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GIANT Kerplunk Challenge!! -
Published: 2 months ago By: Team Edge

By: Team EdgePublished: 2 months ago

3, 101, 578 views

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Abbie Wood
'Abbie Wood' 22 minutes ago
YOU GUYS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
cathy bailey
'cathy bailey' 10 hours ago
Matt and J freed look alike
LPS Sparky
'LPS Sparky' 11 hours ago
Stop at 00:53
'Jasmine' 13 hours ago
Booce King
'Booce King' 15 hours ago
Skylander Bro
'Skylander Bro's' 15 hours ago
Really Right Math
'Really Right Math' 15 hours ago
8:11 You don't need to make those sounds when your balls drop
Israel Lopez
'Israel Lopez' 17 hours ago
Lots of ball jokes😂🤣
Jeremy Ruiz
'Jeremy Ruiz' 18 hours ago
matthias: Why you just puush matthias: Who hit it. WHO HIT IT!!!!
Nathan McGregor
'Nathan McGregor' 19 hours ago
keep up the great work guys!
Kathleen Lentremy
'Kathleen Lentremy' 19 hours ago
trop bien
Aurimas vaškevičius
Whats the song on 3:32?
Isaiah Santos
'Isaiah Santos' 21 hours ago
Matt is so funny 😂
Joselito Salazar
'Joselito Salazar' 21 hours ago
hi matt here is a challenge sit on the ballon
Mason Cousins
'Mason Cousins' 22 hours ago
Next time do if a ball falls then spin the punishment weal. like so team Edge can see
Elita Ninja
'Elita Ninja' 24 hours ago
what was the song that matthias was singing ? at 3:31
Toy Bonnie
'Toy Bonnie' 24 hours ago
Do you do video games?!?
Rossi Mercado
'Rossi Mercado' 1 day ago
Y'all are cooler now than you were before, even you Matt😉😊✌️💕
Sarah Baldridge
'Sarah Baldridge' 1 day ago
J-Fred: NOT TO SHABBY 1:22 you'll thank me later
cat millionaire
'cat millionaire' 1 day ago
I took a chance and pulled down my pants and only got a couple balls
Debbera Thompson
'Debbera Thompson' 1 day ago
GoodnessGrapes 76
0:08 look at Joey in the back
Scott Warner
'Scott Warner' 1 day ago
make a pool challenge
Chase Hays
'Chase Hays' 1 day ago
Kids are watching this
Nicole Thomas
'Nicole Thomas' 1 day ago
I have to be delicate was favorite part 
Nicole Thomas
'Nicole Thomas' 1 day ago
I'm going to do this with all of my friends
Catrice Deguzman
'Catrice Deguzman' 1 day ago
I toooook a chance and pulllled dowwwn my paiiiiiiiiiints
Joshua Wingert
'Joshua Wingert' 1 day ago
Play giant basketball
'ArticInkFox' 1 day ago
I watch this video everyday and it never fails to make me laugh :D
Potato Pototo0-0
'Potato Pototo0-0' 1 day ago
7:09 same bruh same
'CharaTheWolf' 2 days ago
as soon as I blew on the computer everything fell
Michael Hogge
'Michael Hogge' 2 days ago
y dont you
Hobie Wickerham
'Hobie Wickerham' 2 days ago
When j-Fred said I took a chance and pulled down my pants 😂
Peri The Pie
'Peri The Pie' 2 days ago
"Just doing some research!" ON what getting whacked in the face
Inderdeep Dhindsa
'Inderdeep Dhindsa' 2 days ago
Frank Young
'Frank Young' 2 days ago
Jo Jo Tef
'Jo Jo Tef' 2 days ago
I like your challenge
Adyson Frueh
'Adyson Frueh' 2 days ago
Brian is cute
Eli Bubbub
'Eli Bubbub' 2 days ago
Joey Witkowski
'Joey Witkowski' 3 days ago
I took a pants and I pulled down my chance 😹😹😹😹😸😸😹😸😸😹😸😹😹😸😸😹😹😸😸
'Musers4Musically' 3 days ago
We played this at my school with rebar and tennis balls
Addison Scott
'Addison Scott' 3 days ago
" hey Mathias grab a pole of distraction"-J-Fred 2017
Justyn Sanchez
'Justyn Sanchez' 3 days ago
I subscribe!
Rainbow 3245
'Rainbow 3245' 3 days ago
It's going to send pezes that wet Brian 2k17
Rottenpotatobaba- AJ And More!
MATT!! Why did you do the 'back and forth' dance?? We all know what that is..
Elias A.S
'Elias A.S' 3 days ago
J-fears wins
Millie joy Andaya
'Millie joy Andaya' 3 days ago
U GUYs DID U kNOw THAT iM A bUTT KNighT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
feel good to be alive with u bro
brayan the good jfred the weird matt the bad
phillip jensen
'phillip jensen' 3 days ago
Matias How old are you
crazy cookie
'crazy cookie' 3 days ago
crazy cookie
'crazy cookie' 3 days ago
crazy cookie
'crazy cookie' 3 days ago
Jfred and Matt look a lick
Mally Mal :3
'Mally Mal :3' 3 days ago
j-fred: and it all comes crashing down me: and it all comes crashing doooooooown is there something I cant dooooo (steven universe song) Matthias: its over me: its over, isn't it? isn't it? isn't it over? (steven universe fo lyfe m80)
Wyatt Showalter
'Wyatt Showalter' 3 days ago
if you look at the wall there is still a hole from markiplier in the mario kart video
Devin Gamer
'Devin Gamer' 3 days ago
Did you guys make that
Noah Ingles
'Noah Ingles' 3 days ago
this is funny😂
Kitty Cat Mia
'Kitty Cat Mia' 4 days ago
Best Team Edge vid!
'TheRobloxManiac' 4 days ago
Mason Churchwell
'Mason Churchwell' 4 days ago
U guys rock 😀😃😄😁
im so cool
'im so cool' 4 days ago
omg the song at 7:25!! really j-fred!
'Rockgal11' 4 days ago
J-Fred and Matt say Bryan stinks, but then he ends up winning
Anthony Rodriguez
'Anthony Rodriguez' 4 days ago
I like your videos
'beedozer' 4 days ago
Best Australian stereotype guys I'm not even offended!
khalid phansa
'khalid phansa' 4 days ago
Technically Mathias was right as 39 plus 7 equals 46 and 52 take away 7 equals 45
'ThaneaMan' 4 days ago
"If you don't got balls well that's just sad."-- Mathias 2017
Chris Morrow
'Chris Morrow' 4 days ago
I have the flu can I get some couple likes not saying it's my birthday and being honest I'm sorry for asking
Ryan sings
'Ryan sings' 4 days ago
j Fred rosted him self
Jillian Cook
'Jillian Cook' 5 days ago
am I to late for a response?
Jesus Jimenez Jr
'Jesus Jimenez Jr' 5 days ago
you guy are the best
shaylee Mckeever
'shaylee Mckeever' 5 days ago
if you have no balls well that's just sad RIP Matthias
Jason Fisher
'Jason Fisher' 5 days ago
mat yòur sòooooo funny
M.Bilal Janjua
'M.Bilal Janjua' 5 days ago
everyone atleast has 2 balls if you know what I mean
'kaleb733' 5 days ago
I laughed so hard when Joey said I took a chance and pulled down my pants
Strangely. Ari
'Strangely. Ari' 5 days ago
Strangely. Ari
'Strangely. Ari' 5 days ago
Omg I saw someone wearing a rams hat!!!
'minecraftmods' 5 days ago
bibble 77
'bibble 77' 5 days ago
Omg Matt is SO much like his brother!
Jenae Gaming
'Jenae Gaming' 5 days ago
This is who lost.. I'm not a spoiler like everyone else. jk
Fawnia Opp
'Fawnia Opp' 6 days ago
Rosie Street
'Rosie Street' 6 days ago
I won because girls don't have balls 😝😝😝😝😝
Karen Lempfert
'Karen Lempfert' 6 days ago
Karen Lempfert
'Karen Lempfert' 6 days ago
Karen Lempfert
'Karen Lempfert' 6 days ago
that's offensive cuz today is my birthday
'CodeNamePizzaJr' 6 days ago
I feel bad for joey
Nyan cat
'Nyan cat' 6 days ago
i might sub lel...
nathan green
'nathan green' 6 days ago
I subscribed Matt Bryan and J-Fred
wyatt stirling
'wyatt stirling' 6 days ago
'TheRealAurelCFW' 6 days ago
CAN YOU DO SARTEDEENS GAME IT From that youtube family go and check it out but   is like hidesick game
lillian spanakis
'lillian spanakis' 6 days ago
Amber Fielding
'Amber Fielding' 6 days ago
is Fred ur twin
'mrskj1029' 6 days ago
Can you do this again as a consequence by having to stand in the middle of the cage
Kai Pelrine
'Kai Pelrine' 7 days ago
Team edge for the win everyone
Lizzy Hittner
'Lizzy Hittner' 7 days ago
"got to make this interesting Buh" "Im not interested"
The Fraire Kids
'The Fraire Kids' 7 days ago
Ssundee fan
'Ssundee fan' 7 days ago
Sad Savage Sports
'Sad Savage Sports' 7 days ago
They always get me in a good mood
Guppyyuppy678500987 Blogging
Hi team edge
team dogs
'team dogs' 7 days ago
Denise Pronk
'Denise Pronk' 7 days ago
The soundguy killed me😂😂😂😂😂😂
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