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Tackle The Person In The Box | Football Edition!! -
Published: 3 months ago By: Team Edge

By: Team EdgePublished: 3 months ago

6, 320, 308 views

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Rocket League In Real Life Challenge!! ➡ To Team Edge! ➡

Hey guys! Could you tell which box they were in? What weapon should we use next time? Let us know down below! Check out our American Gladiator Challenge!!


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'MR_SEPA 09' 10 hours ago
Dude this video is perfect
Meris Fire
'Meris Fire' 12 hours ago
J-fred's shorts are to short
Dale Capistrano
'Dale Capistrano' 15 hours ago
Lizbeth Gonzalez
'Lizbeth Gonzalez' 1 day ago
Hit with
Lizbeth Gonzalez
'Lizbeth Gonzalez' 1 day ago
I like the Part when the guy got with the football field goal
Wolf clan 487
'Wolf clan 487' 1 day ago
Wolf clan 487
'Wolf clan 487' 1 day ago
Kaylee Conti
'Kaylee Conti' 2 days ago
The edits are hilarious 😂😂😂
Luke Lopez
'Luke Lopez' 2 days ago
Kendall Decker
'Kendall Decker' 2 days ago
where's Matthias
Itzzkaydin Dillard
Nelson Franco
'Nelson Franco' 2 days ago
j ferd is my favorite
Fran Flores
'Fran Flores' 3 days ago
I love living on the edge I hope one day I can work with u guys and do things like this oven though I'm girl I'm more rough and tumble I'm always wrestling guys
Shenequa Murray
'Shenequa Murray' 3 days ago
Poor bobby
Elijah Suprun
'Elijah Suprun' 3 days ago
awsome vid i watch all yo vid
Jeff Turbo 601
'Jeff Turbo 601' 4 days ago
Baby Bobby you are so samle
'Gaming' 4 days ago
Dark Soul
'Dark Soul' 4 days ago
Sorry for bobby XD
Arrow Blox
'Arrow Blox' 4 days ago
This should be the funniest football game
Loghan Doherty
'Loghan Doherty' 4 days ago
Dice Stack Jack
'Dice Stack Jack' 4 days ago
You are supposed to block 😏
Danica Alic
'Danica Alic' 5 days ago
One day bobby is going to die
Dog go Woof
'Dog go Woof' 5 days ago
When they were fighting I was like friends😂
Jean Dannestoy
'Jean Dannestoy' 5 days ago
hello love your vids
'sherry94101' 5 days ago
I have to preform cpr *makes weird noise* 😂
EeveeYT Iplayz
'EeveeYT Iplayz' 5 days ago
What happend to Matt?
Jakez Games
'Jakez Games' 6 days ago
Jakez Games
'Jakez Games' 6 days ago
Cristiana Tepes
'Cristiana Tepes' 6 days ago
OMG did someone get hurt :0
Kevin Larsson
'Kevin Larsson' 6 days ago
Rip Bobby
Kevin Larsson
'Kevin Larsson' 6 days ago
Juan Ochoa
'Juan Ochoa' 6 days ago
the box creacher made me fart
Team 4
'Team 4' 6 days ago
Your videos are the best I watched all of them
Pi lover Nathaniel
Cajun Nation
'Cajun Nation' 6 days ago
Go on Cajun nation Channel
Tom B
'Tom B' 7 days ago
Tom B
'Tom B' 7 days ago
I am so excited about the new cc
Tom B
'Tom B' 7 days ago
Lachlangamer Miechel
tat was so funny when mithias got balled to the face at the biggining
Maria Minero
'Maria Minero' 1 week ago
Elijah Tapaha
'Elijah Tapaha' 1 week ago
Safety first all was wear a helmet
I like Bobby and brayan
'slaaayy.k' 1 week ago
why does it look like Bobby tackles so softly😂
Benjamin Polleschultz
Looked like J-Fred had a skirt on
Conner Patten
'Conner Patten' 1 week ago
My name is Conner my brothers is Bryan
family gamingTv
'family gamingTv' 1 week ago
I'm watching at like the middle of the night with a straight face until they played with their hands tied
'ROBLOX Jr' 1 week ago
Oh yea
Nasir Laboy
'Nasir Laboy' 1 week ago
conner why did you hit boby in the face with a football...
Nasir Laboy
'Nasir Laboy' 1 week ago
i am your super fan
Nasir Laboy
'Nasir Laboy' 1 week ago
you guys are the best youtuber
paul ramirez
'paul ramirez' 1 week ago
OMG😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!
ak12 ghost
'ak12 ghost' 1 week ago
killercrock 12340
'killercrock 12340' 1 week ago
My last name is box 😭so it’s ok to hit coner
penny vandewostine
you guys make me happy.
Colllasalgamer 45
'Colllasalgamer 45' 2 weeks ago
Haaaaaaaaaa heeeeeeeeeee
Fifa Boy 2
'Fifa Boy 2' 2 weeks ago
The fact is not to mention it
Braylon Boogieman
'Braylon Boogieman' 2 weeks ago
This is a Coolio video
Jasmine Garner
'Jasmine Garner' 2 weeks ago
Bobby just so you know my sister is a creep and said “don’t get hurt baby” she is obsessed
Clarky TV
'Clarky TV' 2 weeks ago
Did mathius leave
'almajorge1' 2 weeks ago
Grapple 539
'Grapple 539' 2 weeks ago
Rip bobby
Joan Shear
'Joan Shear' 2 weeks ago
'Scout_Finch' 2 weeks ago
Am I the only one getting distracted by Joey's shorts? xD
SpaceShip Ryan
'SpaceShip Ryan' 2 weeks ago
Anybody have original video? Cuz seems awesome...
'Gamingbro' 2 weeks ago
When Bobby fell SINPER
Tim Braatz
'Tim Braatz' 2 weeks ago
Lol when J-Fred was the Box creature, he moved like a Hex Bug :P
Daniel Shin
'Daniel Shin' 2 weeks ago
Lol bobby one of my favorites but RIP he dead fam
helen scott
'helen scott' 2 weeks ago
j-fred is wearing two of hi legs in the same hole lol XD
Noize TV
'Noize TV' 2 weeks ago
funniest channel on YT 😂😂
elitelink 1
'elitelink 1' 2 weeks ago
U should make a video of every time Bobby gets hit
Bannanaking235 Gamer
Is it just me or most of the balls in you vids hit bobby. And its alwayd the head
CalumPlayz Tv
'CalumPlayz Tv' 2 weeks ago
What kind of football pads were those?
Yasiel Jusino
'Yasiel Jusino' 2 weeks ago
Natron AW
'Natron AW' 2 weeks ago
Bryan is hella annoying. So obnoxious.
Gleeky Skid Boi
'Gleeky Skid Boi' 2 weeks ago
J-Fred at the beginning "oiy!"
Boi Bet
'Boi Bet' 2 weeks ago
I was dead when Bryan threw the ball at conners head!😂😂
Alexandre Medina
'Alexandre Medina' 2 weeks ago
What were you guys DOING!!!😂😱😳
Danny Readman
'Danny Readman' 2 weeks ago
U don’t even tackle u just push them
LRV 24007
'LRV 24007' 2 weeks ago
You should do giant chess
Victoria Morgan
'Victoria Morgan' 2 weeks ago
Why does j-fred have both of his legs in one leg hole in his shorts??🤔
Cruz Whitebird
'Cruz Whitebird' 2 weeks ago
Luke Vanchure
'Luke Vanchure' 2 weeks ago
Why does bobby always get hit like really
'sans' 2 weeks ago
can you do fit in how
Shakera Dale
'Shakera Dale' 2 weeks ago
Its no more dudr perfect ita 3deg
Beast Slayer9000
'Beast Slayer9000' 2 weeks ago
is joeys middle name fred
Lil Daxrxk
'Lil Daxrxk' 3 weeks ago
Bobby is always the victim here.
Cash Boy
'Cash Boy' 3 weeks ago
Bobby voice is deep
'JARRETT CHEN' 3 weeks ago
When there hands were taped,it sounds like they were trying to get a piece of poop out in the bathroom lol
Bill Allsopp
'Bill Allsopp' 3 weeks ago
'IamBrandon' 3 weeks ago
Drinking game: take a shot every time they fish for likes or say bell icon.
Ann Waller
'Ann Waller' 3 weeks ago
I like turtles
Dwij Sampat
'Dwij Sampat' 3 weeks ago
This content is so funny
Yuki Kasai
'Yuki Kasai' 3 weeks ago
love the Metal Gear reference.
'KID XD' 3 weeks ago
Come to my vido call kid xd and this picture
Dan Berruti
'Dan Berruti' 3 weeks ago
Wait he dabbed while blocking the ball😁 Lol
Trap Nation6652
'Trap Nation6652' 3 weeks ago
Bobbie is about to finally get J-Fred... youtube ad comes up... *ITS BARBIE*
Niko Seu
'Niko Seu' 3 weeks ago
Connor is better at head shots with a foot ball than he is in cod
Wase Netwon
'Wase Netwon' 3 weeks ago
Its friday
Pokemon Vlogz
'Pokemon Vlogz' 3 weeks ago
But Joey your hypoglycemia
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