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Science Experiment: LIQUID NITROGEN vs LIGHTER -
Published: 1 year ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 1 year ago

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Different Heaven - Nekozilla (LFZ Remix) [NCS Release]

Different Heaven

'MrGear' 1 year ago
Where are you from? ------------ Road to 6.000.000 Subs!!!
Mick Taylor
'Mick Taylor' 2 days ago
Liquid nitrogen vs Donald Trump
Deonta Walton
'Deonta Walton' 2 weeks ago
oh shit! 7:39
'_KingOfFire_' 3 weeks ago
animacje PowerPoint
'animacje PowerPoint' 1 month ago
Liquid nitrogen vs dreege 1000 c knife
ahmad sulthanaqila
'ahmad sulthanaqila' 1 month ago
Liquid nitrogen 1 gallon vs firecracker
murad elizade
'murad elizade' 1 month ago
eat eat eat
Diether Silva
'Diether Silva' 2 months ago
I have a request
Dominik Staš
'Dominik Staš' 2 months ago
good video
Mr Insane
'Mr Insane' 2 months ago
Paly 1v1er
'Paly 1v1er' 3 months ago
Stick your finger in there, see what happens😆😈
md safdar
'md safdar' 3 months ago
anybody can eat it
Hatice Durgun
'Hatice Durgun' 3 months ago
nimet bu oglum
Octo Dill ディル紙幣
Gh Du
'Gh Du' 3 months ago
Władca Wymiaru
'Władca Wymiaru' 4 months ago
Basicly WHAT Arthas did in Wacraft3 !
andres 12345
'andres 12345' 4 months ago
PureShotZ AnimationZ
'PureShotZ AnimationZ' 4 months ago
Mrgear Australia
Léo 12302
'Léo 12302' 4 months ago
Water vs liquid nitrogen
Khairee Garus
'Khairee Garus' 5 months ago
You're ukrainian or you currently live there
Thomas Banti
'Thomas Banti' 5 months ago
Syed Shoaib AS
'Syed Shoaib AS' 5 months ago
I watch whole video to see that lighter experiment 😖
Myracle Woodford
'Myracle Woodford' 5 months ago
*MrGear* Space😛🙌🌌🌕🌠☄
mars mello
'mars mello' 6 months ago
The Epic Kitten Derpy
Rip spongy
atif akhter
'atif akhter' 7 months ago
Rip 6:00
Jose Ferreira
'Jose Ferreira' 7 months ago
RIP sponge bob
Soul of a Wolf
'Soul of a Wolf' 7 months ago
Can liquid nitrogen freeze? 0.0
Bryant Romero Flores
'Bryant Romero Flores' 8 months ago
Why did you stop doing 2000 hot knives lol jk I know why
hafitz beckmen
'hafitz beckmen' 8 months ago
1 👍 like for you.
Kuljit Sandhu
'Kuljit Sandhu' 8 months ago
Nitrogen vs petrol please
Kayann Bennett
'Kayann Bennett' 8 months ago
Scatter those Rose petals and you will have to vacuum then up!
Thanatos 1308
'Thanatos 1308' 8 months ago
You could do something with the stuff after you freeze it like break them in two and show what it looks like now that it's frozen but instead you just hit it with a hammer
مصطفى الأمير Mustafa Alimer
روعة اشتركو بقناتي
Uche Ukachi
'Uche Ukachi' 9 months ago
OMG, did you lose your hand?
Abdelrhman Bassam
'Abdelrhman Bassam' 9 months ago
Waste of food
Swaggy Kitty101
'Swaggy Kitty101' 9 months ago
Liquid nitrogen vs Mr Gear
Faris Elmamlouk
'Faris Elmamlouk' 9 months ago
Your the best mrgear :)
Hikmah Andriani
'Hikmah Andriani' 10 months ago
buy a liquid nitrogen
best gamer ever
'best gamer ever' 10 months ago
did you see the fire circle
'Keven' 10 months ago
6:30 you're welcome
Icy Phoenix
'Icy Phoenix' 10 months ago
where did you get the liquid nitrogen?
Benjamin Lin
'Benjamin Lin' 10 months ago
I wonder how long it will take to clean that up
Carl Janzell Oropesa
'Carl Janzell Oropesa' 10 months ago
reply something random. haha
'Ridecraft' 10 months ago
тi даун
pijush saha
'pijush saha' 10 months ago
Jedi Squid 1
'Jedi Squid 1' 10 months ago
You came for 6:28
Lucas Giguere
'Lucas Giguere' 10 months ago
when he was crushing the rose it look like he lost a relationship
Sanket FT
'Sanket FT' 10 months ago
try in wax
'wasw0' 10 months ago
6:43 #dub
Do Everything 899
'Do Everything 899' 10 months ago
II Clyx II
'II Clyx II' 11 months ago put ur hand in
Cole William
'Cole William' 11 months ago
Lighter at 6:30
Gabriel Martin
'Gabriel Martin' 11 months ago
Sanjoy Pal
'Sanjoy Pal' 11 months ago
ha ha ha i have put my hand in liquid nitrogen but nothing happen after some time .
Chai Kai Bin
'Chai Kai Bin' 11 months ago
alex martinez
'alex martinez' 11 months ago
whoever thinks this is science is retarded. this is just a grown ass man playing with things like they are toys
Robert Burns
'Robert Burns' 12 months ago
Destroying that rose made me cry
'MS DHONI' 12 months ago
hi I am your biggest fan
huzaifa naseem
'huzaifa naseem' 12 months ago
Anyone who knows where to buy a minimum amount of liquid nitrogen in karachi?? Contact ASAP. Thanks..
Its Goat
'Its Goat' 1 year ago
Im glad you stopped make knife videos...
Jesse Martin
'Jesse Martin' 1 year ago
you can see at 2:46 where he accidentally touched the nitrogen (red dots on his hand) ouch :(
Hunter Beltran
'Hunter Beltran' 1 year ago
Five reduction testify uncertainty live video relationship planet baseball passage.
Tcp Damian
'Tcp Damian' 1 year ago
Lol he almost burnt down the entire place
người hùng bọt biển
hài vãi
Tech Man
'Tech Man' 1 year ago
this experiment a watermelon
Tech Man
'Tech Man' 1 year ago
MrGear I'm a india
Jake Deschamps
'Jake Deschamps' 1 year ago
I didn't imagine one of these popular 3 million veiw videos would be of a guy hitting a frozen sponge with a hammer. Now, I want you to think about that for a while...
Мастер Шеф
а как песня называется?
Sonelyn Marie Vazquez Prieto
where can I get liquid nitrogen?
Hadi Abdul
'Hadi Abdul' 1 year ago
Only thing that can defeat nitrogen gas is Nokia 3310
'PataloTV' 1 year ago
14:07 i nice
Iookie Pookie
'Iookie Pookie' 1 year ago
u get mad at ur boy friend put his flowers in nitrogen and break them in front of him
Mr. Amazio
'Mr. Amazio' 1 year ago
2:10 Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Mia Elise
'Mia Elise' 1 year ago
anti climatic
Elias Cedeño
'Elias Cedeño' 1 year ago
pongan una bola al rojo vivo en nitrogeno liquido
Mr A
'Mr A' 1 year ago
plz subscribe my chanel Mr A hacks
'A7XVileWinteR' 1 year ago
do you recall if the orange still smelled good
-Playing- -Bee-
'-Playing- -Bee-' 1 year ago
Azera TTM
'Azera TTM' 1 year ago
100000 likes.-i will put my penis in a liquid nitrogen.
Azera TTM
'Azera TTM' 1 year ago
next video: liquid nitrogen vs penis.
Duby Wuby
'Duby Wuby' 1 year ago
Mr.gear i,m more of a gamer and try not to laugh watcher but your videos are really awesome
Hana Sensei
'Hana Sensei' 1 year ago
what was that package woth the tomatoe and other vegetable on it
curtis ramlochan
'curtis ramlochan' 1 year ago
'iJono' 1 year ago
Will you ever do a face reveal
'iJono' 1 year ago
Poor rose u should have given it to your (if u have one) girlfriend
matyafya Идиот
он русский ,на майонезе было по русскому написано
Studyman 45
'Studyman 45' 1 year ago
Amazing experiment 😃
Julian Kae
'Julian Kae' 1 year ago
watching this i only had one thought on my mind "can i eat this"
'이중구' 1 year ago
fire show lool
Clayton Gaming
'Clayton Gaming' 1 year ago
6:17 nooooooo spongebob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VElonica Sanuele
'VElonica Sanuele' 1 year ago
Monkeys in africa could have eaten that banana.
They Call Me YouTube
I remember when Nekozilla came out..... Best day of my entire life.
'Koolgam1ng_4lyf' 1 year ago
stop killing spongebob
Lucas miguel
'Lucas miguel' 1 year ago
Ahora comprendo.. La mina que me gusta debe tener nitrógeno liquido en vez de sangre, por eso tiene el corazón tan frio la muy hija de put* XD
Kron Hjorten
'Kron Hjorten' 1 year ago
im from denmark or good luck to the 6.000.000 subs:)
Boba Fett
'Boba Fett' 1 year ago
Watching this guys videos is so satisfying
'bipu' 1 year ago
Muhamad Rizqi Abdillah
firecraker vs nitrogen liquid.
Donald J Trump
'Donald J Trump' 1 year ago
Knife vs Wrist?
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