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She is Finally Home! -
Published: 3 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 3 months ago

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blue wolf nikolaisone
My perrot daid to day
Xxdark Xx
'Xxdark Xx' 2 weeks ago
gegege hahahahah
kaychelle mercado
'kaychelle mercado' 2 weeks ago
Is that your girlfriend??
'FEDERICO BONEZZI' 3 weeks ago
Ghiemma stahp!
Aimee Ruthstrom
'Aimee Ruthstrom' 3 weeks ago
What the hex is that bird doing to that poor cage
Xoxo Joanne
'Xoxo Joanne' 4 weeks ago
It looks like a land mine went off in my backyard bc our m dogs like to dig 🐶
Hunter jolink
'Hunter jolink' 4 weeks ago
Jeez my parakeet has a bigger cage than that and he's tiny
Addy And Daisy
'Addy And Daisy' 1 month ago
Should have got an african Grey they are way more intelligent
Brian Peterson
'Brian Peterson' 1 month ago
Lamb Sauce
'Lamb Sauce' 1 month ago
For some reason I imagine Taras shooting a video and then removing his accent when he's done recording
Zaid Zain
'Zaid Zain' 1 month ago
Khoooooshi boooof 😂😂
Emily Cutchins
'Emily Cutchins' 1 month ago
Cockatoos are the loudest out of all parrots
Trexkillergameing Bryce Merritt
Are those cows yours
Raine Olivia
'Raine Olivia' 1 month ago
I have that bird!
Anthony Lucarelli
'Anthony Lucarelli' 2 months ago
you should do more videos like thess
Christopher Walken
'Christopher Walken' 2 months ago
Forget Morgan freeman. Let this man narrate my life
thegaming potato490
'thegaming potato490' 2 months ago
I went to the same fair!!!
Gamzee Makara
'Gamzee Makara' 2 months ago
you need to spend about all your spare time with a cockatoo, otherwise they'll get depressed and selfharm
'predictionzzz' 2 months ago
All parrots require alot if attention usually around 3-6 hours with humans otherwise they will start plucking their feathers, I had an African grey for 18 years so I know things about parrots
Hazel Raschick
'Hazel Raschick' 2 months ago
Bouce up and down to her she will do it back
Alanna Millard
'Alanna Millard' 2 months ago
pure, just pure 😭❤
'россия' 2 months ago
I that it was что
Daniel Gonzalez
'Daniel Gonzalez' 2 months ago
Teach her Boom
'Prince_pdawg' 2 months ago
He has cattle!?!?
Soviet Russia
'Soviet Russia' 2 months ago
'MaodS505' 2 months ago
A 100 foot tree!!?!
RedChaosify Reviews
'RedChaosify Reviews' 2 months ago
Your fiance is adorable haha love her attitude with the bird 😂
Julius Wicked
'Julius Wicked' 2 months ago
hope u got more videos of Gamma soon! like tricks and speaking words
Julius Wicked
'Julius Wicked' 2 months ago
more pet videos! boom!
Death Penis
'Death Penis' 2 months ago
You should definitely teach it to say “boom!”
Angelina Bradley
'Angelina Bradley' 2 months ago
'Конфуций' 2 months ago
Izzy Gordon
'Izzy Gordon' 2 months ago
That's a leopard favourite colour of horse!
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bird Lover ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Pauleen Tacsay
'Pauleen Tacsay' 2 months ago
Where do you lived because the carnival that you went looks like the carnival that i when
Blade Song
'Blade Song' 2 months ago
pls teach bird to say BOOM
Jonathan ochoa
'Jonathan ochoa' 2 months ago
Is that his wife? She's beautiful
Sci -gamer
'Sci -gamer' 2 months ago
Shoutout please
'Mîa' 2 months ago
I always wanted a ca ca too
Jill Springer Forrest
How do you spell her name?
tamimi frfr
'tamimi frfr' 2 months ago
My name is sarah
'TechGuy2005' 2 months ago
Leah O
'Leah O'Hare' 2 months ago
What's the birds name
Alijah Kennison
'Alijah Kennison' 3 months ago
The only good vlog on YouTube
Vallen Bowen
'Vallen Bowen' 3 months ago
Michael Loveland
'Michael Loveland' 3 months ago
Such a great video!
Freedom _246
'Freedom _246' 3 months ago
Haha teach her to say "boom" and lol you were minding your own "beezness by some bees"
Yaafis Siddiqui
'Yaafis Siddiqui' 3 months ago
That is a cute bird
John Sias
'John Sias' 3 months ago
Is that a pair it
Fair Claw
'Fair Claw' 3 months ago
Eating tree. Good beans.
Ileana Hernandez Ileana Hernandez
That means she wants a mate
Nick Tillott
'Nick Tillott' 3 months ago
That is one funny looking chicken
Lontae Bro
'Lontae Bro' 3 months ago
I hope you gf has good intentions
Pyro Playz
'Pyro Playz' 3 months ago
*Taras* is the most nicest and genuine guy out there. Why are people taking advantage of him? He’s super nice
'PitBoxTV' 3 months ago
The BORB is beautiful.
Violeta Ruiz
'Violeta Ruiz' 3 months ago
Hay look it is the bird from rio
Chris S
'Chris S' 3 months ago
"Horse domination" XD Love it.
1000 subscribers no video challenge
Is it a talking parrot
'HiggyPiggyGames' 3 months ago
does Gamma have it's wings clipped?
J05HUA 1218
'J05HUA 1218' 3 months ago
I also got a bird a african grey 😃
Dragon Hunter
'Dragon Hunter' 3 months ago
i love birds i have 2 a silver crested cockatoo and a galah
Mermaid Buttercup
'Mermaid Buttercup' 3 months ago
a cockatoo .o.
Nina Zetchov
'Nina Zetchov' 3 months ago
your dog probably found something because my dog was digging under wood planks and we moved the planks and there was a groundhog
eva b
'eva b' 3 months ago
My grandson is learning Russian because of you
John Shaw
'John Shaw' 3 months ago
Petsmart sells a beach sand perch that our cockatoo loves. It jeeps her claws trimmed and she chews it so her bill doesn't get long and sharp.
'Leigh' 3 months ago
She was trying to eat your freckles
Hector Vaquerano Argueta
But her a male plz to to have baby's plz
Cowlover 21
'Cowlover 21' 3 months ago
Make sure she gets lots of attention and entertainment! Also give her lots of fruits and veggies
A E B A The Craziest Puerto Rican
"My hole"
Sergej Nadaždin
'Sergej Nadaždin' 3 months ago
No way!
Thejas S
'Thejas S' 3 months ago
Where is Luke and huego
AweSAM Guy
'AweSAM Guy' 3 months ago
No offense but she's terrible at recording
ivanka s.
'ivanka s.' 3 months ago
in ukrainian 'what' is pronounced 'shcho' with a CH instead of T ! gamma is too cute :)
Bob Meier
'Bob Meier' 3 months ago
The cage is to small, much to small
nickiboi nickman
'nickiboi nickman' 3 months ago
Crazy Russian birb
Amol Dhuri
'Amol Dhuri' 3 months ago
You should make a room for your Pets
Trevor Nice
'Trevor Nice' 3 months ago
Hugos diary day 167. The human foiled our escape attempt again! *Gur* will try again once its dark.
'GTR_0320' 3 months ago
Learn him to say boom
Dat thicc Boi
'Dat thicc Boi' 3 months ago
Wow your new dog is beautiful
aaron Lam
'aaron Lam' 3 months ago
'Unyt' 3 months ago
Boom bird - The disciple of Boom Taras
'TeemuNord' 3 months ago
Will she speak english with a russian acsent?
'Ali_daboss52' 3 months ago
Yay you got a borb
Laura Salvatore
'Laura Salvatore' 3 months ago
nice bird
Max H Vids
'Max H Vids' 3 months ago
I was at that fair
Daniel Pacheco
'Daniel Pacheco' 3 months ago
The dog was digging a hole because it is cold under the dirt
autistic gender turtle car
Birb does a scare
Rudstarvids 226
'Rudstarvids 226' 3 months ago
The corella is secretly BIRB ps sorry I'm a bird lover
Matt Kozen
'Matt Kozen' 3 months ago
Anyone else see her nips
kit m then
'kit m then' 3 months ago
Gd lie
Bloop Taylor
'Bloop Taylor' 3 months ago
You've heard of a snuggle bear but have you heard of a snuggle bird ?🤔😜
'mal92889' 3 months ago
you your luky my pet did
Aussie Engie
'Aussie Engie' 3 months ago
Aussie Engie
'Aussie Engie' 3 months ago
So p u r e
jesse Morgan
'jesse Morgan' 3 months ago
'Charlietuna1' 3 months ago
What's the birds name?
'CabooseEcho' 3 months ago
I'll be honest, I have never smiled watching a vlog, until today. That was amazing
'Mystryfoxy' 3 months ago
* sees a bird in thumbnail * *clickclickclickclickclick*
Retro Plus
'Retro Plus' 3 months ago
Quack it
Ash Ley
'Ash Ley' 3 months ago
You should make a video putting bird gadgets to the test. Now that you have a new pet and you've done gadgets for dogs in the past.
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