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Minecraft: DIAMOND GOLEMS HIDE AND SEEK - Morph Hide And Seek - Modded Mini-Game -
Published: 2 months ago By: PopularMMOs

By: PopularMMOsPublished: 2 months ago

2, 335, 136 views

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We are playing Morph Hide and Seek and morphing into Golems!
Jen's Channel
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Download Morph Mod
Download Golem World Mod

- 3 Rounds Each, 20 Seconds To Hide
- Seeker In Creative Mod & Hider In Survival
- 3 Minute Rounds
- At 1 Minute You MUST start moving
- 1 Point Per Round
- Do Not Look At The Other Plays Screen

Credit to for the "keep moving" rule!

Thumbnail Art by Tourobana:

In this Golem Morph Hide and Seek Modded Mini-Game:
We are hiding while morphed into Golems on this epic map!

Intro by:
Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records:
Follow Spag Heddy:

Royalty Free Music by

Music: Arcade from

'PopularMMOs' 2 months ago
Time for some Hide N Seek with golems!! I hope you guys enjoy :)
kyleigh Gretzinger
'kyleigh Gretzinger' 5 minutes ago
I subscribed pat ilove your channel and I love your hide and seek videos
Deanna Long
'Deanna Long' 8 minutes ago
pat was carrying a cookie the hole time
'FB7' 32 minutes ago
i subscribed
Jester Jay
'Jester Jay' 57 minutes ago
Can you do the animals hide and seek game please🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏👏⛑🐘/your cat is cute.
Lalania Corces
'Lalania Corces' 1 hour ago
A frekin ray gun
ShouTai Yue
'ShouTai Yue' 1 hour ago
I love all of your videos
Ava Domangue
'Ava Domangue' 2 hours ago
I subscribed u guys are awesome
Nicolas Pope
'Nicolas Pope' 3 hours ago
I subscribed
Lindsay Pastorek
'Lindsay Pastorek' 6 hours ago
I subscribe today
Leanne pringle
'Leanne pringle' 7 hours ago
We love you guys so much everybody loves you so much 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Pika girl
'Pika girl' 11 hours ago
Try to do Pokemon hide and seek like Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur Plz?
Owyn sieu pham
'Owyn sieu pham' 12 hours ago
why are the golem are attacking jen?
'DUDGAMER' 12 hours ago
I subed cuz u rule!
Yonte Mison
'Yonte Mison' 12 hours ago
can y'all do a block one
'Quela' 12 hours ago
hi srry this is late but could u do one of heaps of villagers plz like bay one and grown up ones it would be a good one luv u guys xox
'wellaeuan' 13 hours ago
Hide as yetis nextime
Chloe Johnson
'Chloe Johnson' 13 hours ago
They should do a clown hide and seek like if you agree👍
Madison Bush
'Madison Bush' 14 hours ago
i love watching yalls vids you guys are so funny :)
Nandika Dhingra
'Nandika Dhingra' 15 hours ago
I subscribed!
julie howard
'julie howard' 15 hours ago
Do mutant mobs
silly starz
'silly starz' 17 hours ago
does anybody remember when JeromeASF commented on one of pat's videos to do a collab, and everyone was going nuts because pat never saw the comment? lol, good times.
FabPanda Boi
'FabPanda Boi' 17 hours ago
You should use different maps for hide and seek
'Pittyliscioush' 19 hours ago
My Cousin Ralph Just Died Can I Get A Like 1 Like= 1 Better Day 1 Comment= Less Days Of Pain
anas Matbouly
'anas Matbouly' 20 hours ago
I have subscribed
Payton Barber
'Payton Barber' 21 hours ago
RK Miller
'RK Miller' 21 hours ago
mutent hide n seek
RK Miller
'RK Miller' 21 hours ago
Pat 100000000099 Jen -9999999999999
Raegan Morgan
'Raegan Morgan' 1 day ago
PAT IS DE KILLER. JEN IS DE FLOWERNATOR!!! I'm 6 years old and love you guys lol boath of you arnt the killer ;3
Emily-Rose125 Girl
I wish Jen (or Jem) wins 1
Karen West
'Karen West' 1 day ago
do another cat hide and seek
Rosalie Margasino
Can you please do a Outfit Morph Hide and Seek (I know it sounds weird)?
Jana Jaica Cerezo
i like hide and seek
'cutecupcake101' 1 day ago
I subscribed
Phil Jones
'Phil Jones' 1 day ago
'ILuvGrumpyCat' 1 day ago
You guys should do a villager hide and seek
'ILuvGrumpyCat' 1 day ago
Pat you forgot to put away your cookie in your second hiding round
theone forfun
'theone forfun' 2 days ago
there called poppys
JAFRA Cosmeticos Marthita
Tostadas i love tostadas and pat and jen
Nelly Hernandez
'Nelly Hernandez' 2 days ago
do a hide and seek super hero !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
khayrat awad elkarim
I subscribed
Ruby Carlson
'Ruby Carlson' 2 days ago
cool 😎
Jeni Lemaire
'Jeni Lemaire' 2 days ago
hide as zombies
Carl Cox
'Carl Cox' 2 days ago
who's waching this in 2038?
spongebob 01
'spongebob 01' 2 days ago
for hide and seek hide as mutants and then good luck jen like if u agree
ayan Choudhry
'ayan Choudhry' 2 days ago
all the time you play mincraft but in a map hide and seek you mof
Tanya Bull
'Tanya Bull' 2 days ago
I sub like 5 years ago and I love your vids and gaming with Jen and popularmmos
Cali Ortiz
'Cali Ortiz' 2 days ago
I subscribe you guys make me laugh 😄😅
Triston Victery
'Triston Victery' 2 days ago
can you please play mutant zombie hide and seek
Muser girl 2
'Muser girl 2' 2 days ago
I mean 1:03
Muser girl 2
'Muser girl 2' 2 days ago
look at the baby villager at 1:03 it's so cute
Savar Ramharakh
'Savar Ramharakh' 2 days ago
why not make duplicates of your self and morph into one of you so it will be more challenging
Freddie Lee Mcclain
can you more into Melanie Martinez
Moonhaven Starlight
I love hide and seek videos! Especially when they are by you guys!
Luke Darrow
'Luke Darrow' 3 days ago
I love it
Heather McCabe
'Heather McCabe' 3 days ago
I subscribed to a awesome channel today
Natalie Grant
'Natalie Grant' 3 days ago
I love you pat date like
Jacky Friedrichsen
This was sooooooooooo funny! Love you guys
'AAlexMC' 3 days ago
"Do not press buttons whin you have a freckin ray gun in your hand." -Jen Jan. 9, 2017
Lynn Mrkich
'Lynn Mrkich' 3 days ago
i subed 3 years ago
Branigon Alba
'Branigon Alba' 3 days ago
I ove
Yadira Lopez
'Yadira Lopez' 3 days ago
find the difference 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😝😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
tgk// thegoldenknight
i subscibed
Beautifyl Jackson
'Beautifyl Jackson' 3 days ago
I subscribed!!!#💘 you guys you are the best💝😃😃😃
'nijajade' 3 days ago
i subcribe
'BlueZivoGamer' 3 days ago
Please sub to me!
corin ellis
'corin ellis' 3 days ago
do dog for s
Amber Vicznesky
'Amber Vicznesky' 3 days ago
Pat had a cookie
frank green
'frank green' 3 days ago
Can you pls download the wolf mod and play it😅😂🤣
Sarah Mcburnie
'Sarah Mcburnie' 3 days ago
I subscribeb
Courtney Williams
'Courtney Williams' 3 days ago
gi jn dr handbrake dhf e 874g4YT j r jr bye 3hrbri838 r 574yvtbtvhhrjr. brent ther3 the hu
Courtney Williams
'Courtney Williams' 3 days ago
h rhh dr jcbvvzh
Debbie Pfeifer
'Debbie Pfeifer' 3 days ago
do a monster mob hide and seek. ...JEN
Joshua Flores
'Joshua Flores' 3 days ago
Joshua Flores
'Joshua Flores' 3 days ago
look at 4:08 at the window
Lucy Reeves
'Lucy Reeves' 3 days ago
Do monster hide and seek
'HeartPaw' 3 days ago
You guys should do a wolf Hide and seek, With...Ore wolves? Is that even a thing..I dunno..Just neon I guess? XD
Earnest Hope Ancheta
pat can you play roblox please i want to see you play roblox
Earnest Hope Ancheta
pat can you do the seeker can morph
Delaveasha Devil
'Delaveasha Devil' 4 days ago
Sherry Liu
'Sherry Liu' 4 days ago
I watch like 30 of your videos
Sherry Liu
'Sherry Liu' 4 days ago
You guys are so funny
Sherry Liu
'Sherry Liu' 4 days ago
You guys are the best youtuber ever
Donevin Gatewood
'Donevin Gatewood' 4 days ago
Muted zombie
Donevin Gatewood
'Donevin Gatewood' 4 days ago
your parents celebrate your birthday don't lie
Britany Perez
'Britany Perez' 4 days ago
pat and Jen you are soom youtuber's at hide and seek
unknown warrior
'unknown warrior' 4 days ago
do five nights at Freddys like if you agree
Christie Gajewski
'Christie Gajewski' 4 days ago
I subscribeibed
arnold mclemore
'arnold mclemore' 4 days ago
jen is sexey
Yoel Ramos
'Yoel Ramos' 4 days ago
pat your cool jen you wride
Cate Buckstein
'Cate Buckstein' 4 days ago
(Jen) Hi what's your name *pause* (Pat) Fred. *at same time*. (Jen) Donald. LOL
Jamie Lewis
'Jamie Lewis' 4 days ago
pat cheated because he did not move he is a cheater
Jamie Lewis
'Jamie Lewis' 4 days ago
pat cheated because he did not move he is a cheater
William Cruz
'William Cruz' 4 days ago
do FNAF hide and seek
Kennycat Club
'Kennycat Club' 4 days ago
Hide as dogs please
Elizabeth Poulson
'Elizabeth Poulson' 4 days ago
<3 you
Bianca Albite
'Bianca Albite' 4 days ago
do ariana g rande hide and seek
I subscribed... Like 2 yrs. ago
krystian santana
'krystian santana' 4 days ago
3 millonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!
Spiridon Barbouris
I subscribed like 2 years ago...XdD
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