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Published: 2 years ago By: People are Awesome

By: People are AwesomePublished: 2 years ago

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Music: Empty Nesters by Toro Y Moi
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Thanks to all the contributors for permission to include their incredible footage! Check out the original videos in full:

Snowboard Girl 1 Year Old

Incredible skateboarding baby!

Exercise ball gymnastics at the beach!

Next Rory Mcllroy - Three Year Old Golfer

Claudio Stroe - 90 Degree Pushups

The world's youngest body boarder!

Little kid sinks consecutive basketball shots!

Baby Ryder’s On His Way to Waterski

Awesome Taekwondo Kicks by 6 Year Old Jeremy

Lincoln Beintker - 6 Year old Freerunning and Parkour

Jackson Run Bike to Kindergarten

Joshua Kellum - Cannonball

Epic skateboarding baby!

10 Year Old - Parkour Freerunning in Bulgaria

A Little Rainy Day Surf Skate EDIT

Amazing - 4 Year Old Gymnast Konner McClain

Beberly Devers & Kevin Tellez


Kuntsform?! Can You Sponsor Me?!

Fearless baby on the climbing wall!

Future Boxing Chamption - 5 Year old Nijee ‘The Future”

1 year old snowboarder RETURNS

Little kid sinks huge trick shot - football into basketball net!

10 Year Old - Parkour Freerunning in Bulgaria

Skateboarding baby!

Jesse Jane McParland

The next Zidane?!

6 Year Old Oscar Piper

Wake surfing with Dad

8 year old girl has amazing basketball dribbling skills!

Jackson Goldstone at Woodward West

Little girl with karate black belt performs Kankudai

2 Year Old Kid Flip’s Judo Instructor and Armbars Him!
Follow his Dad MMA star Ryan Nelson on twitter: @RoyNelsonMMA

Big Spin Rock N Roll Pullin In

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People are Awesome
'People are Awesome' 3 months ago
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Lucky Surprise ToysReview
Awesome, So cute.
Hassan-ul Bhuyan
'Hassan-ul Bhuyan' 16 hours ago
When i was this young i was eating mud..
Trappedinice19 Mc
'Trappedinice19 Mc' 4 days ago
Makes me feel like a worthless waste of space...
Allison Pittock
'Allison Pittock' 1 week ago
Great video
Margauww A
'Margauww A' 1 week ago
Trop beau le trucage
'sp00ky' 1 week ago
I'm really good at breathing.
Gaming with Thug
'Gaming with Thug' 1 week ago
Cassandra Grady
'Cassandra Grady' 2 weeks ago
You are so perfect 👌 so much I love everything about it just awesome
Cassandra Grady
'Cassandra Grady' 2 weeks ago
You are so amazing 😉👍🏾👱🏾‍♀️👱🏾💁🏾👑
C Bailey
'C Bailey' 2 weeks ago
Well I'm total crap
Mike Toast
'Mike Toast' 2 weeks ago
1:47 cringe and i can do that
Aly XGamer
'Aly XGamer' 2 weeks ago
I need to get my crap together dang these kids are awesome!
Andy Kersey
'Andy Kersey' 2 weeks ago
On the first one she was strapped on to it
Sleepy dolphin
'Sleepy dolphin' 2 weeks ago
dislike. Too many white people
'JnATV Hi' 2 weeks ago
This shows how talentless I am 😂
amiliasiddle Siddle
'amiliasiddle Siddle' 2 weeks ago
*3* Susan Daley
'*3* Susan Daley' 2 weeks ago
The kid with the diper and the skate bored. Mom:hun time to go to bed Son:*rides off in a diper and on a skatebored
Anime FanBoy
'Anime FanBoy' 2 weeks ago
I do karate brah. I can do some of these
Deacon Turner
'Deacon Turner' 2 weeks ago
Not one of those things are skill
canal da lele e kaka linda
Ehtsjisture eyreisix urnjs DJ djnnd rjrtig
Sonia Armenta Rugerio
Hñhk Jdkpddwkt itm,v
Luisa Estremores
'Luisa Estremores' 3 weeks ago
Gabriella Mejia Munoz
Omg I am in it 😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱😱😭
Elijah Collantes
'Elijah Collantes' 3 weeks ago
I cant even land a flip on a trampoline and I’m ten
حزب مطنوخ
'حزب مطنوخ' 3 weeks ago
Tino Trivino
'Tino Trivino' 3 weeks ago
You must be kidding, the kid with the high LBS? what the fuck!!! Parents are so wrong!
sharmin akter
'sharmin akter' 3 weeks ago
nice brother
'OceanBreezez' 4 weeks ago
I expect awesome lives for these cool kids.
Smokas Channel
'Smokas Channel' 4 weeks ago
This proves that i cant do shit
Mani Matter
'Mani Matter' 4 weeks ago
Love it
'Adamgamer' 4 weeks ago
Me edition
Marie Jeanbaptiste
'Marie Jeanbaptiste' 4 weeks ago
It look like fake
Diana Karimi
'Diana Karimi' 4 weeks ago
These kids are getting baskets with there feet I can't even shoot a hoop with my hand😂😂😂
Ali Tv
'Ali Tv' 4 weeks ago
So stupid b
krishna gupta
'krishna gupta' 4 weeks ago
and so cute
krishna gupta
'krishna gupta' 4 weeks ago
what is this
chris goo
'chris goo' 4 weeks ago
WOW! these kids r GIFTED to have such amazing skills! :O
John Butorac
'John Butorac' 4 weeks ago
Besto Best
'Besto Best' 4 weeks ago
You Cannot Believe This Facts.
Dix 09
'Dix 09' 1 month ago
big big greal
'big big greal' 1 month ago
SHUT UP SHUT UP I can do many of these
Lmao that kid at 1:50!
Omar Fawzi
'Omar Fawzi' 1 month ago
Kids are awesome*
Becky Berber
'Becky Berber' 1 month ago
I feel worthlles now😢
'PLAY VIDEO' 1 month ago
Watch Videos:
I AMsureofit46
'I AMsureofit46' 1 month ago
Kids are fucking AWESOME and I fight every day to make sure they each get their chance to SHINE!
Dominic 477
'Dominic 477' 1 month ago
Im 12 and i us to do parkour even if im a girl so... kids can be awesome to😊😊😊!!
Natalie Rayo
'Natalie Rayo' 1 month ago
Vivi Gunnz
'Vivi Gunnz' 1 month ago
hella fake
M Vuletic
'M Vuletic' 1 month ago
no way!!!   awesome little people.......  OMG  love from SERBIA/CANADA    how do you even begin to teach little people this stuff....
Emilie Sophie Oldag
'Emilie Sophie Oldag' 1 month ago
James Curt
'James Curt' 1 month ago
This is one of the best videos you have put together.
empgur 101
'empgur 101' 1 month ago
The people are awesome award of sitting behind the screen thinking i wish i could do this goes to me
Engineering Students
Bandit Ho
'Bandit Ho' 1 month ago
សូមសរសើរមែនក្មួយៗៗនៅប្រទេសគេនៅតូចតែមានសមត្ថភាពផ្នែកកីឡា នេះហើយការយកចិត្តទុកដាក់ពីក្មេងនៅតូចអញ្ចឹងបានគ្រឹះរឹងមាំណាបងៗប្អូនៗដែរមានកូនគួរតែយកចិត្តទុកដាក់បង្រៀនអ្វីល្អៗៗក្មេងប្រៀបដូចក្រដាសសស្អាតវាឆាប់ទទួលបានបើយើងយកចិត្តទុកដាក់ឳពុកម្តាយជាយានទីមួយហើយគ្រូនៅសាលាជាម្តាយឳពុកទី២ ដោយបំណងល្អ
Abbie Sushii
'Abbie Sushii' 1 month ago
I stated Tae Kwon~Do and felt awesome about it. Now I see a little Chinese 4 year old whose a black belt...
Daughter Of Ares
'Daughter Of Ares' 1 month ago
These kids are better than my Life
Tonita Birotte
'Tonita Birotte' 1 month ago
I am better
Tonita Birotte
'Tonita Birotte' 1 month ago
I did 100%
Sarmite Skrastina
'Sarmite Skrastina' 1 month ago
Savage BunnyAE86
'Savage BunnyAE86' 1 month ago
Those kids are better than me at anything
Viktoria Ilchuk
'Viktoria Ilchuk' 1 month ago
'Vekku' 1 month ago
2:09 seems legit
Jere Nikkonen
'Jere Nikkonen' 1 month ago
Abradolph Lincler
'Abradolph Lincler' 1 month ago
These kids are great. However, children should not be weight training before they have almost stopped growing, because it can cause them developmental problems, such as uneven growth. Most people aren't aware of this, but it's a pretty serious problem.
T Meafua
'T Meafua' 1 month ago
I feel now I'm useless at everything
Zoo zoo Ramirez
'Zoo zoo Ramirez' 1 month ago
0:30 dang the baby like " this is fun yo!!"
Analyse Barbosa
'Analyse Barbosa' 1 month ago
detrex 2222
'detrex 2222' 1 month ago
I like the one with cool trick 😂😂😂😂
'AidenRB - ROBLOX' 1 month ago
Ugh, these make me jealous...
Luis Melia
'Luis Melia' 1 month ago
Davin Ratliff
'Davin Ratliff' 1 month ago
The first girl is so cute
Aeromaster XD
'Aeromaster XD' 1 month ago
'larr' 1 month ago
Where's the cereal baby???
Shubham Rawat
'Shubham Rawat' 2 months ago
Really It was aweso.e
'GRILLBY !!!' 2 months ago
1:47 shes in americas got talent
Pressents Marky4k
'Pressents Marky4k' 2 months ago
Oh so amazing !
Vishesh Golya
'Vishesh Golya' 2 months ago
Watch Awesome People Video Compilation |
Vishesh Golya
'Vishesh Golya' 2 months ago
Watch Awesome People Video Compilation |
Bojan Creation
'Bojan Creation' 2 months ago
This kids to me says Hello Madafaka
Studio Games
'Studio Games' 2 months ago
1. subscribe to my chanel 2. like this comment 👍🏽 3. comment "DONE" 4. I'll sub back with 5 accounts!
Tisha Stago
'Tisha Stago' 2 months ago
Kids World
'Kids World' 2 months ago
Hello, good day hopping u doing well today i just want to say that we can collaborate with each other if you interested ? we can talk about it just replay back for collaboration feel free to replay with positive response
Maycon Almeida
'Maycon Almeida' 2 months ago
منتضر حسن
'منتضر حسن' 2 months ago
، ... ..0.. 9.9ط072 تى
Zainon Awang
'Zainon Awang' 2 months ago
Why u ride a tall seat bmx i mean u cant even do a simple bunny hom on a tall seat just saying
Umesh Badagandi
'Umesh Badagandi' 2 months ago
'Frankie' 2 months ago
I think all these videos are awesome, but I cringe when I see the kids riding without helmets and shirts. It just feels like an accident waiting to happen.
Oliver Mark
'Oliver Mark' 2 months ago
1:49 thats the worst defence my dude
haha haha
'haha haha' 2 months ago
so glad to see that there are still kids out there who are abled to be entertained without having to use ipads/phones/consoles etc
Theresa McIntosh
'Theresa McIntosh' 2 months ago
Aww good but is anyone else watching thinking "na why i couldn't do some of this when i was little"? Lol
Flying idiot from Space
0:32 this kid will beat the fuck outta me.
rockingamer 8
'rockingamer 8' 2 months ago
where is Rocco piazza
Tyler MacKenzie
'Tyler MacKenzie' 2 months ago
Kids are show offs and it should be named how to be a show off
Asa Farma
'Asa Farma' 2 months ago
You are kidding me or fake and i want to say WHAT THE *F .... K* IN THE WORLD IS THIS REAL OR NORMELY PARENT DO THIS ?!?!??!
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