
The explain is so clear and the way of ilustrating is great. Love this video
Kate Cohen-Posey
'Kate Cohen-Posey' 2 years ago
Another great visual aide on the brain is THE HANDY BRAIN MODEL available on Amazon in sizes medium and large.  You can literally find brain features in the palm of your hand.
'Faith' 2 years ago
Great video! :)
Moon Orchid
'Moon Orchid' 2 years ago
thank you love anatomical videos... lol I'm contemplating my reality more and more these days when watching this ... we really are just fleshy machines lol
Andreas T Kalabase
'Andreas T Kalabase' 2 years ago
Wanted to order like 2000000 of these pills for President JZ
'Schatten2712' 2 years ago
well... that's not the hippocampus, surrounding the thalamus is the caudate nucleus. and you totally forgot insula and cingulate lobes... why?
'DoggoIsLife' 2 years ago
Great movie, thanks.
Just a Youtuber
'Just a Youtuber' 2 years ago
i still dont understand how can electricity signals make us think and councious about our existence.
Rubeel Achekzai
'Rubeel Achekzai' 2 years ago
His accent is SO annoying!
sparrow Helm
'sparrow Helm' 2 years ago
love the video!learned a lot on it
Joe Reyes
'Joe Reyes' 2 years ago
the brain named itself... think about it
Young Banker
'Young Banker' 2 years ago
Whats up your kids look nice today at school on the Friday
Teb Khun
'Teb Khun' 3 years ago
Guys A baby hit me on the head I got Hurt Owww it Cracked a bit
fernanda Gonzalez
'fernanda Gonzalez' 3 years ago
was quite hard for me to understand the accent :(:( would be good if the subtitles were accurate to the video
Hide Barnes
'Hide Barnes' 3 years ago
love this man's voice!!!
S Ramesh HR Mentor, HRD Centre.
Very Effective communcations
abdul muqeet
'abdul muqeet' 3 years ago
There must be a creator???? Oh yeah
Denise van de Wall
'Denise van de Wall' 3 years ago
That was a good more of that from different perspectives. Not only how it works but how it doesn't in case of illness.
'TheJazzCorner' 3 years ago
"We are our brains" - No we are not.
Dee McDonald
'Dee McDonald' 3 years ago
Simple breakdown of a very complex and our most important organ.
Zachary Stevens
'Zachary Stevens' 3 years ago
That was quite the intro...
'dogeness' 3 years ago
How does the brain store so much information (estimates range from 1TB to 2500TB)? Well, obviously not all of it is actually STORED in the brain. The almighty God takes care of this for us by keeping most of our memories on cloud storage in Heaven. You hear that you lousy atheists? God knows all of our thoughts because he can access them from his server in Heaven. So not even you closet atheists are safe from Judgement!
John Thomson
'John Thomson' 3 years ago
what with the ear shattering music at the start?
JoesWife Smith
'JoesWife Smith' 3 years ago
Very nice.  I like the animation - but you may want to consider cutting down on the long, unnecessary intro.  Thanks!!  (I love your accent!  Be "who you really are"!)
Eric Juma
'Eric Juma' 3 years ago
Great video, the narrator was clear.
Mike Green
'Mike Green' 3 years ago
Amazing that people are complaining about the narrators accent, some even saying that he sounds arrogant. Perhaps you should stick to animations like 'sponge bob square pants', or 'scooby doo' that way you won't get so confused.
Audrey Angelov
'Audrey Angelov' 3 years ago
*Nearly no one is capable of serious self-inquiry (don't lie to yourself that you are).* *The human mind's nature is deceptive. It's like a talking snake (:D).* _Go to TruthContest◘Com,_ then read *The Present* to know the truth about yourself and life...
'Bobmcd0' 3 years ago
This would be brilliant if you cut down the one minute intro and rerecorded the voice-over with a better microphone.
Chumman Lal Banjare
'Chumman Lal Banjare' 3 years ago
Orange Fender
'Orange Fender' 4 years ago
Very informative.
mst viral
'mst viral' 4 years ago
Hey UOB, you should see " WTF Bending A Mans Mind "
Kortni Wong
'Kortni Wong' 4 years ago
Very low quality audio. It is like listening to a video off of one of the first camera phones with that capability. ): This video would be very good otherwise, but I unfortunately cannot understand some of the words. On a lighter note, the auto captions are hilarious.
Kelly Schimansky
'Kelly Schimansky' 4 years ago
I thought his voice was terribly dull and hard to follow, especially for someone with a TBI.
navlik rakholia
'navlik rakholia' 4 years ago
claire mulveen
'claire mulveen' 4 years ago
That's discusting
'dan69052' 4 years ago
Excellent presentation. Good for students studying Bio.
petha vengatasalam
'petha vengatasalam' 4 years ago
very nice helped me
Federico Eiriz
'Federico Eiriz' 4 years ago
This video is brilliant
'FunFilmzzz' 4 years ago
But now I'm thinking about breathing and when I think about it, I'm force breathing and when I so t think about it I'm fine. But when I think about it, I feel like "am I getting enough air?" It's ruining everything. I have anxiety and a lot of the time I get myself wound up in my head and I start panicking. Any ideas? Be serious.
Daniel Jones
'Daniel Jones' 4 years ago
Well done, thank you for the help
Sompong Tungmepol
'Sompong Tungmepol' 4 years ago
ตอนสุดท้ายนี้เริ่มฉลาด ชั้นไม่สู้แกหรอก แต่แกเล่นอะไรชั้นจะดูลูกเดียวเลย ชั้นไม่สู้กับแกแล้วนะ สู้ทีไรชั้นแพ้ทุกทีเลย เพราะต่อไปนี้ไม่สู้กิเลสแล้ว จะรู้มันไปเรื่อยๆ นี่ ...
Chaotic Karnage
'Chaotic Karnage' 4 years ago
Ebony Johnson
'Ebony Johnson' 4 years ago
Thank-you, this was very helpful for me to understand the parts of the brain!
'SDarkOmenS' 4 years ago
what about in context to environment ?
Yogesh Chander Nijhawan
Is there any origin of thoughts and / or emotions in human brain ?  Can anyone please highlight this aspect in simplified English ?  Thanks !
phanupong asvakiat
'phanupong asvakiat' 4 years ago
-linked to supercomputer on another continent,Brain-controlled by shift-working Psy-ops(different voice at different time),who can Trigger a pre-programmed sub-personality,within our main personality to Stalk,kill,do self-sabotage/discredit,-without being aware.Hormonal,emotion of the mass can be modified by different resonance frequencies of our brain wave pattern,which can be Bar-coded to relocate us.The HAARP arrays of very low frequency e.m.waves(around 8 cycle/second),participate less accurately.Ed Snowden is a distraction to what they are now capable.Sorry to high-jack your vid.,but must get the message out.Yes,I have escaped 2 kidnapping attempts,helped by CIA agents!-during the Busche Admin.I am UK trained physician,who got to know too much.This may help to understand how the brain works.
phanupong asvakiat
'phanupong asvakiat' 4 years ago
Short-term memory(first 5minutes is still electric field,before it becomes analogue inter-neuronal connections of long-term memory)can be erased by electro-magnetic field,using paramagnetic oxygen web in the blood, in the brain,instead of electrodes;that is what DARPA do to their Targeted person,so that what is on the stove is left to burn down own house and many other 'accidents',-using small drone,satellite
James 15
'James 15' 4 years ago
lol vivian leigh
Beyonce sucks...and white trash in texas are missing most of this brain Nice post buddy
'RED MOBILE uk' 4 years ago
My mate dave hasnt got a brain at all. He seems to get by though.
'RED MOBILE uk' 4 years ago
My mate dave hasnt got a brain at all. He seems to get by though.
Ali AlNoaimi
'Ali AlNoaimi' 4 years ago
Great explanation, thanks.
'ReliveTheDream' 4 years ago
scumbag brain seeks out alcohol and drugs...
James Jackson
'James Jackson' 4 years ago
star wars
Ôto Sài Gòn
'Ôto Sài Gòn' 4 years ago
Cheap scientist for free documentary.  All thing in the world cost with its value... Come free... cheap and free... just for free guy.
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