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Cyprus peace talks "It's the last chance for a federation" Mustafa Akinci - BBC News -
Published: 4 months ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 4 months ago

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The most intense effort in over a decade to reunite Cyprus is underway at the UN's offices in Geneva. The country's Greek and Turkish leaders have come together after several failed attempts at reunification. In an exclusive interview, our correspondent Selin Girit has been speaking to the Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci

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Osman Oglu
'Osman Oglu' 3 months ago
Let's have peace, says both sides. Just give us the land, learn our language, make free housing for hundred thousands of our citizens, let us have majority in parliament, the president be one of ours, the army be controlled by us, and then we can all live happily ever after. You see how outrages the Turks are for not accepting peace? If only we did. Then we can all live happily ever after just like we used to live before 1978 when the bad bad Turks invaded the island and stopped all the fun the Greeks were having. Ah, those were the days. When the people who talk of peace now (UK for example) would not even lift a finger to save the lives of innocents just a few kilometers away. Why can't we go back to those times? And let's get the terrorist organization Golden Dawn as the ruler of Greece as well, and just give Istanbul and Izmir to Greece as well. I wonder, if Turks did 1/100th or spoke in 1/10th of the rhetoric that the Greeks speak in and the crimes they do. I just wonder how many freedom loving peaceful nations would throw how many nukes towards our direction. A reliance on Greeks would only lead to us becoming second rate citizens. Anyone who loves such a idea so much should venture to the south sometimes. Let us see how many days it takes till someone breaks all of your car's windows.
All the world is watching the island crises between Turkey and Greece. Some years ago..Greece invaded 18 islands of Turkey. How they won't invade the Turkish side of Cyprus?? You can check old world maps.. and see the reality.. they belongs to Turkey officially!! From Lozan!! Anyone who doesn't believe about 18 islands issue pls it's easy to check it.. And now Greece flags and armies there.
'onzi10000' 3 months ago
why doesn't anyone ever talk about the real issue which created this problem. in the 60 the Greeks kick out the Turkish Cypriot community from government and then started butchering the Turks. Kidnapping, mass graves, rape etc. we were forced to live in enclaves for decades as second class citizens. the Greeks were on a missions of unification with Greece enosis. exspanding the hellnic influence and was racially motivated. Turkey stepped in stopped the killing and separated the two communities. good work. no more blood shed. you lot who know nothing making inappropriate comments based on the biased European media should take another look and see what really happened. to this day we feel under threat and that's why the Turkish army should be present for our protection so that no more Turkish Cypriot are killed in the future. never forget that they drew there sword first and lost. now they have a huge chip on their shoulders
'Kman' 3 months ago
I am a Greek Cypriot. Why is everyone fighting here?. both sides are you blame. Greeks refusal to acknowledge that's the Turkish Cypriots have right and Turkish refusal to adjust territory.
soon as the reunite cyprus another war will happen..turks and greeks do not get along and will never get along and as soon as u reunite the 2 a war will start again..
Dogan Keskinkilic
'Dogan Keskinkilic' 3 months ago
It will be a Peace in Cyprus Very Very Soon my pretend good friends .This time Mehmetcik (Turkish army) will not stop.
'laga' 3 months ago
bastard turks
Europe isdying
'Europe isdying' 3 months ago
Erdogan and Boris Mehmet think that moslems can enter the E.U. via Cyprus with negotiations but we in the E.U. believe that we have the military might needed for a military solution to Cyprus....E.U. is strong enough to push all Turks out of Europe...Erdogan is not going to screw us !
Mr Honest
'Mr Honest' 4 months ago
Watch...... 1974 cyprus conflict ambiguous differences between greeks and turks. interesting documentary between all cypriots.
serkan karakan
'serkan karakan' 4 months ago
Ey Türk Gençliği! Birinci vazifen, Türk istiklâlini, Türk Cumhuriyetini, ilelebet, muhafaza ve müdafaa etmektir. Mevcudiyetinin ve istikbalinin yegâne temeli budur. Bu temel, senin, en kıymetli hazinendir. İstikbalde dahi, seni bu hazineden mahrum etmek isteyecek, dahilî ve haricî bedhahların olacaktır. Bir gün, İstiklâl ve Cumhuriyeti müdafaa mecburiyetine düşersen, vazifeye atılmak için, içinde bulunacağın vaziyetin imkân ve şerâitini düşünmeyeceksin! Bu imkân ve şerâit, çok nâmüsait bir mahiyette tezahür edebilir. İstiklâl ve Cumhuriyetine kastedecek düşmanlar, bütün dünyada emsali görülmemiş bir galibiyetin mümessili olabilirler. Cebren ve hile ile aziz vatanın, bütün kaleleri zaptedilmiş, bütün tersanelerine girilmiş, bütün orduları dağıtılmış ve memleketin her köşesi bilfiil işgal edilmiş olabilir. Bütün bu şerâitten daha elîm ve daha vahim olmak üzere, memleketin dahilinde, iktidara sahip olanlar gaflet ve dalâlet ve hattâ hıyanet içinde bulunabilirler. Hattâ bu iktidar sahipleri şahsî menfaatlerini, müstevlilerin siyasi emelleriyle tevhit edebilirler. Millet, fakr ü zaruret içinde harap ve bîtap düşmüş olabilir. Ey Türk istikbalinin evlâdı! İşte, bu ahval ve şerâit içinde dahi, vazifen; Türk İstiklâl ve Cumhuriyetini kurtarmaktır! Muhtaç olduğun kudret, damarlarındaki asil kanda mevcuttur! M.Kemal.ATATÜRK
Dustin Tacohands
'Dustin Tacohands' 4 months ago
how can you discuss peace when the Turkish army is on the island ?
M-Ray Usa
'M-Ray Usa' 4 months ago
It's divided ethnically since 1963 not 1974
Patryk Wieczorek
'Patryk Wieczorek' 4 months ago
I guess the Belgian system is a good inspiration for a multi language country system
Remove Kebab
'Remove Kebab' 4 months ago
you know what to do
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