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She is Finally Home! -
Published: 5 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 5 months ago

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MaryLu Harmon
'MaryLu Harmon' 5 days ago
Glad Gemma is home! Congratulations!
Zack Gregory
'Zack Gregory' 1 week ago
Give her a apple, you can slice one in half and put it in her cage and she will munch on it
Mohinder Mehta
'Mohinder Mehta' 3 weeks ago
which bird did you have
yako okay
'yako okay' 4 weeks ago
In america, you keep pet birds. But in soviet russia, birds keep you as pets.
Julio H. Eguigurems E.
What does "Taras kul" means?
The squirrel in Your backyard
I want a macaw
'JAMES TREADAWAY' 2 months ago
That’s a boy bird
geo ging
'geo ging' 2 months ago
For now just teach her hi simple words then you can move to sentances
raffy nwas
'raffy nwas' 2 months ago
Never give birb vodka
blue wolf nikolaisone
My perrot daid to day
Xxdark Xx
'Xxdark Xx' 3 months ago
gegege hahahahah
GirlyFighter17 MCPE
'GirlyFighter17 MCPE' 3 months ago
Is that your girlfriend??
'FEDERICO BONEZZI' 3 months ago
Ghiemma stahp!
Aimee Ruthstrom
'Aimee Ruthstrom' 3 months ago
What the hex is that bird doing to that poor cage
Xoxo Joanne
'Xoxo Joanne' 3 months ago
It looks like a land mine went off in my backyard bc our m dogs like to dig 🐶
Hunter jolink
'Hunter jolink' 3 months ago
Jeez my parakeet has a bigger cage than that and he's tiny
'Addy' 3 months ago
Should have got an african Grey they are way more intelligent
Brian Peterson
'Brian Peterson' 3 months ago
Lamb Sauce
'Lamb Sauce' 3 months ago
For some reason I imagine Taras shooting a video and then removing his accent when he's done recording
Zaid Zain
'Zaid Zain' 3 months ago
Khoooooshi boooof 😂😂
Emily Cutchins
'Emily Cutchins' 4 months ago
Cockatoos are the loudest out of all parrots
Trexkillergameing Bryce Merritt
Are those cows yours
Raine Olivia
'Raine Olivia' 4 months ago
I have that bird!
Anthony Lucarelli
'Anthony Lucarelli' 4 months ago
you should do more videos like thess
Christopher Walken
'Christopher Walken' 4 months ago
Forget Morgan freeman. Let this man narrate my life
thegaming potato490
'thegaming potato490' 4 months ago
I went to the same fair!!!
Gamzee Makara
'Gamzee Makara' 4 months ago
you need to spend about all your spare time with a cockatoo, otherwise they'll get depressed and selfharm
'predictionzzz' 4 months ago
All parrots require alot if attention usually around 3-6 hours with humans otherwise they will start plucking their feathers, I had an African grey for 18 years so I know things about parrots
Hazel Raschick
'Hazel Raschick' 4 months ago
Bouce up and down to her she will do it back
Alanna Millard
'Alanna Millard' 4 months ago
pure, just pure 😭❤
'россия' 4 months ago
I that it was что
Daniel Gonzalez
'Daniel Gonzalez' 4 months ago
Teach her Boom
'Prince_pdawg' 4 months ago
He has cattle!?!?
Soviet Russia
'Soviet Russia' 4 months ago
'MaodS505' 4 months ago
A 100 foot tree!!?!
RedChaosify Reviews
'RedChaosify Reviews' 4 months ago
Your fiance is adorable haha love her attitude with the bird 😂
Julius Wicked
'Julius Wicked' 4 months ago
hope u got more videos of Gamma soon! like tricks and speaking words
Julius Wicked
'Julius Wicked' 4 months ago
more pet videos! boom!
Death Penis
'Death Penis' 4 months ago
You should definitely teach it to say “boom!”
Angelina Bradley
'Angelina Bradley' 4 months ago
'Конфуций' 4 months ago
Izzy Gordon
'Izzy Gordon' 4 months ago
That's a leopard favourite colour of horse!
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bird Lover ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Pauleen Tacsay
'Pauleen Tacsay' 5 months ago
Where do you lived because the carnival that you went looks like the carnival that i when
Blade Song
'Blade Song' 5 months ago
pls teach bird to say BOOM
Jonathan ochoa
'Jonathan ochoa' 5 months ago
Is that his wife? She's beautiful
Sci -gamer
'Sci -gamer' 5 months ago
Shoutout please
'Mîa' 5 months ago
I always wanted a ca ca too
Jill Springer Forrest
How do you spell her name?
tamimi frfr
'tamimi frfr' 5 months ago
My name is sarah
'PhoneGuyYT' 5 months ago
Leah O
'Leah O'Hare' 5 months ago
What's the birds name
Alijah Kennison
'Alijah Kennison' 5 months ago
The only good vlog on YouTube
Vallen Bowen
'Vallen Bowen' 5 months ago
Michael Loveland
'Michael Loveland' 5 months ago
Such a great video!
Freedom _246
'Freedom _246' 5 months ago
Haha teach her to say "boom" and lol you were minding your own "beezness by some bees"
Yaafis Siddiqui
'Yaafis Siddiqui' 5 months ago
That is a cute bird
John Sias
'John Sias' 5 months ago
Is that a pair it
'Fairclaw' 5 months ago
Eating tree. Good beans.
Ileana Hernandez Ileana Hernandez
That means she wants a mate
Nick Tillott
'Nick Tillott' 5 months ago
That is one funny looking chicken
Lontae Bro
'Lontae Bro' 5 months ago
I hope you gf has good intentions
Pyro Playz
'Pyro Playz' 5 months ago
*Taras* is the most nicest and genuine guy out there. Why are people taking advantage of him? He’s super nice
'PitBoxTV' 5 months ago
The BORB is beautiful.
Violeta Ruiz
'Violeta Ruiz' 5 months ago
Hay look it is the bird from rio
Chris S
'Chris S' 5 months ago
"Horse domination" XD Love it.
1000 subscribers no video challenge
Is it a talking parrot
Andrew higginson
'Andrew higginson' 5 months ago
does Gamma have it's wings clipped?
J05HUA 1218
'J05HUA 1218' 5 months ago
I also got a bird a african grey 😃
Dragon Hunter
'Dragon Hunter' 5 months ago
i love birds i have 2 a silver crested cockatoo and a galah
Mermaid Buttercup
'Mermaid Buttercup' 5 months ago
a cockatoo .o.
Nina Zetchov
'Nina Zetchov' 5 months ago
your dog probably found something because my dog was digging under wood planks and we moved the planks and there was a groundhog
eva b
'eva b' 5 months ago
My grandson is learning Russian because of you
John Shaw
'John Shaw' 5 months ago
Petsmart sells a beach sand perch that our cockatoo loves. It jeeps her claws trimmed and she chews it so her bill doesn't get long and sharp.
'Leigh' 5 months ago
She was trying to eat your freckles
Hector Vaquerano Argueta
But her a male plz to to have baby's plz
Cowlover 21
'Cowlover 21' 5 months ago
Make sure she gets lots of attention and entertainment! Also give her lots of fruits and veggies
A E B A- T C P R
'A E B A- T C P R' 5 months ago
"My hole"
Powered by R/C / eflb150
No way!
Thejas S
'Thejas S' 5 months ago
Where is Luke and huego
Despacito is the best song to man kind
No offense but she's terrible at recording
ivanka s.
'ivanka s.' 5 months ago
in ukrainian 'what' is pronounced 'shcho' with a CH instead of T ! gamma is too cute :)
Bob Meier
'Bob Meier' 5 months ago
The cage is to small, much to small
nickiboi nickman
'nickiboi nickman' 5 months ago
Crazy Russian birb
Amol Dhuri
'Amol Dhuri' 5 months ago
You should make a room for your Pets
Trevor Nice
'Trevor Nice' 5 months ago
Hugos diary day 167. The human foiled our escape attempt again! *Gur* will try again once its dark.
Kishan B
'Kishan B' 5 months ago
Learn him to say boom
Dat thicc Boi
'Dat thicc Boi' 5 months ago
Wow your new dog is beautiful
aaron Lam
'aaron Lam' 5 months ago
'Unyt' 5 months ago
Boom bird - The disciple of Boom Taras
'TeemuNord' 5 months ago
Will she speak english with a russian acsent?
'Ali_daboss52' 5 months ago
Yay you got a borb
Laura Salvatore
'Laura Salvatore' 5 months ago
nice bird
Max H
'Max H' 5 months ago
I was at that fair
Daniel Pacheco
'Daniel Pacheco' 5 months ago
The dog was digging a hole because it is cold under the dirt
'rgagamings' 5 months ago
Birb does a scare
Rudstarvids 226
'Rudstarvids 226' 5 months ago
The corella is secretly BIRB ps sorry I'm a bird lover
Matt Kozen
'Matt Kozen' 5 months ago
Anyone else see her nips
kit m then
'kit m then' 5 months ago
Gd lie
Bloop Taylor
'Bloop Taylor' 5 months ago
You've heard of a snuggle bear but have you heard of a snuggle bird ?🤔😜
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