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Published: 3 years ago By: People are Awesome

By: People are AwesomePublished: 3 years ago

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Music: Empty Nesters by Toro Y Moi
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Thanks to all the contributors for permission to include their incredible footage! Check out the original videos in full:

Snowboard Girl 1 Year Old

Incredible skateboarding baby!

Exercise ball gymnastics at the beach!

Next Rory Mcllroy - Three Year Old Golfer

Claudio Stroe - 90 Degree Pushups

The world's youngest body boarder!

Little kid sinks consecutive basketball shots!

Baby Ryder’s On His Way to Waterski

Awesome Taekwondo Kicks by 6 Year Old Jeremy

Lincoln Beintker - 6 Year old Freerunning and Parkour

Jackson Run Bike to Kindergarten

Joshua Kellum - Cannonball

Epic skateboarding baby!

10 Year Old - Parkour Freerunning in Bulgaria

A Little Rainy Day Surf Skate EDIT

Amazing - 4 Year Old Gymnast Konner McClain

Beberly Devers & Kevin Tellez


Kuntsform?! Can You Sponsor Me?!

Fearless baby on the climbing wall!

Future Boxing Chamption - 5 Year old Nijee ‘The Future”

1 year old snowboarder RETURNS

Little kid sinks huge trick shot - football into basketball net!

10 Year Old - Parkour Freerunning in Bulgaria

Skateboarding baby!

Jesse Jane McParland

The next Zidane?!

6 Year Old Oscar Piper

Wake surfing with Dad

8 year old girl has amazing basketball dribbling skills!

Jackson Goldstone at Woodward West

Little girl with karate black belt performs Kankudai

2 Year Old Kid Flip’s Judo Instructor and Armbars Him!
Follow his Dad MMA star Ryan Nelson on twitter: @RoyNelsonMMA

Big Spin Rock N Roll Pullin In

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Kenyuris Batista Reyes
Alondra Chavez
'Alondra Chavez' 23 hours ago
This makes me feel like a piece of chopped liver left on the side if a road.
Jingmeng Lage
'Jingmeng Lage' 2 days ago
My ego and confidence just went flying out the door
Alexandru CIOBANUŞ
Alexandru CIOBANUŞ
Alexandra Pozsgai élève
1:24 he's still in diapers
'PikaWorld' 3 days ago
0:20 OMG
Dabfreyman 001
'Dabfreyman 001' 4 days ago
1:38 I did that once
'SANJU XBOW' 5 days ago
'RaHuL RaWaT' 6 days ago
BowlG Official
'BowlG Official' 7 days ago
At 0:35 that kid literally just jumped down, just with that bike under his balls. If he would have been on the pedals i'd be impressed
Sans Ho
'Sans Ho' 1 week ago
Michael Milsom
'Michael Milsom' 1 week ago
How can you not love this!
justin bieber
'justin bieber' 1 week ago
deandra young
'deandra young' 1 week ago
Airsoft For Loosers
They aren’t awesome
Zakariya Hssain
'Zakariya Hssain' 2 weeks ago
2:09 pffff no
Charlie M
'Charlie M' 2 weeks ago
2:09 cmon guys
Selim Uslu
'Selim Uslu' 2 weeks ago
0:26 little lebron james
Nasreen Bano
'Nasreen Bano' 2 weeks ago
Fake 😡
ゼロから人生を始める 2re
'Regine' Davis' 2 weeks ago
Make real money from home
Spacisis Gaming
'Spacisis Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Kids are badass*
Shanjit RajKumar
'Shanjit RajKumar' 2 weeks ago
who the faggot dislike thi video
Harsimran Kohli
'Harsimran Kohli' 2 weeks ago
Well its time to feel useless
Liam Collins
'Liam Collins' 3 weeks ago
At 1:47 the pants a two big for that girl
Lizzy Baldwin
'Lizzy Baldwin' 3 weeks ago
Back in my day we sat on our asses and played Nintendo
scot de
'scot de' 3 weeks ago
1:15 kann ich auch
'safiaa' 3 weeks ago
This makes me so happy seeing their :O and :D reactions like all innocent like "OMGGG DID YOU SEE THAT MOM" so cute
Oaf a loaf a Guy
'Oaf a loaf a Guy' 3 weeks ago
2:05 that wasn't awesome in the slightest. any1 can do that
all the best
'all the best' 3 weeks ago
MaxInfinit Fan2017 Leo
im very good: at science, and football
'식빵먹는짱구' 4 weeks ago
Amy Venegas
'Amy Venegas' 1 month ago
Man I can do that i am surprised
Tämän lenu
'Tämän lenu' 1 month ago
👑 😀 👘 👖 👟👟
Maissa Mboup
'Maissa Mboup' 1 month ago
Man i wasted my childhood
Josefina Garcia
'Josefina Garcia' 1 month ago
I can do 100 backflips
'RANDOM GREATNESS' 1 month ago
That kid should be deadlifting at his age, that'll stunt his growth.
Benjamin Allen
'Benjamin Allen' 1 month ago
I thought kids as like 10-14
'lucasisalucario' 1 month ago
Bet these kids can’t game like me
Tshering Sherpa
'Tshering Sherpa' 1 month ago
Oh yaaaaa
Cho Alex
'Cho Alex' 1 month ago
Most of them I can do expect handstands like wtf?! My age 14
'PT国際' 1 month ago
'Luxi_0oo' 1 month ago
I'm fuckin sitting here at 00:37AM watching youtube and these kids are out snowboarding
'Luxi_0oo' 1 month ago
I'm so untalented...
Starlo Ren
'Starlo Ren' 2 months ago
My comfidence has diminished
Lori Karson
'Lori Karson' 2 months ago
They can do that but not whipe they azzhole???
Just a random nerd on the internet
These kids have more talent than I ever will....
luis angel martinez santiago
como cuando un niño tiene mas talento que yo
Mc Gregor Fan 1
'Mc Gregor Fan 1' 2 months ago
The kids in gym are so fucking weak I stronger than them and I'm a kid too
Super 3X Hero
'Super 3X Hero' 2 months ago
🍇  🐹🐨🐰🐽🐥🦉🐘🕸🍂🥀🐓🐩🦃🌵🍊🍌🍓🍒🍆Pin
Resort TVChannel
'Resort TVChannel' 2 months ago
Louis Ben
'Louis Ben' 2 months ago
2:10 hey I thought this was a people are awesome compilation not a people are stupid one. And at 1:21 that's good for a baby but people in the comments are like 'I wish I could do all of that stuff' but I'm wondering why they can't be faster than that.
Mitico Andrech
'Mitico Andrech' 2 months ago
Ma vaffanculo
'R3AL ZACH' 2 months ago
The f’ing thumbnail 😆
Shelli Tiller
'Shelli Tiller' 2 months ago
thats super amazing
Lucky Surprise ToysReview
Awesome, So cute.
Hassan-ul Bhuyan
'Hassan-ul Bhuyan' 2 months ago
When i was this young i was eating mud..
Trappedinice19 Mc
'Trappedinice19 Mc' 2 months ago
Makes me feel like a worthless waste of space...
Allison Pittock
'Allison Pittock' 2 months ago
Great video
Margauww A
'Margauww A' 2 months ago
Trop beau le trucage
'sp00ky' 2 months ago
I'm really good at breathing.
Gaming with Thug
'Gaming with Thug' 2 months ago
Cassandra Grady
'Cassandra Grady' 2 months ago
You are so perfect 👌 so much I love everything about it just awesome
Cassandra Grady
'Cassandra Grady' 2 months ago
You are so amazing 😉👍🏾👱🏾‍♀️👱🏾💁🏾👑
C Bailey
'C Bailey' 2 months ago
Well I'm total crap
Mike Toast
'Mike Toast' 2 months ago
1:47 cringe and i can do that
Aly XGamer
'Aly XGamer' 2 months ago
I need to get my crap together dang these kids are awesome!
Andy Kersey
'Andy Kersey' 2 months ago
On the first one she was strapped on to it
Sleepy dolphin
'Sleepy dolphin' 2 months ago
dislike. Too many white people
Snap its Juliet and Angel
This shows how talentless I am 😂
amiliasiddle Siddle
'amiliasiddle Siddle' 2 months ago
*3* Susan Daley
'*3* Susan Daley' 2 months ago
The kid with the diper and the skate bored. Mom:hun time to go to bed Son:*rides off in a diper and on a skatebored
Anime FanBoy
'Anime FanBoy' 2 months ago
I do karate brah. I can do some of these
Deacon Turner
'Deacon Turner' 2 months ago
Not one of those things are skill
canal da lele e kaka linda
Ehtsjisture eyreisix urnjs DJ djnnd rjrtig
Sonia Armenta Rugerio
Hñhk Jdkpddwkt itm,v
Luisa Estremores
'Luisa Estremores' 2 months ago
Gabriella Mejia Munoz
Omg I am in it 😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱😱😭
Elijah Collantes
'Elijah Collantes' 2 months ago
I cant even land a flip on a trampoline and I’m ten
حزب مطنوخ
'حزب مطنوخ' 2 months ago
Tino Trivino
'Tino Trivino' 2 months ago
You must be kidding, the kid with the high LBS? what the fuck!!! Parents are so wrong!
sharmin akter
'sharmin akter' 2 months ago
nice brother
'OceanBreezez' 3 months ago
I expect awesome lives for these cool kids.
Smokas Channel
'Smokas Channel' 3 months ago
This proves that i cant do shit
Mani Matter
'Mani Matter' 3 months ago
Love it
'Adamgamer' 3 months ago
Me edition
Marie Jeanbaptiste
'Marie Jeanbaptiste' 3 months ago
It look like fake
Diana Karimi
'Diana Karimi' 3 months ago
These kids are getting baskets with there feet I can't even shoot a hoop with my hand😂😂😂
Ali Tv
'Ali Tv' 3 months ago
So stupid b
Shivanshu creation
'Shivanshu creation' 3 months ago
and so cute
Shivanshu creation
'Shivanshu creation' 3 months ago
what is this
chris goo
'chris goo' 3 months ago
WOW! these kids r GIFTED to have such amazing skills! :O
John Butorac
'John Butorac' 3 months ago
Besto Best
'Besto Best' 3 months ago
You Cannot Believe This Facts.
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