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Hear what Nick Saban said after Alabama's last-second loss to Clemson -
Published: 1 year ago By: Alabama Crimson Tide on

By: Alabama Crimson Tide on AL.comPublished: 1 year ago

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Nick Saban spoke to the media after Alabama's last-second loss to Clemson in his post-game press conference, answering a number of questions and expressing his feelings after the difficult loss.

Watch the video above to hear what the Tide's coach felt was the difference in the game, the challenges of changing offensive coordinators, including how the players handled the switch from Lane Kiffin to Steve Sarkesian, how he felt his team played overall, and more.

Jacob Pamaj
'Jacob Pamaj' 3 months ago
'spence' 4 months ago
people ask some dumbass questions i would kill these talentless journalists if i were a coach
Error 15513
'Error 15513' 4 months ago
All the retards in the comments saying “Pick play” the first one Jordan Leggett ran a hitch route with his hands up looking for the ball and the defender simply ran into him, the game winning play Artavis Scott did not even TOUCH renfrows defender, bs excuses. Alabama fans don’t give excuses until they take a big fat L.
'teller121' 5 months ago
you didn't need a "sack" Nick.  You needed a gd first down sometime in the second half.  You needed a QB who has confidence to throw the ball, but you sent him packing to AZ.  No big deal, he just earned the starting job after being a redshirt (unlike Hurts) last year and was the top rated recruit you have ever landed.  Looked like a high school passer down the stretch, and not a really good one.
Elite Scout
'Elite Scout' 6 months ago
Nick Saban is a shitty coach. He has the ABSOLUTE BEST players EVERY YEAR and he FAILS them. Alabama has the MOST TALENT in the world!!!! Saban has no idea what he's doing on offense or defense. He's a SHITTY COACH!!!!!!
Tyrace Raheem
'Tyrace Raheem' 6 months ago
Bama is a beast.
Bobblehead Woody
'Bobblehead Woody' 7 months ago
Jeez, kinda sounds like a canned speech from Jan 1st 2015
'PeaceFan1' 7 months ago
1st of all, the F'ing Shitty Refs called us for Pass Interference on Clemson when their guy OBVIOUSLY TRIPPED OVER HIS OWN FEET!!! That put them up 10 yards and they scored 2 plays later!! F-CK the Refs ....THEY Should NOT determine the outcome of ANY Game let alone one that is so important as a National Championship!! Dam It!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
'''i wonder if there are any job openings in the American Conference? None of those teams are usually ranked.''' ....-'Lil Nicky after Bammie was beat unconscious and damn near to death by Ohio State and Clemson
'FM L' 8 months ago
It was nice to see Bama lose, and a different team win.
Michael Johnson
'Michael Johnson' 8 months ago
What he should have done first thing is to give Credit to Clemson, they took Alabama's best illegal targeting hits and STILL WON!
Nick ImmaDick Satan
'Nick ImmaDick Satan' 9 months ago
"My farts smell like tiger piss." - Saban after the Clemson reaming
Nick ImmaDick Satan
'Nick ImmaDick Satan' 9 months ago
"Don't worry fellow Low Tiders, I have a slew of convicts and criminal recruits to make it back next year. I know some of you are worried about our recent player, Anthony Parker, whom was just charged with MURDER but I only plan on a half-game suspension for him when he makes parole. Does anyone know when OJ gets out?" - Saban, after getting finger-blasted in the 2017 Natty.
Kole M
'Kole M' 9 months ago
Booooooooooooo Bama 😠
jd carmona
'jd carmona' 10 months ago
They represent the university reallly well. How many kids failed drug test at your school got arrested for assaults and weapons charges. Really represented the university of Alabama really well
Katherine Angeron
'Katherine Angeron' 10 months ago
I lost and i know this
Michael Johnson
'Michael Johnson' 11 months ago
Class Act by Coach Saban. Clemson was the better team. GO TIGERS!!!
'DrDelicious70' 11 months ago
Man, Coach Saban took that loss hard. He became a quiet black guy to hide the shame.
'Kevin' 12 months ago
both of those guys are bigger than renfrow even tho he had shoulder pads on in his interview. they look like killers
Arturo Avila
'Arturo Avila' 12 months ago
saban its gone go Clemson
Thomas Woodward
'Thomas Woodward' 12 months ago
Bottom line on this game was the REFEREE Mike Defee. The dude DOESN'T know the correct interpretation of the rule book. Clemson has perfected the ILLEGAL pick passing plays that IDIOTS like Defee have the inability to correctly flag as a INFRACTION.
Ding Ding
'Ding Ding' 12 months ago
Hell nah clemson didn't have deon caine, mike Williams, shaq Lawson, Mackenzie Alexander, all of our players were gone screw bo
Guillermo Torres
'Guillermo Torres' 1 year ago
Cole Pritchett
'Cole Pritchett' 1 year ago
Roll tears roll
"All I got to say is them mutherfuckers cheated, uh I mean, good game guys". - Nick Saban during postgame interviews before realizing the microphones where on
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
''''what i need to do, is recruit guys who won't choke with 1 second left in the season''' .........-Nick Saban at the Clemson post game interview
CandyLover500 islit
F*ck Clemson they're not going to be good next year they're only going that Cinderella team! Alabama should've won that game I'm still mad we won 26 straight before that game and we blew it! Oh and Screw DeShawn Watson I hope he does shit in the NFL and go to the horrible Jets!
Stephen Richard
'Stephen Richard' 1 year ago
Mike Williams made himself a top 15 pick in that game. What a great performance he put on.
'drwinstonOboogi' 1 year ago
Nick must have worked out his muscles so hard that he passed out in the tanning bed.
Duck Rollz
'Duck Rollz' 1 year ago
Jonathan allen and nicks name tag are switched
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
'''wish i could recruit nigs that wouldn't choke with 1 second left in the season'''....-Nick Saban
John Roberts
'John Roberts' 1 year ago
NCAA is the biggest scam in America ran by rednecks
Jeremiah Miller
'Jeremiah Miller' 1 year ago
Moo WWs
'Moo WWs' 1 year ago
One thing is damn sure, Alabama will win the championship next year EASY. Hurts was a freshman and will be back bigger and better. You might as well give them the title now.
Jim Dandy
'Jim Dandy' 1 year ago
Nick has the money machine behind him. He is a great coach but I am not sure the best ever. He didn't win a lot a Michigan State. Ask them. Ask him about all the brand new cars his players drive.
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
jay''nigganose''bee, '''at least we didn't choke with 1 second left in the season'''...........-Bammie Basketball coach, AVERY JOHNSON, after getting curb stomped 82-77 and losing for the second time in 2 weeks to Auburn.
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
'''''at least we didn't choke with 1 second left like Bammie did''''''...............The Atlanta Falcons after the crushing Super Bowl loss
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
'''''at least we didn't choke with 1 second left like Bammie did''''..............The Atlanta Falcons after the crushing Super Bowl loss
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
''''at least we didn't choke with 1 second left like Bammie did''''..............The Atlanta Falcons after the crushing Super Bowl loss and another Southern team choking on the world stage
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
''''at least we didn't choke with 1 second left like Bammie did''''.........The Atlanta Falcons
T Alexander
'T Alexander' 1 year ago
Roll tears roll
'thehafpadwota' 1 year ago
no credit to Clemson... Go fuck yourself Saban. whatever
"You mean to tell me we couldn't score no points!" - Ohio State Athletic Director
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
''''Bammie choked!!, ...are you kiddin' me?? 14-0 down the clogged trailer park outhouse?? With 1 second left ??'''''................Stephen A. Smith, ESPN
Rob Roy
'Rob Roy' 1 year ago
OJ and Allen were do you want us to say? The best part of all of that for them was "thank you both". I'm sure they were going...thank you Jesus!
Johnny Clemson
'Johnny Clemson' 1 year ago
Brian Bennett
'Brian Bennett' 1 year ago
Jay Bee
'Jay Bee' 1 year ago
''''Bammie is the laughingstock of college football, Bammie lost with 1 second left on the clock'''''.........Bammie fanboys
Charles Best
'Charles Best' 1 year ago
Mr. Saban, show a lot of class.
krystal thomas
'krystal thomas' 1 year ago
Bod Roads
'Bod Roads' 1 year ago
soon as your little girl blows me
'3finger10' 1 year ago
Glad they lost.....
'VIN LEE' 1 year ago
My friend bet me $50 I can't get 1,000 subscribers tonight, help me prove him wrong
Puppet Master
'Puppet Master' 1 year ago
Nick Shan gets me hard n stiff
Deby Shoelace
'Deby Shoelace' 1 year ago
Who gives a shit
Blake Bortles
'Blake Bortles' 1 year ago
This was the same score as the Dallas vs packers game
'BALLER 4LIFE' 1 year ago
on Howard u talk trash and look what happen
Gregory Adkins
'Gregory Adkins' 1 year ago
'terracer' 1 year ago
No congratulations to Clemson?
Please watch my channel !
Henry R
'Henry R' 1 year ago
I feel you Alabama 😭
'OZMX' 1 year ago
at the end of the day nick sabban is a millionare. he fucking doesnt care. player get fucked and get free swaheeli classes that don't do shit. lol sad.
Dan Sherman
'Dan Sherman' 1 year ago
As an "outsider" with no strings to either school (although grew up in MI, and Nick Saban used to coach at MSU), I would say both schools have classy, very high-caliber football programs. It was Clemson's turn this year -- congratulations to them. What else is there to say?
LMAO we got robbed
Ryan Parker
'Ryan Parker' 1 year ago
Bama squad where you at🐘🐘🐘We'll get them next year! Roll tide Roll. Keep rollin
Conan the Destroyer
Saban, he is a very good coach, but was out coached by Clemson. He knows it.
Richard Green
'Richard Green' 1 year ago
Saban you bum It took you 6 mins into your interview to finally give any credit to the best team in Football CLEMSON
'EazyE187um' 1 year ago
roll tears roll. Fuck Alabama
'Keaton' 1 year ago
The dynasty is not dead until he retires and you never now we could get Dabo to come to bama or some other great coach I guarantee you he wins ATLEAST 2 championships before he retires. Great job to Clemson. Isn't it sad it takes an Alabama alumni to beat bama 😂
'GO BIG BLUE 8' 1 year ago
Alabama is still the greatest college football program of all time by a long shot I was pulling for you guys to win I'm for the SEC all the way GO BIG BLUE!!!
'jsfetters' 1 year ago
College football fans, can't live with them, can't order a large fry and coke without them.
all I heard from Saban was wahhhh wahhhhh wahhhh lol get over it nick you're not the best this year.
Ron Mexico
'Ron Mexico' 1 year ago
bomjam 2
'bomjam 2' 1 year ago
It pains me to see Nick Saban and a few other administrators and presidents earn millions of dollars into their bank accounts off the sweat and blood of the players on the field. The players get a scholarship worth .00001% of the profits they generate. Crumbs when compared to the money the coaches, presidents, and administrators put into their bank accounts every month and year. .....This type of exploitation does not even happen in communist and musllim countries today. American "big-time" college sports administrators take advantage of the lack of knowledge and awareness of its mostly African-American athletes.
Hogman Go
'Hogman Go' 1 year ago
Roll tears Roll. Hahahaha!! A whole season for nothing. Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch. Second place is just 1st loser.
'bigmoney4635' 1 year ago
26 straight wins. had to lose at some point. just like last year the game could have gone either way. this time it went Clemson's way. they deserve it. roll tide
Nash Rarig
'Nash Rarig' 1 year ago
Coach Jonathan Allen is a great speaker
'LIAM LIAMESQUE' 1 year ago
Play your players you slave owner!!
JayJay Rupert
'JayJay Rupert' 1 year ago
tager cheerter alamabs winers climcime offise pass interfirec 12 time
Brian Shields
'Brian Shields' 1 year ago
the Russians hacked the game.
Carl Scherer
'Carl Scherer' 1 year ago
saban would have looked and sounded exactly the same if they had won. so animated dude
Cool Guy
'Cool Guy' 1 year ago
rigged game Bama should of won
Jorge Busch
'Jorge Busch' 1 year ago
Bammie proved frauds yet again, Bammie fans have fun fuckin' your momma and hee-haw reruns for the next 9 months, LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Jacoby
'Robert Jacoby' 1 year ago
Cheating ass Clemson........
'ACME' 1 year ago
Softball anyone?
steve jaubert
'steve jaubert' 1 year ago
The shoulders say it all!
Jake R
'Jake R' 1 year ago
Nothing but respect for Bama and Nick Saban. As a Clemson fan, if we don't win it all next year, I hope Bama does.
Jakie Kaupiko
'Jakie Kaupiko' 1 year ago
Alabama for life bro's🏈
Bojo David
'Bojo David' 1 year ago
Nick looking young af
Steven Coker
'Steven Coker' 1 year ago
Wow. In his remarks not a single word about Clemson. Who just beat them? Themselves? Sablan just dropped several notches in my opinion.
Daniel G
'Daniel G' 1 year ago
SEC produces shit QBS which make those defenses look better than they really are. (yes I know cam,eli,stafford,peyton) I'm talking recently.
Daniel G
'Daniel G' 1 year ago
Sorry ass quarterbacks in The SEC and when they see a decent one in Watson they get lit up.
SectorI V
'SectorI V' 1 year ago
for the people saying Alabama might not be on top next year due to losing players on defense, since when has Alabama ever struggled to rebuild defense since Saban got there? thats right never. and with another #1 class coming in next year. there's no doubt in my mind that alabama Alabama will be competing for another title next season.
Rocco DiMeo
'Rocco DiMeo' 1 year ago
That defensive linemen looks 63 years old
Mattyice 16
'Mattyice 16' 1 year ago
Matthew Love
'Matthew Love' 1 year ago
What an awesome and epic game. Lots of respect to Dabo and the clemson tigers. I'm an lsu fan and sec did hard through and through but I have to give it to the acc this year. An excellent crop of quarterbacks in their league and that's really the difference in college ball and why my tigers can't get to the level they are capable of. It will be interesting to see if clemson can sustain this level of play. I would expect they will. No doubt in my mind Bama will play angry next year. Lol hurts is a freshman, kind of forgot that watching him on that last drive they had. Hopefully my boys can get back to Bama's level and challenge them for the west in the future. It will be almost impossible to top these games the last two years though. Can we just go ahead and expand to 8 teams please?? Hahah
'Sempi10' 1 year ago
Too bad the 'nameplate guy' lost his job that night.
Bre Bolden
'Bre Bolden' 1 year ago
Super Butterfree
'Super Butterfree' 1 year ago
the most surprising thing is that OSU's defense actually held up better
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