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Unacademy - Science and Technology: Introduction 1.1 UPSC IAS Preparation Roman Saini -
Published: 3 years ago By: Unacademy

By: UnacademyPublished: 3 years ago

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Finally, the most demanded series, for which all of you were waiting, is here. Yes, it deals with SnT (Science and Technology) portion of CSE- both prelims and mains. It talks about general perception of science among public at large, why is it part of syllabus, use of e-governance, classification of all the sciences on the basis of scale at which it operates, syllabus of prelims and mains according to UPSC notification, Resources of SnT in decreasing order of importance, topics to be read from class XI and XII PCB NCERT, sections to be avoided, 4 types of questions from SnT section and ending with some eye openers points.

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Is science compulsory for mains?
Amol Mane
'Amol Mane' 1 month ago
thanks ........
'LAMBODAR NAIK' 1 month ago
Thank you so much sir. Jab bhi aapka tone sunta Hoon bahut achha lagta Hai aapka bolne ka tarika awesome. Thanks
furbu lhamu
'furbu lhamu' 2 months ago
Thank You Sir...
bhut khub sir Ranawat
not good
dharti prajapati
'dharti prajapati' 4 months ago
sir class 10 ncert science n tec lec .
Mayank Tripathi
'Mayank Tripathi' 4 months ago
Any book science nd tech
Deepak Arya
'Deepak Arya' 5 months ago
Nikhil Ameta
'Nikhil Ameta' 5 months ago
Name science magzine
Mohit Kushwaha
'Mohit Kushwaha' 5 months ago
Thanks sir, to give a idea what to read and what not to read for sci
pratibha yadav
'pratibha yadav' 5 months ago
Sir thoda dheere pdayen
Eruma Sani
'Eruma Sani' 6 months ago
if you know Tamil language plse teach in Tamil
vikash kumar
'vikash kumar' 7 months ago
great work sir😊😊😊
Fantastic series
Prakhar Parikh
'Prakhar Parikh' 8 months ago
Change your tagine man so pathetic introduction
Lakshmikishore Chowdary Yanamadala
thank u sirrr!!
punith kannanur
'punith kannanur' 8 months ago
Lead pencil contains Graphite right??
Jitu Khinchi
'Jitu Khinchi' 9 months ago
sir I am weak in English how can I command in English please suggest me
Roopchandra Dubey
'Roopchandra Dubey' 10 months ago
you are terrific sir, you made UPSC preparation a piece of cake
Asgar Ali
'Asgar Ali' 10 months ago
u r delivering lecture... delivered it in a proper manner what is the reason behind your shouting like hey guys what's up its quiet irritating change your irritating habit... do your job like a gentleman not as some other you understand that...
Somnath Varpe
'Somnath Varpe' 11 months ago
Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krishti Ghosh
'Krishti Ghosh' 11 months ago
sir, how many total slides are there covering entire syllabus of science and technology.??
Purvi Thakkar
'Purvi Thakkar' 12 months ago
best series
sudeshna Chow
'sudeshna Chow' 1 year ago
sir i am preparing for west bengal civil service xams since 2013...we have a paper in mains which deals with sci tech env ecol n various misc topics..whic i find hard to cover..every time i face new questions which i dont know from where it comes..the mains paper is of mcq pattern which obviously make me confused...i ve started watching your vdos n hope will get benefits out of it.Just one request...pls make updated vdos in tech n env eco etc...that will help us to cope with the xam monsters😉
Rohit Anand
'Rohit Anand' 1 year ago
awesome brother..thanks from heart
Shivansh Gupta
'Shivansh Gupta' 1 year ago
thanku are the best.
Aastha Singhal
'Aastha Singhal' 1 year ago
very well explained !
Naren Khatri
'Naren Khatri' 1 year ago
why did u stop making these videos sir?
Satendra Ojha
'Satendra Ojha' 1 year ago
Sir inka hindi version milega..... science videos ka
Sanskar Sharma
'Sanskar Sharma' 1 year ago
Amazing video.... Demolished all my doubts regarding S&T
Md Noor
'Md Noor' 1 year ago
thanks bro u r really doing the best job its really helpful for us
Larry Jung
'Larry Jung' 1 year ago
Science and Technology should be used to find a way to cleanse stuck asbestos fibers in the inner human body this would prevent asbestos related cancers!.
Rosemary Johny
'Rosemary Johny' 1 year ago
thank you so much. :)
Parmar Classes
'Parmar Classes' 1 year ago
sir thank u so much sir
Sneha Mishra
'Sneha Mishra' 1 year ago
can you give lecture in hindi
plz upload lectures upto class 12 NCERT
Dibyendu Halder
'Dibyendu Halder' 1 year ago
Deepika Rajora
'Deepika Rajora' 1 year ago
Sir told me should I scape from my home for study because my family not give me time ⌚ to and money and I love you 😚 and what I will be I. A. S then I. Will merry with you
Deepika Rajora
'Deepika Rajora' 1 year ago
Sir told me should I scape from my home for study because my family not give me time ⌚ to and money and I love you 😚 and what I will be I. A. S then I. Will merry with you
Sanket Wath
'Sanket Wath' 1 year ago
Thank You so much sir!!.You are really big teacher,motivator for us who are working population and have passion for UPSC-CSE.
Santosh  Kumar Panda
thank u sir
Rakesh Sarangi
'Rakesh Sarangi' 1 year ago
Sir, Is thr any playlist fr General science ....basically fr CDS exam
'RASHID KHAN' 1 year ago
Inspireplus World
'Inspireplus World' 1 year ago
nice movement.....!
ajay kumar
'ajay kumar' 1 year ago
Sir, if tetanus get die when it comes in contact with oxygen. Then y it is injected in blood as we all know blood contains oxygen??
alok kumar
'alok kumar' 1 year ago
This is what i was looking for. Thank you very much, Roman sir!
Dhruv Gupta
'Dhruv Gupta' 1 year ago
sir please can you make more vedio on snt we need it for preparation ?
Ram Das
'Ram Das' 1 year ago
complete World Series
'dhammadip1887' 1 year ago
i start ........again .. good ... approach ......... thank u.
Himanshu Raj
'Himanshu Raj' 1 year ago
musical ADITYA
'musical ADITYA' 1 year ago
can u upload science and technology for class 8,9,and 10 also?
praveen tamarapalli
'praveen tamarapalli' 2 years ago
please complete the seriers up to 12th class please
Shubham Rathore
'Shubham Rathore' 2 years ago
Hi SIR please upload video for 11 and 12th bio pleasseeee
madhan planet
'madhan planet' 2 years ago
sneha sharma
'sneha sharma' 2 years ago
sir I have one problem in chemistry ..
Soumya Banerjee
'Soumya Banerjee' 2 years ago
ye to pura Higher secondary Biology ho gaya :-O
'PRIYANKA KUMARI' 2 years ago
Very very helpful....... I really thankful to u saini sir.... Keep doing please
Gaurav vats
'Gaurav vats' 2 years ago
vasanth vas
'vasanth vas' 2 years ago
sir, what is lucent gk book is there any difference between manoramma year book
Rishi Sahu
'Rishi Sahu' 2 years ago
sir please made videos on respiratory system
Nithishwar Rohan
'Nithishwar Rohan' 2 years ago
thank u panditji.....i request you to make more videos
'DEBASHIS SARKAR' 2 years ago
Please complete from Class 6 to 12
Kamlesh Raut
'Kamlesh Raut' 2 years ago
Awesome Video ..
Balaji Ganesan
'Balaji Ganesan' 2 years ago
Thank you sir. Please share video for NCERT science class 8-10
George P
'George P' 2 years ago
sir please complete this series only 25 days for prelims
Kuldeep Yadav
'Kuldeep Yadav' 2 years ago
very nice sir i'm waiting for new videos please sir
inder paul
'inder paul' 2 years ago
very helpful vedio thanks a lot sir verrrrry......pls share more vedios
Sriram Bharath
'Sriram Bharath' 2 years ago
Thank you.
punith kumar
'punith kumar' 2 years ago
Awesome information. thank you sir.
Rohini Barapatre
'Rohini Barapatre' 2 years ago
hello sir, as there r ur videos explaining ncert science.. can u make videos of ncert social studies like history, geography, economics and polity.. coz d way u make understand its something more than reading.. hope u think about it :)
Samlesh Kumari
'Samlesh Kumari' 2 years ago
quite interesting well done :) Sir
amit singh
'amit singh' 2 years ago
tnq sir
Abhishek Thakur
'Abhishek Thakur' 2 years ago
sir there is suggestion.When you start a series please complete it or don't start it at all.We as students count on you and so it is disappointing to wait for so long for the series to be completed.This disturbs the entire prep plan.So it is my humble request to please complete this science series as soon as possible.
Shankar Bagang
'Shankar Bagang' 2 years ago
thank u soo much for your wonderful work...
mythreyi dutt
'mythreyi dutt' 2 years ago
hello sir, can u please load videos on nervous,endocrine and excretory systems
'SUNIL KUMAR YADAV' 2 years ago
thank. .
'SUNIL KUMAR YADAV' 2 years ago
thank. .
adinarayana botta
'adinarayana botta' 2 years ago
Sir it's very helpful to understand basics
CA Galib Mirza
'CA Galib Mirza' 2 years ago
Nice one Roman...keep it up!!
Rajashekar Prasad
'Rajashekar Prasad' 2 years ago
Hi Sir, pls continue this series of lessions. Thanks for your help.
charwaka jain
'charwaka jain' 2 years ago
plz add rest class ncert lect as soon as possible
rohit jaiswal
'rohit jaiswal' 2 years ago
you are doing well....y feedback always....we are getting benefitted. Thanks for your efforts.
Narendra Gade
'Narendra Gade' 2 years ago
Sir please continue this series. Really Helping us.. and please send link for PPT its help in revision
Rohit T
'Rohit T' 2 years ago
Thank you very much. If u able Please upload physics, chemistry & biology subject videos. Thanks.
apurva gangurde
'apurva gangurde' 2 years ago
hello sir, when are you going to upload further series of lectures?
neha chouhan
'neha chouhan' 2 years ago
Hats off roman sahni.. u r jus superb.. thanks for such an wonderful vedios... keep up the good work... god bless you always
'NIKHIL GUPTA' 2 years ago
sir please make videos for science class8 too
Dhananjay Vaishnaw
'Dhananjay Vaishnaw' 2 years ago
sir please make science and tech. videos of remaining chapters
amit kumar
'amit kumar' 2 years ago
thanks roman
sai kiran
'sai kiran' 2 years ago
thank you for the excellent video sir
madhu kujur
'madhu kujur' 2 years ago
Thank you so much sir for such a rich material............ you are doing commendable job for us
shubham aggarwal
'shubham aggarwal' 2 years ago
Sir please make more videos on ncert science.
Smita Tiwari
'Smita Tiwari' 2 years ago
sir, i don't know to which extent research should be done for science along with NCERT as it does not give exhaustive detail, if you could help, it will be very helpful. Thank you sir.
Neo Ellis
'Neo Ellis' 2 years ago
Hi I have just started to prepare for upsc this Feb of 2016 for the prelims is August 2016. Am I too late for preparing subjects like science.. The videos are good for people who cannot afford the expensive coaching classes and for people like me who have made the quick decision to write the exam after leaving their work. Thanks
Archana Gautam
'Archana Gautam' 2 years ago
thanku sir
pinku teja
'pinku teja' 2 years ago
sirjee pls finish the science series ...pls..!
Harish Baskar
'Harish Baskar' 2 years ago
Thank you sir. for breaking it down and making it simple.
'RISHABH SINGH' 2 years ago
s&t videos are awesome!
mukesh wani
'mukesh wani' 2 years ago
very helpfull.....
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