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Everything Wrong With Annabelle In 17 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 5 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 5 months ago

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So the Conjuring "universe" grows with the spin-off about an evil doll that ultimately doesn't have much of anything to do with an evil doll. You bet your ass there are sins.

Thursday: Something animated and terrible and that made me angry and is from the last few years.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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bts_ causewhynot
'bts_ causewhynot' 20 hours ago
11:18 dammit it got me-
creepy poll
'creepy poll' 1 day ago
Fallout 3 +1
galexystar33 _aj
'galexystar33 _aj' 2 days ago
Burn the doll lock the ashes in a trunk chain up the trunk put the trunck in a bigger trunck and then take it to a zoo and then feed it to a lion kill the lion and where good
galexystar33 _aj
'galexystar33 _aj' 2 days ago
Do the new Annabelle
'FoxieEmiko' 3 days ago
"...Mia wakes up because she feels a disturbance in the Force..." I laughed so hard i snorted.
bich tittts
'bich tittts' 3 days ago
Mich Garcia
'Mich Garcia' 3 days ago
The Trashiest Can
'The Trashiest Can' 3 days ago
A lot of sins in this movie are explained in the next film
Fuck off
'Fuck off' 5 days ago
I literally saw an ad of Peppa Pig before this Lol
'MatchSitck' 5 days ago
Please do 'IT 2017'
The Dragon Expert
'The Dragon Expert' 5 days ago
The mustard and pickles line really made me cringe
Raging Bear
'Raging Bear' 5 days ago
Also a sin at 4:27 : they get so shocked by hearing a sewing machine but she didn't even notice a scream
'Radioactive' 6 days ago
*16:50** where’s Mermaid Man when you need him?* #EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIIIL
Miss Fun And Fantastic
The sentence @16:42- 16:45😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Miss Fun And Fantastic
In my opinion CinemaSins takes things that are scary and makes them funny and less frightening
Miss Fun And Fantastic
"Ah! Red crayon!" 😂😂😂😂😂
dania gadborg
'dania gadborg' 7 days ago
Dear Cinemasins. Please do the new IT ^^
'Hailey' 1 week ago
Pregnant women loving pickles is not a cliche. It's a generalization ;)
Crispy skin
'Crispy skin' 1 week ago
What if the thumb wrestling was originally fingering
Dan Boyle
'Dan Boyle' 1 week ago
I always enjoy your stuff, but just 21 seconds in you apply the Hippocratic Oath to nurses, which is something they don't do. Some nursing schools have something called "Nightingale's Pledge." That's about as close as it comes.
'CHAINSOF' 1 week ago
When cinema sins doesn't realize that it's jumps from 94 to 124 then back to 95 during editing
::.Ralphy_ Ren.::
'::.Ralphy_ Ren.::' 1 week ago
Sin 94 relates to the plot though... Do you ever go back Nd take sins off?? Cuz ya need to start doing that.
'OriginalSparkstar' 2 weeks ago
the real annabelle doll was/is a raggedy Ann doll and is STILL possessed AF. I could probably purify and exercise it but no way in hell and I touching that freaky ass thing
Tochukwu Udu
'Tochukwu Udu' 2 weeks ago
9:48 hahahahahaha
'vanyadolly' 2 weeks ago
I feel like every horror movie where the victims actually go to a church or find a priest deserves one sin off for doing the movie-logical thing and not being idiots..
Grimreaper Gaming
'Grimreaper Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Yea, but now we now that Annabelle was not a newbie to the spirit world and when she was alive, was possessed by the spirit of the doll and by dying allowed the demon to return to the doll because you know, demon. Also wtf are the chances of possessed Annabelle/demon dying in a house with the same doll it used to posses? Do I have this wrong? Am I wrong????
'SuperCrepypasta' 2 weeks ago
8:07 hahahahahaha i last it love this part LOL
'It's Isabel' 2 weeks ago
15:55 I think you mean: "That's sexist."
Fran Barrom
'Fran Barrom' 2 weeks ago
It wasn’t racist it was sexist, but I still laughed😂
Rose Doesn
'Rose Doesn't Know' 2 weeks ago
Horror movies today just aren't scary, and follow too many trends. I wish we could go back to the old days, good old fashioned slashers that never age and are always classics
'Dumctopi' 2 weeks ago
This movie makes no sense xD p.s. can I work at cinemasins? lol
sharon 1661
'sharon 1661' 2 weeks ago
my name is sharon and hearing him say it is awesome lol
'Xyro' 2 weeks ago
Yay! another shitty horror movie!
'Snow' 2 weeks ago
Everything wrong with Annabelle 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ho lee fuk Sum ting wong
Aleksander Larsen
'Aleksander Larsen' 2 weeks ago
You really havent seen the new one (prequel)
Taylor Hoffman
'Taylor Hoffman' 2 weeks ago
This is the first video I’ve watched where you did not sin the beginning logos for being too long.
'Vaxoera' 2 weeks ago
How much times did you have to watch the movie to make this video
Jerry #214
'Jerry #214' 2 weeks ago
2 minutes in to the movie, and already i forgot this movie was Annabelle. Great job movie.
'Twilit_Sheik' 2 weeks ago
I kinda wish they used an actual raggedy Ann doll instead of the overly exaggeratedly creepy porcelain doll, idk maybe it’s cuz I think raggedy Ann dolls are creepier than porcelain dolls
Swimming Jeejo
'Swimming Jeejo' 2 weeks ago
"AHH! RED CRAYON!" love it XD
'AssassinXain' 2 weeks ago
Are you going to do cinema sins for Annabelle Creation?
Thomas Hogg
'Thomas Hogg' 2 weeks ago
Silent Hill: "Mother is God in the eyes of a child"... Was that what you meant around 6:45 onwards?
Akshay Prasad
'Akshay Prasad' 3 weeks ago
waiting for "creation".
Freddie Lalruatfela
'Freddie Lalruatfela' 3 weeks ago
youre talking too fast slow down no ones gonna kill u
Simon Van Liew
'Simon Van Liew' 3 weeks ago
0:03 Just watched this on Crackle so i could see this video in all its glory. It was a horrible movie so i have high hopes of enjoyment on this video
'JohnnyRico' 3 weeks ago
This makes me excited to hear him do Annabelle Creation
Quack Quack
'Quack Quack' 3 weeks ago
When you’re too scared to watch the movie so you come here
Kasey Bunker
'Kasey Bunker' 3 weeks ago
Make everything wrong with Annabelle's creation
Alice Butterfield
'Alice Butterfield' 3 weeks ago
“IS THIS FUCKER THE T-1000?????”
In case of Emergencies
3:30 it's revealed in Annabelle: Creation why she picked up that doll
'Potato:3' 3 weeks ago
god i hate this bloody movie.....because of this load of bollocks now every time i mention the dolls i own people immediately assume i have annabelle lying around..... the thing's ugly as fuck, it's a movie prop, no one in their right minds would buy that.
GammbaGamer 1
'GammbaGamer 1' 3 weeks ago
And one on the horror movie "Better Watch Out"
GammbaGamer 1
'GammbaGamer 1' 3 weeks ago
Please do a video on Annebelle: Creation
'JaydenRulzes' 3 weeks ago
15:55 Are you telling me only a female soul will do? That's racist.😂😂😂 XD
Faust the demon
'Faust the demon' 3 weeks ago
AAAAH red crayon! I lost my shit
i am deb
'i am deb' 3 weeks ago
Loved this movie so much ♡
Will Gold
'Will Gold' 3 weeks ago
6:26 heres another sin, listen to the "scary" jumpscare sound, what does it sound like to you? Don't click the read more button until you do know what it is from It is from half-life 2, the zombie sound where it notices you... Wow movie try and do something that is actually scary and don't try and take sounds that are not you'rs, and if you're going to take a "jumpscare" sound from half-life at least be the stalker screaming sound.
jona vs romi 50
'jona vs romi 50' 3 weeks ago
I have like this doll
Valeria Garcia
'Valeria Garcia' 3 weeks ago
We should call her Jiffy pop!!!
Valeria Garcia
'Valeria Garcia' 3 weeks ago
Pregnant women love pickles cliche
Valeria Garcia
'Valeria Garcia' 3 weeks ago
I just hang out on the comment section because I am scared of jump scares yeah people just watch the movie and comment and reading comments at he same time
Sierra Lavender
'Sierra Lavender' 3 weeks ago
Please do the second movie
Daniela Gomez
'Daniela Gomez' 3 weeks ago
'CrimsonCortex' 3 weeks ago
Passdena Texas actually
kitty cat
'kitty cat' 3 weeks ago
Watched it and it sucked
Carson Clark
'Carson Clark' 4 weeks ago
This guy makes this movie much less scary lol
Pink bunny
'Pink bunny' 4 weeks ago
I don't watch horror movies but I watch videos about how the same movies are so shitty
Lucrezia Ciaffaglione
you keep misusing the term "racist". try 'sexist' instead.
Marychan Kawaii
'Marychan Kawaii' 4 weeks ago
*Ha ha, banter banter white people joke banter banter.* Why are all of these correct and funny at the same time
Marychan Kawaii
'Marychan Kawaii' 4 weeks ago
*And the thought of putting it in a trunk, wrapping it up in chains, locking THAT inside a larger trunk, wrapping IT in chains, tying a huge rock to it, and dumping it in the ocean never occurred to you?* Best sin sentence ever
Assassin50elite Drew11mccoy
15:51 not racist its sexiest get it right that's a sin right there
Shannon O
'Shannon O'Hare' 4 weeks ago
Can you do everything wrong with annabelle creation?
Niall Bae
'Niall Bae' 4 weeks ago
Alternative Ice
'Alternative Ice' 4 weeks ago
16:30 Speaking of I can't wait for you to do an EWW for Annabelle Creation.
Lester Foy
'Lester Foy' 4 weeks ago
Do Annabelle creation
RoyaLeAdriana MV
'RoyaLeAdriana MV' 4 weeks ago
When the demon appeared on the cealing I thought X-man mutants 😂😂😂😂
'Void' 4 weeks ago
I expect a movie about a possessed body pillow. That'd be fun.
'Scribblegray' 4 weeks ago
Ok, so, apparently, there was a little girl who owned the doll, she got killed, so her parents tryed to summon her spirit, but they actually summoned a demon who pretended to be the little girl's spirit, until the parents figured out that it was actually a demon, so a priest sealed the demon inside the little girl's doll. The parents took in some orphans, and one of them found the doll. She accidently released the demon, and it took over her body. The demon, in the girl's body, grew up, joined a cult, died, and the demon that was also the girl's spirit and also the first little girls spirit who the evil doll belonged to possessed the doll and tried to take Mia's soul so that the demon who pretended to be the little girl, got trapped in the little girls doll, possessed another girl, died, and got trapped in the doll AGAIN, could possess her body.
'Scribblegray' 4 weeks ago
The funny thing is that my cousin lives in Santa Monica, Iowa.
Desiree Ray
'Desiree Ray' 4 weeks ago
SPOILER ALERT: Ok a new comment cause I need to explain something. There is a rationally good explanation for 3:42 and why she chose that specific doll instead of the others. ((spoilers)): If you watched "Annabelle Creation" yet, then you will know that the neighbors, that just died, adopted an orphan, her name was Janis. In AC she moves into a house that was owned by a couple who lost their daughter, Annabelle, at a young age. So when the movie begins, a van full of orphans are moving in with the Mullins, the couple that lost their daughter, because that is their new orphanage. Janis starts to notice some strange things and she goes to Annabelle's room before she died but it was locked. In the middle of the night, she hears a noise and goes back to her room, which is somehow unlocked. She goes inside and looks around and it look like a typical 7- year old girl's room, except that theirs a doll possessed by a demon ((excuse me, if you watch the conjuring, ghosts, spirits, or demons can't possess things apparently, so I just used possessed because I forgot the proper word)). Anyway, the walls are covered in pages from the bible and the doll is sitting in a chair, she tries closing it, but you can guess, it opened on its own. So then she tried locking it, then, again, it opened on its own. So thats when all the weird stuff happens, the girls seeing things, the lights turning on and off, mysteriously appearing in a different room, exc, exc. Ok, Im skipping to when Janis gets possessed. So Janis was in a wheel chair from like the 1800's or something, and something pushes her into a shed, where the spirit/demon is. And it possesses her. Ok, the end. She tries to kill the rest of the orphans ((she killed Mr and Mrs Mullins)) but she fails. She mysteriously disappears in the closet where she found the doll, never to be found again. But, like 3 or 4 years later, she is in another orphanage. She is playing with some toys until the neighbors in the first movie come and adopt her, and they give her a rag doll. They ask her name and she replied, "Annabelle.". Apparently she is still possessed and took the little girl's name. So the grown girl with the other 2 neighbors, the pregnant girl, took the doll because that was the little girl's doll and Im not sure why she took it again, but that's probably why she took THAT doll instead of the others. So, yeah thats why she took that specific doll, not sure if it helped but still.
Desiree Ray
'Desiree Ray' 4 weeks ago
I love when new movies come out and you can't find a sin about them ((in some movies))
'SonoFilms' 4 weeks ago
You should do Annabelle Creation. Far better movie.
Isaac Strickler
'Isaac Strickler' 1 month ago
Sin 166: Yes. I did research on what Catholics believe about demons. So in this movie it makes total sense that she can teleport.
Rupkatha Banerjee
'Rupkatha Banerjee' 1 month ago
This is the first time I actually agreed with cinemasins, hated this movie
Zaraiah Valois
'Zaraiah Valois' 1 month ago
I find it really weird that in Anabelle and Anabelle Creation, the story slightly does not make sense due to how the transference of entities into the doll are different in both stories.
Colin Pittman
'Colin Pittman' 1 month ago
15:55 sexist not racist.
MJ Talabis
'MJ Talabis' 1 month ago
I thought she is Tina Fey
Ricky Ray
'Ricky Ray' 1 month ago
Ah Killer Curtains!
Aussie GoPro
'Aussie GoPro' 1 month ago
Why would you give how it tells you where it’s located a sine.... not everyone fucning knows where your states are and what they’re called and shit... 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
'HDXChripSy' 1 month ago
Anna voice is fucking bae
Nikolas Francis
'Nikolas Francis' 1 month ago
In the new annabelle it explains the blood
'Jdrid' 1 month ago
9:37 it's actually connected to the second movie so.... yeah! XD anyway this video was made before the second movie..
Ehh Hi, i guess
'Ehh Hi, i guess' 1 month ago
Zachary Parsons
'Zachary Parsons' 1 month ago
After 12 seasons of Supernatural all I think about after watching horror films like these is 'Wheres Sam and Dean?'
'ZigZag2000' 1 month ago
I forgot that this is set in the same universe as the conjuring
Seal Bee
'Seal Bee' 1 month ago
I love how he always manages to do a "That's Racist" lline
Jay J
'Jay J' 1 month ago
I thought it was good and quite scary, f**k you cinema sins.
real steel
'real steel' 1 month ago
please do Everything Wrong With annabelle creation In 16 Minutes Or Less pls?
Tae Smith
'Tae Smith' 1 month ago
where is Anabelle creation
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