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German Kids try Sweets from the USA -
Published: 2 years ago By: Food Explorers

By: Food ExplorersPublished: 2 years ago

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German kids try a variety of sweets from the United States.

In this episode: Twizzlers 0:10, Hot Tamales 1:39, Hershey's Kisses Dark 3:03, Pop-Tarts Cinnamon Roll 4:22, Pop-Tarts Maple Bacon 5:42, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 7:42

Let us know in the comments which foods the kids should try next!

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Ursula Tsoi
'Ursula Tsoi' 1 year ago
Half way through the video, had to pause and applaud these well-mannered and appreciative youngsters. Even when they dislike a certain food, they try keeping them in their mouth or consider twice before spitting them out. They also also just stop taking in the food and make no complaints. They seem to have such a sense of self-respect and also respect for others when expressing their opinions. Beautiful people 👏🏽👏🏽
'conanfan33' 2 hours ago
If you're going to do this, why not use traditional American sweets? These were poor choices. Twizzlers - stick with strawberry - the original flavor. Who the hell eats cherry or lemon licorice? I've never even heard of lemon flavor. Cherry is awful. Weird Pop Tart flavors - again, go traditional, like strawberry or cherry. I've never heard of either of the flavors you made them eat. And why two flavors of the same thing? Try Skittles or Starburst or another popular candy. Dark chocolate Kisses? No. Traditional Hershey's Kisses - milk chocolate. I do love Hot Tamales, but I don't think they're one of our more popular candies either. The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is the only candy that I think really represents what's popular or common here in the States. Sorry to complain, but I feel like this is a poor representation of our sweets!
Maryam Alhassan
'Maryam Alhassan' 2 hours ago
First I wanna say, omg they are so polite! Also, they gave them the bad American sweets.
Karalee Morphis
'Karalee Morphis' 2 hours ago
Wow he thinks that the dark chocolate Hershey kisses only appealed to girls!?
Scott Wells
'Scott Wells' 4 hours ago
Gutan tag
'donnerschwein' 7 hours ago
bacon flavored sweet snack? I had to google to make sure this is a real thing. Wow.
Rose Doesn
'Rose Doesn't Know' 8 hours ago
Twizzlers!? Seriously!? Give them REDVINES!
'Jay'z Favorites' 9 hours ago
haha nice videos😂
Controlled Chaos
'Controlled Chaos' 19 hours ago
Good job giving them the worst candy America has to offer. I mean honestly who buys dark chocolate kisses???
Devan Hertel
'Devan Hertel' 21 hours ago
8:20 he never took the rapper off. How did you miss that🤣
A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman
ew, don't give them twizzlers
Nicole Carlo
'Nicole Carlo' 24 hours ago
i dont think majority of people in america would eat these snacks, they picked like the worst ones
Daniella Reid
'Daniella Reid' 1 day ago
I’m from America in the beginning where my most disliked candys
'SickMiner' 1 day ago
Let's pay respect to that cactus sitting in the corner.
'zedx36' 1 day ago
Why didn't you give them more popular candies/pop-tart flavors?
Travis Montgomery
Rese's Cups are the only popular food on this entire list. I've never even seen a bacon pop tart. Why not try cherry or any normal flavor? This video is garbage. Next time why not interview Americans on their favorite treats and use those. Not just a bunch of random garbage found in a Hipster mart.
hector gaming
'hector gaming' 1 day ago
i live in America
Thomas Perkins
'Thomas Perkins' 1 day ago
Every time someone make a video like this they always give them the worst food we have 😂
'redoctober0123' 1 day ago
Legitimately picked all the stuff nobody ever eats. You can't even find half of this garbage in stores because they wouldn't waste the shelf space on it. Twizzlers? Fine. That's reasonable. Hot Tamales? I have never in my star spangled decades seen someone eat one of their own volition without being first dared to. Hershey's Kisses? No. Very very few people actually sit there and eat more than one. Cinnamon Roll Poptart? No. End of discussion. Maple Bacon Poptarts? I have never even seen these... I did not know they existed and was better off for it as they should not exist. Abominable. Reece's Cups? Yes. This Accurate for what we consider an actual treat.
Ummm Hi
'Ummm Hi' 1 day ago
They gave them all the nasty American food 🤢 😷
Kylo Pat
'Kylo Pat' 1 day ago
0:58 that's one funny looking "German" kid
Galaxy_Wolf_ 212
'Galaxy_Wolf_ 212' 1 day ago
That kid in the tennis shoe T Shirt needs to chill out! He thinks that dark chocolate hearshy kisses only appeal to girls! I want to give him a piece of my mind! I'm usually not offended by stereotypes because they're mostly true but number 1 what he said was not true, number 2 it wasn't necessary, and number 3 it was incredibly rude! I know a lot about German culture because I take German in school and we learn a lot about it and I don't know what he thinks but anywhere and everywhere sexism is NOT ok!
Schwarzer Peter
'Schwarzer Peter' 1 day ago
no fireballs or warheads???
Mike Jones
'Mike Jones' 1 day ago
Video's complete bullshit. I bet all those children slowly examined the candy before critiquing them like aficionados. Furthermore, I once had some German candy called like niq'2 or something, basically a crossbreed of a Gusher and a Starburst, with a slight herbal flavor similar to that of a Ricolaaaa.
Kalpa Ilaiku
'Kalpa Ilaiku' 2 days ago
So basically, they like Reese's, the one popular item on the menu.
Nikki R
'Nikki R' 2 days ago
The older children and the little boy in the grey hat are so polite...the one in the red hat on the other hand reminds me of this bratty kid I went to school with lol
Nikki R
'Nikki R' 2 days ago
Where the heck did they get those pop-tarts??? There's like no icing on them!
Shadow Heart
'Shadow Heart' 2 days ago
I've never seen maple bacon pop tarts... And have only had the cinnamon ones twice before. Strawberry and blueberry are more common to be eaten, I believe.
Joe Farrell
'Joe Farrell' 2 days ago
These kids are unbelievably reserved. Even introverted kids in America are way more expressive.
Nuf gaming
'Nuf gaming' 2 days ago
Wow i didnt even know black germans existed and i am a german!!
Nuf gaming
'Nuf gaming' 2 days ago
German children are so fcing polite, its crazy! God bless germany
'CeterCaterIsm' 2 days ago
I favorite flavor is a nice grilled kid on a open flame
The Sutton Gamer
'The Sutton Gamer' 2 days ago
'thunder19711973' 2 days ago
Sweet, polite kids! Bravo!
Hashbrown 4 life
'Hashbrown 4 life' 2 days ago
I am German but I live in America so I’m use to the candy here.
Diane Watson
'Diane Watson' 2 days ago
I love that red haired boy in the ball cap.
ZeonLazer YT
'ZeonLazer YT' 2 days ago
'ClassicBeast23' 2 days ago
why did you give them the candy that americans barely eat
Jordan Strong
'Jordan Strong' 2 days ago
Maybe you should have let them try our good candy lol
Ryan An
'Ryan An' 3 days ago
Why can't American kids be like this
'Harmono' 3 days ago
Pop-Tarts Cinnamon Roll I would like. If i'm in the mood Reeses are good.
Gwen Welch
'Gwen Welch' 3 days ago
Omg the kid with the hat was considered that it wasn't filled and it was just plan chocolate we Americans just love our chocolate 😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸
'Get REKT' 3 days ago
Ze germans are back!
'TrendiKelli' 3 days ago
I'm in the U.S.A.
Grecia Tapia
'Grecia Tapia' 3 days ago
You gave them the lame American candy don’t get me wrong I like them but give them something they would like such as a snickers, a dum-dum lollipop, kit Kats, ice-breakers the strawberry duo ones, air heads, warheads, jolly ranchers, m&ms I mean c’mon man you gave them a reason to not like American candies.
Jean Blair
'Jean Blair' 3 days ago
I'm german...ish lol
willie fox
'willie fox' 3 days ago
The only one of these i would eat is the reese cups the rest no one eats . Misrepresentation of what sweets Americans actually eat .
Shibal Nom
'Shibal Nom' 3 days ago
Y’all just gave them Walmart clearance snacks.....das ist fuckzed upz
Princess Amberella
Where did maple and bacon pop tarts come from
Piano Soundz
'Piano Soundz' 3 days ago
I don’t know what substance they put in the twizzlers to make those kids like that flavorless strands of plastic
Nathan Hausladen
'Nathan Hausladen' 3 days ago
Fegelein! Fegelein!
Brody Kraus
'Brody Kraus' 3 days ago
I’m 100 💯 percent TRIGGGGGEEERD
'RETRAC Videos' 3 days ago
Ich mag dieses Video I’m American btw
Zach Hart
'Zach Hart' 3 days ago
I want to see them eat toxic waste they would probably die
simply em
'simply em' 3 days ago
Now I wanna try marzipan😂 must be really good
'swuvby' 3 days ago
German Girl: Its So Spicy Me: You A Little Bitch
Aurelia Sweet
'Aurelia Sweet' 3 days ago
Them: omg what are these? ... Twizzlers? I don’t like themMe: HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY PEOPLE
MeoofOi Boi
'MeoofOi Boi' 3 days ago
They’re so polite!!!!!! IF I TASTE SOMETHING BAD I SPIT IT OUT! I don’t have the greatest manners....
Brett Simms
'Brett Simms' 3 days ago
And the girl that spit the candy in the trash can doesn't look like she spits too much out political stage stunt
Brett Simms
'Brett Simms' 3 days ago
It's one candy a Twizzler not everybody in America likes a Twizzler either give him a brussel sprout .
Gracie Wilson
'Gracie Wilson' 3 days ago
bacon toast,with icing,icing bacon toast?HAHA THAT CRACKS ME UP
Gracie Wilson
'Gracie Wilson' 3 days ago
worth the pop tart the Orange haired kid said "toast"😀😀😀
Normie Trash
'Normie Trash' 3 days ago
3:18 - 3:20 Hershey’s needs to start doing that.
Alayna Carpenter
'Alayna Carpenter' 3 days ago
Twizzlers are not sour
Harvey Thompson
'Harvey Thompson' 3 days ago
Do British kids try American chocolates I don't know these too
monica garcia
'monica garcia' 3 days ago
I hate dark chocolate
monica garcia
'monica garcia' 3 days ago
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'Sinkro' 3 days ago
Yea well I bet ur candy taste like shit too so suck it Germany
- Naomi -
'- Naomi -' 3 days ago
You didn't give them the good stuff!
Petra Dvorakova
'Petra Dvorakova' 3 days ago
What does that even mean
Garrett Patterson
'Garrett Patterson' 3 days ago
they barely gave them the good food except for 3
Aaron Griffin
'Aaron Griffin' 3 days ago
Notice one of the kids has a shirt with the American flag on it.
Madelyn Spitzer
'Madelyn Spitzer' 3 days ago
Jodi Collins
'Jodi Collins' 3 days ago
These aren't popular American sweets.
pinkfluffyunicorn 2.0
Ich liebe Bitterschokolade😊❤💪
Like A Boss
'Like A Boss' 3 days ago
Mz. InDy
'Mz. InDy' 4 days ago
Toooo cute!!
milojko peric
'milojko peric' 4 days ago
Chulacat Aj
'Chulacat Aj' 4 days ago
Chulacat Aj
'Chulacat Aj' 4 days ago
M A P L E B A C O N ? ! ?
skl lawrence
'skl lawrence' 4 days ago
even American kids don't really like hot tamales
Polygamy Poppa
'Polygamy Poppa' 4 days ago
You gave them all the trash sweets! Give them mike and ikes or Kit Kats!
Ray Rowley
'Ray Rowley' 4 days ago
I like the cactus
Khagen 101
'Khagen 101' 4 days ago
You watch American kids try foreign food... and you watch this. Wow, what differences. Very well mannered kids here.
'WeatherDemon101' 4 days ago
These kinds are so nice! Ima try German food now :)
christopher carrera
Roman Dybala
'Roman Dybala' 4 days ago
Miniature Germans. Hope thye dont get flooded too soon with American sugar overload.
Faith Holmes
'Faith Holmes' 4 days ago
yinz really had to give them the WORST ones
Joe Chiodi
'Joe Chiodi' 4 days ago
You let them try the nastiest kind of pop tarts. Cherry or blueberry my fav.
Damian Wayne fan
'Damian Wayne fan' 4 days ago
I’m a quarter German so this probably be weird for me
The Cheater
'The Cheater' 4 days ago
if we tried ur foods we wouldn't like to
Emanuel Henriquez
'Emanuel Henriquez' 4 days ago
The only languages i can speak are english spanish and french.
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 4 days ago
"Somewhat like warm ice pretty normal" I wonder where she gets her ice cream
girls3241 aj
'girls3241 aj' 4 days ago
long spicy jellybeans "
Hype Feast
'Hype Feast' 4 days ago
Nobody in America eats any of those 😭😭😂
Just Monika
'Just Monika' 4 days ago
Hot tamales are awful
Gamechangerz -
'Gamechangerz -' 4 days ago
Most of these include 'artificial flavours ' 'artificial colors' 'natural flavors' 'high fructose corn syrup' die early have fun!
julian schoss
'julian schoss' 4 days ago
to sweet not too learn English
Cody Fox
'Cody Fox' 4 days ago
They should have chose the good Candy such as Kit Kat, Butterfingers, Hersey, and skittles
madison wisener
'madison wisener' 4 days ago
They chose the worst candies I swear
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