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Buzzfeed Hates Skinny People -
Published: 9 months ago By: Chubbs

By: ChubbsPublished: 9 months ago

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Buzzfeed worst
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Outro: Little Dicky - White dude

DISCLAIMER: Please don't go out of your way to witch hunt or hate on anyone I talk about in my videos, this channel is to entertain people and I usually focus on joking about what the people are doing not the individual themselves, please don't go spreading hate it's all for laughs and goofs not to start any serious hate, My content is never always fact checked meaning not everything I say is gospel (stolen pyrocynical disclaimer however still applies)

Eva Escrihuela
'Eva Escrihuela' 25 minutes ago
Big stomach is not healthy
somedude 69
'somedude 69' 39 minutes ago
and i hate fat poeple, atleast we don't sweat after running for 15 meters.
Big Willie Style
'Big Willie Style' 1 hour ago
Tight stomachs are sexy as fuck
Gracie Maye
'Gracie Maye' 1 hour ago
I'm REALLY SORRY FOR BEING HEALTHY AND TRYING TO KEEP MY HEALTH GOOD I MEAN ITS NOT BAD AT ALL BUT THEYRE KIND OF SAYING ITS SOOOO COOL TO BEEE UNHEALTHY my mother is personally overweight herself but she is not ashamed for being fat she just knows it's not healthy she wears 2 peice swimsuit and is athletic but she knows she can and wants to loose weight because it could damage herself cc
Haven The Inkling
'Haven The Inkling' 2 hours ago
A little chub is fine but don't get so fat that you'll get compared with a blobfish
Chipsi !
'Chipsi !' 2 hours ago
'aricente' 3 hours ago
Some of them arent even that fat, hell 1 or 2 of them were like,attractive. Shame they're so self hating
Rosario Amado
'Rosario Amado' 3 hours ago
Well... Belly dance is an sensual/ sexual dance.
'PaperBagBoy' 5 hours ago
I literally agree with everything you said wow
amet buddy
'amet buddy' 6 hours ago
this will come off rude but I feel like that "self-love" philosophy is not good. I agree that you need to be confident in how you look, but promoting obesity and making people think its good to be over weight is honestly stupid. Cos its not good to be fat, its not good to have increased risk of heart disease, its not good to die early. People saying "you're perfect the way you are, don't change anything" I can agree with this, but only to a certain extent. Be happy with the body and face you were born with, no plastic surgery and stuff- but if you can improve yourself, that's the only way you will actually love yourself (when you're the best version that you could be)
Mystic Crystal
'Mystic Crystal' 7 hours ago
How dare you breath the earths oxygen it is against the law for fat people to breath in the air you white abusive male
Dark Souls
'Dark Souls' 15 hours ago
Bieng a fat guy is worse than being a fat girl , if your a fat girl niggas will hit on you regardless if they want pussy , if u a fat nigga makes you look unattractive and get no bitches .
Noel Bowes
'Noel Bowes' 16 hours ago
TO BE HONEST (may get a lot of hate) if your out of shape or fat...You will get tired easier or run slower so it's you own body's limits it's a fact not a stereotype
Cat Cake72
'Cat Cake72' 17 hours ago
There's nothing wrong with being over weight, but if you want to make a change, then make a change for yourself. I didn't think people need to be reassured that obese people are not evil people, but I guess I was wrong.
Elizabeth Rose
'Elizabeth Rose' 17 hours ago
The only thing I care about is being healthy.
'Kyle' 17 hours ago
fatness has no use. its a step-down. the only purpose is consumerism. literally.
xXphantom9030Xx -
'xXphantom9030Xx -' 17 hours ago
Well im sorry buzzfeed im cold, dead and brutally honest. I will say fat people need help and its not a good thing without considering anyone's feelings also they are fat af
'SaraGames237' 17 hours ago
Caleb Kyle
'Caleb Kyle' 19 hours ago
Some of the ladies (like half) were thicc not fat soo...
Jimmy Causer
'Jimmy Causer' 20 hours ago
Chubbs for priminister 2022
Beep beep Lettuce
'Beep beep Lettuce' 22 hours ago
She protec She attac But most importantly She like to snacc
Fox Jumaiei
'Fox Jumaiei' 22 hours ago
Ugh onision 2 ugh
Edgy Kid
'Edgy Kid' 23 hours ago
Im skinny and most my friends are fat
Lizzie Bee
'Lizzie Bee' 24 hours ago
Diabetes does not mean fat... you can be 60 pounds and have type one diabetes. Maybe make sure you know what your joking about, man
Angel paint
'Angel paint' 1 day ago
I'm probably the only one thinking a fine tummy is attractive... I said fine not thin
linkachu xD
'linkachu xD' 1 day ago
Feminist on fat girls: omg your so beautiful you go girl!!!! Feminist on fat guys: ewwwww that's so disgusting no girl will like you
Trina Ronner Svetlin
How plus-size women break boundaries? By sitting on them.
Md Raj
'Md Raj' 1 day ago
'Nerdico' 1 day ago
The girl in the green sports bra isn't fat she's hot
'Patikka' 1 day ago
Owtro song????
'Patikka' 1 day ago
Lol wth is this Fat ppl are athletic huh xD
Michael Fazen
'Michael Fazen' 1 day ago
"Diabetic Harry Potter" This is why I'm subscribed.
unoriginal guy
'unoriginal guy' 1 day ago
Am i the only one who whant to be skinny???
Potassium Cyanide
you are disgusting bitch get off the stage
Brandon Shirley Studley
I have a low metabolism I am affected by this video......jk
I Love Samosas
'I Love Samosas' 2 days ago
Wow your eyes are freaking beautiful...
King of Discord
'King of Discord' 2 days ago
Umm, guys are supposed to accept big girls, but girls aren't supposes to accept big guys? Wth
cringest weaboo
'cringest weaboo' 2 days ago
We're sorry you can't stop eating on a daily fucking basis having to have breakfast lunch dinner and snacks and then over eating later. We're sorry you can't fit into nice hot clothes other regular people like to wear. We're sorry you have a hard time doing shit like running and actually walking. Cause after a while you have to breath the fuck hard. We're sorry you get disgusting looks when you leave the house. We're sorry you actually think you guys are curvey and every guy who looks at you like you. I'm not sorry for anything fat acceptance is pretty fucking stupid if you ask me
Lexi Love
'Lexi Love' 2 days ago
skinny people are saying it!! Hahaha you know damn well we said all this but you don't hear skinny people complaining
Gus Goose
'Gus Goose' 2 days ago
Top Secret: How to lose weight... Eat less and exercise.
'HAIBA LEVS WAIFU' 2 days ago
Anorexic hoes
Cloudy Days
'Cloudy Days' 2 days ago
I love how the sjws think they can change what people are naturally attracted to
Kioko Puffs
'Kioko Puffs' 2 days ago
ayy I think girls should know every body is beautiful, thin, chubby, fit, athletic curvy. :3
Denice Marie
'Denice Marie' 2 days ago
I'm skinny af and it's not healthy but it's because of a condition but apparently I'm an automatic bitch bc of it
Casper Nurse-Baker
You look like a young steven fry
Horacio Flores
'Horacio Flores' 2 days ago
N I rather be a skinny boy then a fat marshmallow lol
Horacio Flores
'Horacio Flores' 2 days ago
Well that's to let u know she a fat piece of shit that can't have no dick lol she a big fatty
Speccy SquareGoLike
You're extremely attractive.
Cedric Rheaume
'Cedric Rheaume' 2 days ago
Im a skinny person but i never gain weight, maybe its puberty but i can eat as much junk food as i want,and i gotta say its pretty nice.
G Michaelis Phantomhive
Shut up Chubbs! You don't even look fat!!!
Mama Rat
'Mama Rat' 2 days ago
why are you copying memeulous and h3h3 you unoriginal fat piece of shit lol
Anonymous person
'Anonymous person' 2 days ago
Oh no im not a beached walrus. How dare i stay healthy and take care of my body, im such a bad persion
降雨 •
'降雨 •' 2 days ago
It's not about the fact you look what it's that fact that when you are overweight you have to look at what's it's doing to the inside of your body and I think that's what the "hateful skinny people" are trying to say for me myself I really don't give a shit I'm naturally skinny and I don't hate anyone I really don't care 🌝☕️ // edit \\ ya ok English isn't my first language, sorry
Heather Ransbottom
Im skinny, no hips, so wtf? its not my fault i have a small body type.
Summer Rose
'Summer Rose' 2 days ago
I don't get buzzfeed like ?! They make crap up to make them look
Naomi Andrews
'Naomi Andrews' 2 days ago
Fergie VFCMS
'Fergie VFCMS' 2 days ago
3:01 Actually, my mom always says that, along with a shit ton of woman between the ages of 30-70
Jerry Sandoz
'Jerry Sandoz' 2 days ago
I like stomachs...but not when it contributes to you weighing 400 pounds.
less panic! more forehead
'?mingas?' 2 days ago
Wtf they hate skinny people because they cant stop eating mc,donalds
Fayris Draconis
'Fayris Draconis' 2 days ago
I bet a lot of those woman's would rather be skinny if they could choose it right now, they just don't wanna say it. (Not everyone but the most)
Fayris Draconis
'Fayris Draconis' 2 days ago
Oh sorry that I'm healthy and working for it, we don't want to make you feel less comfortable by showing how a healthy lifestyle looks like.
'Cyn' 2 days ago
being overweight is not something that should be praised. I used to be a skinny girl who gained 20+ pounds, and it was absolutely terrible. I was tired all the time, doing simple tasks like walking up the stairs tired me out. I gained stretch marks all over my body that will never leave, thighs rubbed against each other that caused pain, I mean the list could go on and on. Being overweight is uncomfortable and not healthy whatsoever. So over this fat acceptance bs.
adrianna shango
'adrianna shango' 3 days ago
why do i find this actually funny omg i'm such a bad person
Rainbow Fire
'Rainbow Fire' 3 days ago
Josha Bonsu
'Josha Bonsu' 3 days ago
Give it 10 years. Soon we'll have a reality shift were all of a sudden dangerously underweight people are the oppressed ones 😒
Josha Bonsu
'Josha Bonsu' 3 days ago
Tbh.... Some people on that video weren't even that fat.
'DivineJuice' 3 days ago
Only thing jiggling on the first fat chick "dancing" was her arms.
Anna Gaffney
'Anna Gaffney' 3 days ago
You/people like you are the reason they made the video in the first place. How does women embracing their bodies and learning to love themselves affect you in any way? Oh, right. It doesn't.
Dis Elf
'Dis Elf' 3 days ago
Is it me or does this guy really look like the dude from "abroad in japan"?
Oh Paige Cutie
'Oh Paige Cutie' 3 days ago
You kinda look like Daz games
Alex Jeannite
'Alex Jeannite' 3 days ago
Well shit! I'm a short black african American teen , fuq my life then.
Just some satanist.
White straight skinny guy here... HELP! They are coming for me!
Berthe Bjørn
'Berthe Bjørn' 3 days ago
Some People assume that just because you're skinny means you love yourself and they think it's okay to say eww you're tooooo skinny because they think we like it.
Lili M04
'Lili M04' 3 days ago
I don't understand these women. As a fat girl, I really wish I was skinnier.
Zainab A
'Zainab A' 3 days ago
You sound extremely uneducated about this topic. "Plus-size" women aren't allowed (by society) to wear two piece swimsuits, shorts, tight dresses, and everything else said in the clip you inserted. Also, yes doctors tell "plus-size" women that they can't get pregnant and i'm saying this because a member of my family went through this. Buzzfeed is cringy so many times, but the women are just expressing their feelings and saying that now they finally feel better in their own bodies, sometimes they say that in a weird way but most of the time the message is pretty clear.
Dat boi
'Dat boi' 3 days ago
I'm pissed because I'm thin XD
'Mint' 3 days ago
"But we don't really accept big tummies" Yeah because stomach fat is fucking unhealthy
'TheTacogamer500' 3 days ago
In my SAT test it said " unlike bears when they hibernate, humans haveing obesity is dangerous for human health that can lead to death" and I died from laughter
Kitchen Sink
'Kitchen Sink' 3 days ago
Lol society doesn't hate on one group, it hates on everyone at this point
Micaella de Alencar
No I really don't care...and yes man prefer normal girls...curvy? Like kylie Jenner ? Hahahahaha....I care about what concerns me...
Wyatt Stair
'Wyatt Stair' 3 days ago
"These woman aren't special, they're DYING!" -Daddy Gavin
Gonrito Plays
'Gonrito Plays' 3 days ago
Kristy Jewginger
'Kristy Jewginger' 3 days ago
In all fairness, I do know overweight people who have been told they can't wear certain things. I mean, it's really just dumb, and I don't see an issue with it. It's their body, their rules. But then again someone did call me a disgusting tranny for cutting my hair short even though I'm still a girl and never said I wasn't.... man, people are just stupid.
beatrix irly
'beatrix irly' 3 days ago
I'm sorry for being healthy
Faith Cooper
'Faith Cooper' 3 days ago
Women aren't here to please men and wtf? If people say being too thin is bad and unhealthy looking why is being far better now? Why is everything a trend now???
Almighty Ròjo
'Almighty Ròjo' 3 days ago
This Nigga got me dying 💀💯 10 seconds in and already subscribed
Stella Prince
'Stella Prince' 4 days ago
This posses me off
'WYNTANG2K' 4 days ago
The girl in the beginning that dances made me sick
That one american
'That one american' 4 days ago
Yea skinny people suck they show standards that isn't possible to achieve. *Despite the fact they are skinny*
Cierra Taylor
'Cierra Taylor' 4 days ago
Who the fuck said fat people can't wear bright colors? Like please, I want to know
Pringle Jingle
'Pringle Jingle' 4 days ago
My theorie: people get fat, but instead of doing something about it they go work at buzzfeed So they can hate on normally seized people for money
Airsoft Hawk
'Airsoft Hawk' 4 days ago
0:58 dogs want bones men want women B O N E L E S S!
Silverbolt the AJ Wolf
I have a teacher like these people at Buzzfeed.. Pls help me... I'm just a tiny white skinny person...
Kachigga My Nibba
'Kachigga My Nibba' 4 days ago
" Diabetic Harry Potter" I CHOKED ON MY WATER
Diamond Emerald
'Diamond Emerald' 4 days ago
Chubbs alot of people like tummies... the one with abs not flabs.
'FATHINTERO' 4 days ago
I'm fucking fat and although I don't agree with buzzfeed's content cos of how they execute them, some of their points are actually kinda true. I think they're trying to convey that some fat girls are usually teased and made fun of when they try out a look that fit others well. It's just that they went straight for the line of "THEY said FAT GIRLS CAN'T WEAR --" shit and that's what makes it off. But I'm only trying to validate SOME of what they've pointed out, becaue jesus, the rest is just fucking ridiculous.
'Ö' 4 days ago
Why should someone date or Have Time with those if there is alredy hippoes
Krešo Vurušić
'Krešo Vurušić' 4 days ago
that fat isnt just on ur skin, its on ur organs and its killing u slowly. With 40y u r gonna be on more meds then a drug adict.... And u r gonna die with 50-60
Miki Spidey
'Miki Spidey' 4 days ago
I'm not even fat, I'm just chubby, and I have always always been told that I am not suitable to wear tight things. Since I was like year 4, and my parents always always said stuff like I shouldn't be wearing this and that coz I am fat ( I'm East Asian btw). And I always always feel self-conscious about myself and Body. So don't assume people never said stuff like that. I have heard them sayin these for like 80% of my life. But I do enjoy the video. And I do not hate skinny people, I wished I'm skinny too but I'm too lazy :p and I'm healthy just the way I am.
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