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Could Roanoake Colonists Have Disappeared To A Nearby Island? | Mysteries of the Missing -
Published: 5 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 5 months ago

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Mysteries of the Missing | Saturdays at 10p
The word Croatan is carved into a post on the Roanoake site; it’s the name of a Native American tribe and an island now called Hatteras.
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Stephen Hull
'Stephen Hull' 3 months ago
@ 0:38 hitler confirmed
Heriberto Albuquerque
Ainda bem que nada sabemos.
'QuickUnforgivable' 4 months ago
Is this John Lock?
todd herron
'todd herron' 5 months ago
1 million subscribers, 380 views.
Madara Uchiwa
'Madara Uchiwa' 5 months ago
*I was the first to dislike*
Joe Stanfield
'Joe Stanfield' 5 months ago
'2KOOLURATOOL' 5 months ago
I'm amazing, like if you disagree, or if you don't disagree
Timothy Harris
'Timothy Harris' 5 months ago
10th like
Pete Graberass
'Pete Graberass' 5 months ago
Cool! 👍
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