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Published: 1 year ago By: Nadeshot

By: NadeshotPublished: 1 year ago

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Unboxing my new Digital Storm PC today, enjoy! Also a heads up, I wasn't paid to make this video but they did gift me the PC. Just wanted to clarify!
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Zero Wolf
'Zero Wolf' 3 hours ago
Shit is fly kid, what monitor do you hook up to this beast?
gunggus melodytovoice
Then use that pc to play solitaire.
Joe Joseph
'Joe Joseph' 12 hours ago
Made over twice the amount of money back from this video alone
Simona Melinte
'Simona Melinte' 16 hours ago
Fok off
Bhaskar N
'Bhaskar N' 19 hours ago
Please sir I want this gaming pc because most important gaming in our life please sir I want this pc
The Real TLK
'The Real TLK' 2 days ago
Bro I weigh 250 or more I think I can lift it I hope lol
'greg0716' 2 days ago
'ArsenaL' 3 days ago
Console pleb
AMG all in one
'AMG all in one' 4 days ago
my what's app group link 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:
TV  - Mr.H K
'TV - Mr.H K' 4 days ago
nice channel
jeremy Ambrose
'jeremy Ambrose' 4 days ago
So .. What do you work on with such a workstation? These stations are made for developing some serious stuff. Streaming Lmao so unworthy of a workstation.
jeremy Ambrose
'jeremy Ambrose' 4 days ago
That's a workstation btw gg. Digitalstorm =/
Itashi i
'Itashi i' 4 days ago
He maked more money that the money he spend on this video
'MCUniversPlaysMC' 4 days ago
Did he say that a pc with 1080ti sli is a start!! It's not the start,it's the end
'Wheatley' 4 days ago
3:00 *erection occurs*
'Wheatley' 4 days ago
Pc master race
Tyler Harrington
'Tyler Harrington' 4 days ago
Rickhard Hartmann
'Rickhard Hartmann' 5 days ago
Writing this in march 2018 and that beautyful monster is horrifying outdated..
'YATIN YADAV' 5 days ago
hey can we play gta v in this
Original Ghoul
'Original Ghoul' 5 days ago
Grats man, I know its a few years late lol.
Spirit Guide1214
'Spirit Guide1214' 5 days ago
Can you use this PC to pilot a UFO? Jesus!
red eyes え芋ノ
anyone else hear the fart at 3:20?
animal cancer
'animal cancer' 6 days ago
aaaaaand he got repayed by youtube in 2018 with 9m views
Moses Joseph Philip
Damn that pc is huge
Mamma Mimmi
'Mamma Mimmi' 6 days ago
Bro i have a fucking shitty pc which runs like 40 fps in cs go
Rob Lambert
'Rob Lambert' 7 days ago
Oh look, a instructional video on how 2 women open a PC box.
Corey Gadd
'Corey Gadd' 7 days ago
Hi Nadeshot. Dude I’m from Australia we have nothing even close too your pc. Any chance you can help me out with a contact so I can get one made please …
bram verwaard
'bram verwaard' 1 week ago
holy sh#t
Its Knick
'Its Knick' 1 week ago
Wanna buy me a 1.5k one lol?
James Mtika
'James Mtika' 1 week ago
I subscribed
'xavvor1' 1 week ago
Must be nice to get this for free.
Kerberos_ WaVy
'Kerberos_ WaVy' 1 week ago
When your child comes out of the wound oh my God it's white lol
dominick rando
'dominick rando' 1 week ago
I will kindly take that pc
Stay X
'Stay X' 1 week ago
Muzlu Patates
'Muzlu Patates' 2 weeks ago
WTF (turkler byrdami
David W
'David W' 2 weeks ago
That non working fan light is driving me bonkers.
Josh McNugget
'Josh McNugget' 2 weeks ago
I laughed too hard at 5:05
Daniel Tenorio
'Daniel Tenorio' 2 weeks ago
please If u can can Join Bible flock box on youtube ITS SUPER SUPER COOL!?!?!?#?#?!? Spread the word
'padams24' 2 weeks ago
That Box is insane!
godzeke ゼク
'godzeke ゼク' 2 weeks ago
*w i l l i t r u n m i n e c r a f t ?*
PLug - Agario
'PLug - Agario' 2 weeks ago
me corre el busca minas esa pc ? :V
'random1treyand2zach' 2 weeks ago
When 2 black people have a baby and sum thing wrong 2:02
Elijah Stowell
'Elijah Stowell' 2 weeks ago
It must be really good
'SooperFlye' 2 weeks ago
Wait a minute, wait one doggone minute. Is this a PC or washing machine? *180lbs?* _I'm not understanding why a power supply, a CPU, MoBo, video card, PC case, water cooled equipment, cables, fans & hard-drives, would weigh 180lbs?_
U mom gay
'U mom gay' 2 weeks ago
But does it run minecraft?
Amay M Thamban
'Amay M Thamban' 2 weeks ago
7500 dollars? does it fly
wael kadri
'wael kadri' 2 weeks ago
Jeffree luve
'Jeffree luve' 2 weeks ago
Wait till 2025, baby.
'XY6a' 2 weeks ago
3,021,875 subscribers
THE Minecraft gamer dan
Digital Storm rips you off
'LelandYT' 2 weeks ago
I like watching the stuff I couldn’t have because I’m not as rich as you I wish I could have a gaming pc but my gut is telling me I’m never going to have one. Congrats dude!😪🙂
Night Falls
'Night Falls' 3 weeks ago
I hope these filty rich ppl get cancer and die!
'an_average_thatcher' 3 weeks ago
Can it run minecraft tho?
savaged sH00tingdomains
Why would u spend that much on a pc
'BLACK Volt' 3 weeks ago
Đăng Quang
'Đăng Quang' 3 weeks ago
specs dude
tharun vijay
'tharun vijay' 3 weeks ago
Paramjot Singh Khalsa
'GEEK TECHNOLOGY' 3 weeks ago
Hi guys this is the most powerful computer 😱😱
Academia De Limpieza
Tried with AOL Internet!
Mahmoud Fawaz
'Mahmoud Fawaz' 3 weeks ago
Its not pc
Strange Soul
'Strange Soul' 3 weeks ago
Liquid Cooling? RIP to your rig if you will use only in Gaming FANS is still the best
'BaliZone' 3 weeks ago
2:01 The Recording of my Mother Giving Birth
'MarblesLive' 3 weeks ago
Az yaklaş kameraya yaklaş pu senin gibi bilgisayara :DDDD
Alfin Saji
'Alfin Saji' 3 weeks ago
Bro please give your old laptop to me
Θανος Συρο
'Θανος Συρο' 3 weeks ago
ha! your "gargantuan" pc NOW seems pretty ordinary. sure you can play 4k shit quite nicely (as i do with my 300e PS pro). But in the end $7k+ just for 4k gaming? Bitch you spare the money!
Mojamoja Mujaden
'Mojamoja Mujaden' 3 weeks ago
i just had a series of orgasm.
Lazer Tech
'Lazer Tech' 3 weeks ago
CaN It RUn MinCrAFT?!?!?!
John Loook
'John Loook' 3 weeks ago
I see 7.000 in my feed
'Evil' 3 weeks ago
stay on the console u cunt. use that piece of shit for crypto farming why not. its only reason u bought it to make money..... fucking hate ur hass hope my bad enery rubs of on ya and u die irl. piece of shit.
'Fundayz' 3 weeks ago
He said check them out lol boy I can’t even afford a 500 usd build 😂 good one nadeshot
'Nortrica' 3 weeks ago
got a price 0f 5537 Using honey and shipping for me
Michael Eboh
'Michael Eboh' 3 weeks ago
Very expensive but if you invest soon you will buy it and save money even. Invest wisely with
'Geode' 3 weeks ago
People in the comments be like; Really, you paid $7500 for THAT? Now it's worth $13......
El Canal de Abel
'El Canal de Abel' 3 weeks ago
Me siento más pátetico que de costumbre
'unknown' 4 weeks ago
Are those hard drive bays? Really? In todays day and age?...unless its for raid mmmhhh
Naiden Bomb
'Naiden Bomb' 4 weeks ago
Oh my god it’s white
'TECHDROID GAMER' 4 weeks ago
Its beast i also have it
Thamara Navodya
'Thamara Navodya' 4 weeks ago
Omg !! Fantastic 💕💕
'BelgiumFries' 4 weeks ago
lol why your retarded
'Thegamerguy890' 4 weeks ago
That’s not worth $7500 they probably could’ve put 1080 ti’s in there
'XadowMonzter' 4 weeks ago
You didnt start on the pc master race, you already reached the end game of the pc master race. It's game over already.
Jorge Martinez
'Jorge Martinez' 4 weeks ago
with 3million subscribers it's easy to burn money.
akshay Kumar
'akshay Kumar' 4 weeks ago
Happy holi
Kavita Koria
'Kavita Koria' 4 weeks ago
I have a bought a 20000$ pc and it is like a bugatti in a cpu
Carson Playz I TBNRlegend
Jesus Christ that’s bigger than my dick
'Zarüct' 4 weeks ago
The SS Schutstaffel PC
Aarav Bakshi
'Aarav Bakshi' 4 weeks ago
lel....a pre-built
'xX_Nikita_Xx' 4 weeks ago
so big O_O
'Kumodraz1987' 4 weeks ago
Fucking fagots...
'KIRTI CHANDRA' 4 weeks ago
MLG Panda
'MLG Panda' 4 weeks ago
When u watch this on your laptop that has problems Whit starting up google
Seal Stealer
'Seal Stealer' 4 weeks ago
5:23 But can it run Crysis?
Gaurav Singh
'Gaurav Singh' 4 weeks ago
Can i run Multiple VR headsets on 1 PC,i have 5 Lenovo mixed reality headsets for my school student,Please Can you tell me which PC I should buy.
Achraf chocho
'Achraf chocho' 4 weeks ago
Mandeep Singh
'Mandeep Singh' 1 month ago
well i cant understand what did you do to get this PC for free ....... i can only wish for such wonders in my life.
Bhagwat Giri
'Bhagwat Giri' 1 month ago
it is not a fucking pc it is a cpu
Abhi sharma
'Abhi sharma' 1 month ago
nothing that special😂😂😂
Baby nugs
'Baby nugs' 1 month ago
Hey look I'm a dipshit youtuber who spends money to show off
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