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Sluice Box - Gold Panning -
Published: 5 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 5 months ago

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Sluice Box -

Today I am going to put to the test Sluice Box gold mining tool. Hopfully I will find some gold this time. :)

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'Noob' 2 weeks ago
Tapa tap haaaa
bunnyrabbit farmer
'bunnyrabbit farmer' 3 months ago
I like it..xd
Eric gomez
'Eric gomez' 4 months ago
We all addicted to this master piece 😋
Ross Donelson
'Ross Donelson' 5 months ago
His vid's are cool.
Duraticate reef
'Duraticate reef' 5 months ago
I have that same sluice i love it. Great for clipping on your backpack and go
'curliefro' 5 months ago
That's ok, I like watching the joy you have for your hobbies!
'CurtisMurray' 5 months ago
Taras come to the Yukon and I'll take you panning for real in the Klondike.
Jacco Benthem
'Jacco Benthem' 5 months ago
Looks fun
'Jhoffa22' 5 months ago
'MrLodak' 5 months ago
If you ever have a question about prospecting let me know.
'swt' 5 months ago
Even the melon viewd the video Taras. It is awesome
Fresh Weed
'Fresh Weed' 5 months ago
Victor Maguregui
'Victor Maguregui' 5 months ago
Taras Watch Jeft Williams videos, you will learn a lot
Kawaii Slimes 265
'Kawaii Slimes 265' 5 months ago
When YouTube isn't cutting anymore
'funcool88' 5 months ago
'GreekCrackerGamer' 5 months ago
Milan views
Zachary Lee
'Zachary Lee' 5 months ago
It looked like there was a nugget on the black mat thing
Christopher Sheets
'Christopher Sheets' 5 months ago
I absolutely love theses vids. Keep making more
'USA_USA_USA' 5 months ago
No priority here
'No-Face' 5 months ago
outdoor lifestyle
'outdoor lifestyle' 5 months ago
Sin mother Russia box sleuces you
'Klow' 5 months ago
Was the water filmed in 360p or smth?
killer Ghoust gaming
'killer Ghoust gaming' 5 months ago
Why don't u just get a metal detecter and use it in the stream
Caleb vaotogo
'Caleb vaotogo' 5 months ago
Yep I think he is addicted to this now
Ties Schoofs
'Ties Schoofs' 5 months ago
Love this
stormrangers 11
'stormrangers 11' 5 months ago
Taras the prospector
Martin Sanchez
'Martin Sanchez' 5 months ago
The noise from the river was soo calming! ☺️
The Golden Gamer
'The Golden Gamer' 5 months ago
You Must Do Another fan mail unboxing!!!
'Mr AHHH' 5 months ago
Hype Beast
'Hype Beast' 5 months ago
Taras you should use a metal detector
Realjun Almacha
'Realjun Almacha' 5 months ago
That LG Electronic ads is unskippable its satisfying
Realjun Almacha
'Realjun Almacha' 5 months ago
That LG Electronic ads is unskippable its satisfying
'LashyWolf' 5 months ago
In America Taras say boom In Soviet Russia Boom say Taras
Dani de Zuger
'Dani de Zuger' 5 months ago
nice small lock, gg Dani
'AntsGlobal' 5 months ago
You should go on the TV show Alone, where you have to go survive in some place for a year
Jack 2342579
'Jack 2342579' 5 months ago
Art you paning for golden booms
Nikita Tsymlianski
'Nikita Tsymlianski' 5 months ago
Do more of these!!
Caden Norman
'Caden Norman' 5 months ago
Get a metal detector
OneFlick Games
'OneFlick Games' 5 months ago
A bottle of Hennessy
'A bottle of Hennessy' 5 months ago
Taras you always make kul videos 👍
Jacob Santurello
'Jacob Santurello' 5 months ago
i Can help you set that up the Right Way Taras
Jimmy Catalina
'Jimmy Catalina' 5 months ago
Zloosh box. Boom!
matteo io
'matteo io' 5 months ago
ehy , you look like another youtuber, his name is crazyrussianhacker
'Kaiden29' 5 months ago
Kris Nelson
'Kris Nelson' 5 months ago
Keep it going
Evil Genius
'Evil Genius' 5 months ago
Water is flowing too fast?
leo kryachun
'leo kryachun' 5 months ago
you should make more of these kind of videos
'Milkymoles.' 5 months ago
I want him to find a big one. How are the bees Taras?
'iJasonSilas' 5 months ago
Make this into a big series
'Vladonel' 5 months ago
Do more of these series, it's awesome
'Skrubin' 5 months ago
Nedzad Jese
'Nedzad Jese' 5 months ago
Last video got Milen wyuz
Gaming Nuget
'Gaming Nuget' 5 months ago
We will make America great again
Donovan King
'Donovan King' 5 months ago
'rgagamings' 5 months ago
'ScienceSomething' 5 months ago
I houpe you finde one big nuget one day :-)
'2,197,566 views' 5 months ago
Make your own device
Rosa Espinoza
'Rosa Espinoza' 5 months ago
SF Music
'SF Music' 5 months ago
I'm so lucky I broke my arm and have a fever from strep...
Kentin Nichols
'Kentin Nichols' 5 months ago
I enjoyed this vid and same with the other good panning videos and your other videos
Lost VVX
'Lost VVX' 5 months ago
MRE videos ??🤔
'George' 5 months ago
Ben Newell
'Ben Newell' 5 months ago
Keep this going ! I love these videos
'PyroDonnie' 5 months ago
Taraz do more
'SAI CRAFT' 5 months ago
Whats in the dinner? (Taras:left over dirt) (me: ._. )
K-396 -1
'K-396 -1' 5 months ago
Your gonna need to to more then one matt at a time for a bucket i would pan through a bucket after 5 mat runs atleast
K-396 -1
'K-396 -1' 5 months ago
'TheHonorOfGuard' 5 months ago
Abib Noor
'Abib Noor' 5 months ago
He's learning
'Willem' 5 months ago
Kanker op
the sluice box has to be at a certain angle
Calvin Emerah
'Calvin Emerah' 5 months ago
It didn't get 1ml views
Jack Liddy
'Jack Liddy' 5 months ago
Next episode he'll have an excavator loading a wash plant
Kz00 kkk
'Kz00 kkk' 5 months ago
Did he just stick his head in the river or is he really sweaty? Hahaha
Asda Value pack
'Asda Value pack' 5 months ago
I love thisssss
'Petros' 5 months ago
the last video got a mileon views
'PRUNĂ VERDE' 5 months ago
Muie Vlad Alexandrescu!
'PRUNĂ VERDE' 5 months ago
Supier Gegiet !
Kyle Margarit
'Kyle Margarit' 5 months ago
You should start a herping series
Panagiotis Gklistis
'Panagiotis Gklistis' 5 months ago
The slouse bat?
Hazelle Trinidad
'Hazelle Trinidad' 5 months ago
hey taras! maybe you should try metal detector😄 btw. i love your videos! more power!
Peter Phillips
'Peter Phillips' 5 months ago
He's addicted
Cargo Shorts For President
Kathrine: I'm pregnant Taras: BOOM
'Kurmon' 5 months ago
Taras - What's up guys how you all doing? For today's video-- Background - Vroom vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Yudjel Dahil
'Yudjel Dahil' 5 months ago
You need to update your camera but I love your videos
Green Lightening
'Green Lightening' 5 months ago
Those vids are awsome. Do more vids and vlogs. YOU ARE SO KUL
Dion Speelman
'Dion Speelman' 5 months ago
He said he got a mellon views xD
'TANGKAS REKA' 5 months ago
Early and good video
Śliski Andżey
'Śliski Andżey' 5 months ago
Hey, can u make it a series? New episode every week or maybe 2 weeks?
Zaven Gevorgyan
'Zaven Gevorgyan' 5 months ago
You're unlucky
Bonnie Barbee
'Bonnie Barbee' 5 months ago
You need to come to Alaska ! We would Love ❤️ to show you !
mario tony
'mario tony' 5 months ago
probably most important is the inclination of that thing
Bradley Chan
'Bradley Chan' 5 months ago
I love that there isn't many haters in the comment section mocking his accent
Aayush Amberkar
'Aayush Amberkar' 5 months ago
More than 1 melon views on last video
Carl Johnson
'Carl Johnson' 5 months ago
Please keep these golden videos up. Greetings Carl Johnson. CJ
Joseph Stalin
'Joseph Stalin' 5 months ago
Now all you need to do is go to the super borehole, get some samples of paydirt and load it in
Chuck Pankevitch
'Chuck Pankevitch' 5 months ago
Crazy Russian nugget picker!!
Chuck Pankevitch
'Chuck Pankevitch' 5 months ago
The water is way to fast slower moving water.
Moshe Kerendian
'Moshe Kerendian' 5 months ago
it's my birthday
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