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People Try The New Snapchat Glasses -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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It’s like a camera, but on your face.

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Nuggettzz AJ
'Nuggettzz AJ' 4 months ago
They can actually film up to 30 seconds
Brody Cunningham
'Brody Cunningham' 4 months ago
Primary earth since black direct moral dilemma hint protein transformation.
jayp pop
'jayp pop' 5 months ago
Lost 40million on these they look ugly af
'Kapuzenwurm' 9 months ago
Why not just making snaps the normal way with your phone?
John Benedict Hinal
'John Benedict Hinal' 9 months ago
Where did they buy the glasses
Jay N
'Jay N' 1 year ago
they are kinda really ugly...
'ROCIO' 1 year ago
Came here cause desi just got them from Christmas
'Caitlin_Cook' 1 year ago
Was it just me or did everyone think when u put the snapchat glasses on and look at someone it puts a random filter on their face?
Elizabeth Ulloa
'Elizabeth Ulloa' 1 year ago
i just finished watching black mirror so i'm like NOPE
'Elitedevil' 1 year ago
That's the feminist!! Spot it!
Harvard University
I don't use snapchat... or Instagram... or twitter... or Facebook I don't see the point in them but I guess these glasses are cool
Amy Larson
'Amy Larson' 1 year ago
I thought it said "People try the new Snapchat Alphabet" ....
Technicc Dsralt
'Technicc Dsralt' 1 year ago
who else has prombelms with html5
Reagan Graham
'Reagan Graham' 1 year ago
How much are they
'Counterattack' 1 year ago
So you can only use it for snapchat? How useless can it get?
'L E X I E' 1 year ago
I kinda want these so when I ride my horses in things like dressage and jumping.. especially dressage and reining .. its a better POV than a go pro.
Brian Sempowski
'Brian Sempowski' 1 year ago
'VlRGO' 1 year ago
super easy creepshots too..
'Isten' 1 year ago
Thais ies awesone
Daryl Jun Majaducon
I want thooooooose . Gimme one puhlease <3
'Elin' 1 year ago
They look like a chameleon with those glasses
Yang Kun Xiang
'Yang Kun Xiang' 1 year ago
"oh, the weight of technology"
Axel Molina
'Axel Molina' 1 year ago
fit uniform disorder cold personnel problem benefit.
Elizabeth Torres
'Elizabeth Torres' 1 year ago
I want them
Olivia Fogel
'Olivia Fogel' 1 year ago
Why was this made
'brynnieee' 1 year ago
Wow... I excepted more from the glasses.
Just Fabulousness
'Just Fabulousness' 1 year ago
Emily Cole
'Emily Cole' 1 year ago
POV porn.
'욱내' 1 year ago
Only 10 seconds... Whats the point, you could just film with your phone
Arnis Jaja
'Arnis Jaja' 1 year ago
1:07 SHIGETORA/cookiezi
Lluvia Hielo
'Lluvia Hielo' 1 year ago
these are kinda pointless._.
Raisya Shabira
'Raisya Shabira' 1 year ago
concerts just got easier.
'omgmile' 1 year ago
1:32 okay she's so cute i need her in more videos
MikkusuRēsu Kāru
So it's just a camera in some glasses? That has been used in so many movies that it lost the wow factor a long time ago.
Angel David Silva Aguirre De Garcia
So they are excited about a normal pair of shades that has a camera attacked to it... quite A-MEI-ZING if I do say so myself ;)
Kathryn McCallum
'Kathryn McCallum' 1 year ago
Ohhh I thought it put snapchat filters on irl
v-ball 4 life
'v-ball 4 life' 1 year ago
they should let u make. longer videos
sophie 11564
'sophie 11564' 1 year ago
Perfect for making pics of tests
'daumenix' 1 year ago
That's just an attack on privacy.
yemam yemam
'yemam yemam' 1 year ago
OK I've seen Mattias do this it was pretty cool
'Sarah' 1 year ago
What's the point?
Megan Nash
'Megan Nash' 1 year ago
Quinta hasn't been in a vid for a long time and now she's bacl
sv 93
'sv 93' 1 year ago
That black girl that's not Quinta is stunning
'OCSleazy' 1 year ago
how much
betty crocker
'betty crocker' 1 year ago
new spy gear
Serena Davies
'Serena Davies' 1 year ago
I was expecting snapchat filters but oh well I guess it's a novelty
Random Bubble
'Random Bubble' 1 year ago
*sends vid to friend to drop Christmas hints*
Nessa 11
'Nessa 11' 1 year ago
If u see david dobricks sc he used it
Hailey Tran
'Hailey Tran' 1 year ago
Adults these days
'skatrfad' 1 year ago
If only snapchat could make the glasses like. let's say there's a person in front of me, and then i can choose a filter through my phone and see it through the glasses on someone's face, if that's makes sense.
Madara Bogdānova
'Madara Bogdānova' 1 year ago
how much they cost?? I need them
'Joespn' 1 year ago
Pretty cool but wouldn't buy them
kc lynch
'kc lynch' 1 year ago
I want theses where do you get them
yeetyeet imasheep
'yeetyeet imasheep' 1 year ago
What is the point im them? You might well just use your phone?
Giovanna Sielski
'Giovanna Sielski' 1 year ago
Isso é tão Black mirror
oh hai mark
'oh hai mark' 1 year ago
lol what how did i like every single comment on this video before even watching it...?
Your Average Stalker
I want these :"(
DarkWolf Gaming
'DarkWolf Gaming' 1 year ago
Kell. If you are reading this I sent a DM at your instagram I am adamski786
Diamond Cole
'Diamond Cole' 1 year ago
Shoutout to everyone who found out about this because of Shane😂
Chenhazee Elissasammy
I've always wanted glasses that could work as a camera. This is pretty cool! I would buy it if one was made for phone cameras.
'Ava' 1 year ago
i got those for my birthday
Kainat Shah
'Kainat Shah' 1 year ago
I'd wear these in class and take a nap
'Paul' 1 year ago
They should make snapdildos. Or pornhub will
k-bar prince
'k-bar prince' 1 year ago
that darkskin 😍
'stephanie' 1 year ago
How much do they cost?
Ethan CYS
'Ethan CYS' 1 year ago
Oh that's it?Thats the only feature..alright, unsubbed.
Goldie Nesh
'Goldie Nesh' 1 year ago
yo.. you could take picture of a hot people without them notice it. damn. sign me up 😂😂😂😂😂
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 year ago
So.... porn?
Eric Murphy
'Eric Murphy' 1 year ago
'merleee' 1 year ago
Does anyone know how mich they cost?
Fenne Verrecas
'Fenne Verrecas' 1 year ago
I'll just stick with recording from my phone.
'funkygirlkathryn' 1 year ago
i feel like this would be super useful somewhere like disneyland but i agree the lenses are way to big and need to be more discreet otherwide id totally buy a pair for vacations
Madison Kay
'Madison Kay' 1 year ago
Coming soon next week Instagram shades
Andrew Salinas
'Andrew Salinas' 1 year ago
How much are this???
'Sosig' 1 year ago
Any programmers/software developers out there know how this was achieved?
'Mrs.Pilla '' 1 year ago
Perfect for the creeps in the world
Crystal Flowers
'Crystal Flowers' 1 year ago
How much are they??
Dont Worry About It
wow 10 fucking seconds i could get my phone and record for an hour
Cassidy Jiang
'Cassidy Jiang' 1 year ago
they're so cute omg
The Alien Eye
'The Alien Eye' 1 year ago
Congrats on 1000 videos !!!!!!!!!
Jeniffer Burckhardt
love themmmm 😱💗💗👌I would ask for this ,this christmas defintely
'branm25' 1 year ago
Snapchat really shows how easily entertained people in America are.
Commodor Potato
'Commodor Potato' 1 year ago
1:18 your tilting your phone not the glasses smh this why aliens don't visit
Nevaeh -
'Nevaeh -' 1 year ago
Where do I get these?
MarBear 2021
'MarBear 2021' 1 year ago
They should make it so when you look at someone you can add a filter😂
Elitist Sport
'Elitist Sport' 1 year ago
just watched a few episodes of black mirror. Yup, they're on to something
Jolie Aranda
'Jolie Aranda' 1 year ago
These r so tight
'Akridge' 1 year ago
are you able to zoom in on the glasses?
Mr. Batman
'Mr. Batman' 1 year ago
How much do they cost
Sean Jordan
'Sean Jordan' 1 year ago
I'd maybe buy if they looked better and didn't have two huge yellow circles on both sides
Tanya Wang
'Tanya Wang' 1 year ago
just yas!
Robert Gratto
'Robert Gratto' 1 year ago
Imagine entering into a Bathroom and someone has this on😶
Marc Monaghan
'Marc Monaghan' 1 year ago
Hey everyone! I did the blindfolded makeup challenge with my friend! Please check it out on my channel its pretty funny! 😂
zektor zvan
'zektor zvan' 1 year ago
its going to enable SJWs to record microaggressions with ease now
Sellout Cow
'Sellout Cow' 1 year ago
Why use your phone to record when you can waste even more money on glasses that do the exact same thing, but less! It won't even record for 15 seconds like the normal Snapchat app will! It also only functions with the Snapchat app! Not the camera, not instagram! Just Snapchat! But the Snapchat spectacles now! It's a literally a worse Snapchat.
Gladys Marcos
'Gladys Marcos' 1 year ago
so it's Iike using the the front camera of the phone
'TrollinPwnin' 1 year ago
and if ur short...
Dandelions Dandelions
I'll be your skydiving friend, Quinta 😄
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