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12 Strangest Snake Cryptids -
Published: 4 months ago By: Epic Wildlife

By: Epic WildlifePublished: 4 months ago

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From snakes with wings that can fly, to a 100-foot snake god caught on film, here are 12 of the Strangest Snake Cryptids Ever!

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Hoop Snake
This creature gets its name from its tendency to clamp its tail in its jaws and then roll after their prey like a wheel. At the last moment, the serpent will straighten itself and impale its victim with its venomous tail. The only way to escape the attack is to hide behind a tree … and should the tree receive the strike, it would die immediately from the venom. The creature appeared in tales related by lumberjacks … but it was first described in 1784. That letter noted that while the snake attacked in its wheel-like form … it would slither away from aggressors like any other serpent. Sightings of this cryptid have been reported from the Minnesota-Wisconsin border to British Columbia. They’ve also been seen in Australia. Did you know there’s a $10,000 reward for the first person who can produce verifiable evidence of a Hoop Snake?

Real-Life Flying Snakes
We’ve told you about a couple of flying snake cryptids … But there is no dispute about this the existence of this particular serpent … it truly does exist, and are found in Southeast Asia. How do they fly? They manage to push themselves vertically up trees by pushing against the rough bark. Once the animal reaches the end of a tree branch, it can lean forward and thrust its body away from the tree. It creates a type of ‘pseudo concave wing’ by pulling in its stomach and flaring out its ribs. Maintaining a serpentine undulation as it stabilizes its direction … enables the serpent to glide through the air.

Sucuriju Gigante (Soo-koo-ree-hoo HEE-gahn-tay)
Its name means, roughly, ‘giant anaconda’ … and sightings of this massive constrictor snake have been reported in South America since at least the mid-19th century … and persisted into the 1970s. Measuring some 131 feet long (40 meters) and weighing up to 5 tons, this immense creature is said to have made its home in the Amazon River since ancient times … and uses its size to control its territory. Despite that size, the beast has proven to be surprisingly elusive … with no definitive proof of its existence actually discovered. Yet. unconfirmed stories declare that explorers have encountered anacondas measuring anywhere from 33 feet to around 150 feet … (10m to 46m) leading some cryptozoologists to speculate the creature might be a descendant of Gigantophis (gih-GAN-tah-fiss … or JIE-gan-tah-fiss). That prehistoric snake could grow more than 30 feet long (9m) and lived during the Eocene period that ended some 34 million years ago.

Nabau (NAH-bhow)
This creature has been spotted by local tribes in Borneo, and is said to reach over 100 feet long!
The Nabau (NAH-bhow) is a python-like serpent with a head resembling a dragon and has seven nostrils. In folk tales, it is considered a god that possesses preternatural powers. Its scales are claimed to bestow a person with incredible strength …It can transmogrify itself into the shapes of various animals ... and simply seeing the creature is said to bring good fortune. If that’s so, then a lot of good fortune was imparted in 2009. That’s when a huge, serpent-like creature was seen in Borneo’s Baleh (BAH-luh) River. The picture was taken from a helicopter by a relief worker monitoring flood regions. A second picture shows a serpentine creature in the waters of a remote village. Locals say it’s the same creature in both photos, but taken in different parts of the river. While skeptics have dismissed the picture as the result of digital manipulation, others say it’s actually the ancient Nabau (NAH-bhow). What do you think?

We just spoke earlier about Sucuriju Gigante (Soo-koo-ree-hoo HEE-gahn-tay) …. But could this be the MEGAconda? Reports of giant anacondas date back to the European colonization of South America. Sightings of monster snakes measuring in excess of 160 feet (50 meters) were claimed by colonists. Stories of hunters killing serpents from over 33 feet long (10.3 meters) to more than 147 feet (45 meters) were reported through the 20th century. That has led to many long and winding debates about the creatures amongst cryptozoologists. Could these giant snake cryptids reach proportions as seen in the picture? Well, Titanoboa lived some 60 million years ago and is regarded as the largest snake that ever crawled the earth. Depending on the source, that creature reached lengths approaching 50 feet (15 meters), and weighed more than a ton (907 kilograms). Is it possible the Megaconda is an offshoot of Titanoboa that managed to survive for millions of years to the present day?

'CharlotteCerise' 2 months ago
50 feet seems possible, but 100 feet? I don't believe that could exist... even during prehistoric times, that didn't exist. Sounds like people are either exaggerating or just don't know how long a foot is.
Abe Golter
'Abe Golter' 2 months ago
Grace Berger
'Grace Berger' 2 months ago
Bull S T about the snake.
Θεολογία Μοναχή
ΑΝΔΡΈΑ κονανο
Jason Gray
'Jason Gray' 2 months ago
No one believes in greek mytholygy!
rapg abraham
'rapg abraham' 2 months ago
love snakes when I move 2 paraguay im guna get some more epic video thanks keep it up
Gurman Toor
'Gurman Toor' 3 months ago
how can you tell that the snakes can fly
'jarenwization' 3 months ago
hi im at school
Life of Natural Foods
Wow very nice snake video.
Alyssa Tapia
'Alyssa Tapia' 3 months ago
Is all of this true
Lovi Lyall
'Lovi Lyall' 3 months ago
what song did they use in the first 15 seconds of the vid.
Nikoloz Za
'Nikoloz Za' 3 months ago
'MrCantgetno' 3 months ago
10,000 $ for a hoop snake?? still dont have one? yep a folk tale. In the states theres a snake called the whip snake they say it chases you down whips your leg to make you fall the chokes you out .. whatever : )
QuikWarriors Samurau
'QuikWarriors Samurau' 3 months ago
For some reason I want to find them especially the big snakes like in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Borneo,& the Amazon River,I think Im crazy.
QuikWarriors Samurau
'QuikWarriors Samurau' 3 months ago
For some reason I want to find them especially the big snakes like in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Borneo,& the Amazon River
'fahkzz' 3 months ago
What a fucking atrocious channel this is. Can't believe this guy is actually finding success.
Robyn Nunya
'Robyn Nunya' 3 months ago
Oh gee I am sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but all the "Hoop Snakes"in Australia were devoured by those damned killer "Drop Bears" Havent you heard what a scary place Australia is? lmao
Eyeglass kun
'Eyeglass kun' 3 months ago
how can we belive u?
'scroobgames' 3 months ago
1:38 looks like good photoshop just an edited elephant with other beasts
นา นา
'นา นา' 3 months ago
Ikma Yana
'Ikma Yana' 3 months ago
biggest snake ever? Giant Bull Alaska Worms.
jay marc
'jay marc' 3 months ago
Emmerenchia Pieterse
'Emmerenchia Pieterse' 4 months ago
I have never heard of the "groot slang" myth in south africa and im a South African
KGS Smith
'KGS Smith' 4 months ago
the Titanoboa snake is real
Exotic Butters
'Exotic Butters' 4 months ago
If that giant snake is real I'm gonna find it and film it while also try to upload the video before i die
Trace Smith
'Trace Smith' 4 months ago
green grass snake will "hoopla" or roll while holding onto themselves and the other "hoop snake" is commonly known as a "zipdell" or sometimes "zypdhall"
Trace Smith
'Trace Smith' 4 months ago
I vote for the top twenty lethal looking animals that are totally harmless. I want to pick the Vermont Milk Snake and the Vt Fishing Spider. :)
'GreatChild999' 4 months ago
Good look
Psycho memories
'Psycho memories' 4 months ago
wow damn
Adib Hossain
'Adib Hossain' 4 months ago
so fake
'PRINT HUB' 4 months ago
waw ka dako sa has hahaha
Alexis Wilson
'Alexis Wilson' 4 months ago
I have seen a 20 ft long snake, in KENTUCKY!!! I think it was a python, but they aint supposed to be up this north..... nobody believes me.
'1whitemoon' 4 months ago
9:26 picture is fake. there's a version of this picture with no snake. it was photoshoped in. and as far as I know, hoop snakes are a joke made up to scare tourists. also why am I watching this
Cymru Corpse
'Cymru Corpse' 4 months ago
All I'm saying,I know the bible Torah and other ancient manuscripts,so knew people and dragons(dinosaurs),serpents(giant lizards) lived at the same time 👍. Remember Yah took away the serpents legs and bound it to drag itself on it's belly.. the truth and our history has always been in front of our faces, it's all true.
'ltsMish' 4 months ago
Its funny That they called it "Groot Slang" xD
Brian H
'Brian H' 4 months ago
How slithery.
Ben Solo
'Ben Solo' 4 months ago
nice keep up the good videos
Sigi Soltau
'Sigi Soltau' 4 months ago
It's definitely digitally manipulated.
'babyrazor' 4 months ago actual photos?...just photoshop?
Business Weasel
'Business Weasel' 4 months ago
kind of surprised that there was no mention of something like the Lambton Worm in here...
'Not-prudent' 4 months ago
Oooo neet, lilliputians with snakes!
Joseph Mosalo
'Joseph Mosalo' 4 months ago
power loving
Action Buddy
'Action Buddy' 4 months ago
Ridiculous!... Really silly misuse of stock photos.
Jannik Mayer
'Jannik Mayer' 4 months ago
mistake creation privilege simultaneously document term resolve economic Soviet.
You don
I don't think that there would be a 150ft snake. It would probably die from lack of food.
'BCMO' 4 months ago
Dylan wicklund
'Dylan wicklund' 4 months ago
Only king cobras will reach 20 ft God i hate this video most is such bs
Dylan wicklund
'Dylan wicklund' 4 months ago
If anybody was alive when the titanaboa was then that could be a real life account of a groot slang because they were 60ft long aswell
Dylan wicklund
'Dylan wicklund' 4 months ago
Why not show the pictures of the flying snake theirs pictures and videos of them gliding down from trees
Dylan wicklund
'Dylan wicklund' 4 months ago
Fake fake fake fuck the snake god
Laura Halvorsen
'Laura Halvorsen' 4 months ago
ps i am not saying epic wildlife is lying...
Laura Halvorsen
'Laura Halvorsen' 4 months ago
interesting and cool although time frame/period mentioned is non existent ! Remember if you tell a lie make sure it's a big one so it will be believable?. .. type of made up history that began in 1800s...
Craig Martin
'Craig Martin' 4 months ago
I loves me some snacks! Join the tender revolution!
steven swensen
'steven swensen' 4 months ago
Some of these claims, facts, and photos are quite questionable.
Captain Cat
'Captain Cat' 4 months ago
Titanoboa? In Africa? WTF Titanoboa lives in South America
Jalen Smith-Molina
'Jalen Smith-Molina' 4 months ago
Gray vid guys and for the next throwback Thursday, please do a video on 10 of the largest land mammals that ever existed
Ghan sksamamsj
'Ghan sksamamsj' 4 months ago
4 thousand views what you have 1 millón subs
Kandy Kane
'Kandy Kane' 4 months ago
Wait the first one is true. There is a snake species in borneo that flattens itself to jump and glide from tree to tree to pursue prey
pedro roque
'pedro roque' 4 months ago
Titanoboa had only 12m not even close of 100ft or 160ft, is something else if it is real
pedro roque
'pedro roque' 4 months ago
Congo Basin could be the land that time forgot
chrizz pach
'chrizz pach' 4 months ago
Funny cause there's a snake that sounds like a rooster in my place as well.
The Only One
'The Only One' 4 months ago
So damm early 52th comment
theyoutube platypus
'theyoutube platypus' 4 months ago
I put a snake on my neck in grade one a giant boa he was nice no bites or skars keep in mind #snakelifesmatter
'Bobbyboy532' 4 months ago
i hope the snake god is real so i can tame it and use it for $$$
'dutchy777' 4 months ago
why post this fake shit, not everybody is as stupid as the posters of this crap
Fredy Cortes
'Fredy Cortes' 4 months ago
[ Madman ]
'[ Madman ]' 4 months ago
jormugandr ?
The Gaming Raccoon
'The Gaming Raccoon' 4 months ago
The Congo snake was 200 feet long
Enrico Els
'Enrico Els' 4 months ago
hey, Afrikaans speaker from South Africa here... don't know if someone pointed this out yet... but you completely mispronounced "grootslang" Oh and I'm not hating or anything, just want to help. Keep up the good work. Listen to this, the pronunciation is still a little off but yea
Toby Bliss
'Toby Bliss' 4 months ago
0:36 look at those epic photo shop skills
anakinStar1 aka JerseyZilla Cord Godzilla 1998
You Just Gave Me Nightmares Thanks A Lot
Darin Diako
'Darin Diako' 4 months ago
10:30 fake picture
John Smith
'John Smith' 4 months ago
I find it funny how these scientists are claiming these things to be other snakes despite the fact that most of those snakes aren't even 1/3 the length of these cryptid snakes
Sam Animation
'Sam Animation' 4 months ago
Keep in mind he's not saying there real so no need for an stupid useless Fake comment
Vincent Pellemans
'Vincent Pellemans' 4 months ago
Is it increadible how when we find the largest animal of a kind, plants tend to be big around it and camera quality is specially excellent on the subject #Sarcasm
victor girardi
'victor girardi' 4 months ago
this is all BULLSHIT!! if you are going to make shit up, you should say its all fake in the video description. NO PICTURES OR VIDEO< OR A BODY = BULLSHIT !!!
'Tampajoe77' 4 months ago
fake thumnail. You deserve a fine..
Johns Skippy
'Johns Skippy' 4 months ago
Greg Schuller
'Greg Schuller' 4 months ago
'derpykid21' 4 months ago
I like turtles
xming chen
'xming chen' 4 months ago
Hi Styx
Spiral Horizon
'Spiral Horizon' 4 months ago
Enderblast12 Rowe
'Enderblast12 Rowe' 4 months ago
Daniel Markkula
'Daniel Markkula' 4 months ago
2nd. Great video
'Zhatan' 4 months ago
Andy Crowley Sr.
'Andy Crowley Sr.' 4 months ago
as first I wanna say: Mr. Epic, you rock
Mason A
'Mason A' 4 months ago
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