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10 Things You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs -
Published: 2 years ago By: Top Trending

By: Top TrendingPublished: 2 years ago

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Here are 10 interesting facts about one of the greatest innovators of our time!

"I want to put a ding in the universe."
- Steve Jobs

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs

Jay Silverstone
'Jay Silverstone' 1 day ago
stay away from power
Steve Jobs
'Steve Jobs' 2 weeks ago
Oh, that me!
Anucha SeoDml
'Anucha SeoDml' 3 weeks ago
Why volume is so low!?
Maminox Bello
'Maminox Bello' 4 weeks ago
Steve Jobs W Arabian Origins of Syria
Fred Cat
'Fred Cat' 4 weeks ago
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ajinkya naik
'ajinkya naik' 1 month ago
I don't like apple. I like bananas.
Justin Vilarino
'Justin Vilarino' 2 months ago
Chance Collins
'Chance Collins' 2 months ago
So, Jobs lied to Wozniak and took a significant amount of money from the $5000 that was received from Wozniak's work, but gave a brand new Jaguar to a woman who was late to work? Wow, such a good person, but at the same time, what a douchebag.
Crazy Fool
'Crazy Fool' 2 months ago
How do you like them apples Steve? ..........Steve?
emwatson family
'emwatson family' 3 months ago
by the way he has an syrian father
Firas Shakosh
'Firas Shakosh' 3 months ago
you forgot the fact that his father is Syrian
Cookie Unicorn733
'Cookie Unicorn733' 3 months ago
Sofia Xx
'Sofia Xx' 3 months ago
He's syrian muslim
Jimsheri Maziashvili
'Jimsheri Maziashvili' 3 months ago
missed fact: he was best man ever.
cookielover fall
'cookielover fall' 3 months ago
'شیراز' 4 months ago
I am also in college and homeless. but I have good grades😜RIP Steve
John Mcbastard
'John Mcbastard' 4 months ago
Steve Jobs was a Muslim so you know he's in hell because the prophet Mohammad sounds like a chronic liar you know anyone that's a Muslim loves children in the longest way possible so you know Steve Jobs was creeping on kids
Well Dam
'Well Dam' 4 months ago
The sheer ignorance in this comment section... Steve Jobs, yes, was a complete asshole to people he did not respect. He only respected those he thought fought for what they believed in, which he deeply encouraged. Even if he was mean, Steve Jobs, clearly, has the most powerful reality distortion field in history. He could quite literally make anyone not only believe anything, but to act on it. This skill that he had also ended up killing him, because when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, he didn't want it to be true, so he ended up ignoring it. His reality distortion field effected him also. He believed in the impossible, that's why he was so motivated and only wanted his engineers and coders to the best of the best. I truly believe that one of the reasons his employees were so good is because they knew that Jobs could destroy them, reduce them to tears in a matter of seconds, so they wanted to impress him. Jobs also could see right through people, see their strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge, he could either motivate and inspire/manipulate them, or fuck them up. Steve Jobs, with the power of will, created a company that would forever defy reality and be the home of creativity. He truly made a dent in the universe. - A 13 year old grill fan :3
SomeRandomDude YT
'SomeRandomDude YT' 4 months ago
Without microsoft there would be no apple, no shit, no problems. Android and windows would rule the world. If only Bill Gates didn't give him 150 Mil dollars to save the company...
SomeRandomDude YT
'SomeRandomDude YT' 4 months ago
Danny Gomes
'Danny Gomes' 4 months ago
He took acid for us all and so did aye!
'MugenMonster' 4 months ago
Fun fact: Steve Jobs had an Armenian babysitter and knew Armenian.
Sebastian Von Kebab
'Sebastian Von Kebab' 4 months ago
He was a the stupidest idiot. Steve jobs.
Hilbert Lawrence
'Hilbert Lawrence' 5 months ago
so basically he was an ASSHOLE
James Liscombe
'James Liscombe' 5 months ago
I knew all these.
'Dragon43ish' 5 months ago
Its bastards like this that took our freedom away from us. Now nothing is safe anymore. Thanks Jobie.
iolanze nick
'iolanze nick' 5 months ago
how told you to get those freaking info..... just go to hell
Geek Gamer Greece
'Geek Gamer Greece' 5 months ago
Steve Jobs was a good man despite being an Apple hater.Now Apple overprices their products
kelly shea
'kelly shea' 5 months ago
steve jobs is a piece of shit who was dumb enough to think new age medicines would beat his cancer. and his products are shit too
Fakhruddin Danish
'Fakhruddin Danish' 6 months ago
his father was Syrian muslim.later he was adopted by someone
Loki Love
'Loki Love' 6 months ago
What a dumb ass, he could have been here today.
'KuMotif' 6 months ago
Point 8 is not correct. Jobs' healthy lifestyle actually extended his lifespan by 20-30 years. His pancreatic cancer actually started in his early 20s due to the inhalation of Mercury while has was an assemble worker at HP. His vegan lifestyle and his belief in it, never let the cancer grow at conventional rates which most meat-eating people would be subjected to. The media portrays his cancer as having started in his 40s. Anyways, everyone on this planet comes and goes at their destined time.
Raymond Ramos
'Raymond Ramos' 6 months ago
Steve Jobs is nothing but a big loud mouth telling intelligent people to do this and do that!!
houssam dubman
'houssam dubman' 6 months ago
fun fact jobs is from syrian origin
Mlg Bantz
'Mlg Bantz' 6 months ago
He's a legend nothing else has to be said
Majed ssy
'Majed ssy' 7 months ago
Imogen Bradley
'Imogen Bradley' 7 months ago
abroad The video actually looks like heavily vexyrope
'Vadilosin' 7 months ago
That isn't all. Incase you didn't know Steve Jobs Is Muslim.
Dragan Nikcevic
'Dragan Nikcevic' 7 months ago
this is boring, better read walter isaacson book - steve jobs
'BaKR PlAy'Z' 7 months ago
some lies is there
Rachael Aang
'Rachael Aang' 7 months ago
he's not insane, he's a perfectionist. that's why the iphone was such a revolutionary product. Genius product.
Comedian Greig
'Comedian Greig' 7 months ago
in my opinion when Steve Jobs die apples die
Harish m
'Harish m' 8 months ago
harikrishna temple
Andrew B
'Andrew B' 8 months ago
Thanks for posting this. !!! Jobs was a very strange guy......I turned down a job as a prototype technician with the Macintosh group in Cupertino in January of 1983. Jobs was a total clownass when he interviewed me. He told me I would be working over 70 hours a week and I would not have a life.. LOL....I wound up building the first color pc at Polo Microsystems that ran early Windows in 1983 and showed my 4 prototypes at Comdex in December of 1983. Both Steves were blown away when they came to our little Polo Microsystems booth on Sunday night before the show opened. The next company I worked at was Identix in Palo Alto. I built the first electronic fingerprint reader that was certified by the Feds and FBI. Silicon Valley was a BLAST in the 1980s and now it is Flying high again..!!
'Seblalastudios' 8 months ago
What's a jaguier? For people saying it's a car I know, I'm just saying it's pronounced a jaguar not a jaguier
davo chandler
'davo chandler' 8 months ago
0:34 Altercations
Grbic Ugljesa
'Grbic Ugljesa' 8 months ago
cheers for Steve!
Samantha Noble
'Samantha Noble' 8 months ago
town adult survey indication mad perfect communication.
Athens nike
'Athens nike' 9 months ago
his pancreatic cancer was karma and effect of his health and attititude no treatment would help. He is theif and swindler.
om shankar Sah
'om shankar Sah' 9 months ago
Amazing.. Thank you
Emir Tulumcu
'Emir Tulumcu' 9 months ago
So if Steve Jobs lived today, I would have a smaller and a more functional iPhone?! And I would also have a headphone jack :'(
Faizan Raza Official
'Faizan Raza Official' 9 months ago
Editor ? How you made it
Glenn Chastonay
'Glenn Chastonay' 9 months ago
In this film, it seems as if Steve Wozniak came up with the design for the computer all on his own. In the original film they tell the truth. They got all the research & development from Xerox Corp.
Stevie 4Real
'Stevie 4Real' 9 months ago
Steve, ur a legend
Lacnor YT
'Lacnor YT' 9 months ago
Did you know , Steve Jobs love's doing Blow Jobs.
Lakshmi Tejasvi
'Lakshmi Tejasvi' 9 months ago
And what he did at Pixar is remarkable too! First computer generated complete animated film to perfection. His guidance needs to be there to form anything out of any smart guy.
Lakshmi Tejasvi
'Lakshmi Tejasvi' 9 months ago
Do any of you even understand whom you are criticizing? The man who changed the world and is part of revolution. Yes, he didn't studied what's already there. But that's bcoz he's made for someother things. Believe me, he is a HSP, emotional who have great visionaries and imaginations and many questions about life. Broader thoughts. They're special ppl. If not for him GUI is just a thing that's used for the sake of copier. No personal computer atlaest the way it's now as MS shamelessly suck life out of Apple for years. He's not just a gud businessman like many say. He wanted to change the lives for better and he definitely did it. If not for him, there wudn't have been these many tech things this sweetly, fastly, easily, impressively, perfectly, amazingly. Simply learning programming and engineering doesn't let you anywhere if not for rare visionaries like him. It's another type of talent and genius which is very rare to put things together. He could see the things in a different way like no others do. Idiots!
They Vlogs
'They Vlogs' 9 months ago
just looke it up hes dead
Tomek Tabaka
'Tomek Tabaka' 10 months ago
1:40 what now? Jaguair? Oh Americans 😂😂😂
Jainam Khakhra
'Jainam Khakhra' 10 months ago
He might be a genius entrepreneur but he sure doesn't seem like a nice guy.
'Idiot' 10 months ago
'servant' 10 months ago
Ricardo Semler is the great entrepreneur, See: Bombała, B. (2014). Phenomenology as the Epistemological and Methodological Basis of Management Sciences, International Journal of Contemporary Management, 1, 150-172.
'Folb' 10 months ago
why does he pronounce jaguar as jag-wire
J Smith86
'J Smith86' 10 months ago
Bill burr was right about Steve jobs
Enrique Pérez Jaimes
'Enrique Pérez Jaimes' 10 months ago
11. He is dead
Trash Can
'Trash Can' 10 months ago
If you put a fake bomb in a locker in 2016, you'd get shot 36 times.
Dimas Ikhsandio
'Dimas Ikhsandio' 11 months ago
Think Same -Stove Jebs
Paul Olsen
'Paul Olsen' 11 months ago
Even when giving his secretary a brand new car Steve Jobs manages to find a way to be a little bit of a dick about it. lol.
taylor haded
'taylor haded' 11 months ago
he is syrian
David Qiu
'David Qiu' 11 months ago
'jfgme' 11 months ago
Bet steve jobs is looking down on Apple and is pissed about what's become of the company after his death
D94 Dadu Pro
'D94 Dadu Pro' 11 months ago
Great Video. Like And another subscriber!!!
'jay' 11 months ago
'FREEDOM!' 11 months ago
RIP Shit Bag
harish chaudhry
'harish chaudhry' 11 months ago
Very knowledgeable and rare
Clariece C
'Clariece C' 11 months ago
Fucking GENIUSES!!!!! Jobs and Woz are bad ass!!!
'Wajid' 11 months ago
Loved LSD
NonOf UrBusiness
'NonOf UrBusiness' 11 months ago
Another fact Steve is an Arab
Prashanta Timsina
'Prashanta Timsina' 11 months ago
I knew every ten of those facts so for future reference the title should be "Ten things you probably didn't know about bla bla bla." And just as a bonus fact that did not had to do anything with Steve jobs,it's not Harry krishna it's Hari krishna.
Alksandra Pawluczuk
'Alksandra Pawluczuk' 11 months ago
cheat is a cheat 0 is nothing
gopi nath
'gopi nath' 11 months ago
I dont know a million things about stevejobs or some others billion big people because am not a neighbour of any of them.... dont i know some things about myself ? :P
Aditya Goyal
'Aditya Goyal' 11 months ago
i knew this because steve did not do anything only his friend steve woizanik did all the things he has the right to be the ownerof the company but he is not
Sarang Shastry
'Sarang Shastry' 11 months ago
He Was Part Hindu...he believed in Hinduism....
Vasja Majer
'Vasja Majer' 11 months ago
he was a bad person. Cant escape karma though...
Auset Amunet
'Auset Amunet' 11 months ago
Lol @ the yellow "O" and the #0!
Abdullah Ar Rafi
'Abdullah Ar Rafi' 12 months ago
In IT sector, you may consider Woz or Bill as the #1 Genius, but Jobs will always be on the top holding the #0 position.
[ BossGamming ]
'[ BossGamming ]' 12 months ago
Shut up 😈
Karan Yadav
'Karan Yadav' 12 months ago
that bonus fact :xD
Yanko Bzykant
'Yanko Bzykant' 12 months ago
the biggest thing you didn't know about this guy: he was such a jerk, who thought his fucking company is best at everything and others are shitty.
Dr. Wayne Manzo
'Dr. Wayne Manzo' 12 months ago
Steve Jobs was not raised by Army and Brians and cannot speak Armenian! The Armenians are Martian Jew Mafia and can change history whenever it pleases them. So, the biggest company in America, The Apple Electric Company, started in Martian Jew KKK Dayton Ohio and then moved to KKK Jew California and headed by an Armenian Jew named Steve Jobs! Yeah right! Jobs or whatever his real name is Jewish and if you are not Martian KKK Jew in Silly-Cone-Head Valley then you are destroyed by the Jews! Shalooom! I always wondered where all the Army and Brians got all that money in little Kadesh or what is known as Glendale CA__Apple Computer Company a Chinese-Armenian Commy computer company. Just to show you how much juice the Armenians have__Steve Jobs raised by Armenians? Ha Ha Ha! The Armenians are a Jewish Tribe of SAVAGE TURKS! Ha Ha Ha! The real human turks were wiped out by these bastards and then they said__hey, stoopid America will let us in and even give us free money and housing__the rest is Armenian Jewish History! What ever happened to Human Gentile Dr. Wayne E. Manzo PhD who ended up on the streets of Los Angeles and San Jose? Stomped into the ground by the Armenian Jew Mafia KKK! Shalooom!
Paul Patrick
'Paul Patrick' 12 months ago
Loved the pronunciation of jaguar 👌🏻👌🏻
Hubert Peebles
'Hubert Peebles' 12 months ago
Entertaining and well produced presentation. Great use of graphics and sound.
howrydanks man
'howrydanks man' 12 months ago
0. His last name is "Jobs" means he likes to do a job then his first name "Steve" is a minecraft name player in singleplayer.
'Des-u' 1 year ago
10 Things you didn't know about Bill Gates
Arish Maknojia
'Arish Maknojia' 1 year ago
One true fact of steve jobs One day a fan of steve jobs go in his house for dinner After dinner he ask steve children's (they were collages student) how much iphones u have n which u one u have Children reply they see steve jobs face and answer .we dont have an iphone Man reply to steve why u r not giving Steve replay : i will not give this monster in their hand
Zamfir Channel
'Zamfir Channel' 1 year ago
On the iPhone, open the Clock app, tap on Stopwatch, notice the Start button - light screen font on grey - Steve would never have allowed this!
Bryan Merrill
'Bryan Merrill' 1 year ago
Lol why do those animations piss me off
'HCPentz' 1 year ago
'codywohlers' 1 year ago
How do you know what I know and don't know?
Sushant Batra
'Sushant Batra' 1 year ago
Dumbasses motherfuckin assholes. The paycheck was for 1000dollars and he lied to wozniak that they paid only 600 dollarsa and gave staeve woz only 300 dollars. NOT AT ALL PRECISE. You all dont know a thinpng asshiles liars.
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