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GIANT Kerplunk Challenge!! -
Published: 11 months ago By: Team Edge

By: Team EdgePublished: 11 months ago

6, 987, 596 views

72, 134 Likes   2, 519 Dislikes

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Milo Gaming
'Milo Gaming' 14 hours ago
Matt has another challenge. He needs to chill
Kirsten Villamil
'Kirsten Villamil' 17 hours ago
can you do a four corner nerf gun battle?
Andrew Moore
'Andrew Moore' 18 hours ago
Matt you should chill out bra
Andrew Moore
'Andrew Moore' 18 hours ago
Tammie Purcell
'Tammie Purcell' 20 hours ago
Talon Dresang
'Talon Dresang' 1 day ago
by far the funniest video of team edge i have watched. great job guys!
Animal Amy
'Animal Amy' 1 day ago
I took a chance and pulled down my pants!
Luna The Morkie
'Luna The Morkie' 1 day ago
Aalyiah Pena
'Aalyiah Pena' 2 days ago
Daddy who are you daddy
Andrew Pearson
'Andrew Pearson' 2 days ago
jfred is my true friend hey jfred do you like me as friend live me it in he comments please
Lilith Wilson
'Lilith Wilson' 3 days ago
ALL DA BALLS IN DA WORLD :3 my day was filled with Ball jokes this is the best day of my life!
Maya puppy
'Maya puppy' 3 days ago
I've never ever laughed so hard
'TooEeeZee' 3 days ago
Person who supply's team edge: hello yes I would like to order 200 giant plastic tubes for store pickup thank you. Store:... ok?
Michael Shearrill
'Michael Shearrill' 3 days ago
your just some geniuses
Adele Rose
'Adele Rose' 3 days ago
This was the first ever video I've ever seen ever by ever team edge ever. Ever ever ever
10/10 videos
'10/10 videos' 4 days ago
my mom said if i get to100 subscribers she would get me a gopro
Clairice Strehlow
'Clairice Strehlow' 4 days ago
Aww the Googly Eyes add.. Rip. It's Get Good now...
Michele Branscum
'Michele Branscum' 4 days ago
Is jfred and brayan and matt brother
Most Savage
'Most Savage' 5 days ago
I can’t believe Matt has 3 channels
Olivia Mathews
'Olivia Mathews' 5 days ago
Why isn't Matt ever in the TeamEdge videos anymore?😢
'Manny99999999999' 5 days ago
who's watching this after Googly Eyes went down and Get Good Gaming went up
Bonnie901 fnaf
'Bonnie901 fnaf' 5 days ago
i took a chance and pull down my pants hahahaahahahahahaha i can't even can't hahahahahahahahahahaha
Go watch 4: 50
'Chivista' 5 days ago
Damn it i miss the old intro
Neon Panda
'Neon Panda' 5 days ago
I’m not touching you
KittyPet Gaming
'KittyPet Gaming' 5 days ago
"Who ever ends up with the least balls" None of u even have balls rn.
Cyberg- Gaming & More
“When you got no balls” xD Sounds so wrong honestly
Harrison Biggs
'Harrison Biggs' 6 days ago
Silly Pasta
'Silly Pasta' 6 days ago
😂 lol
Rich Mustacchio
'Rich Mustacchio' 6 days ago
You should play this with someone standing inside of the cage
'Nachbe' 6 days ago
let's play a game everytime J-fred sings in this video take a shot 😂
Noorseen And Mahdi
I miss these old vid heah With Matthias
Jaxson IsABeast
'Jaxson IsABeast' 6 days ago
Matt: What Am I A Noob Like You Guys? The End: Matt Loses 😂
ajdin A
'ajdin A' 7 days ago
'SADIE MACAL' 7 days ago
J-Fred is funny j-Fred : i took a chance and Pulles down my pants
'GoldenGamingYT' 7 days ago
linton Ngo
'linton Ngo' 1 week ago
I love you Matthias
Chicken #4
'Chicken #4' 1 week ago
I Took a chance and took off my pants - J-Fred 😎 /👕\ 👖 👟👟
Chicken #4
'Chicken #4' 1 week ago
I can’t wait for it to come crashing down like my life-J-Fred 😁 /💔\ /\
rosalie ortiz
'rosalie ortiz' 1 week ago
This was the first team edge video I've watched
Josh Camacho
'Josh Camacho' 1 week ago
I can"t belive Bryon won.!
Austin Nguyen
'Austin Nguyen' 1 week ago
Matt yay it’s my birthday
Austin Nguyen
'Austin Nguyen' 1 week ago
Jaren Chirrick
'Jaren Chirrick' 1 week ago
Now you guys should make a ball pit out of the balls
MLG_ Wolfie1
'MLG_ Wolfie1' 1 week ago
Did anyone else notice the hole in the wall from the Mario kart video with markiplier? LOL
Aalyiah Pena
'Aalyiah Pena' 1 week ago
Grayson Stauffer
'Grayson Stauffer' 1 week ago
Hey you guys are better than everybody
Anthony Britt
'Anthony Britt' 1 week ago
Matt are you and j Fred brothers
Anthony Britt
'Anthony Britt' 1 week ago
No you do bro
Manuel Campos
'Manuel Campos' 1 week ago
Hi Matt I love you in your biggest fan
Caleb Cunningham
'Caleb Cunningham' 1 week ago
I once saw a guy at Walmart that looked so much like Bryan.
Brandon Moore
'Brandon Moore' 1 week ago
Am I late on the 30 minute comment
Reborninlondonuk Phillpot
That's what he said
Jennifer Luke
'Jennifer Luke' 2 weeks ago
no you dont no one repleys back
Husan Raupov
'Husan Raupov' 2 weeks ago
Matt has his own Chanel and other Chanel like team edge
Husan Raupov
'Husan Raupov' 2 weeks ago
Will you do more of the games like these
Jordyn Klover
'Jordyn Klover' 2 weeks ago
"there is a lot of balls jokes" im dead xD
Miguelito Coronel
'Miguelito Coronel' 2 weeks ago
Kerplunk blindfolded
Cayden Bouquet
'Cayden Bouquet' 2 weeks ago
Onekie Machado
'Onekie Machado' 2 weeks ago
Amanda Barrs
'Amanda Barrs' 2 weeks ago
Shanita Tucker
'Shanita Tucker' 2 weeks ago
they almost at 3 million
aaron martin
'aaron martin' 2 weeks ago
He s just trying to flex stop it dud Brian
Ionut Prodan
'Ionut Prodan' 2 weeks ago
Suci mymdick j-fred
Hannah Franklin
'Hannah Franklin' 2 weeks ago
The puns
Supremehitzz 267
'Supremehitzz 267' 2 weeks ago
Haylee O
'Haylee O' 2 weeks ago
reminder: these are grown-ass men xD
Maryam Alsaffar
'Maryam Alsaffar' 2 weeks ago
princess sie sie
'princess sie sie' 2 weeks ago
maddie stars
'maddie stars' 2 weeks ago
Do it again with you in it
גיא ואקי
'גיא ואקי' 2 weeks ago
Zella Louwrens Lord Neels
Mat is nr1 although he lost.
Roblox Savage
'Roblox Savage' 2 weeks ago
I was eating a bagel with cream cheese when I saw this
Gross Production
'Gross Production' 2 weeks ago
Team edge, where did the season two of team edge games go? The one where points are gained and the trophy is given. Mathias currently has it.
'SMACKDOWNFERRET 08' 2 weeks ago
You don’t need to make that sound when your balls drop hahahah😊
Gianna Curtis
'Gianna Curtis' 2 weeks ago
I swear J-Fred is that one friend that loves to show off their voice!!
Sky Bunny
'Sky Bunny' 2 weeks ago
When Bryan was dancing when you guys were showing the giant kurplunk
Sky Bunny
'Sky Bunny' 2 weeks ago
When Bryan was dancing when you guys were the giant kurplunk
Dino Killer
'Dino Killer' 2 weeks ago
Matt you are koko
'LadyJadey713' 2 weeks ago
That wasn't a bagel with cream cheese. That was cream cheese with a bagel. xD
Ísak Funi
'Ísak Funi' 2 weeks ago
Jo do al the like
DaBest Sophie Dophie
Matthias: "I'm not touching you!! I'm not touching you!! I'm not touching you!!!!!" Bryan: ( ͡°- ͡°) J Fred: *ok, I'm over here* ^¬^' {\_/} (°¬°) *all around me are familiar faces* / \
project G.O.O.S.E.B.U.M.P.S.
DO THE EDGE GAMES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'rgarong' 2 weeks ago
We have to pull pinGises and whoever has the most balls/pp loses
Jeannie Daar
'Jeannie Daar' 2 weeks ago
They should've put one of them inside !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Redate Mekuria
'Redate Mekuria' 2 weeks ago
Put some one under and pull the poles out and let the balls fall on them
Redate Mekuria
'Redate Mekuria' 2 weeks ago
Zackary Miller
'Zackary Miller' 3 weeks ago
If you have a big ball +3 points if you have a small ball +1 if you have no balls (your a woman 😂) Matt: well that's sad
Kaitlyn city And family
I'm Carl
Katherine Smith
'Katherine Smith' 3 weeks ago
Do u want balls
Wanda Keele
'Wanda Keele' 3 weeks ago
please let matt
'B0RIZ4' 3 weeks ago
Mat I subbed to this Chanel and your Chanel
Sara Darwish
'Sara Darwish' 3 weeks ago
NNnnOT To Shabby🤣
Gebran Abo Dargham
'Gebran Abo Dargham' 3 weeks ago
Decided that everyone loves you and you are one of my favourite YouTubers
Adam Doty
'Adam Doty' 3 weeks ago
Who else will take the chance to pull down their pants
Cool Jelly
'Cool Jelly' 3 weeks ago
Edge games pls
MURPHDOG coolness
'MURPHDOG coolness' 3 weeks ago
Can u stop sayin" ball"puntsI'm a girl and I get it and I don't like it
Kenzie Sandborg
'Kenzie Sandborg' 3 weeks ago
I would of pulled from the top since the bottom would catch all the balls
Jaelyn Tucker
'Jaelyn Tucker' 3 weeks ago
Matt changed a lot
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