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19 BIZARRE Things Found on Google Earth -
Published: 7 months ago By: Epic Wildlife

By: Epic WildlifePublished: 7 months ago

706, 806 views

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From psychedelic hot springs, to even more sightings of the Loch Ness Monster !

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'MangoManTango' 2 weeks ago
'cha5' 3 weeks ago
Number 16 is obviously the Hook Island Monster.
David M Schaedler
'David M Schaedler' 1 month ago
250 views to 1 like. Really?
Ale is here
'Ale is here' 1 month ago
The pic in number 11 looks like a sock puppet
The Entity909
'The Entity909' 1 month ago
7:00 igs looks like a blue whale or a Bloop Monster
something cool
'something cool' 1 month ago
number 10 is a rock
Jesus Suarez
'Jesus Suarez' 1 month ago
in the last clip.the last picture. what is that floating object near the mountains
Adventure Music
'Adventure Music' 1 month ago
the last one is very stulid
Sme Vlogz
'Sme Vlogz' 1 month ago
Go to freeman island on google earth it's creepy there's loads of blood
KurtleThe Snurtle
'KurtleThe Snurtle' 2 months ago
I love old nessy, she or he is amazing and beautiful
Horizontaal Schaalbaar
The bridges are not a glitch, but a consequence of the applied techniques.
Andrew Detro
'Andrew Detro' 2 months ago
i found a fish shape by davis station
Hamish Finlayson
'Hamish Finlayson' 2 months ago
*looks at thumbnail* "well tamatoa hasn't always been this glam "
Cat Claws
'Cat Claws' 2 months ago
i honestly did not see bigfoot just discolored ferns.
Rick Lewis
'Rick Lewis' 2 months ago
Nessie please when will they give it up damn.
The amazing Owen
'The amazing Owen' 2 months ago
8:22 Remember Sony's E3 2006 presentation?
Krazz Gaming
'Krazz Gaming' 3 months ago
Um the Loch Ness monster in nz was Atchully a rock lol
'Xx_neat-beat' 3 months ago
Eva :D !
Robert J Sikorsky
'Robert J Sikorsky' 3 months ago
that's not a kraken it's a rock
Joey D
'Joey D' 3 months ago
4 lookd like a lost whaleshark.
'IMStromg59' 3 months ago
How was the alleged Bigfoot connected to Google Earth?
'Zoggy' 3 months ago
Bring back Adam
Kağan Morkoç
'Kağan Morkoç' 3 months ago
lol. number 11 is a hand xd
'Jillian' 3 months ago
why is that old bigfoot clip on here?
Daniel Pollak
'Daniel Pollak' 3 months ago
#3 looks like special effects by a third grader. Googles explanation of #6 is bs. The matrix crumbles.
The penguin Gamer 100
i am swedish and live there and i have never seen anything xD because i know t's all fake !!
Garrett Porch
'Garrett Porch' 3 months ago
4 looks like a whale shark
Stoshua Bendowski
'Stoshua Bendowski' 4 months ago
oh mine gut. vat kraaap is tis?
Megalovania Club Show
yellowstone have supervolcanos
Brian Stevens
'Brian Stevens' 4 months ago
at 114 is not a wake at all is an interferance pattern
'marctorres654' 4 months ago
massive ass
Badger Man
'Badger Man' 4 months ago
Is no one going to talk about number 8 and how a diplodocus survived in THE FUCKIN ANTARCTIC LIKE THATS SAYING I CAN BREATH ON THE MOON NAKED LIKE FUCK OFF MATE THE MOFKING STAR
Vuph 2
'Vuph 2' 4 months ago
it just a rock
PS4 Gamer & Stuff
'PS4 Gamer & Stuff' 4 months ago
be more clearer on number 10 fucktard
Vicky Lynn
'Vicky Lynn' 4 months ago
#6 looks like fun, it looks like rollercoasters.
Mike Motionless
'Mike Motionless' 4 months ago
number 4 is a whale shark, not for sure tho. but just a guess, it kinda looks like one...
Doomsday Angel
'Doomsday Angel' 4 months ago
That's how you can tell that the desert is a female.
Drew Wagnon
'Drew Wagnon' 4 months ago
of all the numbers you can choose from, why the fuck do you do a top 19
'I'm Trump' 5 months ago
Number 3 iv found lots of those
*Mrs. Voldemort*
'*Mrs. Voldemort*' 5 months ago
#18 A gigantic vagina with gigantic outer lips. That's what Lawrence of a Labia was looking for all these years.
'twurkelTV' 5 months ago
1:13 is it not a boat
SJW rapist
'SJW rapist' 5 months ago
0:30 earth's vagina
Possibly Lying
'Possibly Lying' 5 months ago
So that's where you go to kiss the dirt.
Andii The Yandere
'Andii The Yandere' 5 months ago
The crab one: This just inned we know big foot, Nessie, jaws and the crakine but a real life crabzilla was found not to long ago....
Dee Cee
'Dee Cee' 5 months ago
Number 15 = plasma tunnels
J lol
'J lol' 5 months ago
#11 IS A ROCK! it is called sail rock...
Jelly Jolly
'Jelly Jolly' 5 months ago
number 4 is a Whale Shark or a Blue Whale(it doesn't look like a Whale, either)
Tom Davidson
'Tom Davidson' 5 months ago
The West Darfu 'lips' are actually an eroded volcanic dike (a ridge, not a canyon), which is realized when the direction of incoming sunlight (southeasterly - the latitude is north of the equator) is considered. It will be more obvious if the picture is viewed 'upside down' - with south at the top. The New Zealand wake was made by a boat that does not leave a foamy wake - a hydrofoil. The lack of transverse waves (running across the wake) bespeaks a high speed - a Froude number greater than 0.5.
Dan Anderson
'Dan Anderson' 6 months ago
#2 is fake
Dan Anderson
'Dan Anderson' 6 months ago
#11 is actually a rock called Sail's Rock. Look it up if you wanna know.
Alex2099 115
'Alex2099 115' 6 months ago
how are hippos, a meteor crator, hit springs, and a Photoshop of a giant crab "bizzare"?
Susan Buenaobra
'Susan Buenaobra' 6 months ago
number 11 is a rock
Pittsburgh Penguins
'Pittsburgh Penguins' 6 months ago
Number 4 was a whale shark
Larry MacDonald
'Larry MacDonald' 6 months ago
lol, at least I am not the only who thinks it looks like a pussy.
'CO2 CAMDOG1 THE ARMY' 6 months ago
that spot were it said the craken its not a craken its not even alive its a sail rock its over 23 yards long
shock me
'shock me' 6 months ago
3:17 really? looks like a sock puppet People GET REAL
'Mr.Mango' 6 months ago
'RadioActiveAcid' 6 months ago
11 is just a rock
Cleary Not No Name
'Cleary Not No Name' 6 months ago
i came for the shiny kingler
Quadcopter Tube
'Quadcopter Tube' 6 months ago
number 4 is whale shark
'Robbie33993' 6 months ago
The real fraud is the commentators appalling American Presenter voice....if he's gonna face accents.... he needs to work on saying the numbers without an Australian accent ....
Lord Daevas
'Lord Daevas' 6 months ago
If a giant shark was found in Liverpool im sure we'd have known about it earlier
Kelly Dugdale
'Kelly Dugdale' 6 months ago
Ps there is no Victoria island in Canada it's Vancouver island
Maxwell Agans
'Maxwell Agans' 6 months ago
An island within an island within an island..... Uh hello? Atlantis anyone? Like seriously...... 3 consecutive island structures? That is the fucking myth right there. Did it pop back up? Or did it never really sink? Maybe it got hardcore flooded for a time thus "the sinking of Atlantis?"
Bubba Putnam
'Bubba Putnam' 6 months ago
all of this is fake ppl need to get really jods
Deniz Sanli
'Deniz Sanli' 6 months ago
That red UFO demon chariot thing is also above my X partners mothers house. The exact same thing!!!! I won't give the exact address but these will help you see for yourself. Check out 19 Sloan Street Billimari nsw 2804. Her mum is a wicked person and I thought that red thing was attached to her somehow. Her other daughter also has all these things above her house 25 St Lawrence Ave, Blue Haven. The family is sick and twisted. Almost every member of her family has these things in the sky in Google Maps. Does anyone know Wtf they are?
King Green Squid
'King Green Squid' 6 months ago
number 4 is a whale shark I think
'js92css' 6 months ago
I waited 8min to find out the image was photoshopped.....great
Adnan Bhuiyan
'Adnan Bhuiyan' 6 months ago
Just for clarifying, the Deception Island myth has already been debunked. It is a rock outcrop
'TheCheezWizz' 6 months ago
dipshit, if #2 is "photoshopped", THEN IT WASN'T FUCKING FOUND ON GOOGLE EARTH. Also goddamn lol that you put any attention towards random lines that can be literally anything.
beach side
'beach side' 6 months ago
I cant find my you know what past my stomach. Theres a reward if discovered j/k.
m m
'm m' 6 months ago
Why is #2 here if it's not a Google map real picture
CryptoDragon UK
'CryptoDragon UK' 6 months ago
Why didn't you include the giant spider that was discovered on a remote island off the coast of Mexico?
'Westman52' 6 months ago
I made a video about seeing a weird object on google maps
Bass boost Nation
'Bass boost Nation' 6 months ago
Sub to me 7 years luck like 1 year luck
Yong Aiden
'Yong Aiden' 6 months ago
CANYON!! More like pussy 😛😋yummy (punany)
Taco Loco
'Taco Loco' 6 months ago
4:37 "Considered on of the best preserved sites" they say as they walk all over them leaving footprints.
'HypeBeastTV' 6 months ago
Now we know why the world is a bitch
'ADONUS GREEN' 6 months ago
it's called a sense of humor.
'Dandelion' 6 months ago
11 is a rock, watch billschannel.
Bub Skebulba
'Bub Skebulba' 6 months ago
8:21 "Giant enemy crabs"
Greg de Souza
'Greg de Souza' 6 months ago
Did he say Atlanta sank into the ocean?
Sarah-Anne _
'Sarah-Anne _' 6 months ago
You have the strangest accent. Like half Kiwi half American. Weird to listen to.
Pablo Chapo
'Pablo Chapo' 6 months ago
That ain't no canyon that's a giant pussy Ima put my dick in the dirt and fuck the earth
Electrogenic P
'Electrogenic P' 6 months ago
Hang on, if number 2 was photoshopped, why is it on the list? It wasn't "found on Google Earth", it was "found on some guys photoshop history"
51 Savage
'51 Savage' 6 months ago
Number 11 is a rock
'Kotarian' 6 months ago
this crab was later known as crabzilla!....the maker came forward and said it was photoshopped. why get out of bed
'Matt' 6 months ago
"number fortain"
'Matt' 6 months ago
Vincent van Wijk
'Vincent van Wijk' 6 months ago
you can clearly see the boat at the top right on number 16
'BigNewGames' 6 months ago
Many years ago on Google Earth I discovered a 100 + foot creature in a freshwater lake within in the USA. The creature left waves behind it about a mile as it traveled. You can see it clearly. 100 feet long (30.48 m). I also discovered the location of a meteor crater in Michigan using Google maps. The crater is located near where I live. The crater is about 1.5 miles wide with a rim about 90 feet higher than the surrounding areas and the crater is about 40 feet deeper than the surrounding area and is swampy. These images have not been photoshopped. I know their exact locations and time taken on Google Earth.
Just General Things
'Just General Things' 6 months ago
im pretty sure number 4 was a whale shark.....
The Last Of Us / Fan
'The Last Of Us / Fan' 6 months ago
Two giant red lips... hmmm, looks like lips from somewhere else if you know what I'm saying eh he... I'm so lonely 😭
Dawson Riedel
'Dawson Riedel' 6 months ago
Engineer Gamer
'Engineer Gamer' 6 months ago
WTF was 19? unsub
Amy Ackerman
'Amy Ackerman' 6 months ago
nessy looks like a whale shark
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