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Tory Lanez - The Screening Room: Breaking Down "LUV" ft. Drewski -
Published: 1 year ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 1 year ago

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Tory Lanez and Drewski get together in a private theater to break down the video for "Luv." Get insight on casting, location and more.

El vila brian
'El vila brian' 1 year ago
does anyone knows where i can find that cap he was wearing
'Jequaine' 1 year ago
why ppl hating tho
Petter Saul
'Petter Saul' 1 year ago
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MiniSota TV
'MiniSota TV' 1 year ago
Tory is my favourite artist either than maybe Bryson Tiller...but he said hottest video right now as the song is off the charts now.
Ayoub Blanc
'Ayoub Blanc' 1 year ago
Hello pal.. explosion Work actually sounds like defpoy sjxyplenty ..
Richard MODIBA
'Richard MODIBA' 1 year ago
Eddie Thomas
'Eddie Thomas' 1 year ago
Attarah Ardyn
'Attarah Ardyn' 1 year ago
want to c you not cumin to apt find somewhere else music play under
tasha hanley
'tasha hanley' 1 year ago
Tina Eksi
'Tina Eksi' 1 year ago
I dont mind
tony loschiavo
'tony loschiavo' 1 year ago
breaking dads back!!!!!!!!!!!! hoe bout thats spider monkeys!!!!!!!!! LOLOLLLLLOLOLLOLLLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLO
Archie White
'Archie White' 1 year ago
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Nina De Vos
'Nina De Vos' 1 year ago
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Abdou Pcikatra
'Abdou Pcikatra' 1 year ago
Sab in my accont pleas
'YVNG PICC' 1 year ago
How come they don't go over that last shot ...
'kaydope14' 1 year ago
People really don't see the amount of work he puts in behind the scenes... this man really does it all... major success for Tory is gonna be there for him
MNF94 -
'MNF94 -' 1 year ago
nobruminatti bruno 7
Love my man Tory no homo
nobruminatti bruno 7
A. D.
'A. D.' 1 year ago
yeah men 🎶🔥🤘🖖♡
eyeball queen
'eyeball queen' 1 year ago
I love Tory lanez💞💞😍😍
jadson Wds
'jadson Wds' 1 year ago
tomar no meu Cu...porra vevo
'AhmadVEVO' 1 year ago
I'm changed my YouTube channel name to AhmadVEVO
Nyla Lee
'Nyla Lee' 1 year ago
here before 1k views
'Infinxtes-_-' 1 year ago
Why is this song about lil uzi vert?
'fortulk' 1 year ago
Like this pizza 🍕
NoCopyright World
'NoCopyright World' 1 year ago
><<><><><<><>< y<>e<>a<>h <><><><>><><><>><
Alesiiz imvu
'Alesiiz imvu' 1 year ago
fidelia vaz
'fidelia vaz' 1 year ago
cool love it
ak .i
'ak .i' 1 year ago
I'm here because TheLegend27 kept kicking my ass..
Não tem babado negâ
Não tem babado negâ
'XoXo.' 1 year ago
I love Tory❤👌
msv. 1809
'msv. 1809' 1 year ago
yeiiiii llegue de octava
Deus Negro
'Deus Negro' 1 year ago
Brazil i Love you
Sem Graff
'Sem Graff' 1 year ago
Luke Brennan
'Luke Brennan' 1 year ago
It's my birthday today can I plz get 3 likes :)
Samuel Ramos
'Samuel Ramos' 1 year ago
primer comentario
John CRS
'John CRS' 1 year ago
'john' 1 year ago
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