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Man Selecting Cobras For Snake Show -
Published: 5 years ago By: FunKickAss

By: FunKickAssPublished: 5 years ago

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A crazy guy known as Cobra Man has 1000 Cobras as pets and for every show he selects a new Cobra.
Visit for more details.

Brandan Huerta
'Brandan Huerta' 23 hours ago
Someone explain to me how he can do this and get. Bit
Adrian Marcus
'Adrian Marcus' 1 day ago
like a boss
'JoeyBadAzz' 1 day ago
who gives a shit if he's smacking them. Fucking cry babies. y'all need to get smacked. them cobras don't give a fuck about y'all
Infernal Fade
'Infernal Fade' 2 days ago
Women couldn't do this job
Ashutosh Mishra
'Ashutosh Mishra' 2 days ago
This man literally got balls made of hardened steel.
Pawan Negi
'Pawan Negi' 3 days ago
He gotta balls bigger then my house man ..
Manho Kim
'Manho Kim' 3 days ago
살벌하다... 근데 왜 코브라가 위협만하고 물지 못하는 걸까? 아니면 물지 않는 건가? 사육사한테 압도당하는 뭔가가 있는 건지 놀라울 따름...
Levent Bodur
'Levent Bodur' 3 days ago
Nisar Ak
'Nisar Ak' 4 days ago
gary taylor
'gary taylor' 5 days ago
i was wouldve flip the fuck n b mad scared n piss off
Madhu Mishra
'Madhu Mishra' 5 days ago
jab Nas manushya par chata hai pehle Vivek Mar jata hai
Peter Hunter
'Peter Hunter' 5 days ago
this guy has balls as big as tractor wheels to be in there
'0Taggy0' 6 days ago
I hope that guy was bit
D Mick
'D Mick' 6 days ago
He's not removing their eyes, he's getting rid of dead skin, and they still have teeth, they have to to eat and grasp prey, and they still have their venom glands too, cause this guy is not a surgeon. This guy is just crazy, and he hits the snakes so they fear him. Reptiles don't have emotions. FEAR is INSTINCT not emotion
Ken Api
'Ken Api' 6 days ago
black magic. dont try this at home.
shilpa vaishnav
'shilpa vaishnav' 6 days ago
This fucker to be send behind the bars n do the same thing with him the way he doing it with the snakes ... O god hitting animals is like hitting a small child... Plz god help those snakes..
'shinigami7777' 6 days ago
Not only do they remove all the teeth on these snakes, most of the snakes in this pit are fucking DEAD, this is ridiculous.
th3dark pr1nc3
'th3dark pr1nc3' 1 week ago
wtf why dont they bite him
Ceprin Un-Sept
'Ceprin Un-Sept' 1 week ago
Mais il est fou ce monsieur, il faut le soigner.
'sshaxy' 1 week ago
this IS the fucking snake show
Tristan Billings
'Tristan Billings' 1 week ago
This mans balls must be made of steel.
SONY Fernandes
'SONY Fernandes' 1 week ago
I wish all cobra bite you and you die bldy fucker.
Kumar Raj
'Kumar Raj' 1 week ago
Adventure Boy
'Adventure Boy' 1 week ago
Sorry to be you (stupid idiots) but there's no reason you should be slapping them and throwing them for no reason
Lue SkyWalker
'Lue SkyWalker' 1 week ago
wtf hoe did this dude not dye in front of us
alekhya naidu
'alekhya naidu' 1 week ago
Scott Vines
'Scott Vines' 1 week ago
He looks like he's looking for his matching socks.
Michelle _
'Michelle _' 1 week ago
Bharat Yadav
'Bharat Yadav' 1 week ago
mast movie
'WaddaH' 1 week ago
The GamingTwin
'The GamingTwin' 2 weeks ago
if I ever encounter a cobra in the wild I would just smack the duck out of it like the guy did 😂😂
Nishath Begum
'Nishath Begum' 2 weeks ago
oh my God
jeneveave fagan
'jeneveave fagan' 2 weeks ago
he is good
soy luna fans12
'soy luna fans12' 2 weeks ago
en el minuto2:14. el señor le peja a la cobra
Coconut Hossen
'Coconut Hossen' 2 weeks ago
Do they have fangs or they cut off? But whatever I still don't want to go near this creatures.
tameem mhdtameem
'tameem mhdtameem' 2 weeks ago
he was like "hey bitch, get off my way" 😂
Pushkar Kumar
'Pushkar Kumar' 2 weeks ago
brave man
darwin daser
'darwin daser' 2 weeks ago
htasswd nnauus; iaiis mmaisiia,,aooa0
Joshua Smith
'Joshua Smith' 2 weeks ago
he was like bitch you got me fucked up
sewwandi uyangoda
'sewwandi uyangoda' 2 weeks ago
I don't like why people doing like this very bat
esmeraldo mangahas
'esmeraldo mangahas' 2 weeks ago
hinde tamang pagtrato sa hayup yan . pinapalo ng malakas at hinahages na parang laroan .!!!!!!
Arushi Singh
'Arushi Singh' 2 weeks ago
Get bit bitch
Order 66
'Order 66' 2 weeks ago
Like a Boss. Not a single fuck is given
Roxy calvill
'Roxy calvill' 2 weeks ago
nc snakes and cobra.
Angel Psn
'Angel Psn' 2 weeks ago
omg no respect for cobras
Just Ashley
'Just Ashley' 2 weeks ago
I don't know who you are, but I am going to kill you man
Ayu Rousseaux
'Ayu Rousseaux' 2 weeks ago
Omg i so afred see this.and i veriy 😱😱😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😲
James Harrison
'James Harrison' 2 weeks ago
bitch slap that cobra!
Justin Nhuy
'Justin Nhuy' 2 weeks ago
this also like attack on titan for the snakes "OH GOD ITS BACK, EVERYONE BUNCH UP IN A CORNER OR SOMETHIN!!!"
Justin Nhuy
'Justin Nhuy' 2 weeks ago
is this guy a snake whisperer, or is he just crazy
Cindy Manik
'Cindy Manik' 2 weeks ago
wii manteppp
'TUSHAR N Dhuny' 2 weeks ago
How do they feed all the snakes...
E Santiago
'E Santiago' 2 weeks ago
He probably selects his women the same way.
Zahir Sha Rezai
'Zahir Sha Rezai' 3 weeks ago
what the hell of this gay is he crezy what is it ?😩😩😩
Ball python master
'Ball python master' 3 weeks ago
That's cruel he's just plopping them down 😡😡😡
Kys weeaboo trash
'Kys weeaboo trash' 3 weeks ago
wow what a bad ass
Nicholas Hormuth
'Nicholas Hormuth' 3 weeks ago
I pray this guy has got bite by now👏🏻
Kitty S
'Kitty S' 3 weeks ago
I can't even sort my boil spaghetti the way he sorts those snakes 🌚
Husna Noorzada
'Husna Noorzada' 3 weeks ago
Ok this is animal abuse, first of all u don't pull eyeballs out of a snake that u don't own then just throw it away and not buy it , second u don't throw snakes around like that imagine people throwing u like that the only thing they were doing was protecting themselves I wish the snakes bit you so u would be in pain
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 3 weeks ago
This is really mean they are hissing because they are scared their is no need to slap and throw snakes about just because their scary animals they are still aloud to live their life it's not their fault that is how they are. Grown up to be like
Karthik Karthik
'Karthik Karthik' 3 weeks ago
Funny Crock
'Funny Crock' 3 weeks ago
bro this guy fucked up he keeps getting the cobras and then just throws then around like wtf
Bird of a Chicken
'Bird of a Chicken' 3 weeks ago
he's just throwing them really dude that's really rude
Maria YTB
'Maria YTB' 4 weeks ago
Tadeo. olvera
'Tadeo. olvera' 4 weeks ago
no jueges con ese acesinno
Tadeo. olvera
'Tadeo. olvera' 4 weeks ago
no ariesges tu vida para acer famoso tu ya eres famoso
Anna-Sophia Wittmann
Ist der Dumm die armen Schlangen
Kicuk Gokil
'Kicuk Gokil' 4 weeks ago
Erkuht Ateue
'Erkuht Ateue' 4 weeks ago
he removed their eyes 4:47
'Diablo' 4 weeks ago
2:13 shut down :DD
The Warriors
'The Warriors' 4 weeks ago
This nigga sorting out the snakes like God deciding which ones should go to heaven or hell.
Cebolina Qodirta
'Cebolina Qodirta' 4 weeks ago
i feel sorry for these poor snakes
PokePlayerVlogs 114
'PokePlayerVlogs 114' 4 weeks ago
How you hit that snake that is torture he's telling you to get away from him he was never going to bite you he was giving you a warning you need to stop
Owen Massot
'Owen Massot' 4 weeks ago
I'm looking at comments and seeing people say they don't have their fangs that may be correct but if it is that already is cruel on number of reasons and the man who is slapping the snakes should really go get a lesson on how to handle them he treats them like shit their cage is to crowded for the sizes he is most probably killing them quick and painful and to the people laughing on the vid fuck u u think animal cruelty is funny
Hector Montiel
'Hector Montiel' 1 month ago
this guy is fucken crazy!
LeagueofLegends Videos LOL
O_O this guy rly joking with devil
Rob Jomes
'Rob Jomes' 1 month ago
azyasha azadyasha
'azyasha azadyasha' 1 month ago
João Vitor
'João Vitor' 1 month ago
esse trabalho ta uma porra
Santiagololl Solorio
Fuckers they're ebuzing Them
mohamed mohamud
'mohamed mohamud' 1 month ago
i hate animals but snakes are dangerous
fatom hammoudi
'fatom hammoudi' 1 month ago
استغفر الله العظيم واتوب اليه.لماذا كل هذا كمية الأفاعي ورميهم هكذا😯
Antonia Ingride Meurer
mi deus tho loco miu kkk
Jere Parkin
'Jere Parkin' 1 month ago
That sounded like a Porn Slap.
'에비츄' 1 month ago
snake slapping guy vs kangaroo punching guy
Ivan Yatsyshyn
'Ivan Yatsyshyn' 1 month ago
I guess you don't need snake show after this..
Valerie Franco
'Valerie Franco' 2 months ago
that's called abusing snakes😥that is mean and sad they are still animals he slapped one of the snakes
Ahmed Rashid Khan
'Ahmed Rashid Khan' 2 months ago
He's like a pimp trying to find his best hoe.
Hugo H
'Hugo H' 2 months ago
isnt this animal abuse xD he kicks them, slaps them and throws them
'PapaKranianus' 2 months ago
XCOM 2 in a nutshell.
'IAintCheatin' 2 months ago
lol people who think they didn't remove the venom ARE FUCKING STUPID. I showed my dad, and he said the CUT IT idiuts
'李祹' 2 months ago
منوعات عراقيه
ههه اول غسل ماتخاف
Pointblank Wisdom
'Pointblank Wisdom' 2 months ago
grabe si manung hindi natatakot sa ahas....
night crawler
'night crawler' 2 months ago
it's insane
Tony Stank
'Tony Stank' 2 months ago
Poor snakes..
john eric santiago
'john eric santiago' 2 months ago
They have no fangs
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