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Are Women Naturally Better at Reading Emotions? | MythBusters -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Kari, Grant, and Tory test a series of volunteers to examine their speed and accuracy when it comes to reading emotional cues.

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'STEVE P' 1 year ago
Kari looks beautiful, pretty earrings.
Sam Ba
'Sam Ba' 1 year ago
these are not expressions of real emotions, they were just making faces. for really SCIENTIFIC STUDY you should have taken photos of real-life incidents and test it on a large number of people; because in small test sample difference of 1 point doesn't proof anything.
Sandra Smith
'Sandra Smith' 1 year ago
Women are naturally better at everything
The Viewer
'The Viewer' 1 year ago
Wow, people are getting really angry about this. If you're so annoyed then go do it yourself.
'MegaYoyoer' 1 year ago
great, another exuse for feminists
'yeah' 1 year ago
Not very conclusive, they had small sample size and a small margin.
'BooBaddyBig' 1 year ago
The result is probably not statistically significant; you'd likely have to have a bigger sample size to establish this.
Robbie Hearle
'Robbie Hearle' 1 year ago
I would argue that it's not a great experiment as the emotions were just what the host believed a sad face or scared face looked like ect. Rather than actually producing a naturally occurring facial expression from a naturally occurring emotion.
João Paulo SK
'João Paulo SK' 1 year ago
It's a good test, if you want to know how you would do by reading emotions from ninjas.
Fremy Gonzales
'Fremy Gonzales' 1 year ago
In my experience it's pretty true. Women just look more towards the face of a person in comparison to men so they'd know better what certain facial expressions looks like. That's also one reason why women are more self conscious since they just see more of the face.
Indranil S
'Indranil S' 1 year ago
I do have emotions for Kari Byron <3
Fahad AlQanaee
'Fahad AlQanaee' 1 year ago
Typical: "Women are better than men" and no one is offended, just try doing a who's "smarter test" and all Feminazi's lose their mind.
'xj0469_clank' 1 year ago
Men and women? I'm opressed
Doug Reed
'Doug Reed' 1 year ago
Faked emotions and a small test group? An intriguing result, I'll grant you, but far from from convincing.
Aizen Uchiha
'Aizen Uchiha' 1 year ago
It's ok to talk about the differences in the Brain if women have the edge, but male advantages are sexist & racist.
'curi0' 1 year ago
Right, coz by being a tiny bit better at guessing some static, partial pictures, means you're better at reading emotions..
'FreedomForceUSA' 1 year ago
Wait, am I suppose to care?
Isaac Chay
'Isaac Chay' 1 year ago
I don't doubt that some women think they are better at reading emotions because they are women. Think is the key word.
Major Renegade
'Major Renegade' 1 year ago
9 out of 10 times, women will react to stupid things and get mad for no reasons at all.
thought mythbusters retired.  I had stopped watching after they told kari grant and tori to kick rocks
Scott Sekiya
'Scott Sekiya' 1 year ago
lol everyone's reactions to each emotion they experience is different. for example some people cry when they get really angry at something. and to be honest if can't read obvious emotions you probably have a disorder.
Rick Rudimentary
'Rick Rudimentary' 1 year ago
Men have a longer pauses because we engage our brains!
Animation Animal
'Animation Animal' 1 year ago
It's because women need to tell emotions of babies stfu feminists
'GabeHouseCovers' 1 year ago
if they're acting the faces and the emotions, they're not actually reading anything
'Zhamp0' 1 year ago
wait, they only tested like 20 people? confirmed my ass
readme info
'readme info' 1 year ago
is anyone surprised? men are taught from a young age that stuff like emotions are a sign of weakness amongst men.
Derek Cliff Crane
'Derek Cliff Crane' 1 year ago
Mythbusters only acknowledge 2 genders... awesome!
Devin Flener
'Devin Flener' 1 year ago
But why???!? I NEED TO KNOW!!!
'Satan' 1 year ago
confirmed by this statistically insignificant sample size
'skyboundpilot' 1 year ago
I would probably agree with this- Women DO seem much better at this. *But on a side note*, if you ever did a video about men being inherently better at something than women, feminists and the like would lose their freaking minds.
Daniel Șuteu
'Daniel Șuteu' 1 year ago
My guess is: if there is a gene on the X chromosome responsible for the development of better abilities to read other people's emotions, it's clear that women have a better chance than men to carry the "enhanced" gene, as they have two X chromosomes, while men have only one.
Enzo Tatsuro
'Enzo Tatsuro' 1 year ago
man aren't just bad at reading emotions but also at getting hints if women want something, DONT HINT just say so
'DJWolves97' 1 year ago
Ashraf G
'Ashraf G' 1 year ago
boobs in the thumbnail ... CLASSIC ;)
'Nekoromancer' 1 year ago
yeah, lets go to a particularly salty lake and take a sample. there's salt in the lake, therefore every lake is very salty.
Mi Les
'Mi Les' 1 year ago
I'm a woman?!
'Leisure' 1 year ago
NOT CONFIRMED!! The emotions that they were testing were faked emotions not real ones. They would need to capture true happy and sad, confused etc. to do this right. Have all the cast watch movies that evoke the true emotions then run the experiment again. I guarantee you'll get a different result.
Juan Borjas
'Juan Borjas' 1 year ago
Illuminati confirmed!
'CaptainEO420' 1 year ago
'lloydgush' 1 year ago
Women are better (or at least quicker) at reading subtle emotional clues. But one thing I thought was that the show sorta shoulda cite the more complete study because if people trust the show alone they get a pretty misguided view of sample sizes. Even if it's just in writing.
'Tom.R' 1 year ago
"Confirmed" WTF, you just do a survey lol, where are the real scientist?
'MMQuck' 1 year ago
chipapa o3
'chipapa o3' 1 year ago
thy should do one on parking. like if you agree
'peruface' 1 year ago
they will make a lot of money in poker
'cheapshotninja' 1 year ago
is this an old episode, or did they actually bring the crew back?
Mason Cooper
'Mason Cooper' 1 year ago
Women are better at making sandwiches
Dude wtf?
'Dude wtf?' 1 year ago
no, but they're better at projecting their own emotions onto others.
u dont need a experiment for that... ofc they can...
'NuggetOfBlueGold' 1 year ago
Women are only better at reading emotions cos they are super emotional themselves, throwing tantrums, fits, sulks, and having mood swings & bizarre, irrational thoughts several times a day. It's left us guys emotionally drained. :(
'MLG_YourMom' 1 year ago
not a good test since the result could be depending on how good someone can see faked emotions.
ERKARK Gallifrey
'ERKARK Gallifrey' 1 year ago
and that's why they are all over porn industry.
The Trust
'The Trust' 1 year ago
8============D what is this emotion?
ali vanom
'ali vanom' 1 year ago
Im dead inside
Retro Player
'Retro Player' 1 year ago
First all of you can suck a lemon
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