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Floating on Your Back Can Save Your Life | MythBusters -
Published: 12 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 12 months ago

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During an underwater explosion, is it safer to tread water or lie on your back? Adam and Jamie find out.

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The Doge
'The Doge' 11 months ago
Does explosion underwater make a vacuum under it?
'patrice373' 11 months ago
Good to know for Mosul's olympic swiming team
'MeJoho' 11 months ago
They didn't mention anything about the lungs. I'm buffled about that.
'RadioLogicalHazard' 12 months ago
It's a quarry lake. No fish to kill.
Eas Death
'Eas Death' 12 months ago
And there goes mamy lives in the lake... Extremely smart for a research :/
Imaad siddiqui
'Imaad siddiqui' 12 months ago
Does this show come on in the UK? If so what channel
'TheCrappyWizzard' 12 months ago
Wow only 11 comments?
Kitkatkay _
'Kitkatkay _' 12 months ago
What do those explosives do to the water there?
'doodelay' 12 months ago
They didn't explain exactly why though. Is it because the most damaging blast waves would've gone under you if you were on your back?
Major Renegade
'Major Renegade' 12 months ago
stop rubbing it in, we all miss mythbusters
thomas cruz
'thomas cruz' 12 months ago
R.I.P fish in that lake
Boruto uzumaki
'Boruto uzumaki' 12 months ago
Need more off these
Slick Swim
'Slick Swim' 12 months ago
I miss myth busters.
'JokerZanity' 12 months ago
ayy lmao
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