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Basic Parts of the Brain - Part 1 - 3D Anatomy Tutorial -
Published: 6 years ago By: AnatomyZone

By: AnatomyZonePublished: 6 years ago

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3D anatomy tutorial on the basic parts of the brain using the Zygote Body Browser ( This is the FIRST part, please watch the second part as well!

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'HARSHITA KUMARI' 5 days ago
Cleared all my doubts!! Thanxxx🙂
Rubens Santos
'Rubens Santos' 1 week ago
Iffah Suraya Jasni
'Iffah Suraya Jasni' 4 weeks ago
amazing. thank you so much.
Joelle Corazziari
'Joelle Corazziari' 1 month ago
ma come cazzo parli coglione
Troll Mbbs
'Troll Mbbs' 2 months ago
please add more videos of neuroanatomy
无敌视频Invincible Video
It’s useful
Rumaisa Ali
'Rumaisa Ali' 3 months ago
Thank u sir this is the most useful video for me. I learnt many things clearly which i was not knowing yet.
Priya Raj
'Priya Raj' 3 months ago
Best simple and clear explanation so far— my concept has got crystal clear— appreciate your meticulous effort in developing the 3D animation — helped thousands
'KarinaLovesHim13' 4 months ago
Love your channel!! I learn 2 weeks worth of studying in like 10 mins!!
'adywi' 4 months ago
This video is really bad it's just time consumming I just want to drink and smoke a join
Alex Sanchez
'Alex Sanchez' 4 months ago
Don't let anyone say it's not perfect how it it
Seba Ak
'Seba Ak' 5 months ago
The accent 😍 the way he pronounces LATERAL 😅
majd doukeh
'majd doukeh' 5 months ago
Doctor,what is the program please?
Wallace Rose
'Wallace Rose' 5 months ago
Have you done a video on the thalamus and the way the frontal cortex connects to it? I'd love to see the inner networking of the brain to itself and some of the feedback loops. Thanks. Ops! Just found your video on the topic!
Gaming King Amish
'Gaming King Amish' 5 months ago
Thank you it is helpful to me... I wanted to prepare for MBBS.. 😇😇😇😊 I wish you will make other informative video
swati kumari
'swati kumari' 6 months ago
I need cerebellum anatomy by anatomy tutorial
Wesley Rose
'Wesley Rose' 6 months ago
Why isn't neuro taught better?  First two minutes and I already understand the location of the midbrain infinitely better than two hours of lecture.  My teacher uses no tactile methods, she doesn't draw a picture or use ANY videos.  Thank you for this.
'I'm Suicidal' 6 months ago
No more dad
Evil poptart
'Evil poptart' 7 months ago
Jennifer Dziuk
'Jennifer Dziuk' 7 months ago
I love the brain okay kids kiss your brain
bilmiyorum bilbilyorm
Brain is very mix. Anterior inferior posterior superior. And brainstem, medulla ablongata pons midbrain cerebral peduncles corpora quadrigemina, superior colliculi, inferior colliculi,tectum , pons, nuclei, ganglia , memory ,vein. diencephalon, thalamus, hypothalamus, pineal gland. thalami, interthalamic adhesion, pineal gland, cerebral cortex neocortex, allocortex, archicortex, palecortex, sulci,central sulcus, lateral sulcus, frontal lobe, parietal lobe, tempora lobe, occipital lobe
Mihir Sundrani
'Mihir Sundrani' 7 months ago
What the matter you are telling should be written along with your explanation as it would more attractive for me to understand the theory.
tanis shapka
'tanis shapka' 7 months ago
Kids like you should focus on your schooling how many years do you have medical field
tanis shapka
'tanis shapka' 7 months ago
What is the cerebellum ? What does the cerebellum do ? What is epilepsy ?
'Itania333' 8 months ago
YES! Thank you! This is super helpful and really fascinating!
Karan Maurya
'Karan Maurya' 9 months ago
@anatomyzone bro you are awesome, by linking the name of structures to their literal meaning -a great way to remember and understand . Thank you very much .
Arkar nyan hein
'Arkar nyan hein' 9 months ago
I am engineering manufacturing student.I am fascinated by creating molecular device.I wish we could alter state of conciousness by cutting suprachiasmatic nucleus or mesopotine manipulation using molecular machine. I think learning brain anatomy and nuerology is the great start.
tOny D
'tOny D' 10 months ago
so outer cortex = neocortex (grey matter) inner cortex = allocortex (white matter) or is the allocortex part of the outer cortex?
'Taciturn '' 10 months ago
I keep falling in love with your voice plus you make everything so easy to understand!
Rafael Marques maximiano
great job !!!! congrats
Muhammad Ilyas
'Muhammad Ilyas' 11 months ago
plz tell me how to understand neuroanatomy
Shabi Husain
'Shabi Husain' 11 months ago
I entered in my brain today😅😆
Bala Murugan
'Bala Murugan' 11 months ago
ur jzt awesome bro!
Sally Wang
'Sally Wang' 12 months ago
Thank you so much for creating this channel! I'm a beginner in psychology & a starter in learning English. This channel suits me so well! But still, it's hard without subtitle :(
Benson Bang Chuol
'Benson Bang Chuol' 12 months ago
This is so help for me after punishing this. It give me. Deep insight
bayan mawed
'bayan mawed' 12 months ago
So useful!!!! thank u
'Tamanna' 12 months ago
i needed around 2 mnth to learn these things in my med school, i just wonder how this vdo makes these things so easy !
Enrique Jaramillo
'Enrique Jaramillo' 1 year ago
you rock man super good.
Dan Nichols
'Dan Nichols' 1 year ago
Thank you so much for adding REAL closed-captions, rather than the default 'automatic' computer generated ones which usually mess up pretty badly!
Kai Alive
'Kai Alive' 1 year ago
Content: Good Delivery: Poor Go see a speech therapist, your pronunciation sounds like a child's speech and you don't have to shove the mic down your throat for us to hear you. I cringe every time you swallow or smack your lips. Also quit the monotone, I zoned out a lot because of it.
'animel8ve' 1 year ago
Thank you great tutorial simple and comprehensive
Cassie Ke
'Cassie Ke' 1 year ago
the midbrain looks like a creature! lol.
Sukanya Pawar
'Sukanya Pawar' 1 year ago
This is so amazing and easy to understand, thanks alot !!
heluvsme55 Hall
'heluvsme55 Hall' 1 year ago
Every time I hear medulla obligata(i lknow its not spelled right) i think about the movie the water boy lol.
'dinette76' 1 year ago
Extremely helpful, thank you!
Saikat Banerjee
'Saikat Banerjee' 1 year ago
really helpful
Sharmeen Shaikh
'Sharmeen Shaikh' 1 year ago
I've been watching these videos from so long and this is the time I am realising that I am falling for this Man's voice. I am keep on wondering each time I open his videos, how would he look like & what would be his name?
Shaz khan
'Shaz khan' 1 year ago
Excellent explanation.. Well organized
'erfun' 1 year ago
every time you say the word "brain" I want to kick your teeth in!!!!
Latha Ramakrishnan
awesome!!!!!!!! ur animation has really made the structure understandable.PLEASE KEEP UPLOADING MORE ON HUMAN ANATOMY!!!!!!
noor noor
'noor noor' 1 year ago
what program is that and thanks
R Mh
'R Mh' 1 year ago
Excellent teaching
Irina Stephens
'Irina Stephens' 1 year ago
Amazing video!! Thank you. Straight to the point and not overwhelming.
Peter Macharia
'Peter Macharia' 2 years ago
What of the montor strip and sensory strip?
Tim Stafford
'Tim Stafford' 2 years ago
thanks for a clear explanation. it's hard to enter into studies of the brain, as many texts and diagrams bombard the reader with so much information at once. this tutorial is well organized
Arushika Singh
'Arushika Singh' 2 years ago
Sharon Gonzales
'Sharon Gonzales' 2 years ago
Can not thank you enough for explaining the parts of the brain in a way that is easily understandable!!!
'joneall1' 2 years ago
Excellent overview. Thanks a lot. I'll watch some more tomorrow.
Reem Nazar
'Reem Nazar' 2 years ago
why it's written in white -_- ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
El niño del mar
'El niño del mar' 2 years ago
great video. 🆒
Mats Freij
'Mats Freij' 2 years ago
Superb lecture. I've been looking for something this clear. Thank you!
'manthasagittarius1' 2 years ago
Everybody luvs ye, lad. :) I wish I'd had this 25 years ago, embarking on study of psychology -- I am a bit spatially impaired, and I had a hell of a bad time visualizing these structures in three dimensions. There were no programs back then that rotated the images like this. A great addition to the study tools for a vital but complex topic.
Vlad Popovici
'Vlad Popovici' 2 years ago
nice lecture. one thing though, 6:28, thats not lateral view, it's medial
Azhagu Nagappan
'Azhagu Nagappan' 2 years ago
The video was really clear about the topic and i found it useful to understand basics of brain anatomy.Thank you for the upload!. Cheers. : )
candy printesa
'candy printesa' 2 years ago
you have been my savior for this entire semester xD thanks!
lilyy gdgdgd
'lilyy gdgdgd' 2 years ago
thank you! you are concrete and easy to understand!!
Daniela Giosan
'Daniela Giosan' 2 years ago
this was very useful. thanks!
'EN4 H' 2 years ago
thaaaaanx alooot , but i have Q what it that accent ?! it is Australian ?
Alida van wel
'Alida van wel' 2 years ago
great vid!!! Thanks!!
Ozair Yahya
'Ozair Yahya' 2 years ago
How does the brain work in terms of being possessed by a demon?
Jenny Dolma
'Jenny Dolma' 2 years ago
God bless! the parietal lobe though, that's the only one did not hear too well. integrates info receival of sensory? someone please tell me asap! exam tmrw
Arun Saha
'Arun Saha' 2 years ago
4:02 so there's this little guy who does all the talking inside our brain! :P
Selin Kubilay
'Selin Kubilay' 2 years ago
Im in love with you, SERIOUSLY
'aosena' 2 years ago
i can't tell you how thankfull i'm , thank you , <3 <3 ,
J. Logan
'J. Logan' 2 years ago
Thank you.
Melchizedek Christ
'Melchizedek Christ' 2 years ago
Kate Cohen-Posey
'Kate Cohen-Posey' 2 years ago
A great visual aid on the parts of the brain is THE HANDY BRAIN MODEL, now available in sizes medium and large on Amazon.  You can literally find brain features in the palm of your hand.  The instructions has many self-calming techniques.
Hazel Serrano
'Hazel Serrano' 2 years ago
Konik Reality
'Konik Reality' 2 years ago
this video is awesum very well taught and I don't know what software u use but very usefull and utility u have thankyou
noga mmm
'noga mmm' 2 years ago
'BeHappy8181' 2 years ago
OMG I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU SOOOOOO much!!!! I have a huge exam tomorrow, and almost everything I need are in these videos!
'mazium' 2 years ago
LIFE saver
Z&Z nation
'Z&Z nation' 2 years ago
Studying to be a register nurse and this video was my everything THANK YOU SOOO MUCH
Job Cats
'Job Cats' 2 years ago
Injection Loaded
'Injection Loaded' 2 years ago
"interactive neuroanatomy " app available in playstore
Rob Alexanders
'Rob Alexanders' 2 years ago
Some YouTube channels deserve medical accreditation. This channel is certainly one of them. Thank you.
abdul hameed
'abdul hameed' 2 years ago
this is not basically video
anubhav pandey
'anubhav pandey' 2 years ago
it i................s very good
'Yumi' 2 years ago
'ISawNothing' 2 years ago
Why can't my lecturer teach like that? He spent 2 hrs talking about the same thing and I don't even get a word...
'evolving66' 2 years ago
Thank you for explaining this so clearly! I am not in the scientific or medical fields but am interested. Very helpful!
'JurnellGaming' 2 years ago
This was a well explained video, thanks!
'MyBluePlanet' 3 years ago
I'm a 6 year old kid, & i want to become a neurologist when i'm older, so i'm learning the basics.
Ana Pinto-Coelho
'Ana Pinto-Coelho' 3 years ago
So boring. I tried...
camilo sanchez
'camilo sanchez' 3 years ago
British accent makes it so scholarly !
Mozhde A
'Mozhde A' 3 years ago
Thank you...that really helped me :)
Robert Billington
'Robert Billington' 3 years ago
Great tutorial
'95MusicAddicted' 3 years ago
I really wish lectures could be like this... :(  I am a medicine student and I am finding it very hard trying to understand neuroanatomy; lectures haven't even helped me. Thank you so much for posting these videos relating to anatomy. They've helped me a lot.
Hülya Taştekin
'Hülya Taştekin' 3 years ago
I study medical science and this video help me so much .thank you!
Jessica Pham
'Jessica Pham' 3 years ago
this is amazing!!! I have been having a hard time teaching myself about the brain through books. This demonstration with vivid visuals are SO effective. Thanks so much for creating this video. Much appreciated!
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