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Man Selecting Cobras For Snake Show -
Published: 5 years ago By: FunKickAss

By: FunKickAssPublished: 5 years ago

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A crazy guy known as Cobra Man has 1000 Cobras as pets and for every show he selects a new Cobra.
Visit for more details.

Redon Muci
'Redon Muci' 7 hours ago
pfff what crazy men xD 1 bite and gg
Димитрий Янков
Dano date oxapat ta Dane vlizah poveche tam idiot
'Gyanrosling' 1 day ago
im good
'くどやま' 2 days ago
Nite Train
'Nite Train' 2 days ago
Give him a raise
Pika TheSage
'Pika TheSage' 3 days ago
2:13 *Bitch!!*
MachineGun Joe
'MachineGun Joe' 3 days ago
All snake experts say 'Never take your eyes of the snake' There are like 100 snakes behind him and not a single one bit his ass.
MachineGun Joe
'MachineGun Joe' 3 days ago
"Potato number one, potato number two, potato number three"
nicco gino
'nicco gino' 4 days ago
il et fou c tou
Conner Madison
'Conner Madison' 6 days ago
Those snakes are so cool
ravish kumar
'ravish kumar' 1 week ago
Jeff The killer
'Jeff The killer' 1 week ago
Asians rule
Blaze A
'Blaze A' 2 weeks ago
So cruel
'COROLLA95' 2 weeks ago
Cobras like "WTF"!
Herson Torres
'Herson Torres' 2 weeks ago
Vipin Saxena
'Vipin Saxena' 3 weeks ago
'AJsVIEW' 3 weeks ago
Either he is fully retarded or he promised someone that he WILL die of a cobra bite some day
'Ryan' 3 weeks ago
this guy need a fucking bag to carry his balls in it how big they are
Pelkiu Uodas
'Pelkiu Uodas' 4 weeks ago
I want to see in real skake room.. this is show
'XtremeVah' 1 month ago
He walks pretty fast for a a guy with titanium balls
christian marciano
'christian marciano' 1 month ago
too many ARBOK
Supertastic Animal Land
Next Time I Hope They Gang Up And Chew Your Balls Off
When you Get rejected
When he slapped the snake I was like wow so messed up then I just laughed
Apollo Senpai
'Apollo Senpai' 2 months ago
No slap on snek and no step on snek
majed majed
'majed majed' 2 months ago
this video needs shopping music
Elwin Engvall
'Elwin Engvall' 2 months ago
svenska tack
Shianne Swartz
'Shianne Swartz' 2 months ago
I feel so bad for the snakes that man is so rude
Roger H
'Roger H' 2 months ago
Kadir İpek
'Kadir İpek' 2 months ago
Alex Di Marco
'Alex Di Marco' 2 months ago
- BequieT -
'- BequieT -' 2 months ago
helal olsun hiç kork muyor
Cristi Cristian
'Cristi Cristian' 2 months ago
Rain RedFox
'Rain RedFox' 2 months ago
00:45 close one..
Leo rivaje
'Leo rivaje' 2 months ago
Sukkk snake dikkk nigguh fagot fukkkk waffle fakkkdat shit sukkk my nigr dikk hole tity fukkk uh yaa
Eddie Crane King
'Eddie Crane King' 2 months ago
2:11 - 2:16! XD
'ClashixTV' 3 months ago
what the fuck lmao
Supriyo Mondal
'Supriyo Mondal' 3 months ago
holy shit.😲😲😲
dattto gileero
'dattto gileero' 3 months ago
i dont understand, what is the logic, why they dont beat him
p.m.p music
'p.m.p music' 3 months ago
Letticia Hannighan
'Letticia Hannighan' 3 months ago
you are so mean to those cute aobras
Angela Shades
'Angela Shades' 3 months ago
Omg 2:14-2:16 HE HIT THE POOR SNEK!!!😭😭😭
jervee saclolo
'jervee saclolo' 3 months ago
no fucks were given that day
happy thoughts
'happy thoughts' 3 months ago
cuz is a strait savage
David Black
'David Black' 3 months ago
Joy Macpepple
'Joy Macpepple' 3 months ago
Joy Macpepple
'Joy Macpepple' 3 months ago
Lynx Ooo
'Lynx Ooo' 3 months ago
Lynx Ooo
'Lynx Ooo' 3 months ago
Madalitso Phiri
'Madalitso Phiri' 4 months ago
Fangs or no fangs: He still got balls!
Izenir Nogueira Da Silva
Eu sou brasileira
Black Besat 666
'Black Besat 666' 4 months ago
All of The snakes aré hissing at him
Arabeskin Starı Bergen
adam aklını kaçırmış iğrenç yaa
'ち口れK' 4 months ago
Ste men esta Demente :v
turkiye azerbeycan
'turkiye azerbeycan' 4 months ago
dayı karpuzmu seciyon
Steven Hill
'Steven Hill' 5 months ago
fangless cobras!
Laura Jolly
'Laura Jolly' 5 months ago
These snakes probably all had their fang teeth removed, no danger to anyone. Cruelty to animals is not amazing or fun.
Irshad Nk
'Irshad Nk' 5 months ago
Micheal Whaley
'Micheal Whaley' 5 months ago
So this is where my friends hang out at? 🤦🏽‍♂️
zach wall
'zach wall' 5 months ago
shoot me down but I want fall, my balls are titanium! shoot me down but I want fall, my balls are titanium! do do do dow do do do dow do do do do, do do do dit do dow looking for my snake dude> do do do dow do do do dow do do do do, do di do di do dow looking for my snake dude> XD
'SHASHANK DIXIT' 5 months ago
sale mothefucker u woul not get place in hel event l by doing this brutally
S .t
'S .t' 5 months ago
Devara Febry
'Devara Febry' 5 months ago
2:12 the most fearless snake in the world got slapped
Animae Girl Kmm
'Animae Girl Kmm' 5 months ago
simply animal endangering
Vanboneio \ | The gamer with oldschool wheels | /
2:13 Snek gets Rekt.
Hunter Pro
'Hunter Pro' 5 months ago
wow this guy is crazy . i dont even touch cockroach 😂😂😂 lol he just walks around and throw cobras like a boss
'Sketch' 5 months ago
Wondering .. did those snakes have their teeth pulled prior to being put in that pit so even if one of them had to make contact, no venom would be injected.
md abu kowser
'md abu kowser' 5 months ago
Dushyant Kumar
'Dushyant Kumar' 5 months ago
very bed
Afroz Basha
'Afroz Basha' 5 months ago
he has silicon balls 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
trivedi gaurav
'trivedi gaurav' 5 months ago
This man is insane .
Paul Sergiu
'Paul Sergiu' 5 months ago
Sara Cristina
'Sara Cristina' 5 months ago
Sara Cristina
'Sara Cristina' 5 months ago
meuu Deuss
anon ???TM
'anon ???TM' 5 months ago
this is snek abose!! I call da poliiiicccce! *types 911 on the microwave keypad*
Mia & Cari SSO
'Mia & Cari SSO' 5 months ago
'ViolinMusic' 5 months ago
1:01 What a dumb snake... it was meters away to strike
Cookie Monster
'Cookie Monster' 5 months ago
there were snakes there? oh well i guess i couldnt see them because his MASSIVE BALLS were in the fuckin way!
Ahmad Saeed
'Ahmad Saeed' 5 months ago
he want to choose a good belt
'markdotcomau' 5 months ago
Congratulations on abusing animals for profit "Cobra Man"...I'm sure everyone is quite impressed
Stephen Liddle
'Stephen Liddle' 5 months ago
all there fangs are ripped out
'BladeChild' 6 months ago
There's a lot of misunderstanding here. Yes, fangs can be taken out, and will change the likelihood of a deadly bite from not very likely to almost impossible. A cobra's venom will not get into a human if the skin is not pierced, and the handler will immediately wash the skin afterwards. However, I doubt they'd even go to the effort of this for 2 reasons. The first being the danger of certain cobras is massively overstated. They're defensive creatures who will not strike unless they feel defenceless. My guess is those snakes have been forcefully kept in that pit for such a long time that it's the norm for them. They're also probably starved with no energy. And the ones that can strike, the handlers know how to avoid getting bitten. A cobra's strike is very minimal, and only has a downward pounce. They can't strike upwards. The handlers know this, just watch as they hunch forward. That's also probably the reason for the pit having a lower outer side.
Görkem Büyükadam
'Görkem Büyükadam' 6 months ago
ğğğhk ğuuu
Johnathan Dawn Fiske
'Johnathan Dawn Fiske' 6 months ago
Holy shit!
Jack Jackharold
'Jack Jackharold' 6 months ago
I actually watched his show it was very entertaining, he collected a few cobras and started dodging their attacks and the way he plays it's like he knows how a cobra thinks xD
'shark' 6 months ago
a bouncy snake u got there
Aditya Singh
'Aditya Singh' 6 months ago
wtf government is doing !! Fuck this men
Mario Salas
'Mario Salas' 6 months ago
Either these cobras don't have venom anymore or there fangs have been removed there's no way a person is gonna handle venomous snakes like this guy.
angga kusuma Lingga
'angga kusuma Lingga' 6 months ago
asrama ular....
Baseball Fanatic
'Baseball Fanatic' 6 months ago
Is it possible to learn this power?
Barack Obama
'Barack Obama' 6 months ago
2:13 when your ex tries to come back in your life
Gedhang Kluthuk
'Gedhang Kluthuk' 6 months ago
skylar baker
'skylar baker' 6 months ago
Why is he slapping them
skylar baker
'skylar baker' 6 months ago
These poor snakes
skylar baker
'skylar baker' 6 months ago
Wanna kill this guy fro treating animals like this!! Why are they kept in a place like this!!!! Leave them alone! Don't throw them around!!
Carlos Martinez
'Carlos Martinez' 6 months ago
Pinche loco O.o
xx_ The best in the earth
في احد عربي
Mahmut Kurnaz
'Mahmut Kurnaz' 6 months ago
Bu adamlar neden bu kadar rahat
'N8IVE PRIDE406' 6 months ago
I love how when he walks through he just grabs them and throws them lol sorry I and to throw that out
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