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Man Selecting Cobras For Snake Show -
Published: 6 years ago By: FunKickAss

By: FunKickAssPublished: 6 years ago

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A crazy guy known as Cobra Man has 1000 Cobras as pets and for every show he selects a new Cobra.
Visit for more details.

asrin asrol
'asrin asrol' 22 hours ago
Ular tu dah jinak ke
rutger boeve
'rutger boeve' 23 hours ago
I hated snakes but now i realise i hate humans more.... next time i see a person bitten by a snake i will only have warm feelings 🙄
Quan Xêkô
'Quan Xêkô' 1 day ago
Marlon Carr
'Marlon Carr' 1 day ago
Ummm....did he just pimp slap the snake??
Gašper Štefane
'Gašper Štefane' 2 days ago
this is animal torture. poor snakes get abused by this man and people are entertained by this? makes me sick 😐
hakeem imani
'hakeem imani' 2 days ago
I bet now this cobras be like “am not wasting my venom on this idiots coz he ain’t feeling shit”
hakeem imani
'hakeem imani' 2 days ago
Those cobras are like “ pick one of us up already and leave coz you seem not to fear us”
Christy Mincey
'Christy Mincey' 2 days ago
I hope your ass gets bit for slapping and throwing them... 🤣
Avalynn Waller
'Avalynn Waller' 2 days ago
Km scary shit!!! handling them like fishing worms..
Fernando dela
'Fernando dela' 2 days ago
What was he pinching off the snakes head?
'weberfarms1' 2 days ago
ha ha ha ha ha
'weberfarms1' 2 days ago
your a syco
imran shah
'imran shah' 3 days ago
Actually the truth is dat the teeth of all these snakes have been taken out so there is no venom so these snakes r no more dangerous and dis ass hole is actually selecting them to cook them actually they eat it in china and combodia .... If u dont believe google it ..
Pepe the Pastel
'Pepe the Pastel' 3 days ago
Everybody in my house: THERES A SPIDER This guy: THE DAMN COBRAS ARE BACK Me: Back? Nigga you ain't scared of damn cobras? BITCHHHHHH
Curtis Landon
'Curtis Landon' 3 days ago
nobody better not fw him, them snakes go slither up ya 🏠😱😱☠☠☠☠ and eat cha ahh up
Scott Barton
'Scott Barton' 4 days ago
Absolutely disgusting. This is animal abuse and for you to sit here and not do anything about it makes you a terrible person. You have no respect and complete disregard for animals. Who raised you to make you think it’s okay to treat animals like objects? Would you like it if I threw you up in the air and violently slammed you back onto the ground again? I hope you do, because I would like nothing more than to do so. Go get an education, you literal piece of trash.🖕😡
Rahat Tesfaldet
'Rahat Tesfaldet' 4 days ago
How about you get thrown around like that. Damn that s cruel
'[F] - FURY TH' 4 days ago
Pattaya thailand
Abdulkadir Ateş
'Abdulkadir Ateş' 4 days ago
Super yalanların var
Apple Productions
'Apple Productions' 5 days ago
faruk köktürk
'faruk köktürk' 5 days ago
adam docluyor
nurdiansyah koswara
kaya lagi milihin cabe........(rich again select chili) ...hahahaha
'HONOrX GOOFy' 5 days ago
He smacked the king cobra
عبدالرحمن 5.6
and I have a good idea of what to expect from a good idea of what to expect from the new one of what to expect from the new one of what to expect from a 🙂
Rida Raissi
'Rida Raissi' 5 days ago
Supercar Qatar
'Supercar Qatar' 6 days ago
Guy got gotten by one, rip.
Thanos Thanos
'Thanos Thanos' 6 days ago
2:14 ah hellll nawwww!!!!!!
ReFriz Tube
'ReFriz Tube' 6 days ago
'excop360' 6 days ago
don't be fooled. these snakes have been tortured and are unable to bite.
Brooke Drolet
'Brooke Drolet' 6 days ago
I know this is weird but I am a snake lover and I think that's kind of really pretty and keep throwing and eating snakes like that
'aefEF WEF' 7 days ago
The RevoLution
'The RevoLution' 7 days ago
0 Fuk given by this guy ...
'TheCrafter1234251' 1 week ago
2:14 hahahahabab
'TheCrafter1234251' 1 week ago
1:14 ahahhahahaha
LPS Mira
'LPS Mira' 1 week ago
You hurt snake
Afrilian Seno
'Afrilian Seno' 1 week ago
Sadar ora kui
King Connor
'King Connor' 1 week ago
Stop freaking throughing the snakes
Reinaldo Santos
'Reinaldo Santos' 1 week ago
Este tem parte com o demônio
Ofin Ridhofin
'Ofin Ridhofin' 1 week ago
Hidup seperti larry
'UMURSAMAZ XD' 1 week ago
Neden saldırmıyorlar merak ettim cevaplayın pls
Dóra Huszti
'Dóra Huszti' 1 week ago
Most mit iel bántani
Jessica Oliveira
'Jessica Oliveira' 1 week ago
Deus que mim livre
Red Forsberg
'Red Forsberg' 1 week ago
2:14 After that moment, the snake lost its place as alpha...
Vaeh Vlogs
'Vaeh Vlogs' 1 week ago
That is not funny he is hurting snakes
Sebastian Curelea
'Sebastian Curelea' 1 week ago
He's got balls of steel!
ไพโรจน์ เสืออบ
นี่กูงูเห่านะ ไม่ใช่งูยาง ตบหัวกูซะ ไม่เกรงใจ ชื่อกูเลย
Robert Kwolek
'Robert Kwolek' 1 week ago
At 2:12 the cobra just fails
Lazar Boskovic
'Lazar Boskovic' 2 weeks ago
this guy is crazy as FUCK !!!
Daniel Zambrano
'Daniel Zambrano' 2 weeks ago
Nigga slapped a snake ...
eL rapak beats
'eL rapak beats' 2 weeks ago
theres something wrong with snakes
Mark Hoffman
'Mark Hoffman' 2 weeks ago
I hope you get what's coming to you. It's the Karma you deserve after treating these animals the way you do. In time ..
Ankur Parajuli
'Ankur Parajuli' 2 weeks ago
the snakes r defanged ryt
Moosie Girl
'Moosie Girl' 2 weeks ago
Bish slap XD
Lucky Likumahua
'Lucky Likumahua' 2 weeks ago
That bitchslap :D
Avery Anderson
'Avery Anderson' 2 weeks ago
2:14 lmao
'Aryhas' 2 weeks ago
Wish Ragnar could do that
Edon Brahimi
'Edon Brahimi' 2 weeks ago
What the fuckk 😦
jack bajar
'jack bajar' 2 weeks ago
I get that he's showing them who's boss. But don't the snakes get hurt or something?
Jorge Avendano
'Jorge Avendano' 2 weeks ago
look at him just throwing them like nothing wtf he has mad balls
Jorge Avendano
'Jorge Avendano' 2 weeks ago
he haz mad balls
'z10111213' 2 weeks ago
Isnt he afraid? I mean cobras venom can kill you in less than 10 seconds
Aaron Archer
'Aaron Archer' 2 weeks ago
This video is fucked he’s abusing he damn snakes
olteanu cristian
'olteanu cristian' 2 weeks ago
This man needs a forklift for his balls. =))
Durusu R6
'Durusu R6' 2 weeks ago
Fdp va, tu l'es lancent comme de la merde 😕💥😠😡
Dendroaspis Polylepis
Y'all think you are brave strong people in reality u are fuckin sick idiots. For all I know these snakes are abused and have fangs ripped out and mouths sewn shut, how fucking cruel is that, and to the people who. Support this animal abuse y'all are just as bad as this nigger on the camera, all animals should be respected from the little insect to the mighty African elephant including snakes. Snakes are here to do a job and that's to eat smaller animals to control populations snakes would rather not use venom unless you threaten them then they will defend themselves
'BLINK 1' 2 weeks ago
Shouldnt i think about thats rude to animals... wait that slap was funny...
Hot and Spicy creatures
if he use to extract venom from all the snakes except doing this fucking snake show than its more profitable and can save someones life but they r brainless people
Coc Thnoob
'Coc Thnoob' 2 weeks ago
Berani terbyata
SaGoLeRa KaF KeF
'SaGoLeRa KaF KeF' 2 weeks ago
turk yok mu AQ
Vlogers DuDe
'Vlogers DuDe' 2 weeks ago
Abuse of snake
Brethren of Yeshua
'Brethren of Yeshua' 2 weeks ago
He has big cobra balls.
Malcolm Ness Granger
*How in the fuck do you walk those titanium balls between your legs... holy shit*
Adiel Khan
'Adiel Khan' 2 weeks ago
Man he deals with snakes like a boss
'HUNTtilludrop1210' 2 weeks ago
fuck this guy. hope he gets bit and fucking dies
I hope he gets bit by all those snakes!!! Stupid bitch
Fora da Casinha
'Fora da Casinha' 2 weeks ago
Afinal o que esse retardado queria fazer
OwenHollier Vlogs
'OwenHollier Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
The way you are hitting the snakes its horrible
Csilla Bogdan
'Csilla Bogdan' 2 weeks ago
De profi az ember 😱😱🐍🐍 ❕❕
krystal williams
'krystal williams' 2 weeks ago
i never see anything like this before om g lol
Amit Mohan
'Amit Mohan' 2 weeks ago
I like when he lash the snake head
bradley johnson
'bradley johnson' 2 weeks ago
Did this nigga just whisper to a mf cobra
Cookie Crumb
'Cookie Crumb' 2 weeks ago
He’s a duche bag
Cookie Crumb
'Cookie Crumb' 2 weeks ago
He is an animal abuser he has the cobras fangs cut
Cookie Crumb
'Cookie Crumb' 2 weeks ago
Their fangs are cut
Ana Queen
'Ana Queen' 2 weeks ago
He is mental!:(
Pete Ortiz
'Pete Ortiz' 2 weeks ago
Omg why are they happy there getting killed and everyone who likes this likes seeing thing die trump needs to do something about this i hope were extinct before them
tobi gaberšček
'tobi gaberšček' 2 weeks ago
You are a god😂
Ritesh Shah
'Ritesh Shah' 2 weeks ago
Bc shopping kr raha hai kya ya Snack market mai 😯😯
Carlos Leon
'Carlos Leon' 2 weeks ago
Let them go animal abuse
Sebo Gejus KellerGmbH
Regardt Botha
'Regardt Botha' 2 weeks ago
Animal abuse
Jayms. Tarango
'Jayms. Tarango' 2 weeks ago
Fuck him
adrianamirandamelo melo
That mem is not normal
Ahmod Hill
'Ahmod Hill' 2 weeks ago
he is fucking crazy
Ndjd Dud
'Ndjd Dud' 3 weeks ago
Adam daki cesarete bak
Vishal Chauhan
'Vishal Chauhan' 3 weeks ago
And at last his shopping end oh that was 😶 5:13 fangs removed😎
Isse Al O
'Isse Al O' 3 weeks ago
I am more concerned about the massive steel balls this gentleman is provided with.
selaria MG
'selaria MG' 3 weeks ago
ar this people crazy?
gio_510R 1
'gio_510R 1' 3 weeks ago
I would shit myself if I was in there with that many snakes
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