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19 BIZARRE Things Found on Google Earth -
Published: 1 year ago By: Epic Wildlife

By: Epic WildlifePublished: 1 year ago

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From psychedelic hot springs, to even more sightings of the Loch Ness Monster !

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Caleb Frost
'Caleb Frost' 2 months ago
There is an island in a lake in an island in lake in an island in a lake in the Philippines
Essa HD
'Essa HD' 2 months ago
Stfu omg how lonfg do talk
I am The oofMan
'I am The oofMan' 2 months ago
Number 11 is a rock it’s called sail rock
Colin Bellew
'Colin Bellew' 3 months ago
This is boring as fuck...epic fail
Holly Butler
'Holly Butler' 4 months ago
I can't see the Bigfoot one
heath kencade
'heath kencade' 4 months ago
Those are definitely lips
Wolf the goalie
'Wolf the goalie' 4 months ago
This makes me want to go to a secluded beach and draw a huge dick
FNAF gaming channel
'FNAF gaming channel' 5 months ago
Number 11 was a type of big rock you can look on BillsChannel
Gina M
'Gina M' 5 months ago
Aussie lol
Brian Link
'Brian Link' 5 months ago
1:12 wow it's clearly a boat wake. You can even see it at the leading edge lol.
Penelope Pitstop
'Penelope Pitstop' 5 months ago
For a second there,I thought 17 was a pool of turds
Melon Turtle
'Melon Turtle' 5 months ago
The sea monster is a sock puppet
'XlawWolf' 5 months ago
Hey could you look at this link for me and tell me what you think... May have found two pyramids South of the Island of Jamaica ---
'EASYTIGER10' 6 months ago
3:14 That's someones arm and hand sticking out of the water. You can see the fabric of the sleeve. Its been taken close up then merged with another picture.
'Prorrido' 6 months ago
Number 11, IMO, cannot be a rock. You can clearly see the water splash or unusual water pattern which is generally caused by something mobile. I don't exactly know what it is but I can say that it is surely not a rock.
Brian Maher
'Brian Maher' 6 months ago
I totally agree with the couch Theory I thought the same thing
MrBeast 115
'MrBeast 115' 6 months ago
You suck
lutfi sanjani
'lutfi sanjani' 6 months ago
Yellow stone national park looks like a hand and shoshone national forest looks like a tiger
Goldie Gold
'Goldie Gold' 6 months ago
Number 11 lolk like a sock whit laser eyes
'bluewater454' 6 months ago
I was going to visit that new Garden of Eden...then he said "huge snakes". Why do there ALWAYS have to be snakes in those places?
'Stampyfan16' 7 months ago
Yesssssss!!!!!!!!! THEY FOUND THE GARDEN OF EDEN!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
Nikolai Stepan
'Nikolai Stepan' 7 months ago
no coordinates
'iamfree' 7 months ago
The images are in layers. The largest objects are the lowest layers, smallest are on top. You can see the other layers by zooming in and out and adjusting directions and walking around the screen. Once you see it, you will realize that all the objects are the same as the constellations; coordinate for coordinate. It's amazing.
Kim Sturgis
'Kim Sturgis' 7 months ago
is anyone just as glad the douchebag in the Hat towards the end "didn't narrate" this video?
Jennifer Kleczka
'Jennifer Kleczka' 7 months ago
Wow. It seems like a lot of 12 year old s are committing.
Mrs America
'Mrs America' 8 months ago
Number 5 Islandception
Mrs America
'Mrs America' 8 months ago
I wouldn't call these bizarre
'JeevesReturns' 8 months ago
I had to wait through all of that to find out that Crabzilla was fake?!
Ronald Vaughn
'Ronald Vaughn' 8 months ago
at 4;50, look at it thru your cell phone, there is a large black hawk like bird on top of a show goose.
'李麥當勞' 8 months ago
'SWAGNEMITE' 8 months ago
the kraken one is not a kraken but i see a light and eyes but the rock is called Sailor Rock
'cleanermonkey' 8 months ago
Number 6 istn't that from Apple maps!? there were a huge outcry when they released an unfinished product.
Norzi Hakimi
'Norzi Hakimi' 9 months ago
The kraken Thing is a rock
Masochistic Suicidie
'Masochistic Suicidie' 9 months ago
The "sea monster" literally looks like a sock puppet :D
'MangoManTango' 10 months ago
'cha5' 10 months ago
Number 16 is obviously the Hook Island Monster.
David M Schaedler
'David M Schaedler' 10 months ago
250 views to 1 like. Really?
Ale is here
'Ale is here' 10 months ago
The pic in number 11 looks like a sock puppet
The Entity909
'The Entity909' 10 months ago
7:00 igs looks like a blue whale or a Bloop Monster
something is cool
'something is cool' 10 months ago
number 10 is a rock
Jesus Suarez
'Jesus Suarez' 10 months ago
in the last clip.the last picture. what is that floating object near the mountains
Adventure Music
'Adventure Music' 10 months ago
the last one is very stulid
Sme Vlogz
'Sme Vlogz' 10 months ago
Go to freeman island on google earth it's creepy there's loads of blood
KurtleThe Snurtle
'KurtleThe Snurtle' 11 months ago
I love old nessy, she or he is amazing and beautiful
Horizontaal Schaalbaar
'Horizontaal Schaalbaar' 11 months ago
The bridges are not a glitch, but a consequence of the applied techniques.
'ItIzMe' 11 months ago
i found a fish shape by davis station
Hamish Finlayson
'Hamish Finlayson' 11 months ago
*looks at thumbnail* "well tamatoa hasn't always been this glam "
Cat Claws
'Cat Claws' 11 months ago
i honestly did not see bigfoot just discolored ferns.
Rick Lewis
'Rick Lewis' 11 months ago
Nessie please when will they give it up damn.
The amazing Owen
'The amazing Owen' 11 months ago
8:22 Remember Sony's E3 2006 presentation?
Krazz Planet
'Krazz Planet' 11 months ago
Um the Loch Ness monster in nz was Atchully a rock lol
'Xx_neat-beat' 12 months ago
Eva :D !
Robert J Sikorsky
'Robert J Sikorsky' 12 months ago
that's not a kraken it's a rock
Joey D
'Joey D' 12 months ago
4 lookd like a lost whaleshark.
'Zoggy' 12 months ago
Bring back Adam
Kağan Morkoç
'Kağan Morkoç' 1 year ago
lol. number 11 is a hand xd
'Jillian' 1 year ago
why is that old bigfoot clip on here?
Daniel Pollak
'Daniel Pollak' 1 year ago
#3 looks like special effects by a third grader. Googles explanation of #6 is bs. The matrix crumbles.
Garrett Porch
'Garrett Porch' 1 year ago
4 looks like a whale shark
gdesht mounigama
'gdesht mounigama' 1 year ago
oh mine gut. vat kraaap is tis?
MCS Inside
'MCS Inside' 1 year ago
yellowstone have supervolcanos
Brian Stevens
'Brian Stevens' 1 year ago
at 114 is not a wake at all is an interferance pattern
'marctorres654' 1 year ago
massive ass
Badger Man
'Badger Man' 1 year ago
Is no one going to talk about number 8 and how a diplodocus survived in THE FUCKIN ANTARCTIC LIKE THATS SAYING I CAN BREATH ON THE MOON NAKED LIKE FUCK OFF MATE THE MOFKING STAR
Vuph 2
'Vuph 2' 1 year ago
it just a rock
PS4 Gamer & Stuff
'PS4 Gamer & Stuff' 1 year ago
be more clearer on number 10 fucktard
Vicky Lynn
'Vicky Lynn' 1 year ago
#6 looks like fun, it looks like rollercoasters.
Mike Motionless
'Mike Motionless' 1 year ago
number 4 is a whale shark, not for sure tho. but just a guess, it kinda looks like one...
Doomsday Angel
'Doomsday Angel' 1 year ago
That's how you can tell that the desert is a female.
Drew Wagnon
'Drew Wagnon' 1 year ago
of all the numbers you can choose from, why the fuck do you do a top 19
Jacob B
'Jacob B' 1 year ago
Number 3 iv found lots of those
*Mrs. Voldemort*
'*Mrs. Voldemort*' 1 year ago
#18 A gigantic vagina with gigantic outer lips. That's what Lawrence of a Labia was looking for all these years.
Daan Sleegers
'Daan Sleegers' 1 year ago
1:13 is it not a boat
hollow vlad
'hollow vlad' 1 year ago
0:30 earth's vagina
Question Everything
So that's where you go to kiss the dirt.
Andii The Yandere
'Andii The Yandere' 1 year ago
The crab one: This just inned we know big foot, Nessie, jaws and the crakine but a real life crabzilla was found not to long ago....
Dee Cee
'Dee Cee' 1 year ago
Number 15 = plasma tunnels
J lol
'J lol' 1 year ago
#11 IS A ROCK! it is called sail rock...
Jelly Jolly
'Jelly Jolly' 1 year ago
number 4 is a Whale Shark or a Blue Whale(it doesn't look like a Whale, either)
Tom Davidson
'Tom Davidson' 1 year ago
The West Darfu 'lips' are actually an eroded volcanic dike (a ridge, not a canyon), which is realized when the direction of incoming sunlight (southeasterly - the latitude is north of the equator) is considered. It will be more obvious if the picture is viewed 'upside down' - with south at the top. The New Zealand wake was made by a boat that does not leave a foamy wake - a hydrofoil. The lack of transverse waves (running across the wake) bespeaks a high speed - a Froude number greater than 0.5.
Dan Anderson
'Dan Anderson' 1 year ago
#2 is fake
Dan Anderson
'Dan Anderson' 1 year ago
#11 is actually a rock called Sail's Rock. Look it up if you wanna know.
Alex2099 115
'Alex2099 115' 1 year ago
how are hippos, a meteor crator, hit springs, and a Photoshop of a giant crab "bizzare"?
Susan Buenaobra
'Susan Buenaobra' 1 year ago
number 11 is a rock
'Elliott' 1 year ago
Number 4 was a whale shark
Larry MacDonald
'Larry MacDonald' 1 year ago
lol, at least I am not the only who thinks it looks like a pussy.
Smiley Gang
'Smiley Gang' 1 year ago
that spot were it said the craken its not a craken its not even alive its a sail rock its over 23 yards long
freakflow shock me
3:17 really? looks like a sock puppet People GET REAL
'Mr.Mango' 1 year ago
Pyroclastic the swistian
11 is just a rock
NoName? More like DEAD NAME
i came for the shiny kingler
Quadcopter Tube
'Quadcopter Tube' 1 year ago
number 4 is whale shark
'Robbie33993' 1 year ago
The real fraud is the commentators appalling American Presenter voice....if he's gonna face accents.... he needs to work on saying the numbers without an Australian accent ....
Kelly Dugdale
'Kelly Dugdale' 1 year ago
Ps there is no Victoria island in Canada it's Vancouver island
Maxwell Agans
'Maxwell Agans' 1 year ago
An island within an island within an island..... Uh hello? Atlantis anyone? Like seriously...... 3 consecutive island structures? That is the fucking myth right there. Did it pop back up? Or did it never really sink? Maybe it got hardcore flooded for a time thus "the sinking of Atlantis?"
Bubba Putnam
'Bubba Putnam' 1 year ago
all of this is fake ppl need to get really jods
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