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The Nikon D3400's still a first-dSLR favorite -
Published: 1 year ago By: CNET

By: CNETPublished: 1 year ago

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Read the CNET review:
A little better than its predecessor, but not as cheap.

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Rob Poston
'Rob Poston' 2 months ago
CNET: Please learn the definition of "review", then redo. After firing whoever did this stupidity.
bob brown
'bob brown' 4 months ago
If she doesn't like the lack of features, then spend more money & get a dslr with all the features. I have a D3400 & I'm happy with it. What do you expect for $500?, a D850??
Sundeep Sandy
'Sundeep Sandy' 5 months ago
hello i wanna purchase a camera but confused in choosing a camera so, can you give a detailed description and difference between NIKON-D3300 vs D3400 vs D5300 or a mirroless camera, I am a beginner, which is best and preferred for normal usage.
Cristian Carlos Spiceywiener Perez
I was just thinking of purchasing this camera, way to kill my buying vibe biatch!
Jerry Bartlett
'Jerry Bartlett' 6 months ago
Sooo Tell us how you really feel about it. Might guess is your not a fan.
sean. nk
'sean. nk' 7 months ago
Lmfao sponsored by Canon
'M7CVZ' 8 months ago
0:08 - please don't use the word 'cheap' 0:40. Laurie, we know you really don't care for most cameras. But snappy muzak just distracts and new users are going to be turned off the by value judgement in the word 'cheap'. This camera has tons more features than most users need. So why you be dissin? 0:48 - keep clicking there. There is NO place to use the word HATE in a product review. Give us a break. And 'ridiculousness', really? Because it does not have wifi, just bluetooth. You sound like a tech spoiled brat. 'Sucks up', your tone here is of a adolescent. Please, please, get some inner help. Your inner issues are showing clearly, and more strongly as the years go by.
Colin Campbell
'Colin Campbell' 8 months ago
Wow this negative
'YoutuMax' 9 months ago
Don't believe this shit review, this camera is perfect for someone who is entering the world of photography, the quality is awesome. And 2 MP is more than enough if you will be posting the images on a social networking site because they all highly compress them.
'이승기' 9 months ago
존나까네 기본 2mb 다운이지 따로 사진찾아가서 원본 받을수 있고 af 난 편하던데 편파오지네
Mads D
'Mads D' 10 months ago
Wow, that was bad review. Next time, lady, make sure you don’t review something when you’re having your period.
'azurebluemach' 10 months ago
Jezz, that time of the month I suppose. Note to self, wait until aunt flo leaves town before making a review video.
Landry Sibomana
'Landry Sibomana' 10 months ago
I wonder what Lori Grunin had in her coffee to make such negative review that doesn't match the title.
Carley Rodgers
'Carley Rodgers' 10 months ago
I bought this camera a while ago and I have to disagree with some things. For a beginner dslr camera this camera takes amazing photos!!! and videos even though the videos aren't transferred through the app, they still are very beautiful. Compared to a pro camera ofcourse there is no comparison but if you know what modes to put it in it makes an excellent camera.
Kesh Pillay
'Kesh Pillay' 10 months ago
Well I was going to get this type but now I'm going for the 700d
'culota' 11 months ago
this is why you should NEVER start anything without coffee
Akuma no Kage
'Akuma no Kage' 11 months ago
Help me, i am going to buy my firsr DSLR. Can anybody give me opinions to buy which DSLR ? budget is under 800$? i am going to shoot videos so, 4k or 1080p at 120f will be good for me... Help
'Mauricio' 11 months ago
I'm thinking about getting this camera soon to get into more professional photography (Upgrading from a Nikon L840) but now I'm having second thoughts since I've heard various complaints about the Snap Bridge feature as well as other things. Should I get the D3300 instead? There doesn't seem to be many differences between the two and it may be cheaper. Is the photo quality on par or is the D3400 slightly better?
Kevin Sanders
'Kevin Sanders' 12 months ago
the title was so miss leading lol
Sohaib Akhtar
'Sohaib Akhtar' 1 year ago
I have the camera and it's working just fine. Mind having some positivity haha
Katie Reinighaus
'Katie Reinighaus' 1 year ago
does it have a mic input?
Pranav Madhu
'Pranav Madhu' 1 year ago
at the end of the video you should say "f**k nikon"
'Aerinna' 1 year ago
approx $550 everywhere..... there r cheaper better ones out there
Mark Hoo Sang
'Mark Hoo Sang' 1 year ago
No wifi in today's world? I'd never buy this
'TheRasta25' 1 year ago
She mentioned mostly the negative but the title is favorite dslr ?
'FastLikeUNO' 1 year ago
This is a nice review despite some people in the comments. Yes ill agree that sje may have over cooked the negativity a little bit but who cares, she is rarely ever this sharp to jab...
'bulbadox' 1 year ago
this camera sucks, no 4k recording and its not even full frame.
'J88go' 1 year ago
I really wish them to have a market drop, Nikon and Canon two biggest manufacturers with exactly 0 outside of the box thinking.
David García de Fórmica-Corsi
The video doesn't say much about the camera.
Lucas Roper
'Lucas Roper' 1 year ago
My D3200 is perfect and I love it so no doubt that this one is even better!
Afro Jack
'Afro Jack' 1 year ago
If you hate it so why is it your favorite
'RzTV' 1 year ago
this video was sponsored by Canon
'Vanuatoo' 1 year ago
I'll stick with my D40
Croo ookie
'Croo ookie' 1 year ago
She talks like the lack of features are personally offensive to her. We get it, you don't like the camera jeez... did she smash it with a hammer after the review video?
Croo ookie
'Croo ookie' 1 year ago
Wow, they took her off camera but still can't filter out her negativity. She hates everything
'Noom' 1 year ago
Damn who shat in her coffee this morning?
'AL3KS S3RB' 1 year ago
gosh cnet reviews suck lately
'AddiGamer' 1 year ago
What's with the negativity Say something positive about it
Melvyn Joseph
'Melvyn Joseph' 1 year ago
I have Nikon d3300...still not learned to use it😅
aditya ch
'aditya ch' 1 year ago
Luis Roman
'Luis Roman' 1 year ago
Soooooooo the tittle does not match what she's saying.. the tittle is positive and she's talking shit about it. #retard
Casey Cornett
'Casey Cornett' 1 year ago
I'll stick with my 3300
Adrian Ciurdaș
'Adrian Ciurdaș' 1 year ago
Finally some enthusiasm in her voice. It's like she's alive. For the first 6 seconds. Just because we can't see her that doesn't mean we are not going to hate the review, from her choice of words to the condescending tone in her voice, Lori Grunin should stick to writing. Not that I would ever read her reviews. Disliked. P.S. She's getting paid for this?!
Henry SwitchGuy
'Henry SwitchGuy' 1 year ago
De need Doug! On reviewing cameras
Michael McGrath
'Michael McGrath' 1 year ago
It's pronounced Nikon retard, not nykon
Chris Sewall
'Chris Sewall' 1 year ago
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