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A Flaming Sword Is Cool, But How Well Does It Cut? -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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Street Science | Wednesdays 10p
Kevin Kohler puts his flaming sword to the test.
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'ElangGentan' 2 months ago
Hey its the backyard scientist
Ali Raza
'Ali Raza' 3 months ago
Who are the people in wired clothing
Journey4Sure Knowledge-N-Wisdom
That was just REALLY stupid!
'LorenzoDIYz' 3 months ago
Reminds me of that melted cheese fold video from buzzfeed
Christopher Wood
'Christopher Wood' 3 months ago
I love The Backyard Scientist
nobody cares
'nobody cares' 3 months ago
But what is the point of this experiment they make it sound like they are trying to figure out if having a flaming sword will cut better but they have no control.
'BenderRick' 3 months ago
This guy doesn’t know how to use a sword. Its kind of cringy how bad it is.
HeadsUp TV
'HeadsUp TV' 3 months ago
Should have used a Japanese Katana master
S3XY Gent
'S3XY Gent' 3 months ago
That man child is immensely annoying
'nickt' 3 months ago
"science" channel
Francis Mc Raymond
'Francis Mc Raymond' 3 months ago
try big shaq's jacket
Google User
'Google User' 3 months ago
Tsey Sam
'Tsey Sam' 3 months ago
she hotter than the sword tho
Gatsby Chee
'Gatsby Chee' 3 months ago
'Maria' 3 months ago
the 1000 degree knife trend already happened
'Duck' 3 months ago
I learned so much from this video.
Chillie Dog
'Chillie Dog' 3 months ago
the duck has a splitting headache
Phil Sny
'Phil Sny' 3 months ago
So much science.
Doug Reed
'Doug Reed' 3 months ago
Production was fine. Content was garbage.
D. T. Dash
'D. T. Dash' 3 months ago
Who Made that Firey Sword ?? #BackYardScientist
Rick Sanchez
'Rick Sanchez' 3 months ago
if you look REALLY CLOSELY you'll see that the block of ice is pre-cut. I know it's kind of hard to tell, they sure did put "a lot" of effort into hiding it but thats why you just need to pay REALLY CLOSE attention.
Milzam Masykur
'Milzam Masykur' 3 months ago
You swing it. Not use it like a knife
marwan nafie
'marwan nafie' 3 months ago
Unnecessary drama. Cheering for someone cutting through butter, really?!!
Robert Yoshida
'Robert Yoshida' 3 months ago
1000 degree knife would definately cut through that duck
'Dalton' 3 months ago
Did science channel just catch on to the 1000 degree knife trend?
'Laniekins' 3 months ago
It’s definitely no flaming raging poisoning sword of doom though.
'Iron234' 3 months ago
1000 degree knife challenge? Pshht! Who cared about *That*? We have the 1000 degree SWORD CHALLENGE (Also known as the large extra sharp fork)
Jere B3ar
'Jere B3ar' 3 months ago
What is this hot knife challenge
the thinker
'the thinker' 3 months ago
I feel like this has gotten to cheesy. Good bye
Asd Gaming
'Asd Gaming' 3 months ago
Thats it.
'Psilocyb' 3 months ago
This channel is the king of anti-climax. Like for real who is funding this crap lmao..
Robert Keller
'Robert Keller' 3 months ago
The ice block is pre-cut. Science Channel has lost its credibility a long time ago. Its just laughably bad at this point.
Adrian Ponce Corral
'Adrian Ponce Corral' 3 months ago
Yess The backyard scientist
'ElMikeoMysterio' 3 months ago
Really? That backyard looser?
Gemini King777
'Gemini King777' 3 months ago
Zack Frns
'Zack Frns' 3 months ago
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