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Buzzfeed Hates Skinny People -
Published: 11 months ago By: Chubbs

By: ChubbsPublished: 11 months ago

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Buzzfeed worst
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Outro: Little Dicky - White dude

DISCLAIMER: Please don't go out of your way to witch hunt or hate on anyone I talk about in my videos, this channel is to entertain people and I usually focus on joking about what the people are doing not the individual themselves, please don't go spreading hate it's all for laughs and goofs not to start any serious hate, My content is never always fact checked meaning not everything I say is gospel (stolen pyrocynical disclaimer however still applies)

Awkward Potatoes
'Awkward Potatoes' 13 hours ago
I’m not exactly skinny, I have an athletic body because I play hockey. So I technically can’t be “skinny” lord.
the devil rises
'the devil rises' 1 week ago
I am way to skinny because my body breaks down fat 3x faster
'A M' 1 week ago
DM, htn, cad, esrd...yeah sexy
Emma Spark
'Emma Spark' 2 weeks ago
Wait is this female jack black??? Hahah
Fat Guy
'Fat Guy' 2 weeks ago
I hate skinny People, I fucking eat them if they look at me and tell me im looking good, not even a joke xd
Sam Raats
'Sam Raats' 4 weeks ago
U just hate plus-size girls..
'nappa' 1 month ago
i fuckin hate people who live healthy and longer
SwaggerAlexis 11
'SwaggerAlexis 11' 1 month ago
I have nothing against fat ppl but too much body positivity is just stupid, being overweight is unhealthy, being underweight like anorexia skinny is unhealthy so don’t Shame skinny ppl like it’s ur body do what u want but it’s unhealthy to force overweight lifestyle like I’m just overweight (wii fit said) like I’m 10 and 130lbs and I’m not forcing ppl to live like me I don’t like being over weight but I’m not rubbing it in and saying “SKINNY PPL R ALL SELFISH AND THINK THEYRE THE SHIT CAUSE THEYRE SKINNY!” Nah Nah Nah...I don’t care how fat or skinny I want to be just don’t rub it in and force it (well if it’s a healthy weight and life style I support it just don’t tell everyone to be really fat or really skinny)
SwaggerAlexis 11
'SwaggerAlexis 11' 1 month ago
Wait so we can’t Shame fat ppl yet they can Shame skinny people *HYPOCRITES HAVE BEEN EXPOSED*
SwaggerAlexis 11
'SwaggerAlexis 11' 1 month ago
Lmao what have skinny ppl ever done? Take care of them selves?😂😂😂 I’m fat and I don’t hate skinny ppl I honestly want to be skinny🤣
'Kiwi' 1 month ago
I'm pretty under weight because of my matabolisim
SergantHydra 410
'SergantHydra 410' 1 month ago
You sound like a mix between memeulous and pyro let me call you pyroulois
'Splorgenoid' 1 month ago
Omg fuck off buzzfeed
'Daisy' 1 month ago
I understand you should be body positive and happy in your own skin, but being overweight is unhealthy.
Inky Le Guin
'Inky Le Guin' 1 month ago
No, they just are afraid to hire people who will leave
Funneh Cow
'Funneh Cow' 1 month ago
I'm the 6,666th Comment lol
just being honest
'just being honest' 1 month ago
_B u t y o u a r e n ' t f a t m a n_
Antonio Luiz Veloso
'Antonio Luiz Veloso' 1 month ago
51,000 likes now
Meylopic :3
'Meylopic :3' 1 month ago
Buzzfeed makes me question human existence ☹️
'Depressed101' 1 month ago
i legit get told this shit everyday and now I'm so insecure lmao
'Sammurabi' 1 month ago
we never said they could not wear those...but should they? I mean, it's their pride on the line.
'SuperSuperman1976' 1 month ago
You need to lengthen your vids. You have talent.
卐Agent Vermont卐
'卐Agent Vermont卐' 1 month ago
They can fuck off I'm skinny too
Oli Xc
'Oli Xc' 1 month ago
DIABETIC HARRY POTTER SKFJDJCBKSMFKSNDKSNFJDMCJDKDNJCLSKDJFS Edit: I play basket ball and when they were all like "fat people can't be athletic." And when she was trying to dribble the ball UGUFJFJFIGJ. Fat people can't run, they can't do push ups, if walking to the pantry is athletic, you should be in the olympics.
Meteor Hammer
'Meteor Hammer' 1 month ago
Shit,. my cholesterol jumped a few points just watchin this
Epic Dyslexic
'Epic Dyslexic' 1 month ago
What really sucks is being skinny because of legit medical reasons and anti-seizure medication but still having people constantly, even people that know me, accuse me of not eating enough or wanting to know my "secret" bitch, it's called having a heart condition that can kill me at any moment, I'll gladly trade it with your fat ass. At least you could lose the weight, I can't fix my problems. Fucking assholes.
'JacK MuLLEr' 1 month ago
I will kill myself than marrying a fat person I have many fat friends but I'll rather kill myself than marrying any fat person
Maria Theresa Francesca Castillo
"Diabetic Harry Potter" Idk if she has diabetes, but she has a polycystic ovary thing from what I heard so technically she's "Polycystic ovary Harry Potter" Great video though
'Pearlslimes' 1 month ago
People are like "omg your so skinny" LIKE BITCH I KNOW I DO LOOK IN THE MIRROR YOU KNOW now I am triggereddddddd
Catdog 737194
'Catdog 737194' 1 month ago
Well shit buzzfeed hates me in six ways now
andy walks
'andy walks' 1 month ago
saying being obese isn't a bad thing is like saying having a cigarette addiction isn't horrible
Rabbit TeaPot
'Rabbit TeaPot' 1 month ago
I  love the axis of awesome and I think Jordon is awesome as she was or now that she’s a woman....I just wish she’d no joined buzzfeed. Most annoying girl ever
_TriiaDzz_ Playz
'_TriiaDzz_ Playz' 1 month ago
@Chubbs Your Fine Go Join BuzzFeed You Unoriginal Fuck
E-J Thompson
'E-J Thompson' 1 month ago
All the swim suits had high rise bottoms to cover their tummy 🙃🙃
papa mia wia
'papa mia wia' 1 month ago
im naturally skinny what the hell is this SHITT
its me and I
'its me and I' 1 month ago
"Are you dieting?" "Why are you so thin?" "Omg stop whining, you are skinny and everything suits you!" "Ah it must feel really good to have literally no weight" "you don't have to worry about the changing clothes sizes cause you don't gain weight" *Well mind your fucking business you non-skinny assholes*
maria brown
'maria brown' 1 month ago
But... you're fat 😂
OzzerJ 90
'OzzerJ 90' 1 month ago
Now I feel better about being fat! Lol 😂
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 month ago
01:00 that woman is 👌
'RAVEN 1971 EDWARDS' 1 month ago
I was fat i hated it i lost the weight. The only people drawing attention to being fat are fat people. Deal with it or lose weight i dont care about labelists, i got off my fat arse from a uk size 22 to a uk size 8. Now bring on the liberal body shamers, who are too lazy to get off their fat arses and lose weight who will then start blaming skinny or slim people for the fact that fat people are just greedy self indulgent self abusers that are bone idle.
Sophie Hacker
'Sophie Hacker' 1 month ago
Okay, can I just say, have buzzfeed ever truly stated the exact words “we hate Skinny people”? I don’t think they have... I do believe that they support self love but they definitely don’t do it in the best way. They sure are focusing on bigger girls’ self love, but that doesn’t mean that skinny people should disregard their own self love. That’s just my take on it. If anyone is able to prove me wrong, feel free to. I’m sure it’s possible lol
My Shining Armour
'My Shining Armour' 1 month ago
you are so cute I really mean it too
Thatone kid
'Thatone kid' 1 month ago
Is he recording that near his stairs-
'nhmyjhjnm' 1 month ago
And they say skinny shameing isnt a thing
**X** **
'**X** **' 1 month ago
How the hell are you gunna say that you accept your fat ass, and then say that you can exercise? Bitch. Make up your minds, buzz feed.
'MLPxPinkFlash' 1 month ago
I like how he says "Let's see if we can get 6,000 likes" Then nails 50K. Nothing quite like getting blindsided with 44,000 more than you hoped for. Calls himself fat. Is it no wonder? Devouring 8 times more likes than he wanted. Fat ass needs to share those likes.
ted myrick
'ted myrick' 1 month ago
Make us some longer videos Chubbs..... Yo your content is A+ guy wish it was longer !
'SoxSeer' 1 month ago
Life Hacks
'Life Hacks' 1 month ago
Well its not really about what men find attractive is it
Sir Potato
'Sir Potato' 1 month ago
BuzzFeed doesn't recognize that 18-24 BMI is bad. I am 22
'MGTOW RULES' 1 month ago
'Euroccu' 1 month ago
"fat people can be athletic" well i don't you are are that's why your fat lmaoo
SevenStylishGirls SSG
Hi chubbs
cody keane
'cody keane' 1 month ago
Im chubby myself but how can you say your body positive without treating your body positively.
Timothy Reeves
'Timothy Reeves' 1 month ago
The most important thing about this debate is that one side is potentially very detrimental to ones health.
'VeigarIII' 1 month ago
I dont need fat woman to tell me that being skinny is mom is there to remind me :) Seriously tho Stap
Georgia •
'Georgia •' 1 month ago
Who tf said fat people cant wear bright colors?!?!?
James Vincent
'James Vincent' 1 month ago
I bet she was good looking at one time but I bet she ate the woman are you fucking kidding me
'J0nul' 1 month ago
The first 30 seconds made me think all the people in the video are pigs.
galaxy rose
'galaxy rose' 1 month ago
My bully is skinny...Cuz her parents don't feed her..
shadow alghamdi
'shadow alghamdi' 1 month ago
he reminds me of young daz
'vMurkiin' 1 month ago
Fat bitches
The Faction
'The Faction' 1 month ago
I watch this buzzfeed vid if I want to stop having a boner
Soul Fox32
'Soul Fox32' 1 month ago
Dude, your reaction at 2:04 made sprite go through my nose. It was painful but I was laughing to hard to care
'shawna_tj' 1 month ago
This nigga lost a magnetic ear peice on his a50s 😂😂 buy new cushions bro
Cassi Strider
'Cassi Strider' 1 month ago
I cry because Kristan (the first girl) is such a nice person but buzzfeed makes her flaunt herself because she happens to be overweight. All the girls who are plus sized at buzzfeed are exploited. The shit at buzzfeed is so scripted it hurts. I really believe most of these women don't act like this in real life.
I am Ellie
'I am Ellie' 1 month ago
First thing you said was about how her point about showing off her stomach is invalid because men dont like that....wild crazy thought here but women dont do everything to please men :D
Phanielhowell 1
'Phanielhowell 1' 1 month ago
I'm crying lmao
'Devi' 1 month ago
Ewww this bitch with the fat tummy! Ewww
[David] [Bunch]
'[David] [Bunch]' 1 month ago
Then she must hate me
Uh, my name is Hedvig not Hedwig
Im fat and fatness is ugly af (yup i hate my appearance lol)
Yvonne Poole
'Yvonne Poole' 1 month ago
When I have to get help to roll your HUGE ASS over & try to wedge a bedpan under there the issue of "Fat Acceptance" is laughable!!!!!
Alysian Milward
'Alysian Milward' 1 month ago
Seriously, being yourself doesnt mean becoming fat and shit, its literally means that you are YOU even if your skinny. I wish people would realise (Especially BuzzFeed) everyone has their own body proportions, and the whole messege about being yourself for whatever size you are only to start criticizing thin people is just stupid
Zachary Prichard
'Zachary Prichard' 1 month ago
how did I just find you, you're hilarious
'Death_The_Pizza' 1 month ago
is that a man ? @2nd one
Yellow Raptor
'Yellow Raptor' 1 month ago
not agreeing with these idiots but not all fat people are ugly
Kailee Garcia
'Kailee Garcia' 1 month ago
"Diabetic Harry Potter" I'M DYING!!
'Veritas' 1 month ago
You're not fat lol. You look nice. But this video is hilarious
Saralyn Troy
'Saralyn Troy' 1 month ago
Chubbs. You look like male Arya from game of thrones.
Spirit Of The Forests
The video has only just started and I'm already dying laughing
'Gogeta' 1 month ago
I hate being skinny that's why I fuckin started actually eating and join the gym.
'Sisterfister' 1 month ago
I love this video ❤️
The Change
'The Change' 1 month ago
I am skinny and this offends me
'charissa' 1 month ago
Meta Jericho
'Meta Jericho' 1 month ago
I'm starting to think buzzfeed is at least borderline capitalizing on the ppl on their channel, and giving them all the support they can to make them feel better about themselves and shit.
Kezi Howell
'Kezi Howell' 1 month ago
My "fat" friend (she calls herself fat) said I hate her and all "fat" people because I'm thin? 😂
M w
'M w' 1 month ago
Lol this guy is funny
Matt Supertramp
'Matt Supertramp' 1 month ago
Some fat is healthy. Too much fat is not. There is a scientifically defined range of healthy weight. I'm not saying that being fat makes you less of a person I'm just saying that if you're obese it would be in your best interest to lose weight.
The Almighty Snob Dog
Oh those boobs confused me ... Oh but then the fat stipper came on shot ... dammmn, not confused anymore ...
'AnticsW' 1 month ago
Wtf are you Stephen fry
'darkPegasista' 1 month ago
I can't be fat cuz I'm poor and can only eat three plates of risotto a day
Justin Parker
'Justin Parker' 1 month ago
A bunch of stupid Demz. Assume everything. Fuck buzzfeed
its me bitch
'its me bitch' 1 month ago
*get focked*
ᴋaneki ken金木 研 Dreamer boy
I'm fat but I don't hate skinny people. I agree just because your fat doesn't mean you're superior or shit.
Kevin  Chirinos
'Kevin Chirinos' 1 month ago
She wasn't even bouncing the ball right...
crow the toaster
'crow the toaster' 1 month ago
Ma'am you weigh 293i5728929483939399394857482992928475883929294875849 pounds you need help Fattass girl:YOU FUCKING SEXIST RAPIST CIS MALE SCUM GO KILL YOURSELF YOU RACIST SEXIST RAPIST NIGGER
Gameplays And more
'Gameplays And more' 1 month ago
I hate fat people
Nicholas Antoski
'Nicholas Antoski' 1 month ago
Look at the size of his mole
Daniel Heaphy
'Daniel Heaphy' 1 month ago
Chubbs ur not that fat I've seen a lot worse
Kayleigh Morris
'Kayleigh Morris' 1 month ago
This guy is so funny and attractive ahah
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