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Published: 1 month ago By: PrestonPlayz - Minecraft

By: PrestonPlayz - MinecraftPublished: 1 month ago

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'A PROXD 101' 31 minutes ago
Brandon Nicolas García
your my best youtuber
planets stars
'planets stars' 2 hours ago
Dude that was the best video ive ever saw from you. That was a funny episode
Svetlana Kozyavochka
One time I won without even fighting!
'BuffyTV' 8 hours ago
What texture pack are you using? :D
Diont fergot to Liev a leik
I bet prestons been called out for hacking on skywars like 9999999999 times
Diont fergot to Liev a leik
I bet prestons been called out for hacking on skywars like 9999999999 times
'Danizer' 12 hours ago
13:43 FavreMySabre is in the background?! Edit: He was trying the I Am Furnace Challenge
'trOSCAR49' 14 hours ago
OMFG 4:09
owen lambert
'owen lambert' 21 hours ago
Keep up the good work
FOrtOrn gt
'FOrtOrn gt' 1 day ago
I hate preston playZ. He is like a flaming creeper with nothing. Lol⛷️. I HATE HIM!!
'KADE THEBOSS' 1 day ago
I don't know what I would without you😜
Pinq YT- Minecraft and More
You know who is amazing Read the first word
Erica Tolentino.
'Erica Tolentino.' 2 days ago
pretn he a goob boy
Alex kazantzidis
'Alex kazantzidis' 2 days ago
A way
Xxsultan xX
'Xxsultan xX' 2 days ago
hey! have a nice day :)
Kevin Chen
'Kevin Chen' 3 days ago
this guys just want to troll,but eveyone let him win
DBM Mosley
'DBM Mosley' 3 days ago
Mohammed Almashhdi
I have a trap for you to set up first get a pressure plate and one Redstone and a trap door and a door so first add a door so anyone can get in and this is where the fun happens add the pressure plate back of the door so when they open the door they will step on it when they open the door so add the Redstone behind the pressure plate and put a trap door that is connected to the Redstone so you will surprise your enemy so this is how the troll works you connected the trap door to the pressure plate and a bit of Redstone to make it happen so they will open the door and step into the pressure plate and the pressure plate will make the Redstone glow and make the trap door open so they fall straight to the void I am the first to make this troll up 😂😃😊☺😂😂😂😁😀😊😊
carl august
'carl august' 3 days ago
do this troll in money wars!
Tigerclaw51731 AJ
'Tigerclaw51731 AJ' 5 days ago
Uhhh and that was me knocking over my can of RedBull.
Henry X Das
'Henry X Das' 5 days ago
Did anyone else see FavreMySabre at 13:41 ?
'ULTIMATE Warrior' 5 days ago
10:30 the island was a face
Camo Cuber
'Camo Cuber' 5 days ago
He came up with money wars?
LuisPlays - Roblox!! - MORE!
At the end of the vid Sabre was right next to him
Steve32 YT NEW&CO.
11:18 because you suck:) just kidding
Mason Smith
'Mason Smith' 5 days ago
he looks like alex wassabi and sounds like pewdepie at points do u agree ?
Sophia Ho
'Sophia Ho' 6 days ago
In the end of the game when he goes close you can see Favre my sabre YT
'111111158939' 6 days ago
the gaming cow
'the gaming cow' 6 days ago
Dude man share your idea with landon
'MissMistaken' 6 days ago
My friend started doing this ages ago, and we've killed most our victims this way :s
Ghost IU789
'Ghost IU789' 7 days ago
Can't you just place the door then on the other side you breaka block easy
KaoSx Eclipse
'KaoSx Eclipse' 7 days ago
plz sub i have no friends ( im a mod for crazzyplayz-250 subs)
'RGYoshiGuy' 1 week ago
Stop with the Pewdiepie impression. You're not funny.
RohanTheKing ofawesomeness
what is your um the thing that makes you have a diffrent blocks
The best video :D
'The best video :D' 1 week ago
Bro , your sword is so cool ,
Elite Sheep
'Elite Sheep' 1 week ago
my first battle of skywars was easy as taking candy from a baby
Plotssie Playz
'Plotssie Playz' 1 week ago
'awesomedog06' 1 week ago
your da best now dab dab dab 10000000000000000000 times
Niko koivukangas
'Niko koivukangas' 1 week ago
what is that texture pack?? pls answer
'Hunterpro456' 1 week ago
yo Preston can u play bed wars plz? 😊
Alexander Cooper
'Alexander Cooper' 1 week ago
U r a fail
Seth Rulz
'Seth Rulz' 1 week ago
Sabre was at the end lel
Elizabeth Brice
'Elizabeth Brice' 1 week ago
jomal Batista
'jomal Batista' 1 week ago
do im obsidian
'DTwow' 1 week ago
remember when preston used to be original 😒. so dissapointed
'DTwow' 1 week ago
why is there a thing with weird accent pedo minecraft youtubers. wth is your demographic
Jacob Purdy
'Jacob Purdy' 1 week ago
Codie Edisson Garcia-Bañez
why everyone is copying it when someone did it 1st! and one of u copied whu
'DarkTS FTW' 2 weeks ago
What texture pack do you use if see plz reply so i can get
Phoenixjayz Manzo
'Phoenixjayz Manzo' 2 weeks ago
Who els saw favremysabre at 13:43 lol
Noob Productions
'Noob Productions' 2 weeks ago
'LegendDZ' 2 weeks ago
In witch server you're playing?? please answer me give me IP
KenZie Gaming
'KenZie Gaming' 2 weeks ago
y is he trying to saund like pewdipie
Nary Thoum
'Nary Thoum' 2 weeks ago
_the_marching_trumpeter_ GOOO_WOOLVES
can I get a like cause this was posted on my bday
Gamer Sans
'Gamer Sans' 2 weeks ago
Nobody copies anybody. This is minecraft, this is youtube. Everybody copies everybody. WOW.
AlwaysChristmasGamer Pro
lol I like your head of of the horse
Noah Gaming
'Noah Gaming' 2 weeks ago
preston can u do more sky wars plz
Superkitty102 AJ
'Superkitty102 AJ' 2 weeks ago
What server is this
'Kamilė' 2 weeks ago
XD u should talk with some ppl and when recording and playing tell them to fall 4 your troll
Nyntô L
T'es un ptit pd
The iron mincart plays
I'm sick today can I have 50 likes so I get better?
Crimson Gaming
'Crimson Gaming' 2 weeks ago
I think jay bull did this
Ender Craft
'Ender Craft' 2 weeks ago
Why you are Steve be a cool boy okay and I love your video
Darren Helman
'Darren Helman' 2 weeks ago
this is a pointless challenge I wanna see you set up tnt under pressure plate challenge too mess with people that chase you when you dodge the traps or maybe even set off too blow up once there over them
Minecraft Servers
'Minecraft Servers' 2 weeks ago
I subscribed
phú nguyễn
'phú nguyễn' 2 weeks ago
fuck you bitch
Delma Flores
'Delma Flores' 2 weeks ago
Hi Prestonplayz
Face_Greek_ Gamer
'Face_Greek_ Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Hıyar Ağası RS
'Hıyar Ağası RS' 2 weeks ago
ummm, you are not PvPing, and calling people not man because they are not stupid to fall into a trap.
'Sqwircle' 2 weeks ago
sir id like some burritoes from the highest mexican guy LOL
'dedfox' 2 weeks ago
You didn't even credit defib or tapl
Hani Ibrahim
'Hani Ibrahim' 2 weeks ago
you should not be preston the parkour master you should be preston the trapper
GeorgeGuoPlayz - GDash Minecraft
While Preston says peacefully LEMME TROLL YOU!!!!!!!!! Then he didn't even notice the famous kills and the wins.............
'amazing52178' 2 weeks ago
This is so funny that I couldn't stop laughing :)
'그래응' 2 weeks ago
어후 급식충
Rozealinda Schultz
'Rozealinda Schultz' 2 weeks ago
905 what what what in FLIPIN willies
megacyber 68
'megacyber 68' 2 weeks ago
Ludya Kesturi
'Ludya Kesturi' 2 weeks ago
what is exactly hes tryna do
'Bjuny' 2 weeks ago
1:11 Look at SlimeEliminator, do you also see her blink? HOW????????? WTF MINDBLOWN
Chancellor 31
'Chancellor 31' 2 weeks ago
Preston is a beast . some people just don't appreciate good people and talented people. I love you preston
Johan Sebastian Chavez
hahhahahahaha the enemi has fall hahahahhaha
Benito Cano
'Benito Cano' 2 weeks ago
you make me happy
Rody Flores
'Rody Flores' 2 weeks ago
You bicht
Sky_Playz _Mcpe-and-Roblox
who came from Unspeakablegaming
Rezn8r Da boss
'Rezn8r Da boss' 2 weeks ago
30 likes and I wright a note to my crush saying that I like her
Alan Marques
'Alan Marques' 2 weeks ago
What s this texture??
Nadia Cho
'Nadia Cho' 2 weeks ago
That is werde so in
'DJ YEET' 2 weeks ago
This guy looks like Alex wasabi
Alfred Ström
'Alfred Ström' 2 weeks ago
why do you use hacks
MasterPetarZ petar
'MasterPetarZ petar' 2 weeks ago
Mega brine is my friend from pitforge mega brine its me petar_awesome122
studio racing
'studio racing' 2 weeks ago
studio racing
'studio racing' 2 weeks ago
marlon mariano
'marlon mariano' 2 weeks ago
preston is pro
'DiamondGamesGO' 2 weeks ago
You remind me of Jelly
BlueWolf - Minecraft
He was using anti kb
Pink Flower
'Pink Flower' 2 weeks ago
at 10:29 LOOK!!!
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