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Man Selecting Cobras For Snake Show -
Published: 6 years ago By: FunKickAss

By: FunKickAssPublished: 6 years ago

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38, 769 Likes   7, 452 Dislikes

A crazy guy known as Cobra Man has 1000 Cobras as pets and for every show he selects a new Cobra.
Visit for more details.

JK bhardwaj
'JK bhardwaj' 34 seconds ago
This is crime
Raymun Chieftain
'Raymun Chieftain' 22 minutes ago
They have no fangs !
DAVX 451
'DAVX 451' 59 minutes ago
Me parece bien q las cogan pero q las tiren al suelo así...
Ashish Shan
'Ashish Shan' 2 hours ago
if these are venomless still i would not go for million dollars there😀
Pongkhun Bukaew
'Pongkhun Bukaew' 13 hours ago
Oh this was in Thailand
DJ Salad
'DJ Salad' 13 hours ago
this guy has balls of steel
'suptrto' 14 hours ago
Looks like me looking for my tie in the morning
'RAGE 2' 17 hours ago
He is mean
Marie Françoise Mazeau
Et comment il l'ai tape
Marie Françoise Mazeau
Il devrait se faire mordre les mecs on plus comment il poser (jete ) les serpent c'est un ***
Dr. Mukesh gupta
'Dr. Mukesh gupta' 23 hours ago
I never wishes to go inside
Napero Xd
'Napero Xd' 1 day ago
killer bey
'killer bey' 1 day ago
when you don't know what's for dinner for tonight
heck No
'heck No' 2 days ago
Son of a bitch. Savage people, with shitty morals that deserve to be stuck on their shithole of a country. if this were puppies you all fucking hypocrites would be mad as hell, but they are snakes so who the hell cares, right?
'Anonimus' 2 days ago
Fucking bastard
Jade Tomlinson
'Jade Tomlinson' 2 days ago
Fuck he's so rough with them.
Summum Dutta
'Summum Dutta' 2 days ago
A very much bad video.. His behavior is soo rough with those snakes...
Saul Lawson
'Saul Lawson' 2 days ago
At 2:15 he back hand slaps the dog shit out of this one cobra.
Trevor Carter
'Trevor Carter' 2 days ago
1:39 cobras looking at each other like wtf is doin' to Pablo bruh?
Gustav Ritter
'Gustav Ritter' 2 days ago
Oh the asian People often have such an unrespectful behaviour towards animals.
asjob din
'asjob din' 3 days ago
misunderstood shark
Balls bigger than the snakes
ey check out my account too if you want xd
Snakes are the most disgusting creature on earth😡😠😱🤕🐉🐍
Copy Cat
'Copy Cat' 3 days ago
I feel bad for the snakes that they have to get dragged and kicked around by this guy.
'DavidbivɒⱭ' 3 days ago
Tried this once, only to find out later that I didn't know Cobras as well as previously thought,  chose Mozambique-spitting cobra by mistake!  to say the least,  ...Quite surprised.  ..`😥  ...These cobras are capable of gumming one to death!
LaKeisha Smith
'LaKeisha Smith' 3 days ago
Why is he throwing them ugly retard
Jadon Cerda
'Jadon Cerda' 3 days ago
Just stop throwing them
Amit Narjinary
'Amit Narjinary' 3 days ago
Crazy man.. 😨😨😨😨😨😨
Ben Travis
'Ben Travis' 4 days ago
That right some crazy shit
dá Nguyễn Văn
'dá Nguyễn Văn' 4 days ago
ủa so ahaGa
Kevin Drew
'Kevin Drew' 4 days ago
Fuck that
'NDGames' 4 days ago
2:13 head shot
Biswajit Biswas
'Biswajit Biswas' 4 days ago
Wow. My nightmare
Mujahid Somalilander
R u series
KimKung Ch
'KimKung Ch' 4 days ago
คนไทยไปเที้ยวเลยไปเจองู คนไทยถ่ายคริป
'SAMIR DAS' 4 days ago
oj my god he's not a man
'BeastFFA' 4 days ago
who aelse gets the creeps
Rapide Gaming YT
'Rapide Gaming YT' 5 days ago
illegal 😕
$ Lechuguita $
'$ Lechuguita $' 5 days ago
King King
'King King' 5 days ago
'TalatAbi' 5 days ago
Ne yapiyon amk 1 liranı mi düşürdün
:3 Gery
':3 Gery' 5 days ago
This man isvstupid :D
Will Jones
'Will Jones' 5 days ago
Poor things. That guys is mental.
Joel Zee
'Joel Zee' 6 days ago
How to defend yourself from a snake: 2:12
Nyla Juicy Bre Nation
Why is this allowed. This is low,even for humans. I’ve lost ALL faith in humanity.
'perth45' 6 days ago
Never seen ANYTHING like this...CRAZY.....
Fahim Anwar
'Fahim Anwar' 6 days ago
A man alone in a room with 500 snakes.. and we say " poor snakes"
Fahim Anwar
'Fahim Anwar' 6 days ago
This is actually a guy shopping for cobra leather belts in louis Vuitton
Al Charmantic
'Al Charmantic' 7 days ago
my dick will look like a shrimp in there, but this guy has a still big balls..
Petero G
'Petero G' 1 week ago
Is very good men 👍
The White Rick James
He was tired of that snakes shit @2:15
Neeraj Sood
'Neeraj Sood' 1 week ago
now thats a real shit
Weed Weeb
'Weed Weeb' 1 week ago
The snake bit his head wtf
Dudek P56
'Dudek P56' 1 week ago
Rangga Nugraha
'Rangga Nugraha' 1 week ago
Ini baru rajanya ular cobra.
'TOP 5' 1 week ago
Yrapeni zviratttt
'TetsuYT' 1 week ago
Snake = U Pick a Wrong House Fool!
John Decker
'John Decker' 1 week ago
the snakes for these events are pre disarmed. the lips of the cobras are sewn shut with needle and thread. the skin between the scales around the mouth is very stretchy and thin. a needle can be passed between the scales and the thread is hidden by the overlapping of the scales when the skin is relaxed
Stef Willemse
'Stef Willemse' 1 week ago
So he just rips off their teeth and eyes when he selects them? o.o
Avinash Raju
'Avinash Raju' 1 week ago
are they defanged?
Paulo Skazi
'Paulo Skazi' 1 week ago
تحطيم مبروك !!!🇧🇷
Salman Mirza
'Salman Mirza' 1 week ago
Whilst I hate snakes and would have no problem or remorse with anyone killing a snake, I don't believe in torturing them. They're animals, they don't know any better. Yeah they're a threat, kill them, but don't be a sadistic fuck who suffers from micropenis and has to masculinate themself by beating a scared animal. Yes, kill snakes, they're evil and wouldn't hesitate to kill me or my loved ones. But torturing them is fucking low and you have to be a messed up cunt to genuinely torture any fucking animal. We're human beings, we can think, we do know better, so why the fuck are we acting just as bad?
Kaitlyn Macleod
'Kaitlyn Macleod' 1 week ago
OMG THAT IS CRUEL I HATE THAT MAN 😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😡😡😡 POOR SNAKES!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
'Rawness97' 1 week ago
ken C.D
'ken C.D' 1 week ago
They are probably "Fangless " ! what a hero .
JsGaming 2505
'JsGaming 2505' 1 week ago
Shopping for a belt at ross
'Henry' 1 week ago
this man has the biggest balls
DeathSquar DS
'DeathSquar DS' 2 weeks ago
I love minuto 2:15 jaja
Manyak bu aq
Courtney Barfield
'Courtney Barfield' 2 weeks ago
That nigga smacked that mf
iftikhar khattak
'iftikhar khattak' 2 weeks ago
All the Cobras are confused hahaha my goodness what a man to be in the dugout with cobras
Suzuki boy 17
'Suzuki boy 17' 2 weeks ago
I died at 2:13 to 2:15
Dash Matt
'Dash Matt' 2 weeks ago
Where is this
Dash Matt
'Dash Matt' 2 weeks ago
'anikyt7570' 2 weeks ago
Did he get any bite ? Are all the snake venom less here? Never seen such thing ...
c h o c c
'c h o c c' 2 weeks ago
poor animals ;(
Dede Kurniawan
'Dede Kurniawan' 2 weeks ago
Crazy man
Army Power
'Army Power' 2 weeks ago
Thug life 2:15...
Laxmi Mijar
'Laxmi Mijar' 2 weeks ago
How our teachers select us for school dance😂😂 . When we don't behave, 2:11. .😂😂
'AMAN DEEP' 2 weeks ago
Are the snake venomous
Micahel Shin3
'Micahel Shin3' 2 weeks ago
Vikram Sahu
'Vikram Sahu' 2 weeks ago
Στέλιος Πολιτάκης
I know its better to think that the snake has no venom and staff. Makes you feel safer while watching it. But they do have venom. This guy actually lets one of them bite something and venom starts coming out on a glass.. (on his shows) They got both teeth and venom. Thats what makes it even scarier that he actually has so much balls..
SAV 07
'SAV 07' 2 weeks ago
stay Fit Fitness
'stay Fit Fitness' 2 weeks ago
Please don't behave like this with animals... In truly he hurting the snake...
Nitish Punoria
'Nitish Punoria' 2 weeks ago
Thug life
Jakyii Nova
'Jakyii Nova' 2 weeks ago
I hate seeing negative comments about wT he's doing THEM HIS SNAKES HE CAN DO WAT HE PLEASE go on someone else's channel if u don't like it then u know there the search bar is.all he doing is haveing his Lil snake show
satya narayana
'satya narayana' 2 weeks ago
He is leather snake man 😆😆
Aminul Choudhury
'Aminul Choudhury' 2 weeks ago
The man is very abusive, behaving rudely with the loyal snakes.. One day he will get bitten..
Mia McEwan
'Mia McEwan' 2 weeks ago
Mia McEwan
'Mia McEwan' 2 weeks ago
Denis Malai
'Denis Malai' 2 weeks ago
Louie Jh
'Louie Jh' 2 weeks ago
This dude is the GOAT
Visit BefOre Human POllute
Teethless snakes
'kumarin2009' 2 weeks ago
This man is defently born for one of that snakes. That why they cant bite him .
'Søren' 2 weeks ago
Hope he get bitten and die slowly. He is a ugly bastard
'voller' 2 weeks ago
Dah Thaw
'Dah Thaw' 2 weeks ago
Watching this video I feel like shit hell o no
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