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How MythBusters: The Search Works -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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#MythBustersSearch | Saturdays at 9/8c on Science
A new generation is eager to carry on the tradition of busting myths wide open; but they'll have to earn it. Candidates will face a variety of mental, physical and skills tests; this video explains how it all works.

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'INVISIGOTH' 1 year ago
I wish this show was on the internet.
Lotte Maes
'Lotte Maes' 1 year ago
Year aware former donate gravity video laser intelligent carpet.
Charles Abell
'Charles Abell' 1 year ago
Bring back tori grant and Kari. They should be continuing myth busters not some randoms. I will never watch a "myth busters" show with any of these people. You fired them for no reason, they are the next in line. Call them, they will come back. Don't put your fans through this nonsense, we don't want this garbage, or the garbage that will come from it, we want our myth busters back. Get it together discovery! Is the flock of seagulls guy from ancient aliens making the decisions over there now?!?!
'Tlactl' 1 year ago
nah its ok, ill just stick to reruns of the original show
Chowder Stevens
'Chowder Stevens' 1 year ago
Kyle can you leave Nerdist news and start your own with out that extremely annoying broad
'GimlesGaming' 1 year ago
colinfurze just do it!
Dylan Creighton
'Dylan Creighton' 1 year ago
Allan needs to be one
'ArtMasterFrylock' 1 year ago
I didn't know they made a new Mythbusters show. I feel like they would have more success calling it by a different name :c This doesn't feel quite like Mythbusters.
i Cheatah
'i Cheatah' 1 year ago
Hey so I'm fairly new to this channel, but I was wondering. If you froze raw meat in liquid nitrogen then thawed them, would the bacteria be killed?
Himanshu Sharma
'Himanshu Sharma' 1 year ago
hey Thor from because science
Johan Hed
'Johan Hed' 1 year ago
Are they really making Mythbusters into a gameshow?
Ann M
'Ann M' 1 year ago
I love Mythbusters. But I'm willing to see how this plays out.
'tyrannosaurus_x' 1 year ago
Or we could just watch White Rabbit Project
'HUMAN ?' 1 year ago
Scott manly should be a myth buster
Avo Guedekelian
'Avo Guedekelian' 1 year ago
The first guy sounded exactly like Jack from Vsauce 3
'KoreanWizard' 1 year ago
i feel bad for hackett, the dude had a mythbusters type show already, and now he has to compete against a bunch of 23 year olds for this shit competition.
'Valcgo' 1 year ago
Just STOP! This is going to be so bad.
kenneth diaz
'kenneth diaz' 1 year ago
Ben and Tamara should win. It should always be two redheads
Zac Baker
'Zac Baker' 1 year ago
Why do I feel like this is a shell of what Mythbusters really was?
'WATCH DOGE' 1 year ago
Sarah was sooooo cute, too bad she got kicked 😭
Aaron Rodriguez
'Aaron Rodriguez' 1 year ago
king A
'king A' 1 year ago
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