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Team Duct Tape ESCAPE Challenge!! -
Published: 1 year ago By: Team Edge

By: Team EdgePublished: 1 year ago

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Kel-Kel TheDemon
'Kel-Kel TheDemon' 1 year ago
#DuctTape! lol I love Duct Tape challenges! XP
Sean McCarthy
'Sean McCarthy' 2 days ago
Xenon Curt
'Xenon Curt' 2 days ago
i love team edge
Edna Gaming
'Edna Gaming' 3 days ago
They have the same intro like the pals
'AdamArcanum' 3 days ago
The start was the YOGA challenge!! lOL
Martini Goodwin
'Martini Goodwin' 3 days ago
Team j-bry
Scott Kinney
'Scott Kinney' 5 days ago
Did anyone else catch Gunner talking to Matt and said Bryan
'BENAS MIEŽYS' 6 days ago
You are strong💪🏼
Jemimah Stlouis
'Jemimah Stlouis' 6 days ago
The best singer 👨‍🎤 is J-Fred
Abby Bacter
'Abby Bacter' 6 days ago
love y joey
Ivan Alexander
'Ivan Alexander' 1 week ago
Gunners probabley scared of his own farts
jason castaneda
'jason castaneda' 1 week ago
Rebecca Aston
'Rebecca Aston' 1 week ago
When it was Joey and Brian’s turn Joey was crazy
Avery Haas
'Avery Haas' 2 weeks ago
Hey I a the jello gunner:ahhhhh!
Eliana Herrero
'Eliana Herrero' 2 weeks ago
gunner was screaming papaya and Matthias was trying to hold it in! it looked funny when they gave up and bobby came over for help. it looked medical for the tape to be in such a southern spot 😂😆
Mya Downs
'Mya Downs' 2 weeks ago
I have a challenge for jfred cover him in 18 rolls of duck tape and see if he can get out 😎
Em Caill
'Em Caill' 2 weeks ago
SRXCts x
Jennifer Osborn
'Jennifer Osborn' 2 weeks ago
3 kids???
'clintb79' 2 weeks ago
J Fed why a
Kassidy Brown
'Kassidy Brown' 2 weeks ago
Bryan:I could have pooped something Joey:Who cares you already have three kids Me:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
'MORGAN BATTLES' 2 weeks ago
Best vid ever
When you duck taped Matt and Gunner it looks like a baby carrier
'Kokono*' 2 weeks ago
all have hats exept bryan
jorge godoy
'jorge godoy' 2 weeks ago
team edge
jorge godoy
'jorge godoy' 2 weeks ago
team edge
Gamer Boy official
'Gamer Boy official' 3 weeks ago
I turned on notifications
josh randol
'josh randol' 3 weeks ago
josh randol
'josh randol' 3 weeks ago
Darion 360
'Darion 360' 3 weeks ago
Y not broey
Hunter Tews
'Hunter Tews' 3 weeks ago
around the groin not fair
Armored spy25
'Armored spy25' 3 weeks ago
Wait Bryan has 3 kids
William McCue
'William McCue' 3 weeks ago
Orlando Cruz
'Orlando Cruz' 3 weeks ago
Matt is my first favorite bryan is my next favorite j-fred is my last favorite
'belldandygoddesslov' 3 weeks ago
Gunner is so cute, almost hot
Katie Gurl
'Katie Gurl' 3 weeks ago
Some one has copied the vid for veiwers
dannish the gamer king
I subbed and nofacations
josh randol
'josh randol' 4 weeks ago
Daniel Adam Zarour
'Daniel Adam Zarour' 4 weeks ago
Coco Marie
'Coco Marie' 4 weeks ago
DUDE hilarious
Coco Marie
'Coco Marie' 4 weeks ago
Coco Marie
'Coco Marie' 4 weeks ago
I’m just gonna day I felt so cool when I realized when u had yawned j-Fred did to so hah I’m kinda...... AWSoMe
Lucero Vazquez
'Lucero Vazquez' 4 weeks ago
Evie Green
'Evie Green' 4 weeks ago
josh randol
'josh randol' 4 weeks ago
Abigail Benison
'Abigail Benison' 4 weeks ago
i love this challenge its so funny but it makes me feel claustrophobic
Abigail Benison
'Abigail Benison' 4 weeks ago
gunner <3
Lize Sandoval
'Lize Sandoval' 4 weeks ago
☺you are awesome
Hannah Silvaz
'Hannah Silvaz' 1 month ago
Why did Matt only go once
Colton Jones
'Colton Jones' 1 month ago
Omar Ordonez
'Omar Ordonez' 1 month ago
You should do duck tape tug of war challenge
shashank tomar
'shashank tomar' 1 month ago
Matt is such a wuus
Manuel Lopez
'Manuel Lopez' 1 month ago
Bryan: I could have popped something! J-fred: You already have 3 kids! Who cares? Edge comeback of the year!
'WisdomForm97' 1 month ago
The sounds J-fred was making 🤣😂🤣😂
'TeamWake-N-Bake' 1 month ago
You already have 3 kids, who cares 😂😂😂
Meow Meow Gaming
'Meow Meow Gaming' 1 month ago
i think i peed my panies
Jeannis Kenwood
'Jeannis Kenwood' 1 month ago
Papaya papaya I forfeit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sam Figueroa
'Sam Figueroa' 1 month ago
Why are they wearing the exact same thing
Alex J. Fabri
'Alex J. Fabri' 1 month ago
Bobby looks so young
'Night_Watcher' 1 month ago
Someone had some serious gas. I heard some juicy farts throughout the video
Queen Audrey
'Queen Audrey' 1 month ago
Short vs tall... lol 😂
Kody Korody
'Kody Korody' 1 month ago
Peal the tape
Lia Schnacke
'Lia Schnacke' 1 month ago
Brad Stuttard
'Brad Stuttard' 1 month ago
Dab boy dab boy
William Rivas
'William Rivas' 1 month ago
I love the challenge
Socorro Meneses
'Socorro Meneses' 1 month ago
I did it
Gamer guy
'Gamer guy' 1 month ago
Malachi Beal
'Malachi Beal' 1 month ago
I love your video's Hi
Sarthak Bagchi
'Sarthak Bagchi' 2 months ago
Go to the beginning of the video and keep on pressing the 10 sec. rewind button.
Sarah Julia Becket
'Sarah Julia Becket' 2 months ago
When mom wants you to get along better
Phyllis Sult
'Phyllis Sult' 2 months ago
jfred and bryan's team name should have been j-bread
Shiny Umbreon
'Shiny Umbreon' 2 months ago
DJ Brunaugh
'DJ Brunaugh' 2 months ago
wow matt is weerd
'shookened' 2 months ago
Anybody seen gunner at the end when he was falling? XD
Stefanie Nitzling
'Stefanie Nitzling' 2 months ago
first version
'first version' 2 months ago
Dude gunner look so small here
Ama Atienza
'Ama Atienza' 2 months ago
Arianna Barton
'Arianna Barton' 2 months ago
How tall is J-Fred
'NeonPastelGal' 2 months ago
Still wondering if Gunner is taken or not xD
Matthew Tallent
'Matthew Tallent' 2 months ago
I love you guys
Jinli Vue
'Jinli Vue' 2 months ago
Shahbaz Khan
'Shahbaz Khan' 2 months ago
Play gaint mouse trapping
'sailorjupiter444' 2 months ago
can you please do more duct tape challenges
'Nia's World' 2 months ago
J-fred socks make it look like he has prosthetic legs
Aiden Plays
'Aiden Plays' 2 months ago
When the chair popped out I was like omyyyyyyyyy
Flip trick Vids
'Flip trick Vids' 2 months ago
O la la so strong 😍
Super Bacon Man
'Super Bacon Man' 2 months ago
Is it just me or is Gunthias a lot smaller the J-Bry???
Jayden Schaefer
'Jayden Schaefer' 2 months ago
Why do you do challenges all videos
Lts Twist
'Lts Twist' 2 months ago
"dude u already have 3 kids who cares" lolololololol
Nadheen Cabagay
'Nadheen Cabagay' 2 months ago
J fred is always a beast eveytime they do the ducttape challenge
Elda Zekaj
'Elda Zekaj' 2 months ago
I love your video
Derrick custis
'Derrick custis' 2 months ago
Duck tape bobby
Alex Films
'Alex Films' 2 months ago
I'm sad j-fred doesn't have a girlfriend he's like my favorite
The Bubbliest Kitten
'The Bubbliest Kitten' 2 months ago
logang paul
'logang paul' 2 months ago
JK not really
logang paul
'logang paul' 2 months ago
Did anyone else notice and dirty joke in this episode?.:-) 💩 dab emoji smiling 💩👍👎 fart face emoji 🍌 every emoji
laina lucero
'laina lucero' 2 months ago
Gunner is so sexy
Cindy Webber
'Cindy Webber' 2 months ago
Tall team vs short team
Natalie Aiken
'Natalie Aiken' 2 months ago
Team jeans vs. team shorts and pants
Trevor Gratti
'Trevor Gratti' 2 months ago
My arms don’t even be in this world right now J-Fred
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