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Top Star Wars: Rogue One Vine Compilation -
Published: 10 months ago By: Dumb Genius

By: Dumb GeniusPublished: 10 months ago

156, 135 views

2, 490 Likes   124 Dislikes

Brand new weekly theme compilation featuring the top Star Wars: Rogue One Vines from Senan Byrne, Morisuke, Marlon Webb, QPark, Thomas Sanders, Curtis Lepore, Robby Ayala and more! Check out Team Internet's Dirty Bird (A Thanksgiving Song) ►

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'SnowCat0208' 9 months ago
1:12 Best one ever
'Legend_of_Lonk' 9 months ago
Am I the only other person who is getting embarrassed by their nerd knowledge they know that these people are saying I am your father when the quote is no I am your father
David Wilmes
'David Wilmes' 9 months ago
super funny video liked it a lot do more of them too
Lenka Adamcova
'Lenka Adamcova' 9 months ago
Best vine is on end kylo ren
'danodude' 9 months ago
Last one was awesome ;D
Ryoga Kusnanda
'Ryoga Kusnanda' 10 months ago
The first video killed me 😅
Wilma Cleveland
'Wilma Cleveland' 10 months ago
i like the one with darth vader you are the father
Wilma Cleveland
'Wilma Cleveland' 10 months ago
i like the one with darth vader you are the father
Ethan Troutman
'Ethan Troutman' 10 months ago
Matt Santos
'Matt Santos' 10 months ago
isn't the baby with captain Rex's helmet supposed to be in the star wars vines too
Gavin Beebe
'Gavin Beebe' 10 months ago
It says rouge one but it's the original star wars
the minecraft sheep
'the minecraft sheep' 10 months ago
'MIKHA-EELGAMES 247' 10 months ago
all the vines are shit because of Aaron doh
Batu HAN
'Batu HAN' 10 months ago
May divorce be with you :D
Hasan Shaikh
'Hasan Shaikh' 10 months ago
When it says "Rogue One" Vines but they are all Old Star Wars / TFA vines -_-
Deno Devlin
'Deno Devlin' 10 months ago
dang that sick beat at the end though
Hermione Puppy lover
'Hermione Puppy lover' 10 months ago
I joined the dark side!!!!!😈😈😈😈
Hermione Puppy lover
'Hermione Puppy lover' 10 months ago
Hermione Puppy lover
'Hermione Puppy lover' 10 months ago
Charlie Classic is my cousin.☺
Dark Unbreon
'Dark Unbreon' 10 months ago
Also watch all Star Wars cause I don't know
Dark Unbreon
'Dark Unbreon' 10 months ago
But I'm more of a comic book kid ok
21 GoldenSword
'21 GoldenSword' 10 months ago
0:48 is the cutest
4:37 may the force be with you× may devorce be with you 😂😂
Jack-O-Bot 9000
'Jack-O-Bot 9000' 10 months ago
The nostalgia of SW;E7 TFA sweet 😂😂
D Nooch
'D Nooch' 10 months ago
Not one rouge one
guywithaminigun awx
'guywithaminigun awx' 10 months ago
these are just reposts from last year...
smash god
'smash god' 10 months ago
Dark Unbreon
'Dark Unbreon' 10 months ago
Oh my god
Dark Unbreon
'Dark Unbreon' 10 months ago
I love star wars
Funny Russian
'Funny Russian' 10 months ago
Здорова Все !!!!!
'Kinoo' 10 months ago
that last part was lit
Jet Dixon
'Jet Dixon' 10 months ago
The Little Kid At The Start Was So Adorable
doblob martini
'doblob martini' 10 months ago
The first one is sooo cute
Justasimple dude
'Justasimple dude' 10 months ago
stop it it´s dead already
shadow trooper262
'shadow trooper262' 10 months ago
Quite a lot of repeated star wars vines , is there vines on the new Rouge One other than the force awakens?
Just Videos
'Just Videos' 10 months ago
Vines hasn't gotten delete yet
Supermangaming Volgs
'Supermangaming Volgs' 10 months ago
1:14 is the best
'PandaManniac' 10 months ago
What's the noise at #0:9 where it's all "ah... wow!"
Sergio Trujillo
'Sergio Trujillo' 10 months ago
" is it the legend27? "
Andrew Alvarado
'Andrew Alvarado' 10 months ago
66 dislikes = Order 66!!!!!!
เหมย อราวซ่า
'Trananism' 10 months ago
I don't know why that baby 1:25 reminds me of Vladimir Putin but it does.
Andrew Arrvizo
'Andrew Arrvizo' 10 months ago
the force lives Among Us,lol
Rich Foltz
'Rich Foltz' 10 months ago
Vine is dead
'SitarHero' 10 months ago
1st one was super cute
Nutella Dude
'Nutella Dude' 10 months ago
Funny how the person behind this channel still thinks that putting "new vines" in every title is still relevant...
'TrademarkTM' 10 months ago
GOD, THE STAR WARS BEATBOXING IS SOOO CRINGY. I mean its quite good but, come on.
'MegaKiwi' 10 months ago
why do people put anythig to do with star wars and label it as rou..... oh wait this is youtube
Канал Timofeя
'Канал Timofeя' 10 months ago
'Nickstar' 10 months ago
This is so not rogue one related
2pro Rider
'2pro Rider' 10 months ago
'RalfFilms' 10 months ago
How is this related to the rogue on
Malak My name is
'Malak My name is' 10 months ago
the baby at 1:26 looks like stewie griffin
Bart Van De Pas
'Bart Van De Pas' 10 months ago
those star wars beat boxes where to cringe for me
Lil Uzi Vert
'Lil Uzi Vert' 10 months ago
vines dead
'CriticleEcoKebab' 10 months ago
nothing new
'WindowCreep' 10 months ago
I dont like dead shit in my feed, RIP
Giuseppe Vitale
'Giuseppe Vitale' 10 months ago
5:26 i laugh so hard
herminia cruz
'herminia cruz' 10 months ago
only star wars I hate star wars 😠
The Gaming Cat
'The Gaming Cat' 10 months ago
this isn't even rouge one😡
'LordZX50' 10 months ago
0:33 Wonder how many people don't know she was actually a pornstar before vine
Záçk Mïllër
'Záçk Mïllër' 10 months ago
Go share my fight videos
'ALL DA CHICKEN IS MINE' 10 months ago
didn't vine die like 2 months ago
'Tommym1' 10 months ago
First one lol
'7srebels' 10 months ago
'CrissZollo' 10 months ago
Love the first one 😂
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 10 months ago
Prin cess
'Prin cess' 10 months ago
100 Seconds On My Channel
That last one was fucking sick...
The Great Pilot
'The Great Pilot' 10 months ago
The last one was awesome !!!!
MBR Artz
'MBR Artz' 10 months ago
'ShiteSniper' 10 months ago
🖊+🍎=🍎🖊 🖊+🍍=🍍🖊 🍎🖊+🍍🖊=🖊🍍🍎🖊
sword 5862
'sword 5862' 10 months ago
18 minutes and 2,570 views
Deividas Rutkunas
'Deividas Rutkunas' 10 months ago
very funny !
'Slim7777' 10 months ago
The only funny ones were the Vader roommate ones, lmao
Louis M03
'Louis M03' 10 months ago
rogue one vines they said... it would be great they said...
Emily! At the disco
'Emily! At the disco' 10 months ago
Why put rogue one when 90% of the vines are just Star Wars in general?
'AircraftProdigy' 10 months ago
I'm supposed to be playing game of war but this one player keeps kicking my ass
Joney Starway
'Joney Starway' 10 months ago
nothing to do with Rogue One
Matteo Arlindo
'Matteo Arlindo' 10 months ago
Karder Knight
'Karder Knight' 10 months ago
'Dosai' 10 months ago
Broken Table
'Broken Table' 10 months ago
Best Vines: Ok. We put something thats trending a title so that we get more views and we put vines that relate to half of the subject. Me: Yeah. star wars: ROGUE ONE. ROGUE ONNNNNNEE.
Happy Magellan
'Happy Magellan' 10 months ago
Jaime soliz = cringe
Tyler Caswell
'Tyler Caswell' 10 months ago
josue Gonzalez
'josue Gonzalez' 10 months ago
love the beginning of the video!!
Edward Collado
'Edward Collado' 10 months ago
so funny
'HotShotGaming56' 10 months ago
8 seconds ago wow I am way too early
'ZUKA' 10 months ago
Wewe Butt
'Wewe Butt' 10 months ago
Jacob Lingerfeldt
'Jacob Lingerfeldt' 10 months ago
'Condaboss101' 10 months ago
Hey you! Scrolling through the comment section! I know only 2% of the people will see this, but I hope you have a great day/night, and a very merry Christmas! 🎄🎄 From a small YouTuber trying to hit 200 subs
dyehard jonsan
'dyehard jonsan' 10 months ago
I'm early yay
Sasha K
'Sasha K' 10 months ago
first like and comment
İçerik TV
'İçerik TV' 10 months ago
Ruth Stirling
'Ruth Stirling' 10 months ago
3 view
Mr Shnoz C500
'Mr Shnoz C500' 10 months ago
Gauge Gaming
'Gauge Gaming' 10 months ago
Luca Hüttel
'Luca Hüttel' 10 months ago
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