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Ultimate Beyond The Vine Compilation | Best Vines December 2016 -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 4 weeks ago

130, 459 views

1, 544 Likes   135 Dislikes

Dante Films
'Dante Films' 2 weeks ago
Who sat down and watched this for an hour and 17mins
Antonio DiFiore
'Antonio DiFiore' 2 weeks ago
What is the song that plays at around 14:35
Sports History
'Sports History' 3 weeks ago
Can't believe i watched the whole thing
'CoolBreezee' 3 weeks ago
Song at 9:39??
Sherell J
'Sherell J' 3 weeks ago
Song? 5:31
Imtheplug5 0000
'Imtheplug5 0000' 3 weeks ago
Found it song for 9:41 is hop out the phantom
Imtheplug5 0000
'Imtheplug5 0000' 3 weeks ago
Song 9:41
'majorbobfunction' 3 weeks ago
holy shit I haven't watched vine in a while... it's gotten worse
Ethan Tran
'Ethan Tran' 4 weeks ago
24:26 or 24 mins and 26 seconds Amanda Cerny living with roommates
Gy tis
'Gy tis' 4 weeks ago
who this girl is on background video ? please
Gy tis
'Gy tis' 4 weeks ago
who is this blonde girl is?
Mstr X2
'Mstr X2' 4 weeks ago
who is the girl in thumbnail
Kooper Kaplan
'Kooper Kaplan' 4 weeks ago
@Christian Delgrosso ... Johannes is awesome schöne grüße aus deutschland
Diego Saldivar
'Diego Saldivar' 4 weeks ago
funny sexxy
'funny sexxy' 4 weeks ago
Wtf. That poor kid near the beginning. nice job Funny Vines..more like "We laugh at people getting hurt" vines. I didn't even laugh
dan 99
'dan 99' 4 weeks ago
*Curtis Lepore is the BEST of these! ...*
Jess J
'Jess J' 4 weeks ago
Anyone else not able to resist dancing to that greens beans potatoes tomatoes song?
LOL the first one
'Mystical' 4 weeks ago
I literally watched the whole video, i have no life
Taha Contractor
'Taha Contractor' 4 weeks ago
What song at 14:45?
'BonezGaming' 4 weeks ago
What aren't any of available for me?
'kenhakku' 4 weeks ago
If you change the title to cringe compilation, then this would be accurate
Angeline Ragland
'Angeline Ragland' 4 weeks ago
Whatever happened to 6 second vines? None of these were funny😒
David Bennett
'David Bennett' 4 weeks ago
real bruh
Theo Sturm
'Theo Sturm' 4 weeks ago
These are so cringy
Darklayers Ly
'Darklayers Ly' 4 weeks ago
I'm supposed to be playing FarmVille but this one player keeps on kicking my grass
'NeonMangos' 4 weeks ago
Finally, Vine is dead. It did have some pretty decent memes, most was shit though. It should've been
'Seanyboy0170' 4 weeks ago
The meechonmars one towards the end is just racist. If I made a vine about "a black household" and they were angry about not having chicken, I would be called a complete racist.
Jusilda Embalo Mira
'Jusilda Embalo Mira' 4 weeks ago
Alicia Duran
'Alicia Duran' 4 weeks ago
Salad Trash
'Salad Trash' 4 weeks ago
boobs in the thumbnail?
Catalin Suciu
'Catalin Suciu' 4 weeks ago
You should rename your channel to "The Dead Vines
Kitty Kat
'Kitty Kat' 4 weeks ago
21:11 song?
User 6551
'User 6551' 4 weeks ago
Vines used to be better.
'idk' 4 weeks ago
I was 1000 like
Azwad Adeeb
'Azwad Adeeb' 4 weeks ago
thumbnail got my my hopes up
Nathan Flaharty
'Nathan Flaharty' 4 weeks ago
DavidParody at 24:46 tho
Andre Gowardman
'Andre Gowardman' 4 weeks ago
song at 9:33?
Kevin Dhillon
'Kevin Dhillon' 4 weeks ago
What's the song at 14:43?
Kevin Jimenez
'Kevin Jimenez' 4 weeks ago
Just sul is so ingoing
Евгений Фриман
Слишком много чёрных вайнов... Слишком они не смешные...
Manny Wicks
'Manny Wicks' 4 weeks ago
Charlie Classic Is so stupid
Hunter Imazasu
'Hunter Imazasu' 4 weeks ago
the second vine- who cleaned up that place???
'retikulatus' 4 weeks ago
and that king bo guy need to always stop talking so weird
Justin Ortiz
'Justin Ortiz' 4 weeks ago
song at 22:36?
'retikulatus' 4 weeks ago
is that Jay Versace kid gay or something
Teeddy GT
'Teeddy GT' 4 weeks ago
1:62:28 what's the song omfg it's lit
'Brick's Lax life' 4 weeks ago
Top vine dogs are Quincy and buster
Queen BamBam
'Queen BamBam' 4 weeks ago
Byron unsigned
'Byron unsigned' 4 weeks ago
let me get on 💯
Erin Gharibi
'Erin Gharibi' 4 weeks ago
37:00 I don't like those vines.
'BOOM TV' 4 weeks ago
.......................(*_*)..... |............................. .....................<(___)~ | | .............................. [X] [-]................ BOOM !!! ...................... / \ |
Jessica Prescott (Jessica Prescott)
800th liker
'Adventure' 4 weeks ago
LOL bast vines
'Adventure' 4 weeks ago
Joe TripOg
'Joe TripOg' 4 weeks ago
song plz 14:44
Wojciech Dziuba
'Wojciech Dziuba' 4 weeks ago
OLD !!!
Lexi Kun
'Lexi Kun' 4 weeks ago
.......(looks at a corner and starts thinking about life) Nah I'll do it tomorrow 😒
'derpydude323' 4 weeks ago
Is that a nip in the thumbnail( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
manolis papadadtonakis
Song at 14:25
Enilehcodram Ramlised
shit that slap tho o_O
'PanzamaGaming' 4 weeks ago
Nathan H.
'Nathan H.' 4 weeks ago
Wow so funny 😐😐😑😑
Nash Brulz
'Nash Brulz' 4 weeks ago
How do u set a song as a ringtone 😭
'Jason2310Grace' 4 weeks ago
Logan is so much better than Jake
David Cosloff TV
'David Cosloff TV' 4 weeks ago
1:08:01 Just fart already. Don't complain about it.
Luciane Benitez Provenzano
fuck it ill die
'chewchewtrain' 4 weeks ago
Glad vine is dying.
'SkratchMonkey' 4 weeks ago
thumbnail at 9:51
Logan B
'Logan B' 4 weeks ago
did anyone else did not know it was an hour long
Deepanshu kumar
'Deepanshu kumar' 4 weeks ago
i unsubscribe this channel😬😬😬😬😬
'JustPlayGames' 4 weeks ago
I'm suppose to be playing Farmville but this one player keeps cutting my grass
Speedy conslas
'Speedy conslas' 4 weeks ago
i cant not see this vidio
Amber Bs
'Amber Bs' 4 weeks ago
who else watched the whole thing in one sitting?
beast mode
'beast mode' 4 weeks ago
wished charlie classic died in his vine making
m5noo3 420
'm5noo3 420' 4 weeks ago
wtf it's not available
Momma Awadis
Worse fucking vines
'bandi1337' 4 weeks ago
song 14:30
'Wizard17' 4 weeks ago
4:15 what bike is that motorbike? Like what brand?
Michael San Roman
'Michael San Roman' 4 weeks ago
9:25 you're welcome
Kuba Czekawy
'Kuba Czekawy' 4 weeks ago
Song 0:00?
'SuperDarkKing34' 4 weeks ago
9:32 whats the song
Anna Jerdon
'Anna Jerdon' 4 weeks ago
Loads of these are sexist. (And a couple are racist, all races are equal people!) Wow, I thought that we already knew that both genders are equal.
'Jake' 4 weeks ago
how is this funny?
'Yamzy' 4 weeks ago
If anyone thought 2016 was bad... Just wait.
Eric Dukart
'Eric Dukart' 4 weeks ago
I can't watch it ps I live in Germany
crazy mel
'crazy mel' 4 weeks ago
y y y y no but just y
Mastro Geppetto
'Mastro Geppetto' 4 weeks ago
Stop removing the video ,this is the fourth removed!!!!!!!
k Leon
'k Leon' 4 weeks ago
Oh my God the cringe from the granny face off is just, ewwwwwww
'nebtorHD' 4 weeks ago
I only came here for the tits but i dont want to watch the whole video so can someone pls help me? xD
Tommy Lindquist
'Tommy Lindquist' 4 weeks ago
6:42 why was this in a frickin garage
Youness Lm
'Youness Lm' 4 weeks ago
whaaat •___• I can watch this
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